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dear headcase…

Recipe: intense brownies

*Rant On*
I originally wrote about my cancer, not to solicit advice or sympathy, but to explain why my blogging would be affected and to just toss out what was on my mind. It wasn’t an invitation for random headcases to swoop down upon me with quack remedies and solutions or to tell me what not to consume or who and how to worship. Just because I was diagnosed with cancer does not mean I welcome these obtuse assaults on my sensibilities. Personally, I don’t allow having good intentions excuse inconsiderate or stupid behavior. I don’t even tolerate that crap from people I know.

So, for anyone with unqualified advice on cancer (particularly if you haven’t HAD it) and how I should be living my life, please stay the hell away from me. When you get cancer, I’ll be sure to send all of the nutcases YOUR way so in addition to the shitty treatments, your various debilitating side effects, and the myriad of infections you contract, you – in your ample spare time and infinite energy – can sift through loads of freakishly useless advice because you know, that’s going to help your cancer heaps.
*Rant Off*

The heat continues to roast the Front Range of Colorado, but life must go on. And by life, I mean social life. And by social life I mean, social life involving food. I met up with friends for lunch today at Treppeda’s in Niwot. This place makes fantastic sandwiches as well as the famed Chicken Parm(esan) that my pals rave about. For me, there is no other than The Chief.

my favorite order at treppeda’s: chief niwot

Oh man, that sandwich was gooooooood. I love me some roast beast on good chewy bread. It’s almost like I am having an affair with The Chief because Jeremy has never eaten here and the one time I tried to bring him to Treppeda’s for lunch, they were closed.

I’m over two-thirds done with my radiation treatments. I met with my nurse today and she said that people who undergo radiation treatment after chemo typically report that they feel great and aren’t experiencing problems. They tend to be pretty energetic, upbeat, and happy. Those who haven’t had chemo often complain of fatigue and some discomfort. They just feel tired and drained of energy all the time. Huh. I guess that could be construed as a positive for chemo? Nah – chemo sucks the big one, period.

On our way home, we passed the Boulder Farmer’s Market and I pulled into the parking lot on a lark. Could it be that the peaches from the Western Slope have arrived? We made a quick pass up and down the stands. The only peaches were early peaches and those aren’t worth farmer’s market prices. Even the heirloom tomatoes looked like ass today. Still, the farmer’s market is bursting with color and vegetables. I am just anxious to get my grubby paws on some juicy sweet peaches because the ones at the grocery store blow. I left the market slightly disgruntled, but I imagine it was the 96 degrees in Boulder more than the lack of Western Slope peaches.


lovely squash

Which is why it’s so good to live in the mountains because as I pulled into our driveway, the temperature reading was 80 degrees! While that is still considered too hot by my standards, it is a welcome relief to the oppressive heat down on the flats. Deeeeelightful. I was able to whip up some dinner without blowing a fuse. We dined on the deck while admiring the heavy cloud cover and cool breeze. It cools down enough at night around here that I dare to turn on my oven when the fancy strikes me.

oh yesssss, butter and chocolate

other ingredients including espresso

So our recipe for today is brownies. Oddly enough, I have blondies in the oven as I type. We don’t discriminate in this house! I don’t crave brownies like some people, but I can eat them. I do tend to prefer chewy brownies to cakey brownies because if you are going to eat cakey brownies then just go and have real chocolate cake done right. That’s my take on it. I have yet to find the perfect chewy brownie recipe, but this one was quite nice. I made a hybrid of CHOW’s Intense Brownies and the Independence Pass Brownies from Susan Purdy’s Pie in the Sky cookbook. Basically, it’s the CHOW recipe adjusted for high altitude because that’s a pickle of a problem for me with about 50% of baked sweets.

pouring in the melted chocolate mixture

batter in

The plain brownies worked out quite well, but just a tad cakier than I would prefer. I made a second batch modified for Rocky Road style with macadamia nuts and marshmallows. The marshmallows pretty much disappeared during baking and the baking time had to be extended before the center of the pan could set properly. I think next time I should reserve some extra marshmallows to sprinkle on top. These were pretty successful although much sweeter (thanks to the marshmallows) and more gooey.

