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Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Anh recently informed me that I had been selected for a Droolworthy Blogger Award! Quite the surprise as I didn’t know one existed, but also an honor to be chosen by such a talented woman as Anh from the land of Oz. Thank you.

It seems that food blogging involves as much discussion about the photography as the food today. I am often peppered with questions about equipment more than anything else in the photog category. Why is that? I think people mistakenly assume great photos can only be taken with great (and expensive) cameras and glass. That saddens me, because it equates money with talent, relegating the photographer to an automaton who pushes a button. In my mind, money has more to do with lack of sense than any innate talent or hard-earned experience. There are too many photographers out there toting around very nice cameras taking really shitty pictures. Many of my favorite food blogs with great photography started with point-and-shoot cameras and eventually graduated to the dSLR. Do you actually think Yoda would hand you a Canon 1Ds Mark III to begin your Jedi training? Pshaw!

it’s not a camera, it’s my third eye

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…and turf

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Recipe: grilled lobster

Remember the surf we had for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday?

it stirs the memories and some salivation

Tonight we continued the debauchery with a little bit o’ turf. I wanted to serve it with potatoes and sweet potatoes. I think it was a very good idea to postpone the beef until tonight otherwise I may have wound up in food coma or worse.

nice and standard tenderloin

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ix nay on the urkey tay

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I suppose people have completed their festive meals, had their family brawls, drunk too much, and are ready to pass out by now? Ahhh, the good old days. Jeremy and I try not to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. Driving or flying with potential delays, death, or dismemberment due to weather or stupidity or both can really take years off of your life. We really do cherish our sanity. This year we turned down a few invitations and opted for a quiet meal at home.

As expected, I ditched the notion of a turkey dinner in favor of something easier and in my opinion, far tastier. Rather than one ginormous blowout meal, we grazed through three courses starting at noon. My original plan involved surf and turf, but driving home from the grocery store earlier in the week, I came to the conclusion that I was planning an obscene amount of food for Thanksgiving. Thus we had surf and surf and surf… Turf got booted to tomorrow.

In the morning I prepared parts of dessert and made some treats for my pup. I cook all the time, so much so that the dog will snooze under the kitchen table as I work or wander into the great room to soak up all of the sunlight striking the Earth’s surface. She knows better than to beg while I prep. Somehow, she clues in when I am making something for her and she’ll come around sniffing at the edge of the table or she’ll plant herself squarely in front of me, waiting ever so patiently…

kaweah loves squirrels

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