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a good 24 hours

it’s my blog, and i will cuss if i want to
Not too long ago, my dear Tartelette posted about a friend who is ill with terminal cancer. A commenter had complained that her posts were too depressing. And yesterday I posted about what *I* look for in blogs and got a commenter telling me that my posts were negative and angry, that my criticism is harsh and arrogant, that I shouldn’t hold people up to the same high standards I have for myself. Anyone who has been paying attention to this blog for more than ONE HOUR knows that I am not writing to make others feel good. I write for me. The folks who join the ride have a good inkling of what to expect. If you can’t handle the reality, this is not a blog for you. I don’t pull punches and I am not about to sugar-coat my life and my observations so as not to disturb the sensitive feelings of blokes in their imaginary world of Happy-Go-Lucky. Yes, please stay the hell fuck* away from my blog. As Tartelette said, “You will not be missed.”

*used for emphasis, to indicate that I have strong feelings about this directive

anniversary dinner
Our eleventh wedding anniversary was in March and my ILs sent us a gift certificate to The Flagstaff House as a gift. It was incredibly generous and sweet of them. We decided to postpone dining there since I felt like crap, couldn’t taste food, and probably wouldn’t enjoy the meal as I was in the middle of (frakking) chemo. But at last, we made excellent use of the gift card and enjoyed the 9 course chef’s tasting menu Friday evening.

The Flagstaff House is the premier restaurant in Boulder, boasting a wine tome rather than the usual wine list, that consistently garners the distinction of making Wine Spectator’s Top Ten Wine Lists in the World. We have had the very very good fortune to dine there four times. The first time was after Jeremy was offered his faculty position, the second time was for our tenth anniversary, the third time was for the same anniversary but with Jeremy’s parents (they wanted to celebrate with us), and now!

complimentary: blue cheese and fig on top, house salmon on the bottom

the view to my left

complimentary: spring roll with yuzu sauce

first: wianno oyster with lime and tanqueray gin
fukucho “moon on water” junmaiginjo sake, hiroshima, japan

second: hamachi, hawaiian hearts of palm, mizuna, avocado, pomegranate
2007 naia, verdejo, rueda, spain

third: alaskan halibut potato crusted, arugula, tear drop tomato, niçoise olive, roasted peppers, white truffle balsamic vinaigrette
2005 terredora dipaolo “loggia della serra” greco, greco di tufo, campania, italy

fourth: day boat scallop, fingerling potatoes, bentons ham, cipollini onions, spinach, hon shimeji mushrooms
2007 alban viognier, central coast, california

fifth: quail, pancetta wrapped & grilled, white truffle infused italian heirloom polenta, sauce of garlic
2004 marquesde grinon, caliza, syrah/graciano

sixth: duck breast, crispy seared, duck confit, potato gnocchi, grilled raddichio, pearl onion, rappini, sherry gastrique
2006 vinosia “essenza di primitivo” primitivo, italy

seventh: snake river “kobe gold” ribeye cap, twice baked potato, asparagus, black truffle sauce
2004 dumol, syrah, russian river valley, california

ninth: vahlrohna chocolate tart, chocolate mousse, colorado plums, raspberry coulis
1977 porto barros, colheita, portugal

We are missing a picture of the trio of sorbets (white peach, mango, and black raspberry) for course #8. The pictures got more and more difficult to shoot as the 3.5 hour meal wore on toward 9:30 pm. The dessert was a 2 second hand-held exposure and my head was swimming after sipping 8 different wines/boozes that were paired with Jeremy’s courses. Woooooooooooo!

The Flagstaff House never disappoints. The service was impeccable and the food – heavenly. We really had to think hard about the 9-course degustation or ordering off their enormous and tantalizing regular menu. Too many temptations! It leaves you feeling a little sad that you can’t try it all… until the first plate arrives. If it weren’t for the present from my ILs, I think we would have waited to return when there was a big reason to celebrate. There may be a reason to celebrate in the near-future, but I don’t like to jinx things, so mum is the word right now.

to pass
This morning we were up bright and early to go hiking with Kaweah and our pal from Boulder. It is much cooler in the Rockies than in the Eastern Sierra and there is a very different feel to the mountains. While the flowers were past peak, the harebells, fireweed, paintbrush, cow parsnip, elephant’s head, larkspur, monkshood, buttercup, gentian, sunflowers, and asters (to name a few) were still in bloom! Simply breathtaking.

ahhh, there is still snow in august

star gentian

Our prior attempt to get to Caribou Pass was thwarted by a steep snowfield that Miss Kaweah couldn’t safely cross. Summer sun and heat has nearly obliterated that snowfield and the trail was clear to cross to the other side – at last! Kaweah was quite pleased to catch the scent of marmots and pikas on the wind.

gettin’ warmer

We let Kaweah cool her heels at Lake Dorothy on the way back. The problem is that there are no sticks above treeline, so we had to trick her into the water by tossing small rocks so they’d make a small kerploosh for her to swim toward. It’s a good thing she isn’t of large brain.

