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still got it

Recipe: matcha green tea passion fruit macarons

Snow. We have lots of it. You’d never know it from the bloody 80 degree weather down in Boulder today. There is a ton of snow in the backcountry still. It’s starting to get sloppy (i.e. posthole city), but the other day we caught it on a cold morning so the slopes were nice and frozen climbing up.

i accessorize like any other girl… just that i accessorize with crampons

On our way in, we encountered a couple with their dog while we put our crampons on. They were in no way prepared for the conditions. The gentleman asked if this was the way to Mount Audubon. Well yes, and no. There are some great cross country routes to Audubon from there and if that was the intended route, then yes it is. But those two… they were not going cross country. Based on the short conversation we had, I wouldn’t really trust them to find Audubon when the trails were free of snow let alone when they were under several feet of snow. So no, they were on the wrong trail (it actually helps to read the sign at the trailhead, but whatever). They told us they’d just head to Mitchell Lake instead. Okay! Have fun and be safe!

A little while later, we got sidetracked and passed a smaller unnamed lake. There they were, posing for pictures. That wasn’t Mitchell Lake, but I think they thought it was. No matter, as long as they keep from getting themselves killed. We made our way up to Blue Lake basin and well – Blue Lake was completely white and gorgeous. We should have brought the skis because it was fabulous corn snow on the way out.

jeremy traverses an icy slope

following a small backbone

We don’t take or prepare fancy food in the backcountry contrary to what a lot of people would expect. In the sticks, I’m all about efficiency. So I had a granola bar with me for a calorie boost and it was probably over a year old. The first bite was peculiar. It was like chomping on a piece of Ikea particle board furniture. It tasted of chemicals and that flavor of nuts gone rancid. I took another bite to make sure I wasn’t losing my marbles. Nope. Nasty. Jeremy offered to finish it, but he’s pickier than I am and after one bite he made a face and folded the rest up and put it in his pack. So the whole way back I kept burping Ikea furniture flavor no matter how much water I drank. As soon as we got home, I remedied the situation by popping my latest macaron into my mouth: matcha green tea passion fruit. Ahhhhhhhh.

matcha, how i adore thee

especially in a macaron

I’ve got the whole green tea and passion fruit theme going on over here. I just cannot get enough of the combination and these ideas keep lingering on my brain. While I usually have an excess of egg yolks in my kitchen, this past week I had an excess of about 20 egg whites. I never have a problem using up egg whites. Never.

tip from tartelette: the whites are ready when they don’t fall out

macaronage (the french have a word for everything)

I tend to like a strong matcha presence in my pastries and confections. I don’t honestly know if it’s because I love the flavor or the color more. I went the same route with my passion fruit buttercream filling.

piping the batter for the macarons

passion fruit concentrate to flavor swiss meringue buttercream

I used the same passion fruit concentrate for this recipe as I did for this panna cotta recipe. I added tablespoon after tablespoon until I felt it was the right amount of tropical oomph in the buttercream.

i have never felt this way for a buttercream before

sandwiching awesome between awesome

This is by far my favorite macaron that I’ve made. Usually I make a batch and taste a few but distribute the rest to others. Today, I had to give several away to my friends so that I wouldn’t eat them all myself. Jeremy says this one ties with the pistachio macarons as his favorites. If you like green tea, if you like passion fruit, then this is a no-brainer you are gonna love. It doesn’t whack you over the head with flavors, it’s more subtle than that. I see little round passion fruits swing dancing with green tea leaves when I bite into one of these.

a little green tea time

Matcha Green Tea and Passion Fruit Macarons
[print recipe]
modified macaron recipe from Tartelette

110g blanched almonds
200g powdered sugar
2 tsps matcha (green tea powder)
100g egg whites, aged a day and brought to room temperature
50g sugar
1 cup passion fruit swiss meringue buttercream

Pulse almonds in a food processor until finely ground. Add powdered sugar and matcha powder. Pulse until well-blended. Whip the egg whites until foamy and gradually add the granulated sugar while whipping until a shiny meringue forms (but not too dry). Add the almond mixture to the meringue and quickly incorporate the mixture into the meringue while taking care not to overbeat. You want to achieve a batter that flows and “ribbons” for at least 5 seconds. Pour the batter into a piping bag fitted with a large plain piping tip (Ateco 809 or 807) and pipe small rounds onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. The rounds should be about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and at least an inch apart. Let the macarons sit for an hour to develop a hard shell (@8500 ft., this takes about 15 minutes for my arid climate). Preheat oven to 300°F and bake for 8-10 minutes (10 minutes for me). Remove from oven and let cool. Remove from parchment.

passion fruit buttercream
4 oz. egg whites
8 oz. sugar
8 oz. butter, room temperature
5 tbsps passion fruit concentrate (this amount you will have to determine according to your preference)

Combine egg whites and sugar in a Kitchenaid mixing bowl. Whisk constantly over a gently simmering hot water bath until 140°F is reached. Remove from heat. Place on mixer with whisk and whip until stiff. Turn down whip speed to 3rd and whip until cool to the touch (this takes a while – should be cooler than your hand). Change to a paddle and gradually add soft butter by tablespoon pieces. Mix to emulsify. Once desired consistency has been reached, add passion fruit concentrate and mix well. Makes about 3 cups.

Assembly: Pipe buttercream onto a macaron and sandwich with a second macaron. Makes about 2 dozen.