regular brownies

rocky road brownies: with mac nuts and marshmallows

Intense Brownies
[print recipe]
modified from CHOW’s Intense Brownies

6 oz. bittersweet chocolate
8 tbsps unsalted butter (7 tbsps at 8500 ft.), at room temperature
2 eggs (3 at 8500 ft.), at room temperature
1 cup sugar (1 cup minus 1 tbsp at 8500 ft.)
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp brewed espresso
3/4 tsp salt
1 cup flour (1 cup plus 2 tbsps at 8500 ft.)

rocky road version
1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup small marshmallows

Oven: 350°F. Butter an 8-by-8-inch baking pan. Combine chocolate and butter in a medium saucepan and cook over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until evenly melted. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. Combine eggs, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, espresso, and salt in a large bowl and briefly stir until just evenly incorporated. Add cooled chocolate and mix until uniform in color. Add flour and stir until just incorporated. If making Rocky Road version, stir in half of the nuts and marshmallows. Pour batter into baking pan. If making RR version, sprinkle remaining nuts and marshmallow over the batter. Bake until a tester inserted in the center of the brownies comes out clean, about 25 to 30 minutes (23 minutes at 8500 ft., 26 minutes for RR version at 8500 ft.). Remove from the oven and cool completely before cutting.

56 nibbles at “dear headcase…”

  1. barbara says:

    Well ranted. I’ll refer my nutters to you to sort out Jen. Glad you are back up posting again. Hugs.

  2. Melinda B says:

    My word those macadamia brownies look amazing. I think it’s tragic that by sharing your blog with others (most of whom mightily appreciate it), you receive all sorts of crap from nutcases. I should raise my hand as a Christian, because I’m not ashamed of being one, but I find the religious loons seriously cringy and embarrassing(and not a true reflection, I hope) and while I’m proud I never foist my views on anyone unless they ask. So I hope the loons have read what you just wrote and I hope that I didn’t just come across as one ;-) Keep cooking the goodies so I can keep drooling.

  3. bee says:

    i like it the way you say it – without mincing words. if you have a blog, whether you have cancer or not, people think you’re holding your breath for their pearls of unsolicited wisdom.

  4. Kitt says:

    My only suggestion to you is that you send me some of those brownies. Too hot down here to bake! It’s only hit 80 now, at midnight, and yes, that feels much nicer. (Plus it just sprinkled a little.)

    Here’s hoping those peaches come in soon!

  5. Mrs Ergul says:

    Never mind those nut cases, they are not worth fuming over. I realize I haven’t made brownies before! And yours looks so good that it’s very encouraging for me to bake mine. i will help you shoo the headache away from here xxoo

  6. zoe / puku says:

    well Jen, I think I DO know best what you should do, and I’m not afraid to tell it to your face (blog) : you should just do… whatever the hell you want to do, full stop! (or ‘period’ in USA-ese)! Get your rant on, tell your story, or shut up for a week, post photos of cherry blossoms, or brownies or whatever you want to do, and we’ll just say hi, appreciate it as your choice and admire your spirit, good taste and fantastic photographic eye. um, and definitely your brownies. :)

  7. Rosa says:

    I understand your point…

    Boy oh boy, those brownies lookd heavenly and that sandwich just extremely scrumptious!!! I love that flower picture! An explosion of colors…

    Cheers and nevermind the nutcases,


  8. manggy says:

    I welcome it all– cakey, chewy, fudgey– except the weakly chocolatey ones (“bread shop” brownies– made with the tiniest hint of cocoa just to make them brown, but really have no taste. Yuuuuuuck. I woulda said “Asian bakery brownies”, but that’s just discrimination, lol). I envy your espresso (you have beans and an espresso maker?), you will see why very, very soon :) Anyway, those brownies look perfect to me, even if you say they’re still too cakey. That glistening crust on top is a sign of good things inside :)

    This is going to sound like I keep adding to your list of Things Manggy Is Crazy Not to Like but I’m not really that fond of beef sandwiches, less so with chewy bread :( It sounds like a major tooth attack/ gnaw-fest/ mastication extravaganza/ chew-cus (it’s supposed to sound like circus, but I realize I’m just taking it too far, heh). Maybe I’ve just had too many overcooked or connective tissue-y beef cuts!