’twas no stick – i was deceived!

now how about a treat?

After we dropped Kaweah off to sack out in the house, the three of us got some awesome burgers and sweet potato fries at Bear Brothers Bistro in town. No pics because we were busy watching the Olympics. I must admit I have serious problems with rhythmic gymnastics. Thankfully, they aired the women’s indoor volleyball gold medal match between the US and Brazil so we could enjoy our meal and the serious badassedness of the ladies on the court.

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  1. Jen C says:

    I’m seriously jealous of the meal! I’m so glad you waited until you could enjoy it.. and so glad I’m not the only one with a crazy pup

  2. Girl Japan says:

    Wow.. nice eats!! Adorable pet = )

  3. peabody says:

    I figured you would be commenting on that post. :)
    Looks like a great anniversary meal!
    Mean of you to trick the dog…of course we do stuff like that all the time to ours. ;P

  4. Manggy says:

    It’s sort of amazing how some people think blog posts come to them as a service. It’s like coming into a house and complaining about the food and conversation. It’s good that we know how to kick the scrubs* out.
    * That’s a little bit of 1998 for you!

    Oh, sweet mother of… That menu is fantastic (and very impressive, with the long names, heh heh). I was just browsing Jason Atherton’s cookbook, Maze and salivating over everything. Turns out the whole nine yards is £58 per person at least. I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything like that till I’m 40. So it’s kind of fun pretending to serve jazzed-up desserts at home. It’s pathetically sweet, really :)

    Happy 11th anniversary you guys! (What’s wrong with rhythmic gymnastics? :)

  5. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    I LOVE it when Kaweah makes an appearance. The meal looks and sounds amazing :D sounds worth the wait :)

  6. Chelsea says:

    Well Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I must say that it’s your hard hitting bare bones opinions which keep me coming back, If other readers don’t like it, well, they can go cry over a Disney movie.

    Fabulous food and adorable dog :)

  7. Kitty says:

    I love your candor. It is what keeps me coming back to visit your blog. If you started to sugarcoat your life, I would be uninterested in your blog because it would be just like everyone else’s. FWIW. Thanks for letting us lurk in on your life.

  8. Susan at StickyGooeyCreamyChewy says:

    Hey, sometimes the truth hurts. Apparently, you struck a nerve with someone. I’m always amazed at the arrogance of some people. They don’t like what you write and think that YOU should change YOUR blog to please THEM, instead of THEM pissing off and just not reading.

    I am so lemming that dinner! It looks nothing short of spectacular!

  9. cindy says:

    why even take the time to post a comment? i would just stop reading.

    what a beautiful view from dinner! dang.

    i love when kaweah makes an appearance. my dog is anti water…but maybe the puppy will be a swimmer.

  10. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    Haha! Obviously that commenter doesn’t hate your blog that much because they’re still reading and commenting on it. Why can’t you sugarcoat your life to please them? You think because it’s your blog, you get to say what you want? And while you’re at it, why don’t you send them copies of your photos for free too?

    I’ve been increasingly annoyed with people who don’t bother using my searchbar or looking through the archives, they just demand that I give them info immediately. And they never say thanks. And sometimes the info is so basic they could have just Googled it instead of wasting my time and expecting me to give them detailed answers. I used to be nicer about it. Now I just tell them to use my searchbar.

  11. Anna says:

    you’ve got my support.
    it’s your freaking blog so you can say whatever you want. cuss, cuss and cuss again!
    the nerve of some people.

    congrats on your anniversary!

  12. Maja says:

    Everybody who reads your blog regularly know that you rock! That’s all i had to say … oh, and i want to eat everything you had for your anniversary … _everything_! :)

  13. Maja says:

    (khm, khm, everybody knowS)

  14. Rosa says:

    That food looks good! I love the hare…

    We are all masters in our own house!



  15. barbara says:

    I try hard to not be jealous or envious of other people, but my god, today I’m jealous of your meal and envious of your tramp in nature.

