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archive for June 2006

food for the bereft, food for healing

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

I met Linnea’s mother today when we took the roast beef, mashers, and potstickers over. She gave me a hug. That poor woman. It’s one thing to lose your child, but to see her die so violently before your eyes and be helpless to do anything – I would imagine it is a mother’s worst nightmare. We’ve offered up our guest floor to anyone who needs it, so I think they’ll be sending some folks over tomorrow. I like the way our guest room and bath are on a completely separate floor. Gives us all privacy and allows them to go in and out as they need. I’ve signed up to cook a few meals for Marcus and the kids over the next months.

rolling the dumpling skins

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the next day

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

I slept poorly last night. This morning we went to the store and got some fruit and ingredients. I made a coffee cake, sliced the fruit, and we took it over to the neighbors’ before leaving for work. Work was weird. I learned more of the gruesome circumstances of the accident. Hard to concentrate. After work I picked up groceries and as soon as we got home, I set to work making baklava and a pot roast.

we took baklava over tonight, tomorrow we’ll bring real food

from last night’s culinary excursions: flatbread

house salami, pate, and salmon mousse spread

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famliar events

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Jeremy called me this evening at work just as I was getting ready to go pick up Sam. There was an accident out by my work earlier this morning.

Our neighbor was killed.

I was numb and sick and sad all at once. No. How could this happen? We weren’t sure what to do because it was Sam’s first night in Boulder from out of town and we had arranged to take her to Comm Night. We didn’t want to bail on her, but we definitely wanted to be there for Marcus. We agreed that there would be a huge number of family and friends there immediately, so we took Sam to dinner and drove straight home after dropping her off at her hotel.

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