  9. joanne at frutto della passione says:

    I just read 4 posts in a row and me poor little head is just spinning from the gorgeous photos. I especially loved all the flower shots!
    The brownies look divine, I never make them because having them in the house is a risk I can’t take. I’m sorry you have to deal with the nut cases, hopefully they’ll take the hint and go away.

  10. Kristin at The Kitchen Sink says:

    Jen: I didn’t know it was possible, but you’ve made yellow squash look just as beautiful, delicious and I-must-have-you-right-now as brownies. Amazing.

  11. Candace says:

    Let it out girly! I’m there with you on the unsolicited advice issue… Gorgeous brownies and photos as usual.

  12. Amy says:

    Brownies, wildflowers, and gorgeous squash? What a way to start a morning. Here’s hoping the nutters lay off. :)

  13. Tim says:

    The brownies look great, although having had so much trouble myself finding a perfect chewy brownie recipe, I’m dismayed to see that you haven’t found brownie nirvana yet either.

  14. SallyBR says:

    Jen, hang in there…

    it could be worse – imagine… just imagine if you one of those nutcases happened to be your own sister….

    (I say no more, good thing my family does not speak English and does not read food blogs :-)

  15. Clumbsy Cookie says:

    I totally get your point! My friend had cancer 3 years ago and still till this day he’s awarded with a great piece of “wisdom” from someone every now and then… What canwe do about it? Well I think we can start by eating these brownies, shall we?

  16. Manisha says:

    Too hot to bake? It’s too hot to cook. We’re surviving on salads and cold sandwiches.

  17. Pam says:

    Sorry people can be so rude to you. Hang in there hun, hope you continue to feel better than you did. :)

    P.s. In case i haven’t told you before….I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

  18. amanda says:

    Hopefully the annoying buggers out there get the message. Unwanted advice is ten times worse than a personal attack. It’s like saying, well you aren’t doing things right so let me tell you how to live. Tipsharers- be gone!!

  19. Cynthia says:

    Darling, if I didn’t know fo sho you was a woman, I’d compliment you on the balls you have:) Damn fine rant. And oh yeah, the brownies are the shit too.

  20. Astrid says:

    I’m sorry, I haven’t read through your whole post, but I have to admit, the little I read — the rant — and the little I saw — the gorgeous photos — were totally enjoyable. You are one hell of a writer, photographer and cook!

  21. Susan at Stickygooeycreamychewy says:

    Well said, Jen! Unsolicited advice, no matter how well intended, sucks! I wish I had your gift for ranting with such panache! Want to come over and rant at my SIL for me? I’ll make you some really chewy brownies…. ;)

    That flower photo is spectacular! I can’t get over how crisp and vivid it is.

    I love a good brownie, but only fudgy, chewy ones. Yours look perfect!

  22. Bri says:

    Sorry the nutcases are still coming out of the woodwork, they’re pretty omnipresent aren’t they? Looks like you’re dealing with them in your usual straightforward style, good for you! I’d just tell them to take a hike too. All anyone should be telling you is that you are loved and that you have their support. My two cents, fwiw.

    As for brownies, I’m with you. I can eat them, but they’re not something I crave, ever. I am cursed with an aversion to chocolate, but I tend to bake with it a lot. Something about the people at work liking it… Dang, now I feel like I have to bake something. You’re a bad influence! :) All the best- Bri

  23. Courtney says:

    well said! its amazing how people always think we are looking for advice when we said nothing in the way of asking for it.

    I have always thought box brownies were they way to go. I try to make everything else but they hit the spot. these look great though. i cant resist a brownie for anything!

  24. peabody says:

    My mom actually hated radiation more than chemo. But they told her she was weird. :) As someone who knows all too well about the unsolicited advice I feel for you I really do(as you and I have discussed before). It think it is the main reason I don’t say much about it…that and since my condition is not something the average person gets I am not helping anyone. I think that you discussing your cancer and showing how you can still ski and bake and have a life is a wonderful thing. I think it is a hope for others. My mother often says she feels she was given cancer for the sole purpose to help other cancer patients who feel they can’t go on. She shows them you can. You show them they can. Love ya Jen!!!!
    Oh and the browines…I will take the marshmallow and macadamia one…yum, yum, yum!

  25. Ashley says:

    Gorgeous brownies!! And I agree, brownies should be chewy not cakey.

