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lucky friday the 13th

Oooh, I felt so energized when I woke up this morning! In contrast to the weather each morning this entire week, the sun was bright on the hillsides at daybreak. Not that I don’t like my overcast mornings, I really do cherish them since they are the exception rather than the norm here. But it seemed to enhance my already good mood.

In the afternoon I picked Jeremy up after all of his meetings with his students were done. We got ourselves some brand spanking new trail runners at the Road Runner sale. Then we caught a matinée showing of Ratatouille since we assumed all of the kids would be seeing Harry Potter. Oh, Ratatouille is such a delightful film – and beautiful to watch.

We did our grocery shopping after the movie and poor Jeremy was feeling hungry from the moment the film began. But I had a surprise up my sleeve for him. I plan the weekly menu and usually our first meal after grocery shopping is something fresh. Tonight, I made some sashimi rolls. Too bad Joyce (who is Japanese) and Kell (who is Japanese on the inside and Aussie on the outside – an Egg) weren’t there to either instruct or critique. That would have been fun. I requested sake belly and some lovely maguro from the Whole Foods fish counter. Oh, to have access to Sydney’s fish markets now *sigh*.

sake (salmon) and maguro (tuna) sashimi rolls

wrapped around avocado and daikon sprouts with masago (flying fish roe) and seaweed

Delish! I also procured some matcha, which smells heavenly. Can’t wait to make something with it. And in kitchen equipment news, I finally bought duplicate pastry brushes so now I have a set for pastries and a set for savory foods. It’s almost like a kosher kitchen except the concern is contaminating pastries with strong leftover flavors of garlic, butter, bbq sauce, etc. Jeremy wanted to buy a branding iron so we could label the wooden handles for pastries or savories, but I don’t think people make branding irons that small unless they are herding something like… hamsters?

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  1. ailo says:

    You could certainly get some old letter press type or sheet metal stamps. Heat those up and they’ll act just like brands. That would be fun, in fact.

  2. jenyu says:

    Ailo – yeah, it would be :)

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