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gurgle and quack

I bought so much fruit today, we’re going to be shitting fruit rollups.

Jeremy and I tried lunch today at a sushi joint my friend recommended, Sushi Yoshi. Not bad, not spectacular. Two things I miss about So Cal: the groceries (TJs, farmers markets, ethnic grocers) and sushi.

inside at the bar

spider roll: too much fry and the sauce is too salty

delicious anago roll

Jeremy was bemoaning the way flatlanders drive as we headed out to the flats for lunch. I said at least some of them have the sense to slow down when the roads are icy. Then we recalled the traffic accidents that flooded KPCC’s and KCRW’s airwaves when it rained in So Cal. “Yeah,” I quipped, “can you imagine if it snowed in LA? Everyone would be dead.”

moderate success
I had duck in my head for the past month and finally found frozen duck breasts at Whole Foods. I figured I could try a modified version of Peking duck with homemade mushu pancakes. I didn’t actually have the recipe for the pancakes, it’s one of those things I can visualize in my head from childhood memories watching my mom make them.

sliced duck

Unfortunately, I must not have paid attention when my mom spread oil between the two dough discs and then rolled them out. I could not unstick the pancakes after they were cooked without ripping them apart, so we had thicker than usual mushu shells. They still taste better than using flour tortillas, which I think taste horrible with Chinese food. I mean, yuck.

not perfect, but still palatable

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