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thus begins crazy

Recipe: beef tenderloin wraps

It’s December and I am officially in what I call “shit pants” mode because there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to get done. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and so far I’ve burned my hands twice in two days. I am on a roll, baby!

there’s the beef: tenderloin (salted)

Well, party season is here whether you like it or not. Hard for me to say if I like parties or sit down dinners better. I guess I like the intimacy of a sit down dinner because you can have a nice conversation with a few people versus the social butterfly flitting from one guest to the next – getting only 15 minutes tops with each guest. That said, I like parties because it’s a great excuse to make tons of little foods.

grilled rare

One appetizer I like to serve is a beef tenderloin wrap. It’s so bloody easy. Grill up a filet mignon or two, chill it (to let it firm up), and then slice thin. I like my beef to moo (just like I want my fish still flipping). Sadly, most of my friends like their beef to be some horrid shade of gray. Is there a correlation between foodie and steak rareness? My one bud in town (who is actually in Antarctica right now) likes her steak nearly raw – she’s a foodie and she’s French. I love the French (yes, Helen, that especially includes you!).

sliced beef and green onions

This appetizer has a slight Asian flare to it because I slap a little hoisin sauce on each sliver of beef. I should point out that you will likely have leftover bits of steak (odd shapes that don’t roll well). You can eat those, share with puppy, or save them for a recipe I’ll be posting shortly. Just don’t throw them away. That will make me cry real tears, kids.

i use this brand of hoisin

the mess is worth it

Then you pile a few strips of green onion on one end of the beef and roll it up. For aesthetics, I recommend letting the green onion ends stick out the sides. That’s just me. If you’re feeding a bunch of barbarians, it won’t matter much, but let’s hope your guest list is deserving of filet mignon.

roll it up

Spear each roll with a toothpick and try not to hurt yourself. If you make these ahead of time, then cover them with plastic and store in the fridge or else they get that dried meat look which some might find appealing, but not in this instance.

pretty carnivorous bites

Beef Tenderloin Wraps
[print recipe]

1/2 lb. filet mignon (one piece)
2 stalks green onions
3 tbsps hoisin sauce

Salt the filet and grill or pan sear to desired doneness (Jen recommends rare, but hey – whatevs). Let beef rest and then refrigerate for an hour. Wash and trim the green onions. Slice the green onions on a shallow angle into thin strips. Remove beef from refrigerator and using a sharp knife, slice at an angle to about 1/8-inch thickness, as many slices as possible. For each slice, spread a little hoisin sauce on the beef, place a few green onions at one end of the beef (with the onions sticking out over the edges), and roll up the onions in the beef. Secure with a toothpick.

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  1. Rosa says:

    That meat looks very tender. It also perfectly cooked. I love hoisin sauce, so those rolls make me drool… A great idea! Yummy!



  2. Ronine says:

    I’m drooling!

  3. Judy (Judy's Gross Eats) says:

    Fabulous! I would never Think of throwing any piece of tenderloin beef away. The pup might get some, but ha! I’d get most….

  4. Chuck says:

    Holy moly! That looks sooo good! If you shared those leftover bits of steak with Kaweah, she’s one lucky puppy!

  5. nina says:

    I am proud to say that even my children like their steak mooing!!! This so looking so appetizing, especially with hoison sauce!!!!

  6. Manggy says:

    Spear each roll with a toothpick and try not to hurt yourself.
    Yahhr! Is there a story behind this one? ;) Your poor hands! From now on, mitts *all* the time, young lady! :P
    That is rare! Delicious! I feel like I need a stack of your Chinese pancakes as well :)

  7. Caitlin says:

    Steak is only good if it’s still mooing. When I cook for friends, that’s what they get. If they want it brown, grey, or some terrible shade like that, they can get up and “finish cooking” it themselves. Yecchhh.

  8. joanne at frutto della passione says:

    The rolls look lovely and yes, crazy begins now, but I love it!

  9. Grey Street Girl says:

    I’m not much of a meat eater these days, but man, those look really good.

    Sorry about your hand! Burns are the worst, especially when you’re probably washing your hands a lot in the kitchen.

  10. Kelley says:

    That’s the same kind of hoisin I grew up with! Did you ever eat spareribs with hoisin? They were my favorite. These look like a perfect party food.

  11. Avesta says:

    yum! love party food…especially when it involves good meat!!!

  12. Asianmommy says:

    Very nice! This looks like a great party dish.

  13. cindy says:

    gorgeous photos! i like my steak rare too…i think it’s because my mom always made it gray through and through. yuck.