  26. Nicole says:

    I just want you to know I was sitting at my desk eating a nice healthy salad for lunch when I saw those brownies. My salad now sits neglected and I’m chewing on a Wegmans “Ultimate Brownie” that’s nowhere near as tasty as yours look. *Sigh*

  27. Dona says:

    Sunday I made your candied orange peels dipped in chocolate for a birthday present for a friend. She was thrilled. A labor of love. I have made quite a few of your recipes and love them. Your photography is amazing, I live in Texas in some circle of hell not sure which one. I’ve had breast cancer, I’m good now. Except I can no longer get medical insurance. Good thoughts and prayers (no offense) your way. Now if I only knew what tele ski means.

  28. Carmen says:

    That sandwich looks so good. :) Glad you’re 2/3 done with radiation – almost there! I had radiation treatments (w/o chemo) a few years back and it left me incredibly weak and fatigued; and one of my nurses told me the same thing. As for the brownies, they look lovely – I’m in the chewy over cakey camp as well. :)

  29. jennywenny says:

    Oh dear, just when you need it, everyones on your case with the stupids. I’m sorry. I have no idea what its like going through what you’re going through, so I hope I’d never say anything, but keep on trucking or whatnot. Alls I can do is keep riding my bike and raising money and trying to be supportive I guess.

    Anyways, those brownies are making me drool. Thats kind of embarrassing at work.

  30. Danielle says:

    Well said. You are inspiring.

    Great-looking food, as usual, and gorgeous shot of those flowers.

  31. Noelle says:

    *Clap on*

    I LOVE the way you write and express yourself!

    *Clap off*

  32. Martha says:

    Good for you! I have been reading your blog for a while and am amazed at the things you are doing while going through treatments.. You inspire me. I have had cancer in the past year so I do understand.. just ignore all the bunk and live your wonderful life with your family, friends and cute dog! :)

  33. Y says:

    The regular brownies actually look pretty good. Don’t think I’ve ever met a chocolate brownie I didn’t like. Although perhaps the rocky road one might be a bit OTT for me :)

  34. Mrs Ergul says:

    Oh gosh, pardon me for my blunder. I read ‘dear headache’ instead of ‘dear headcase’, thus the comment about shooing it away lol. how dumb of me! Anyway, take care!

  35. Kevin says:

    Those rocky road brownies look so good!

  36. Guavagirl says:

    Freezing a bag of mini marshmallows will help them keep their shape during baking and prevent the melting into the batter. Enjoy!

  37. Patricia Scarpin says:

    I can’t wait to try these. They are just what I need right now, Jen!
    And people can be such asses, can’t they? It always amazes me.

  38. Maya says:

    Lots of loons out there..
    Lovely brownies!!!!

  39. Tartelette says:

    People will never cease to amaze me with their complete lack of education but you already know my take on this!I have had a couple of people sendind me recipes to include in the book “because they were really good”…no can’t do and one emailing today to say that there were people more deserving than I to write a book! Sure there are, I just happened to make something I wanted happen. If one day I ever have doubts all I have to do is look at that email…..Oh man! did it juice me up!!

    I am a fudgey brownie gal all the way!

  40. Graeme says:

    My heart is going mad! I’m not mad keen on over-chocolate though, so I’d probably just pick off the nuts and marshmallows; no doubt much to your disgust, Jen. :-)

  41. Lori says:

    I sure can understand what you are saying there in your rant… Good for you Jenyu. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

    SO about those pretty little flowers and your excellent photography. Your blog is my eye candy!

  42. Anita says:

    I think it’s unfortunate that some people seem to lose all their manners behind the anonymity of a computer screen. I’m willing to bet if they were face to face with you they wouldn’t be saying half the things they’ve written!

    As for me, I’ll just stick to what I know – admiring your always-lovely photos and cooking! Your flower photo is just breathtaking. It’s easy to find photos of flowers but yours are pure magic – total standouts!

  43. breadchick says:

    Yup, I second Tartlette and Peabody. Those idiots can just go to hell-o…

    Two things:

    A. thanks for the all the picture advice from several weeks ago. As a pretty awful picture taker, I’ve been practicing and working using your tips. I’m seeing a difference, so thanks a million.