  16. Luanne says:

    I’m only trying to be honest when I say this–I read the mentioned comment, and the person, while maybe forward (but you have to admit, they didn’t sugarcoat either, which is exactly what you point out not liking) was at least rather civil. Even wished you well after offering the opinion. I mean, not to say the opinion was a pleasant one or anything, but even she (I’m merely assuming here, but the name strikes me as feminine) said that bloggers blog for different reasons, and that’s fine. You blog for yourself–she never said you should blog for others.

    While it was forward, it didn’t seem like she was asking that you make things happy-go-lucky or anything–it sounded like a different perspective, albeit…well, forward. Just as you hold certain standards for reading, apparently, so does she.

    Personally, I really enjoy reading your blog. I guess I’m just trying to throw in another perspective myself.

  17. Judith says:

    I never got the impression that you were “negative and angry.” Maybe that means I’m “negative and angry myself?” Ha. Some people just don’t get it.

  18. Jenny says:

    I was full just reading about your meal — virtual eating — there we go! A new way to watch your weight. You don’t eat – you just read, view the photos and drool – I smell money. My blog is just a journal of my struggles and joys with an autistic child – I don’t do it for anyone but myself. Sometimes I can’t remember if I took a shower let alone have time for an entry but it is nice to know it is there to rant (ha ha). There are folks suffering from disease, grieving from the lost of a loved one, battling demons large and small and so many other horrible things – and in reality my life isn’t so tough – but after twelve hours of screaming, whomever said autism is the silent disease needs to spend a couple days here:-) it is nice to come here and read beautiful words, look at beautiful photos and share in another’s struggles. It’s a small world after all…oops that is a Disney song….what I’m trying to say is forgive my crappy blog, keep on doing what you doing (you are the first blog I check every morning) and keep on feeling good – I hope whatever future celebration you mentioned comes to fruition (I’m not sure if anything here is worded correctly – I’ve been up for a long time trying to keep it a peaceful Sunday morning and it’s only 8:00 a.m.) All my multiple personalities – love you!

  19. Ann says:

    In the end we all blog as we see fit and we all establish criteria that determines which blogs we return to frequently. I tend to agree with most of the criteria you listed in that last post. You seem to have it all here, which makes it a compelling read (and feast for the eyes).

  20. Bridget says:

    That’s a fantastic gift. I love to eat out, but can’t really justify the expense lately, so I would love something like that.

    Ah, rhythmic gymnastics is so goofy. I watched a bit of that yesterday as well. But I think synchronized swimming is the worst. What’s with the crazy huge smiles?

  21. rose says:

    I think you are honest about your feeling and at times with what you’re facing; it is hard. Devoting time between cooking and posting them in the blog is tedious! My best friend and hospital roommate 3 years ago is also going through chemo right now. I shared with her your blog. She said she had to spill it out… otherwise it would eat her up.

    Anybody who had been through bad times in life, would have to learn to share it with others. It’s therapy.

    Keep up with what you’re doing, best of luck, as my other-half always said “gee, better be lucky than good!”. He knows what luck means, he retired as a 747 capt.

    I love your pup; mine a samoyed. cute beyond, but “brain-dead”. we ought to rent him out as a “panty-magnet”.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Lady Deathstrike, Indeed!! hee hee hee With Butter as your alter ego.
    This could be a character for a comic book!
    Wielding chef knife and camera bag by day and rapier like wit and ski pole by night.
    (okay, not well thought out but funny)

    I am pretty sure I stole an ashtray from The Flagstaff House in 1982.
    [hangs head with shame over misspent youth]

    The meal looks fabulous.

  23. Mollie says:

    f’em the f’ers… all I have to say about that.

    Wishing lots more big celebrations in the near and far future for you my dear… the meal looks amazing. I had a 12 course whiskey dinner once… talk about loopy! Yeah, I said whiskey – one whiskey and one wine, just for good measure, paired with each. I wish I could remember it but I think it was a good meal.

    Many pats, puppy kisses and butt wiggles from Mr. K to Ms. ‘weah. He’s way jealous of the mountain streams.

  24. Susy says:

    Congrats on the anniversary, the looked fabulous! I lova that you used “frakking”, someone’s been watching Battlestar. I can’t wait fo the final season to com back on.

  25. Candace says:

    That dinner looks fantastic…. simply fantastic!

    FYI… There is absolutely no reason to blow sunshine up people’s asses. Its your blog. :)

  26. Emily says:

    Looking at all your photographs is just one of the many reasons I love your site. I recently just took a trip to Colorado (Estes Park, Boulder) and Wyoming (Laramie, Snowy Mountains) and took many pictures of some neat looking plants. I took many botany classes in college and I’m from the east coast and had never seen them before. And today when I was reading your post I saw a picture of the dark blue/blackish star flower with the name! Fabulous! I love looking at your pictures and all the great memories of the beautiful land keep rushing back. Thanks!!

