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archive for August 2006

delayed gratification, in little tiny steps

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

I used up our leftover veggies and cheese for brunch in some omelettes served with hashies and bacon. I didn’t feel hungry again for 9 hours!

this is the equivalent of running 10 miles

I finally wrote up a section that was bugging me forever! I’ll have to go back and massage it, but it was a mental hurdle that I couldn’t get around until today. I think I forgot that I need to set a few “rewards” for myself during the writing stage or else I become burned out, deflated, and totally unmotivated… I mean more than usual. Last night I was so annoyed with my lack of progress, that I determined my reward today would be to review a restaurant if I made headway. But as dinner neared, the thought of reviewing a restaurant got me down. I didn’t want to make more work for myself right now. Instead, Jeremy and I went to try Sushi Tora in Boulder.

**Jump for more butter**

going bananas

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Today was not a productive Big Diss Day. I think all of my anger from the week has worn me down. We set about cleaning this morning and taking care of house things while listening to Weekend Edition Saturday, Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!, and Marketplace Money. I rarely get Saturday mornings like this because normally I’d be outside at the crack of dawn hiking or shooting or both – and while working on the Big Diss I can’t listen to radio or anything for that matter. I did manage to make some chocolate chip banana bread, once again because I failed to eat all of the bananas I bought in the hopes of well… eating more bananas.

mini chocolate chips – haroo!

crispy outside

moist, chocolaty inside

burrito break

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

my burritos are better than taco hell’s, and i serve coke!