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be square?

Thanks to everyone who made recommendations for good authentic Chinese restaurants in the bay area! We’ll definitely check a few out and if you haven’t written in, but have some suggestions, I’m more than happy to hear them :) You guys ROCK.

I’m listening to the veep debate and I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…

Okay, it’s still NaBloWriMo! I’ve got a few last autumn shots to post because I’m sick of processing and seeing little yellow leaves on my screen (not out my front door though).

brilliant ground cover

red and green look so much better together in nature than in fashion



A few months back I spied some cute square muffins at Peabody’s. I made a mental note that those would be great for distributing quick breads and other baked goodies. The reason I love small servings or individual servings is because I like to give the stuff away. These pans would be ideal.

So I’m rushing through Target the other day, not finding what I was looking for and then – I found the other thing I wasn’t looking for but wanted (this must be the dream come true for the people who layout floor plans in big box stores). There were two of those square muffin pans and I grabbed them.

a fundamental shift in geometries, but it’s still good

I test-drove the pans with some chocolate chip banana bread this afternoon. Worked like a dream as long as I didn’t fill more than 3/4 of the wells with batter, but it’s probably better if I stick close to 2/3 full.

This evening while we were giving Kaweah a much needed bath, the neighbor kids came over to say hi. They are two of the coolest kids I know. The oldest one is ten. She is more mature and responsible than most adults in this country – and yet she is still a kid. Amazing. She offered to help Jeremy wash Kaweah while I ran upstairs to grab some banana bread for them. The little one is just cute as can be.

now don’t eat all of those before dinner

saying bye while kaweah (who only has eyes for banana bread) gets toweled off

We took another plate over to our other neighbors before high-tailing it home for dinner. Dinner was gooooooooood. I’ll post that in the next week.

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  1. Margie says:

    Yummy…chocolate chips & bananas!

    A person after my own heart of hearts. I LOVE breads, any kind of bread! It all began with cookies, graduated to muffins and now I’m in the heart of all things sourdough. That baking tin is too neat, in too many ways. I can envision petite fruitcakes (and yes, I do LOVE and I do bake those things ;)..), I can also see scones. Oh, and I can see small individual cheesecakes. Dang it, you are a bad influence on my budget, Jenzie.

    Oh, and then there is THAT doggie! 2cute. Always. Just adorable. Always.


  2. Cate says:

    Those kids are so cute! I love the square muffins. Mmmm

  3. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy says:

    Those photos are amazing! I am so missing Fall. It was 100 degrees in my car today! Blech!

  4. Chez us says:

    Too cute! I think there is a Target run in my very near future! ;) Thanks!

    Yes, I hear you … on the little backed up threw up during the debate …. WHAT!!???

  5. Rosa says:

    Those muffins look great! An unusual shape… Wonderful landscapes, as usual!

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


  6. joanne at frutto della passione says:

    Do you get tired of my telling you how beautiful your pictures are? Should I stop? Oh, well, moving on. Square muffin tins???I wish I had know about those when I was in Canada this summer, oh well, maybe I can order them online – I love the idea.

  7. Elizabeth Yalkut says:

    Those muffins tins look so great, and the muffins themselves look delicious. I almost wish it weren’t October and the Eat local Challenge, because now I’m craving banana bread.

  8. Louise says:

    I love your pictures, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick seeing them!

  9. Mollie says:

    I’m a big fan of the mini’s too… I’ve been making and doling out mini zucchini breads like it’s going out of style. Love those little muffin squares.

    I love the COWS!!!! Yay!

  10. Susy says:

    I always loves these muffin tins. Although I think some Lodge cast iron ones are in my future. Recently I’ve been baking my muffins in my cast iron skillet as one big muffin. They get so much crisper on the bottom and bake more evenly.

  11. natalie says:

    GORGEOUS photos!!! the muffin tins are pretty cool too! just another excuse for me to run to target (not that i ever need an excuse to spend money there!)

  12. Patricia Scarpin says:

    Jen, those square muffins are just adorable!
    I would not be a good influence for those kids – I’d be the one eating all the muffins before dinner… ;)

  13. Piper says:

    those pans are brilliant! the muffins look very delicious. i love that you are able to share with your neighbors, i live next to an extremely crazy person and cannot do the same, but i would imagine your neighbors love receiving your treats!

  14. susieshomemade says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! I have those pans and they are awesome!!