  27. Leah says:

    “that I shouldn’t hold people up to the same high standards I have for myself.

    I completely disagree with the person that thinks they don’t need to be held to a standard. If you have high standards, then you should surround your self with things, people, blogs that meet them. I think some people should take long walks off of something very short.

    On another note, that meal looks amazing. I’m sure someone does something like that here in Chicago, but I’m sure it would cost me my whole paycheck. Congratulations on 11 years (even though it was March!), I love hearing about people who are beating the marriage statistics, it gives me hope.

    I’ve started to cook way more interesting things because of reading your blog. (I’m not nearly cool enough yet to photograph them, but we’ll see if I get there!) I love your humor and your recipes. Thanks for being awesome reading!

  28. Fiona says:

    Good for you. That comment reeked of self-righteous snottiness. This idea that people (esp. women) have to be cheery and positive all the time is such bullshit.

    And let me echo others: I come here in part for the potty talk. Love it. Between that, the photographs, your amazing food styling, and Kaweah…what’s not to like. Unless you’re a wanker, that is.

    I post to my blog every day. But that’s because it’s a way to remember things I’d otherwise forget. And it’s a way to communicate with friends who I don’t see for a year at a time. Thanks to RSS feeds, I don’t really care that much how often others post. When they do, I see it. When they don’t, I waste no time.

    Happy anniversary.

  29. Christina says:

    It’s funny how people come to a blog and get upset by the content, when the reason for starting a blog is often personal and not necessarily ‘for the people, by the people’. But if they don’t like it, just stop reading. Easier said than done, apparently!

    Amazing dinner! The food looks incredible and must have been awesome, and the scenery photos are always fun to look at.

  30. Holly says:

    I’ve only been reading your blog for a short time, but I must say that one of the things I really appreciate about it is your honesty and sincerity. Thank you for sharing your life (and your recipes!!) with us.

  31. Tony says:

    this dinner looks like something you’d only read about in a culinary fairy tale :) WOW!
    renewed congrats on your anniversary!
    speaking of olympics… have you seen the olympic trampoliners?! a) I didn’t know that was a sport, b) it’s effing insane what people can do with a trampoline!

  32. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous meal. I’d love to try that oyster…mmm.

    As always, I love to read your blog. And I love that you take any shit from people. Keep staying real. That’s how we like you.

  33. Kathy says:

    Beautiful as always! It sounds like you’ve got a nice tradition started for your anniversary dinner restaurant!

  34. Cate says:

    Amazing photos (as usual). And for the record, I GREATLY appreciated the blogging tips. Keep it up, girl, you are awesome!

  35. Mrs Ergül says:

    What a lovely meal! And what lovely in-laws you have, they are really generous. And look at that scallop, oh my, I’m drooling!

    You and Jeremy have come a long way to be celebrating your 11th wedding anniversary! Bravo! Many couples don’t get past even the first 11 months ;) Congratulations!

  36. Margie says:

    ‘Burp’…excuse me. I be full off of that meal. YUM!

    I enjoyed your rant. Caused me to reflect. I was in the midst of a retort yesterday, asking myself if it was really ‘okay’ for me to respond, after all, this isn’t a forum, it’s a personal blog. I admit, I was typing away, asking myself if I was getting everything said that I wanted to say and, well, as Life goes, I was reminded that Now was Not the Time, and with a lightening bolt and a crash of thunder, then the brown-out, my words disappeared. Literally. A reboot would replace them and that little voice would remind me, “See, you poke around in someones personal space and He’s gonna show you What for and Why!” I ain’t no fool! I went to sleep and awoke feeling all energized.

    Today is new, and with it I find that I am still feeling as I was then, a bit confused, concerned, and as always, thankful. I read those words and re-read them. Were they intended to injure, or was this one of those knee-jerk reactions to a day gone terribly awry? Or, could it be that they were like those words that came from a former boss, who, before delivery of the most negative review ever, would say, “Please, consider what I’m about to tell you as constructive criticism.”………..


    Anger is the most negative emotion we have at our disposal. It can destroy us or propel us toward a higher understanding. I’d llike to think that this negative has the most positive of outcomes for both sides of this story. Reading words written and trying to retract them is one thing, understanding why they were written is another. I can’t walk in the shoes of this person, but I can wish them, Peace.

    And I do.

    Kudos to you, Jen.

  37. Katie says:

    Stunning photos, as always! And, I support you using your blog any ol’ way you see fit – I am still figuring out the tone and content of mine – currently eclectic beyond sanity. Plus, I am figuring out how to talk about my health stuff.