    B. Just looking at those brownies made my mouth start to water so much that I had to go start a batch.

  44. jenyu says:

    Barbara – ha ha, you have them too?! How is it that we can all be so “lucky”? :) xxoo

    Melinda – I know several wonderful people who are Christian. I don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with people who are just dumb and rude – regardless of their religion. You are not a loon, my dear. You are the very type of person who makes food blogging fun and worthwhile. Thanks for your sweet note.

    Bee – this is so true. We should all get together and write a book of our collected nuggets of “wisdom” ;)

    Kitt – you are a hoot, lady.

    Mrs. E – Okay, I think it is time for you to try your hand at brownies. I’ll bet you’ll like them!

    Zoe/puku – oh, I do love your spunk and attitude. It resonates with me :) Why aren’t you my neighbor?

    Rosa – thank you, sweetie. You are always so supportive!

    Mark – oh my goodness, you give me too much cred. I don’t make espresso for baking (I actually don’t really know how to make coffee – that is Jeremy’s job b/c I don’t drink the stuff). I have wonderful instant espresso powder (Italian brand which is lovely). I use that instead… much easier! If you want some, I will send you a jar via post, just let me know. The chewing is definitely a chore with the sandwich, but it tastes soooo good! If you visit me, we’ll split a chief niwot and see what you think :)

    Joanne – my dear, the nutcases never go away :) But it’s okay if the majority of my visitors are like you because most folks are really terrific here! Hint – bake the brownies when you have lots of friends or family around to “share” the burden of finishing them off ;)

    Kristin – you flatter me! I personally think all vegetables and fruits are gorgeous :) Kinda fun to photograph them in raw state before being turned into some fancy masterpiece on a plate :)

    Candace – w00t! girlfriend! :)

    Amy – thanks!

    Tim – still searching, love. Keep me posted if you find it!

    SallyBR – ooops! :) I do understand to some degree as a few are in my extended family ;) hee hee. You are too funny!

    Clumbsy Cookie – absolutely. If I could share these brownies out with all of my wonderful commenters, it would be a fantastic partym, no? A good group of people!

    Manisha – you poor things. It has been HOT down on the flats :( That’s time to just eat cold watermelon for 3 weeks :)

    Pam – you are so sweet. Thanks and I love my readers. Best folks evar!

    Amanda – hee hee. Spot on, dear. Thanks!

    Cynthia – HA! You are hilarious :) I think some women have more balls than lots of the men running around out there :) Probably has to do with all the crap we endure, eh? xxoo

    Astrid – thank you, you’re very sweet.

    Susan – Ooooh, I hope your SIL doesn’t read this blog ;) I’ve read your rants before though… I love them, hon!

    Bri – Wow, a kindred spirit! I do enjoy working with chocolate, just not consuming it so much. Rare to find others like that :) Thanks for the words of support. Folks like you really do diminish the contribution from the nutcases!

    Courtney – true dat! I haven’t tried box brownies at elevation yet. They really are quite good. I think it’s just my stubborn streak to search about for a good homemade recipe. Something to do? ;) In my ample spare time, har har har!

    Peabody – Why doesn’t that surprise me about your mom? Your family cracks me up in their non-trad style. Love it. I have to say that you’ve helped me a lot at the start with the immune system advice and it is just good to know there are others out there who can live with setbacks and blog like you do :) Thanks babe!

    Ashley – high five!

    Nicole – oh noooooo! I ruined it for you :( *hugs* and sorry!

    Dona – some circle of hell? Oh, you’re a hoot! I’m sorry to hear about your cancer, but very glad you’re here with us to share. I won’t even begin ranting over health care, but I am keeping fingers crossed for you that you can get the care you need. No offense taken, my dear. And tele is short for telemark skiing, which is a free-heel method of skiing developed in Norway and it rocks! :)

    Carmen – the radiation is starting to take a small toll on me now, but nothing like chemo. Still, it’s hard on a lot of folks and I’m glad you got through it OK. Yay for chewy brownies!

    Jennywenny – “with the stupids”. That is a great phrase! I love it :) Sorry to embarrass you at work! Thanks for the support – just do your thing and live life the best way you can, dear. You rock.

    Danielle – you make me blush! Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Noelle – *chuckle*. Well, at least I’m not offending EVERYONE! :) Thanks!

