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ladies’ lunch

I’ll have a recipe for you all tomorrow. Right now I’m baking up some tried and true recipes for some of my favorite dudes while rocking out in my kitchen to some good tunes. And I’m going to rattle on like a dope. I’m just not in the right mindset to come up with new recipes to make and shoot lately. Must be party-lag. It’s waning fast though. Even as I type, ideas are leaking into my mental desktop. Nice.

tulip(s) that nichole and luke brought for me

I know that several folks have complained about Daylight Saving Time kicking in, if for no other reason, the loss of an hour is pretty distressing for those of us with a shitload of stuff to do. But despite losing that precious hour, I kinda like that it stays light later. [Sorry babe, those of us in the higher latitudes experience far greater variations in daylight – but you know I still love ya.] The days are getting longer here… we’re on the upswing! That always puts an extra spring in my step. I mean more so than usual. Jeremy was explaining (in his calm, cool, collected and professorial way) why Daylight Saving Time is a crap concept and my mind just wandered off, smiling. I know it’s stupid, but I like it. I like it.

feels like spring

Right. It feels like Spring and yet it doesn’t. I had business in Boulder and tacked on a lunch date with some of my betties at a favorite restaurant: The Kitchen. Even managed to squeeze in an hour of running and rowing before hand. God, I love that. Walking through sunny Boulder, the air had a nice chill to it. Cold front coming. Snow in our mountain forecast. We love that Rocky Mountain Powder. Give it to me.

they look like nice ladies, don’t they?

We had a blast discussing all manner of topics from business to family to road rage to sex to… Whenever I recall random conversations with my buds to Jeremy, he always exclaims, “I don’t think men ever get together and talk about THAT.” Of course they don’t. (Most) men are idiots who are either posturing when they discuss sex and/or completely stupid. Oh stop blushing. A Swiss Army Vibrator is a great idea! *snort* Alpha babes rule. My mother is now officially shocked. Alright, here’s that lunch porn:

requisite garlic fries

nichole’s salmon on collard greens and parsnip purée

leyla’s curry chicken salad

my poached salmon and cucumber salad

potato doughnuts with sinfully thick hot dipping chocolate

Lunch was faboo – the food, the company, the conversation, all of it. I’m feeling so good and I can’t figure out if it’s due to my awesome network of loved ones who keep me anchored or the lingering daylight into the evenings or excitement about each day. I guess I don’t really care to figure it out right now – I’m happy enough to just enjoy it. I shared a bunch of ideas and plans with Kaweah on our walk this evening. She trotted along happily as if she thought those sounded good. It’s time to snuggle up for bed. Kaweah loves to sleep on Jeremy’s pillow when he is out of town.

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  1. audra says:

    Awesome, and lovely. You make me feel sunnier just thinking about such a great day.

    No snuggling for me as I haven’t seen my beloved, or my pup, in close to 4 weeks due to an extended stay in San Fran, but this post definitely made me smile. Thanks!

  2. Rosa says:

    A wonderful lunch! Everything looks delicious!



  3. Manisha says:

    Phew! I was half afraid you would make me rant here like I have been everywhere else – no extra s in the Saving. It makes me happy, too! I don’t care that it really doesn’t save much energy or that farmers don’t need as much daylight as they did eons ago. More light is more happiness. About the only thing that Bush did right. Cripes, think about it: Bush gave us light. Eeek! :-D

  4. barbara says:

    I’m a morning person so don’t really like daylight saving. We don’t have it here in Queensland although they vote on it each year.

  5. Culinarywannabe says:

    I love Daylight savings as well. It’s just getting through this first week is a bit of an adjustment. And what would we do without or dogs to keep us company when the hubs are away?!

  6. Mrs Ergül says:

    both our husbands are out of town! mine is staying in Kuching, Malaysia two days longer than me while I came back today.

    We don’t have daylight saving here. I guess being soooooooo near the equator makes our sky goes dark at around 7pm. That should already save us some electricity :)

    That berry tart looks great! I love berries!

  7. dawn says:

    Curry salad! My fav. Those were awesome photos, those donuts! ohhh boy

  8. siri says:

    So were those donuts store bought or do you have a recipe for them?

    I don’t live in N.America anymore, but it always seemed like the true start of warm weather once the nights became longer, don’t you think? You don’t realize the real importance of adequate sunlight until you move up close to the artic circle and your life (and your mood) became heavily reliant on the sun.

    As always, your photos of gorgeous and your writing style really fluid and inviting.

  9. charlane says:

    how very wonderful…truly wonderful

  10. Laura says:

    I completely agree about this time change. Fuzzy in the short term but fabulous in the long term.

  11. Tartelette says:

    I love this time of year…all windows are open right now and I am writing and listening to the birds while my parents went to walk on the beach.
    Just made donuts here too…great minds think with the same tastebuds :)

  12. Gretchen says:

    See, I always rant about daylight savings – because the hour messes up my schedule, however… I am of the thought that we should just do away with “regular time” altogether, because like you, I am up north and the fall back in the winter time only ever does us any good for about 5 minutes a day for a week anyway! That way I could keep the better time in the spring/summer AND not mess up my sleeping schedule!