  38. Lisa says:

    OMG…I just re-read what I wrote earlier. I meant to say that I am glad that you do NOT take shit from people. What a silly boo boo.

    (Still want the oyster.)

  39. rita says:

    (aka mochachocolatarita – haha at least i got your fingers exercising! hahaha)

    that’s one heckkkk of a meal!!!! i am super jealous.

    …and the hell with them. bring it on! it’s hard to please everybody. i received some “comments” for my last “threesome, anyone? (of wontons)” post title too. but. so what. i am a dirty girl and i’ll name my dishes gang bang mass orgy if i want to. bite me. haha

    i cant be bothered to use capitals…my fingers were done exercising from typing my own nickname lol

  40. Maya says:

    Well said Jen..
    Lovely pics of the pup. Happy Anniversary – and what a lovely meal! Can’t wait to hear the big news :)

  41. Aran says:

    well said jen! and on another note, i always wanted to go to the flagstaff house when we lived in denver but never made it there. i loved seeing all the photos. thank you!

  42. Kelly says:

    Well, I originally came here for the photos and the awesome recipes, and hung around for everything else. Love the photos, too!

    Quick question, since you seem to do it a lot – how do restaurants feel about you photographing their food? It always looks beautiful and you write excellent reviews, but I’m just curious. In my imagination (where I’ve taken a camera to a restaurant to do the same thing), it just seems awkward. But then again, I’m nowhere even close to an amateur photographer, and am still learning how to use manual focus on mine.

    You just keep doing what you’ve always done on this blog (or whatever it is you want to do, should that change) – people will come and go and it’s not really about them, is it? (As the owner of a blog of complete and utter nonsense and nothingness, I’m slightly less critical on the content aspect of blogs, and just choose to read what I enjoy. I think others should, too.)

  43. Maria says:

    I agree with you!! Glad you said something:) Your photos are amazing!! We are going to Colorado in October. I hope we have time to check out the Flagstaff house!

  44. Patricia Scarpin says:

    It amazes me how people find the time to be rude and to invade others’ lives with such stupid comments…

    That meal looks like one I would love. And then I would have to beg someone to carry me home, Jen! :)

  45. Bri says:

    Wow Jen. That meal looks incredible. I don’t know if I would have been able to eat it all, but I certainly would have tried! Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph all those courses and post them here. I certainly appreciate you sharing your time and talent with this, YOUR blog. I know you don’t need me to tell you this, but all the naysayers can go f#&k themselves. Love the pics of Kaweah, by the way. She’s such a sweetie.

  46. Lisa says:

    Hi Jen,

    Love the photos, your peppery comments, and the writing. But I have to say, I’m somewhat sympathetic to the writer who was blasted by you for her comments about your blog.

    You are right, people who don’t like your blog don’t have to read it. It IS your blog – you can cuss if you want. On the other hand, not everyone is as talented as you are -writing/photography wise. So if someone puts up a wimpy /poorly written/sugar coated blog, YOU don’t have to read it. Maybe they’re doing their best, or actually think it’s good stuff. Why be angry and critical about it – just stop reading! Live and let live, is my thought.

  47. YDavis says:

    You said it right Jen, it’s YOUR blog, say whatever you feel like it! If they don’t like it, don’t come back.

    I love your blog, you have very nice pictures and delicious food and what keeps me coming back is Kaweah! :-)

    Oh that poor Kaweah, she got fooled!

  48. Tartelette says:

    I just don’t think it’s fair for insecure people to come spill their insecurity. There are tons of different blogs out there and nothing commits us to read the ones we don’t enjoy. You explained your own mechanisms and nobody else’s.

    Couple of things: do you want to see what I can do on a 2 second handheld exposure after 8 wines?!! Ahahaha, that would have been a bog blanket of brown with a little white on top!! Kuddos for documenting the meal this perfectly! Wow…love all that food. And…Bailey wants to know if Kaweah has a boyfriend :)

  49. Flo Makanai says:

    Just discovering your blog. Absolutely beautiful pictures, so much talent! And glad you feel like writing whatever YOU want, isn’t that YOUR space? Thanks for sharing some images of your world, and please allow me to send you courage for your battle against cancer. (PS: I have a dog much like yours, not too large in the brain area but oh so adorably sweet and velvety!)

  50. JennCharina says:

    People have some nerve!
    I’m a long time lurker and I love your blog. I’ve gone through some very tough times recently (touch and go for awhile) and your words provided me with strength (both mental and physical) I needed to get better.
    Thank you for writing and sharing and being real.