    Martha – thanks dear. That means a lot and I’m sorry about your cancer because it just sucks and no one should have to deal with any of that BS. I hope you are getting out and enjoying life the way you want to be. xxoo

    Y – yeah, I think the RR brownies are a bit much for me too, but folks around here seem to go nuts over them! People sure like their sweets :)

    Mrs. E – silly girl, don’t worry your head about it :)

    Kevin – thanks, hon. I have no doubt you could whip up a batch in no time with your mad cooking/baking skillz!

    Guavagirl – oooh, what a great tip! Thank you so much!

    Patricia – well, for every asshole out there, there are 25 awesome folks like you! So that makes it worth it, no? :)

    Maya – thanks :)

    Tartelette – omg, I want to say I can’t believe it, but I *do* believe it. Well Helen, those jerks are just jealous, rude, stupid. And we know there will be plenty more of those… Don’t think twice about it because the rest of us love you and think the world of you. I believe in you. There are few people in this world with a heart as big as yours. xxoo

    Graeme – I’m with ya, dear. I don’t like the extras so much… but the people I give the brownies to seem to love it!

    Lori – awww, you’re sweet. Thanks!

    Anita – it’s very true and an astute observation. This has been going on for years (the rudeness hiding behind a computer). People who have the nerve to say stupid things to my face get a very blunt and rude awakening :) Hey – congrats again on your book!!! :) xxoo

    Breadchick – sweetie, if my stupid photo rant helped your pics then I am thrilled! I think folks get too wrapped up with all of the fancy pants details and miss the spirit of photography. Sounds like you’re finding your spirit (and did I ever tell you how much of a bread goddess you are?! I suck at breads and love your creations). xxoo

  45. manggy says:

    Did you mean “chief in two”? You can’t use chemo brain as an excuse!!! Gotcha!!! :P
    Apologies to Chief Niwot– I’m sure you are a great man.
    Thanks for the offer, you’re so kind! I’ll try searching for some here, I can’t believe I never even considered instant espresso! I’m so dumb! (then again, I don’t drink coffee either….)

  46. tara says:

    A friend of mine and I are in constant search of the penulitmate chewy brownie with a crackled top. I have just bookmarked this post and e-mailed her a link. These beauties look perfect!

    As for your rant, well said. All I can say is brava!

  47. jenyu says:

    Mark – screwball! Chief Niwot was pretty cool. You should read about his curse :) Well, if you can’t find the espresso powder, let me know b/c I do have a source here and it is easy enough to send to you!

    Tara – yeah, if you find the perfect chewy brownie recipe, let me know! :)

  48. jessy says:

    umm just made a batch of these. they smell good-o!:)
    GORGEOUS pictures as always!especially the flowers:O i wish we had flowers like that in Dublin!

    and pay no notice to the headcases, they come in all breeds trust me I’v met a few….:/

    stay well!

  49. jenyu says:

    Jessy – thank you, my dear. Yes, steer clear of headcases :)

  50. bookaholic_au says:

    Yum … brownies. I’ve got a couple of good recipes (my Mum has tried every one she could find, and finally settled on one, and I’ve found one with more chocolate and eggs, which is divine, but not really everyday). If you’re collecting I could type them up for you. Can’t wait to try yours.

    Great rant. Stupid headcases.

  51. jenyu says:

    BA – thanks, I have a lot of recipes, but not as much time to try them.

  52. Vi Vian says:

    This recipe of yours is a killer. It looks like yours (but I don’t know if it taste as great as yours), I really like this. I also enjoy reading your blog. Please continue to bake more. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe and time :)

  53. jenyu says:

    Vi – thanks!

  54. Steve says:

    These were the best brownies I have ever made. They were a surprise for Mary, since the blondies I made last time were not her fave. She’s a fiend for chocolate! I think I’ll make a double batch and bring them in to work. Thanks Jen!

    Steve, Mary, and Lorna

    Oh yah…I was reading up on your Sushi tour of Boulder. I am not a fan of raw fish, but I haven’t ever had *good* sushi either. Your photos and descriptions pushed me a little closer to “That could be tasty, if I can forget I am eating raw fish” mindset. I’m still not sold on tobiko, but it sure looks pretty!

  55. jenyu says:

    Steve – Awesome. Glad she enjoyed them. Maybe someday you’ll muster up the courage to try sushi? Mmmm – good stuff :)

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