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archive for November 2007

the best stuff comes from hearts and hands

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

I’m wiped out today. Just a lot going on lately. But recently I have been getting some wonderful packages in the mail from friends. I have to post some of them here because they’re lovely and special. Homemade/handmade gifts are truly delightful as are the people who made them. I’m lucky to have such a jolly and creative lot for friends. They royally kick ass.

pomegranate syrup, jelly, mulberry jelly, and scuppernong jelly

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something for them

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Recipe: peanut butter dog treats

I’m sorry, were you expecting something to eat? Errr, it’s not terribly tasty but… my best girl loves them. I’ll be honest though, she loves anything. She’ll eat rocks and sticks if you let her. I don’t let her.

Kaweah, has made a few guest appearances on this blog in the past. She’s my furry and somewhat faithful companion. Her faithfulness increases with the amount of food I am preparing. There are two behaviors she exhibits that amaze me (there are a lot of behaviors that make me nuts). Normally, she won’t let us pet her unless she’s lying on the bed with us. She’ll even duck away when you try to pet her – unless there is food – see a pattern? But the couple of times I have received devastating news, she was there and she knew. She leaned against me and let me cry into her scruff. Best.Dog.Ever.

The other behavior is *knowing* when I’m baking something for her to eat. Like I said over Thanksgiving, I bake and cook all the time while she snores her brains out nearby. As soon as I make anything intended for the dog, she’s right there – like Chucky from those horror movies.

I found this recipe on this website with a nice selection of dog treat recipes. It’s not as hard or brittle as I was hoping. Maybe I just need to bake them longer. They taste dull and flavorless, but we all know labs could care less about taste – the act of scarfing down food is their raison d’être!

a simple dough

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daring bakers: tender potato bread

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Recipe: tender potato bread

The Daring Bakers strike again! Our hostess, Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups challenged all 400+ Daring Bakers with Tender Potato Bread this month – a savory recipe. Delightful, really. I like to make sweets, love to eat savories!

potato bread requires… potatoes

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