  15. Sally says:

    Pictures are breathtakingly beautiful as usual…

    kaweah’s eyes say it all: I want that bread sooooo badly!

    I have a photo of one of my dogs staring at a chocolate cake, he is GLUED on it….

  16. Debbie Green says:

    The dogs, the kids and the breads are all cute!!!!!

  17. Mrs Ergül says:

    These are really cool-ly shaped muffins! I haven’t seen those pans around here. Sharing food with neighbours and family and friends is one the the greatest thing to do!

  18. My Sweet & Saucy says:

    Your photos are GORGEOUS! The muffins look so yummy too!

  19. peabody says:

    Aren’t those the best pans? They only had one when I got mine and I need to go and get another one. I use my square pan a lot.

  20. Lara says:

    Jen….your photos make me homesick. Granted I’m from Utah…the other side of your mountains…I miss the changing leaves and, of course, the beautiful mountains. Sometimes I question my sanity for moving to the South (Tennessee to be exact)!! I enjoy your website so much! Thanks for teaching me some new and exciting food options.

  21. Passionate Eater says:

    Wow, I just noticed that you were searching for Bay Area Chinese restaurants! Sorry I missed your earlier post (I have been a long time reader). Try out Shanghai Dumpling King and RNG Lounge, they are great Chinese places. RNG is a little pricey, and also try Koi Palace (in Southern SF) for dim sum. Good luck!

  22. Sarah says:

    Hey, just found your site and spent some time in your archives. Very interesting stuff. I have been thinking about buying this pan for a while now, but you may have just inspired me to actually do it! Square muffins=adorable.

  23. jenyu says:

    Margie – I like the square minis, but I’m not sure I want to make cheesecakes in them because they don’t release easily. I think there are cheesecake pans online somewheres, but I am not a huge cheesecake fan.

    Cate – aren’t they? Really sweet kids too.

    Susan – oh, you poor thing. How can I mail you fall in a package?!?

    Chez Us – ha ha, “I threw up a little in my mouth” = that made me sick :)

    Rosa – thanks, love!

    Joanne – as long as you enjoy the photos, I am happy!! If you cannot find the pans, let me know and I can try to get more and ship them to you.

    Elizabeth – this blog would become dull very quickly if I did the Eat local challenge…

    Louise – thank you! :)

    Mollie – man, I wish you could have dropped some zuchs in my yard. I need a new zucchini bread recipe. The one I use from my ex-friend keeps tanking at elevation and it’s pissing me off (seems fitting, no?)

    Susy – Oooh, that sounds like a nice idea!

    Natalie – I like that store, which is why I try to go there only when I need to pick up a 40 lb bag of dog food :)

    Patricia – ha ha, that’s so cute. I’ll have to insert your photo right next to the kids!

    Piper – oh hon, we DO have a set of crazy neighbors too… I just don’t include them on my distribution list!

    Susiehomemade – woohoo!

    Sally – isn’t she a dopey pup? Dogs know the good stuff (and the bad stuff, I guess they just like stuff).

    Debbie – hee hee, thanks!

    Mrs. E – I agree. Sharing is great. Hope you’re doing well, sweetie.

    MSS – thanks!

    Peabody – yes they are, and I have YOU to thank for mine! Jeremy might not feel the same, but he was a good sport when I informed him of the latest acquisition :)

    Lara – thanks, dear! You certainly are far from home. Come back to us!!

    Passionate Eater – Thanks!

    Sarah – yay! Get the pans :)

  24. Mrs Ergül says:

    Sure I am. Hope you are too! You take care ya? xxoo

  25. Melamalie says:

    Oh my. I need some of those pans. Anyone know where I could get them in Canada? I’ve searched online for a half hour and, so far, nothing…

  26. jenyu says:

    Melamalie – Do you have Target in Canada? If not, try Target online?

  27. Melamalie says:

    Nope, no Target here. And they only ship within the States. I tried, and I got as far as the checkout before it told me I couldn’t ship the pans internationally. There’s a Calphalon store here in Toronto, so I’m going to call them to see if they carry it.
    I’m also going to canvas my friends and see if anyone is heading State-side for Christmas shopping this year, although with the Canadian dollar dropping low the last couple of weeks, I might be out of luck…

    BTW, for anyone in the US who is interested, Target online has the pans on sale for $16.19 (reg: $17.99)

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