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archive for August 2006

caffeine fuels science

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Everyone knows that I hate coffee, but Jeremy loves it. I don’t hate coffee itself, just the culture that has grown around it. I actually like it in baking or desserts, and all of the prep is fun. Anyway, I ordered this for his office today:

baby espresso machine: i dub thee Happy Jr.

Except his isn’t yellow, it’s orange (called passion/orange – whatever that means). The tectonics group had one at my old workplace and even though I never wanted to drink any, I was always volunteering to make it for someone because it’s so easy – it’s so FUN! This is the baby version of what the group had. I think it’s perfect for Jeremy. I also think when he walks into his office after trudging through the cold his world will light up when he sees: 1) Happy Jr. and 2) his G5 – because what else is more beautiful and functional at the same time?!

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chey thuy

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

This evening, we reviewed Chez Thuy after work. It is a Vietnamese restaurant. Interestingly, most of the Asian places I’ve eaten at don’t put much investment in “service”. In fact, the places that serve the best Chinese food are notoriously rude and disinterested in the customers. But the Chinese clientele couldn’t care less – they don’t go to a Chinese restaurant for service, they go for a good bargain on awesome food. They are as equally rude and inconsiderate to their servers and other guests as the servers and other guests are to them (mostly in the serious Asian burbs of SF or LA). Go figure.

chez thuy

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keep cranking

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

I had a most delicious salad today, prompted by a particular blog. It was all organic except for the avocado and cucumber. This was definitely much healthier than eating that vat of bacon grease! Thanks Kell. I even passed along some suggestions to Ro.

the kell-inspired salad

Now to see how much writing I can crank out in the next hour…