  13. Christina says:

    I’ve heard all the arguments against DST, but I don’t care because I think it’s a great thing. And if I miss my morning run I won’t be running at night in the dark.

    Wow, garlic fries… I’m hungry!

  14. heather says:

    anyone who can attend such a fabulous affair with you should count themselves among the lucky…



  15. Mary says:

    Sorry to ask, but what are “alpha babes”? A sorority?

  16. Melissa says:

    This whole post made me smile Jen, as I become more and more fond of you all the time… :)

  17. Diana Banana says:

    Wow, you’ve got spring fever, brought on early by the extra hour of sunshine! I can tell, this post just seems so much more carefree and exuberant (and dare I say, hyper?) than usual. I LOVE daylight savings time, despite the fact that for 2 days I’m a zombie in the morning. I’m doing an internal (and occasionally external) happy dance along with you! Hooray!!

  18. NAOmni says:

    A friend pointed me in your direction. Your blog is amazing, especially the photo blog!


  19. Margie says:

    Oh my goodness…the last photo sent me over the edge. Here I am, ready for bed, craving doughnuts and chocolate. My! Oh my! Oh my…………………..

    Oh, yummy. :)….and then there are the collard greens. TO DIE FOR! I love to cook a mess of those with a bit of: bacon, onion and garlic, adding a few splashes of balsamic vinegar to the pot.

    Glad you got a chance to visit and mingle with friends. It looks like a wonderful time was had.

  20. Britni says:

    Kudos, Jen. The DOF on that tulip photo is absolutely fab. You hit it just right :)

  21. amy says:

    I’m with you on liking the DST, even if it does feel a little early…so glad you got to have a great lunch with friends! What a great start to the week. :)

  22. Big Boys Oven says:

    just so Perfect!

  23. Alison says:

    Just stumbled across your blog…..great job! I also love the fact that you are cooking at high altitudes! We just moved to Ned a few months ago and my culinary adventures haven’t been the same since……so I am loving your high altitude tweaks and tips.

  24. Laura [What I Like] says:

    I agree with you about daylight savings…the light evenings are nice. Although I am feeling totally out of sorts this week…I think as a result of my lost hour on Sunday, or I suppose it is possible that I am just in a bad mood. Your lunch photos brought a smile to my face…everything looks so delicious (my lord, those fries!) and it looks like you have the most wonderful friends!

  25. Asianmommy says:

    Ooh–the curry chicken salad looks the best!

  26. jenyu says:

    Audra – so glad to hear it!

    Rosa – thank you :)

    Manisha – yes, that is a pet peeve of Jeremy’s too – the S that folks add to Saving. ha ha ha, you crack me up.

    Barbara – wow, each year?!

    Culinarywannabe – dogs are great companions. So loyal, simple, and sweet.

    Mrs. E – ahhh, Jeremy is home now, but he went to Puerto Rico :) I’ve never been to Malaysia, but I think I’d love it – the food looks so amazing there.

    Dawn – that curry salad was fantastic (I tried some)!

    Siri – neither, those doughnuts were ordered as dessert at the restaurant. When my husband and I lived in the northeastern US, we really noticed the decrease in light come winter time. I think it affected him more than me. Thank you!

    Charlane – :)

    Laura – I’m so excited about the super long days of summer.

    Tartelette – very nice. I’m guessing your doughnuts must have been heavenly!

    Gretchen – I think my schedule got messed up anyway, so that lost hour was in the noise for me.

    Christina – the garlic fries are sooooo good.

    Heather – oh, you’re so sweet to say!

    Mary – oh goodness, not a sorority. Alphas are the top dogs or the head of a pack. Alpha females are women who are assertive, and just about all of my female friends are alpha females. That’s all ;)

    Melissa – girlfriend! you make me blush.

    DB – yes, I felt as if I was about to bounce out of my chair as I typed the post – ha ha! yay!!

    NAOmni – thanks! So glad you dropped by.

    Margie – thank you, it was a really delightful lunch :)

    Britni – oh, thanks!

    Amy – yup, I’m guessing you can definitely feel it up there in Ithaca! Yay for more evening light :)

    BBO – thank you :)

    Alison – yeah, that altitude isn’t quite the same as the adjustments they make for 5000 feet. Veeery different at times. Welcome to Ned.

    Laura – glad it made you smile and I hope you can kick the cloudy mood and feel right as rain soon!

    Asianmommy – it was soooo good. I’ll have to order that next time ;)

  27. Mrs Ergül says:

    Jen, if you ever go to Malaysia, please drop by Singapore too! It is very near, separated only by a causeway! I will love to meet you. I mean it.

  28. nisanur23 says:

    it’s very beautiful,very delicions.

  29. Julia says:

    gorgeous photos and lots of inspiration for a “new born” blogger like me:-)

  30. Mollie says:

    Love your alpha babes… :)

    And those donuts and chocolate sauce look amazing…

  31. jenyu says:

    Mrs E – awww, you’re a sweetheart. If I ever get out that way, I will surely let you know :)

    Nisanur23 – thank you.

    Julia – you’re so welcome. And thanks for commenting (best of luck on the blogging!)

    Mollie – there were a little too good, if you know what I mean. Glad we split the donuts three ways! xxoo

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