  51. Woolly says:

    Is it possible for someone to be addicted to Avocado? I totally think I am

  52. Kristin at The Kitchen Sink says:

    The stamina! Both for the meal and for photographing your way through it. : ) Thanks for sharing.

    Also: I tagged you for the 10 Favorite Food Photos meme today on my blog. I know everyone has a different reaction to meme’s, but I think this one is really fun—and I’d love to see your picks. Hope you play along!

  53. jenyu says:

    Jen C – we really ought to start something like the sisterhood of crazy pups!

    Girl Japan – thanks!

    Peabody – well, snarky minds think alike!

    Mark – well, they get what they pay for ;) the courses are VERY small, but I would much rather have a sampling than a giant plate of one thing. Thanks! I still have trouble figuring out how it is gold-medal worthy ;)

    Laura – Kaweah doesn’t! She is always ALWAYS looking away from the camera! Can you imagine?? ;)

    Chelsea – thanks, hon. Adorable dog is sitting next to me asking for a treat (but she just ate brekkie!!)

    Kitty – Well my dear, you aren’t lurking because you’re commenting :) Thanks for your opinion. I rather think that finding those we strike a bond with is the whole point of this here blogosphere! xxoo

    Susan – ha ha, oh baby, I need YOU as my spokeswoman! xxoo

    Cindy – exactly! oooh, you have a puppy?? I am nuts over puppies.

    WC – yeah, that a-hole got dumped in the spam box. I have to say for the most part, people are really awesome, but there are a few bad seeds who just don’t Get It. Folks like that, whom I meet in person, don’t usually get the time of day from me the second time around.

    Anna – thank you, my dear.

    Maja – thanks sweetie!

    Rosa – isn’t it cute? We bought two of those for MIL last year! I like your sentiments exactly!

    Barbara – my dear, if you EVER venture this way.. I will take you to the Flagstaff for degustation. I will. xxoo

    Luanne – “but you have to admit, they didn’t sugarcoat either, which is exactly what you point out not liking) was at least rather civil. Even wished you well after offering the opinion.”
    I never said that I didn’t like sugarcoating. Please, I implore you to go back and read what I wrote. I may not write satire, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like satire (I *love* Stephen Colbert). The comment was rude. Wishing someone well after being a jerk does not negate the fact that the individual was being a jerk. Typically in the blogosphere, if you don’t have anything good to say as a commenter, you just don’t say it and move on. This different perspective was merely to bitch about my blog and lecture me on how my standards will lead me to many disappointments. Interestingly enough, I got two flames (from the same IP) from this asswipe after I replied. Trolling, like spamming, is not tolerated here.

    Judith – you got it, sistah!

    Jenny – I have a very dear friend with an 8 year old autistic son. I only visit with them once a year or so since we moved away. I only catch a glimpse of what they go through in their daily lives. It is a lot of work and it requires a strength of heart and will that I admire to no end. I have discovered that many people who endure hardship and struggles have an unspoken understanding of another person’s sufferings. While we don’t let those pains define us, we do connect and appreciate life on a similar level. All the best to you, my dear. Sending you a virtual hug.

    Ann – Precisely my point! Thank you, Ann. This was merely a list of my criteria – to each her own, yes?

    Bridget – ha ha ha, I have no idea. Do they get points marked off if not smiling?

    Rose – I sincerely wish the best for your friend. Chemo is not something I would wish on the worst of the worst :( Ha ha, I love that you could rent your pup out as a “panty-magnet”. We used to joke about that when Kaweah was a puppy… Rent her out to college guys on campus – $25 an hour! :)

    Elizabeth – Actually, Lady Deathstrike is a character from the X-men! :) I just love the name. You stole an ashtray?! LOL! That is too funny. I am sure it sent them into a decade of financial ruin, tsk tsk ;)

    Mollie – now THAT is a lot of booze! I wonder if they serve the best dishes first because everyone is so hammered by the end? I’ll have to tell Kaweah that Kona is jealous, because while she likes the streams and lakes – we always have to coax her in the first time to remind her that she likes them!

    Susy – I can’t wait either!!! BSG!!!! w00t!!! :) Who is the final cylon?!? I wanna know!! :)

    Candace – nice way to put it, babe! :)

    Emily – I am a total wildflower geek – so glad that you are too!! Really glad that you had a good trip in the Rockies.

    Leah – “I think some people should take long walks off of something very short.” hi-larious! I’m positive there must be tons of opportunities for degustations in Chicago. The Flagstaff also offers a 5 course, but the selection wasn’t as awesome as the 9 course! Thanks heaps :)

    Fiona – I love that word… wanker. And yeah, I read off my google feed too. Thanks!