  14. Christina says:

    I’ve always wondered why I have such an infinity for rare steak. It has to go back to my childhood memory of chewing endlessly on a piece of meat (that wasn’t really dry), and because of that I want everything really juicy and bloody. Yup.

    Lovely pictures! Nice change from a regular appetizer, too. I need to buy hoisin sauce.

  15. peabody says:

    Nice and easy. I like a little moo to my beef and my husband likes it cremated. Maybe foodies really do like it rare.

  16. Debbie says:

    They look good and they are simple to make! Perfect!!

  17. Nate says:

    Looks great! I’d put a little sriracha in there too.

  18. Cynthia says:

    Yesss… I need this recipe! Horseradish? Would it be offensive if I added some? Just to my serving….

  19. Mrs Ergül says:

    Indeed this is a great appetitzer for a get-together! I have a party next week and I’m still trying to figure out the menu! Darn!

    I burned my hands twice too! Now I’m left with unsightly scars after the pain….

  20. Margaret says:

    Ah! Those look fantastic. Very Pro! Have to try those.

  21. Margie says:

    I’m with ya, give me RARE steak, but honey, keep them flippin fish!!!! YUCK.

    Okay, I have to ask if anyone ever has little leftover bits of steak? (send me your address, I’ll be right over.)

    Jenzie, you manage to out-do yourself with each post. (I had to enter a 12-step program when you missed a few days posts. I’m now AWOL, but what those other foodie’s don’t know, can’t hurt ’em).


  22. Bridget says:

    What a simple and great idea.

    I’m pretty foodie-y, but I actually prefer my steak on the rare side of medium. I know, I suck.

  23. Tartelette says:

    I’d definitely get along well with your friend as I love my steak rare! I know I would hog that plate if it were in front of me at a party!!

  24. Kevin says:

    These look nice and simple and yet so good.

  25. Mollie says:

    So pretty! And what kind of heathen would throw out bits of rare grilled filet? They don’t deserve the beef! Pretty, simple and I bet soooo tasty!

  26. Tony says:

    those are too cute! only rare to medium rare for me, please – from the comments I read, I’m starting to think there is a correlation :)
    btw, have you tried tooth paste on a burn before?? call me crazy, but it helps :D

  27. jenyu says:

    Rosa – thanks!!

    Ronine – :)

    Judy – me neither and I think Kaweah would never let me live it down if I did throw any away.

    Chuck – she is definitely spoiled, but I did save some for a sushi roll – recipe to come!

    Nina – hee hee, you have raised your children well :)

    Mark – not really, just that sharp objects are… well, sharp! Sometimes I wonder if I *should* wear mitts all the time ;) Mmm, Chinese pancakes….

    Caitlin – I hear ya. I have to politely conceal a look of horror when people say anything more than rare!

    Joanne – crazy crazy crazy…

    GSG – thanks :) Luckily these burns are the *ouch* kind and not the *auggggggggh* kind.

    Kelley – no, but now I think I should!!

    Avesta – yay!

    Asianmommy – good for carnivores.

    Cindy – I hear ya.

    Christina – hee hee. It goes great with a nice fruity red wine.

    Peabody – cremated? THAT is hilarious. I guess you two don’t share chateaubriand?

    Debbie – :)

    Nate – well, for myself, perhaps, but I wouldn’t do that for a party… too many people are spice wimps.

    Cynthia – I wouldn’t add horseradish with the hoisin, but horseradish with beef is SUBLIME. Go for it!

    Mrs E – :( Oh hon, do be careful. Hope you are okay.

    Margaret – thanks.

    Margie – if you can stomach rare steak, then you’ll probably love sushi. Give it a try!

    Bridget – you can always make this more cooked than I made it. Hey, at least you don’t ask for it medium ;)

    Tartelette – you know, my friend M “trains” her liver before going back to France? She’s a riot (just like you).

    Kevin – mmmmmm :)

    Mollie – very tasty. Come over to my place and I’ll make a plate for ya.

    Tony – actually, that’s what my parents would put on my burns when I was little! How funny. It really does help :)

  28. Stefanie says:

    hi! i just practiced making these last night and they turned out heavenly (if i do say so myself). now i’ll be making a big batch of them for a bridal shower this sunday. thanks so much – love your blog and photos!

  29. jenyu says:

    Stefanie – thank you and so happy that you like them!

  30. Stefanie says:

    hi again – just reporting back, the bridal shower was yesterday and everyone LOVED these, i’ve never seen 3 lbs. of filet mignon disappear so quickly! thanks again! :)

  31. Neto Gonzaga says:

    Delícia. Parabéns.

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