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paw and order: culinary intent

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Recipe: peanut butter honey drop cookies (for dogs)

I have been reunited with tofu, because I love it and because it’s been a while. Cold silken tofu cubes with chopped green onions, chopped preserved mustard root, sesame oil, soy sauce, and some shredded dried pork.

memories of home, feels like someone should be screaming at me to study more

tiny bite

Today is my baby puppy’s eighth birthday! We began the morning with me working on the diss and Kaweah working on her beauty sleep. But come lunch time, I decided to make her something special since Jeremy is getting home late tonight. I found a recipe for some doggie treats (selected for the sole reason that it was the only one I had all ingredients for in the house). I literally whipped up the dough in 5 minutes. Now, I cook All The Time, and Kaweah usually sleeps nearby or hangs around in case I drop something edible. But this time, she was sitting right next to me, licking her chops and looking at me expectantly. How did she know?

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Sunday, December 10th, 2006

John’s restaurant is an unassuming 104-year old house, removed from the bustle of the Pearl Street Mall by several blocks. The chef-owned business is run by a brother-sister pair: Cory Buck (chef) and Ashley Maxwell (pastry chef), both natives of Boulder. It’s a charming place. Curiously, during our dinner, one of the fellow patrons came over to ask if I was a public television personality… I wonder if he thought I was Kylie Kwong (because a lot of folks have asked me if I am). Sorry dude, I’m just a geologist, but I would so rock that Australian accent of hers.

john’s restaurant

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tea time

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

IL’s are in town for a visit. This morning I made hashed browns, french toast with raspberry sauce, and freshly peeled grapefruit for brekkie. I then absconded to the bedroom and rowed for 30 minutes (the rowing machine was moved upstairs for the weekend), did my sit ups, and then did my tele exercises. It was snowing outside and the winds were CALM. Oh man, I would have been skiing if not for our visitors.

We drove down to Boulder for the 11:00 Celestial Seasonings tour. The mint room is amazing. But what I loved most about the whole thing was all of the art that has been commissioned for the various tea flavors. The paintings which become the labels for the tea boxes are on display in the tasting room. I love the whimsical mix of animals, fruits, and scenes. It’s so sweet and playful – vibrant and beautiful.

a cold winter day is perfect for sampling teas

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