    Christina – yeah, I think there are clearly those who don’t get that blogging is not a service :) Thank you.

    Holly – thank you, dear!

    Tony – thanks hon. OMG, I had no idea there were trampoliners (we don’t have a TV, so we never see the Olympics). My neighbor just got a trampoline for his daughter’s birthday. Perhaps an Olympic-hopeful in the making?!? (she’ll probably make the Olympic ski team before the trampoline team!)

    Lisa – you’re very sweet. Thanks.

    Kathy – it would be a very nice tradition, but I think it would break the bank if we did this every year! ha ha. I think MIL just really loves this place and she wanted to treat us (me in particular) after the chemo ordeal :)

    Cate – oh sweetie, these aren’t blogging tips, just what I like about my favorite blogs. Take it for what it’s worth (not much!!) :) xxoo

    Mrs. E – that scallop was heaven! I have to say that considering my type A personality, it is probably safe to give much credit to the awesome man I married. He is the best man I have ever met. I consider myself truly lucky to have him in my life. xxoo

    Margie – thanks for your thoughts and especially your email as I better understand your context. My dear, you are far more gracious than I because after the amount of bullshit I’ve had to deal with I don’t have patience for trolls like that (yeah, because following my reply I got 2 flames from same IP which were deleted).

    Katie – Eclectic and beyond insanity? Sounds great! Talk as you see fit, talk as you need to. I admit that I am fairly guarded about some things on such a public forum, but in some aspects it is just good to get it out.

    Rita – yup, I think if people don’t like it… move on! ahhh, Rita is much easier to type :)

    Maya – thanks, love. It will probably be a month or less on the news! Fingers crossed.

    Aran – I never knew you lived in Denver! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Yours is a blog I absolutely *love*.

    Kelly – I usually ask the restaurant before I am seated if they mind me shooting the food. If I were shooting with a tiny camera, I’m not sure I’d feel as obligated, but with a largish camera and (sometimes) flash – I really try not to piss off other diners or the restaurant. Then again, people are always shooting “group shots” in restaurants for their scrap books and no one seems to mind… Still, I ask the staff and then I check with diners around me if using flash. Blogs of complete and utter nonsense are great fun too. I have very eclectic tastes, but not enough time to visit all of the great blogs I’ve found over the years *sigh* :)

    Maria – Oh yes! Their fall menu is also quite inspired. If you don’t get to the Flagstaff house, other great options in Boulder are: John’s Restaurant, Frasca, L’Atelier, Jax Seafood. Have a great trip!

    Patricia – ha ha, I think that is the key right there – they have too much time :) Yes indeed you would! The restaurant is perched on a cliff and the road leading up to it is very twisty/windy and steep. Not a good road to drive when even slightly tipsy! hee hee

    Bri – don’t worry, hon. The portions are quite small and they space it out over several hours (we worried that Miss Kaweah might burst her bladder waiting for us at home!) You’re a riot! Just my kind of potty mouth too :) Kaweah would send wags to you, but she’s currently snuggled up on a quilt in the office… probably drooling on said quilt ;)

    Lisa – Thanks. I don’t see where my abilities as a blogger has any bearing on other blogs or other readers. The criteria listed were what *I* look for in other blogs and that is not to say that I remotely come close to meeting those myself. I don’t think I ever said I read blogs that I don’t like. Honestly, do you think I’m the type of person who would go and read – over and over again – a blog I didn’t like? Whether I am critical and angry or not, it is certainly my prerogative. I’m just not asshole enough to go and comment on someone’s blog that I don’t like it.

    YDavis – Wow, Kaweah has no idea what a fan base she commands! She’s snoring right now… :)

    Tartelette – ha ha ha! You nailed it, honey! Thank You!! Sometimes I have to wonder about people’s reading comprehension skills… But you certainly aced your exams in school :) Well, Miss Kaweah does not have a boyfriend, but she’s such a dopey dog that the first thing she’d want to do with Bailey is run around like a maniac and then go find some poop to roll in together. Bad dog!! :)

    Flo – thank you and I appreciate your kind wishes. My dog sends her less than genius wags to your dog!

    JennCharina – Oh, I sincerely hope you are improving. Times can get really tough, as you well know. I’ve learned that part of the beauty of living life is making connections with some kickass people like readers and other bloggers. I wish you the very best.

    Woolly – you’re such a nut! :) Where have you been?!? Yes, I am addicted to avocado. Used to eat a lot more of it when I lived in sunny Southern California *sigh*

    Kristin – thanks hon, I will be sure to check it out.

