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the best stuff comes from hearts and hands

I’m wiped out today. Just a lot going on lately. But recently I have been getting some wonderful packages in the mail from friends. I have to post some of them here because they’re lovely and special. Homemade/handmade gifts are truly delightful as are the people who made them. I’m lucky to have such a jolly and creative lot for friends. They royally kick ass.

pomegranate syrup, jelly, mulberry jelly, and scuppernong jelly

amazing japanese green tea

teh cutest felted bag evar

colorful and bright, a can of jelly bellies

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  1. sher says:

    You have great friends!!! And your pictures are lovely!

  2. peabody says:

    Great friends indeed!
    BTW- what is scuppernong?

  3. Mango Power Girl says:

    Great gifts & such gorgeous photos!

  4. Kaykat says:

    Awww … that’s awesome! And that’s really the cutest felted bag ever :)

  5. jenyu says:

    Sher – thanks!

    Peabody – I didn’t know what a scuppernong was until I came across one in a store in Atlanta. That very day a few hours later, my friend Joyce (the one who sent me the jellies) told me she was going to pick scuppernongs and gave me this link. In the store, they had crates of them. They look like shiny metallic gold/green giant grapes. I asked my mom what they were and she didn’t know, so she popped one in her mouth and them made this face as if she were eating a lemon. She said they were horribly sour and we passed them by. Turns out, you don’t eat the skins because… they’re incredibly sour! So I was totally intrigued.

    MPG – thank you.

    Kaykat – isn’t it? Everyone who sees it loves it.

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