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archive for April 2009

the guy who knows everyone

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Recipe: chocolate chunk bundt cake

yup, this one

Talk about superconnected. That would be Andrew. I feel like a mountain hermit as it is, but hanging out with Andrew makes me feel like I’m visiting Boulder… from Mars. We met for lunch at The Kitchen yesterday and indulged in some good conversation over awesome salads. It’s always a struggle for me to figure out whether to go with what I love or try something new. You ever have that problem at a restaurant? I went with what I knew – the poached salmon salad – since I felt risk-averse (read: tired).

andrew’s chopped chicken salad

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the end of me

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Recipe: braised beef short ribs

I am so boned. No. Really.

It all started with the ginormous dump of snow that fell on our house starting Thursday night. The storm didn’t let up until Saturday afternoon. We lost power several times on Friday (I think people in Kansas could hear me scream when I lost all of my work on the computer for the second time in an hour – time to get a UPS) and then it was out Friday night through much of Saturday. Bored? Nah – we had about four feet of heavy, wet snow to shovel into 7-foot walls lining our driveway. That should be a sport – shoveling and throwing heavy snow over a 7-foot barrier. We were running out of places to put the snow.

kaweah was so frolicky and happy

That picture was “early” on in the shoveling phase (the handsome man there is about 6 feet tall). With no power in the house and lots of snow shoveling, my mind wandered and I began to think that perhaps I should grab my desired usernames on Twitter before someone else does – not because I have a desire to tweet (I don’t even like talking on the phone), but because I am a paranoid twit. After our power returned, I registered a couple of accounts. Wacky hijinx ensued (thanks Diane, love ya, girl!), but you can now follow my inanity my tweets at @userealbutter.

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what a kick!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Recipe: herbed popovers

I thought I was done with winter. I should have known better. It’s a good thing I only put my skis away mentally, because we have a foot of snow on the ground outside this morning and there is at least another foot coming today and tomorrow. The ski whore season is alive and she is kicking!

this would have been better back in march, but i’ll take it!

Luckily the snow held off until most of my appointments and engagements were done Thursday. I met up with Nichole and Manisha at noon to get some education at the Indian grocery store. I love Indian food, but I know very little about preparing it or even what the ingredients are. Time to remedy that, don’t you think? I especially like when I ask Manisha her opinion on such-and-such Indian (or Nepalese) restaurant in Boulder and she gives me her trademark “how do I say this politely?” look. I’m on it, girlfriend. I will study and learn :)

indian bitter melon – beautiful and *more* bitter than chinese bitter melon!

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