  54. Dragana says:

    Your blog is one of the first I check every morning because I enjoy your honest and thought-provoking writing. Your blog is further enhanced by your exquisite photographs (my best picture would be like the ‘ribeye cap’, but I would have been sober!). Your recipes are well written, and I’m still gearing up the courage to try the ‘mirror cake’.
    …And I wish you and Jeremy many, many more celebrations!

  55. Holly says:

    Happy Anniversary!! That menu looks fantastic – I’ll bet it is quite an experience.

    As for the posts were you told the world what your blogging standards so to speak are, well, I for one appreciated the info and took it as some great constructive criticism to help me grow (hopefully) as a writer and blogger. Funny how people can read the same thing and take it completelty different.

    I love coming here not just for the pictures and recipes but for the reality checks about life. Even on a bad day though I have never thought that you are negative, just honest – but always hopeful and I love reading your blog. As always, thanks for sharing!


  56. says:

    what a lovely way to share an evening — great food at a relaxed pace with your love.

    I for one am happy that you blog — thanks for sharing your life with us.

  57. Debbie Green says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites because it is real……I enjoy the pictures, reading about what is happening in your life and your feelings and of course the wonderful recipes! Just keep your blog the way it is and ignore some of the morons out there. The older I get, the more I like animals and the less I like people. Now that is being honest!!!!!

  58. Isa says:

    I think you’re right on what you say: It’s your blog and you should write whatever you feel like.
    Personally, I like reading your blog due to the fantastic recipes and oh, so fantastic! photos but I also feel inspired with your strength to struggle with cancer and stuff like the death of your sister. I also love about your blog that you write exactly what you read… I think, that the person who made THAT comment thought that she/he could write what he/she felt like cause, and I’m saying this because I though this way too (before your response of course), your blog is pretty much like that (saying what you feel). What I mean, is that maybe, the commenter didn’t had bad intentions when he/she wrote that comment… maybe he/just thought your blog wasn’t the way it is. Just saying… I hope this doesen’t bother you and I have nothing else to say than I HEART your blog and that I really enjoy reading it.
    And what a great menu!

  59. Susan says:

    Beautiful pictures and congratulations on a well-earned, fabulous dinner. I still haven’t been to Flagstaff but we spend way to much time at Jax (or used to, someone’s a big fan of Wednesday paella. Before the cycling season diet).

    Like everyone said, it’s your blog. The things you write about are your reality and some people just can’t handle the scary things that exist in the world. Maybe that’s not the case here but I’ve found that when I’ve had a rough patch, had deaths, had friends with cancer, etc, that some other people haven’t wanted a part of it because then they really might be touched by those things – they might lose a parent or get sick or have problems of their own. But talking about your strength, the things that suck and how you get through it doesn’t make you contagious. It makes you human.

  60. White On Rice Couple says:

    Yes, yes! It’s your blog and you should write it the way you want. I amazed that losers out there would leave such comments, but such is the cyber world. As always, well said.

    Wow, what a nice extension of your anniversary! And a 9 course dinner to go with that! It looks amazing and so, so, so, special. Great pictures too. You’re my photography hero. I would have totally chickened out on taking pictures in such a nice restaurant. But….the springroll? Did you say springroll? Was it a springrolll? Was it good? I would have loved to try that one.

    What an awesome view from your house!! We’re definitely moving in, please make room for us. I’ll bring the beer. It makes me so happy to see all you four hiking out there in beautiful Colorado country!

  61. Kathlyn says:

    Jen – just wanted to say that your blog is the reason I joined Daring Bakers. Your posts always have me laughing and your photos leave me envious. Thank god it’s your blog – which means ultimately, that what I think doesn’t matter but still, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Please keep up the amazing work.

  62. jenyu says:

    Dragana – thank you, that is really kind of you to say.

    Holly – thanks! and yes, it is interesting how some folks read things into what I write. Whatevs :)

    Pastrychefbyfire – thank you.

    Debbie – ha ha, that’s a great way to put it!! I love that!

    Isa – thanks, and yes I know where you are coming from, just that the commenter was trolling for a fight. I don’t want to waste my time on assholes like that.

    Susan – I love Jax too :) Thanks for your take on things. Yes, some can’t deal. I don’t really have time for those types :)

    WoRC – the springroll was good but… NOT as good as the ones we had at YOUR house!!! :) Although I did like the yuzu sauce. I’ve never gotten my hands on a yuzu. Honey, there are houses for sale in our neighborhood. Come on over!!

    Kathlyn – that is very sweet of you :) Thanks for the support and glad you joined the DBers!

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