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This morning we left for Victoria at 5:45 am. The weather forecast was for scattered showers, so the overcast skies were not a surprise. However, the cloud deck was higher and we only encountered a few sprinkles on the drive down. The ferry was cool, as in, HUGE. I’ve never been on a ferry so big before! As we neared the other side, I went outside to find Jeremy on the deck and we watched as the islands drew closer, draped in clouds. Ahead of the ferry, we saw a few seals surface and dive back underwater – so cute!

Once off the ferry, we made our way to Butchart Gardens. Jeremy and I are both suckers for botanical gardens, as is my mom. My dad goes along for the ride and I didn’t know if he agreed to go because he wanted to make me happy or because he was interested to see the grounds. Mom and Dad had been there before 10 years ago. Turns out every comment my dad made regarding the flowering plants he saw had to do with whether or not he could plant those in his yard. But for us, it was quite a treat. Butchart has manicured grounds and strict walking paths in contrast to the more free form Huntington, but the wet and lush environment makes for a most spectacular display of flowering plants.

we started with butchart gardens’ afternoon tea

the dessert tier was quite nice

full, brilliant, and gorgeous double begonias

prettiest trash receptacle ever

they had an incredible display of dahlias

through the picture window

mom and dad in the sunken gardens

After the gardens we decided to head back to Vancouver instead of hitting the Butterfly Garden and I finished Harry Potter! I think that was the best book of the series, although it really felt like two. The ferry took so much more time (as did traffic) that we opted to go into Richmond in search of Chinese fare for dinner. The dinner was good, although I think it was one of the most expensive Chinese meals I’ve ever had – and the fish wasn’t as fresh or tender as it should have been for $58! Definitely not worth what we paid, and this couldn’t be called a tourist trap since all of the patrons were local Asians.

I didn’t feel so good on the drive back to Whistler and I’m pretty sure it was dinner. Jeremy also had some stomach pains. I’m tired of mediocre value for top dollar. wtf?

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  1. gwendolyn says:

    Should you ever make it back to Victoria, I highly recommend a restaurant called Pagliacci’s. Their focaccia is beyond amazing, and pasta mouthwatering. Whenever I get back there (about twice a year), I *must* include a stop at this place for dinner.

  2. jenyu says:

    Gwendolyn – thanks for the rec! I will certainly keep that note in mind :)

  3. Poush says:

    It was interesting to read your thoughts on BC, as I’m Canadian :) Unfortunately your comments about $$ are dead on – EVERYTHING is more expensive in Canada than in the US, I am always amazed by the cost of my meals, etc. when I go to the States as they are much cheaper for the quantity/quality!

    Been looking at your recipes and photos as well and they all look delicious!

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