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  1. Tartelette says:

    Well hello gorgeous!! (Oh Hi Jen! :))
    Love matcha, love passionfruit! Oh and that buttercream sounds so good! I am making a few boxes for NC next week and I should get started soon and freeze for the ride.
    Awesomeness on awesomeness, yep, agreed. Absolument!
    Bill could argue that we have too many words for everything. Ahah!

  2. Tartelette says:

    Forgot: I love your backyard!
    That couple reminds me of people adventuring on boat around here and not paying attention to depth, tides and current. Just hop on their boat and if there is a problem “someone will send the rescue team”. Yeah, let’s try to avoid that, shall we?!!

  3. Allie says:

    I feel like I have some strange aversion to green tea flavored things! It always just seems like such a strange thing to do… flavoring things with green tea?! But your stories of love for it makes me need to try it.

    I love the drink, and I certainly love sweets, but sometimes putting two things I love together ruins the show for me. I want to be converted though, I do! Never made a macaron before though. I’ll hunt for an easier recipe to begin with.

  4. Pearl says:

    looks incredible!

  5. Rosa says:

    Thanks for sharing your landscape pictures with us! They are always much appreciated!

    Those macarons are perfect! What gorgeous flavors!



  6. joanne at frutto della passione says:

    I envy you the snow – the heat here is driving me loopy but we are heading for the Dolomites on Saturday yeah! Your macarons look gorgeous. I had my very first macarons in May – I was in Paris and went to La Dureé and bought two boxes!! My son didn’t like them but my husband and I made a ritual out of having one after dinner with our coffee!! Now I need to learn to make them! Thanks for your comment by the way – and yes I will be making them again soon!

  7. Wendy says:

    I love matcha too! Both the vibrant colour and the refreshing taste. Maybe I should try baking macarons this summer…

  8. Kathy says:

    I love your blogsite!

  9. Kristin says:

    I think we met those people hiking Cascade Canyon in the Tetons with no water & wearing boat shoes without socks (them of course, not us. We shared our water!). I am REALLY feeling tempted to make macarons. Will need to check your posts & Tartelette’s to see if humidity is an issue. Of course she’s in SC, so…

  10. Aimee says:

    Ever try Cliff Bars? My favorite hiking snack food.
    Such perfect macarons! You should be proud.

  11. Patricia Scarpin says:

    I got a beautiful can of matcha from a friend from Japan but haven’t used it yet – these might be just what I needed to put that gift into some good use, Jen!
    They look so pretty – and I’m intrigued by mixing matcha and passion fruit. Yum!

  12. Melissa says:

    mmmm-those are two flavors I love, especially after living in Hawaii for three years! I think I might give this a whirl….I assume that the “aging” of the egg whites means separated, out of the shell and in the fridge….just checking, I’m a novice not an Iron Chef. Oh yeah, got sidetracked by the macaroons – your trekking pixs are great as usual! We’re to be in the 90’s today so I envy the snow.

  13. Lori @ RecipeGirl says:

    How cute! I’ve never had either… passionfruit or matcha. Imagine that? And I have to say that I’ve never nibbled a macaron either. Looks like you’re pretty much the expert macaron baker here. They couldn’t have turned out more perfect!

  14. Valérie says:

    Wonderful! Worthy of Tartelette hersefl! :-) I love making macarons, but I do wish mine always came out looking as nice as yours!

  15. Phoo-D says:

    These look so beautiful! I’ve never tried macrons but between you and Tartlette I’m becoming sorely tempted to give them a try.

  16. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy says:

    They look perfect! I love that matcha/passionfruit combination too. I actually have some egg whites aging on my counter right now for macarons. We’ll see what happens!

  17. Amy says:

    They look so delicious that my coffee and I are crying with lonesomeness for them. :( how do you not eat them all in one sitting (or till bellyache, whichever comes first?)

  18. Meaghan says:

    Matcha is one of my favorite dessert flavors, as well. The slightly bitter edge keeps the sweetness of the treat from becoming cloying. It’s also great to drink, incidentally! But you need GOOD matcha for drinking, or it is too bitter. The ‘pieds’ on your macarons look fantastic!

  19. Ashley says:

    Yum I love matcha flavoured things! These look so very delicious.

  20. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, those look absolutely incredible… I have always wanted to try macaroons, but I’m a little intimidated. But maybe I will just go for it one of these days!! This inspires me… as does the beautiful mountain scenery… hoping to hike this weekend in Canada!!

  21. Sarah says:

    I’ve never made macarons. I’m curious – why age the egg whites a day? And what about longer than a day?
    I’m jealous of your snow!

  22. anna says:

    Those look incredible! I love both passion fruit and matcha, and both flavors work so well in macarons.

  23. Lori says:

    You so have mastered the macaron. Love this combination of flavor. When we decided to go to my brothers house this summer, I decided on which month based on passionfruit season. Oh yea!

  24. Melissa says:

    “I see little round passion fruits swing dancing with green tea leaves when I bite into one of these.”

    Really? Um. What else did you, uh, put in those things?


  25. Aran says:

    the snow is amazing! and those macarons perfection!

  26. justine says:

    this look beautiful!

  27. Randi says:

    Jen – these look so yummy. quick question on the buttercream.. will this stay in the fridge well? how long can i get away with keep this before using it?


  28. farmerpam says:

    I’m still getting over the worst batch of tziki i’ve ever made……I grabbed vanilla yogurt instead of plain. (Yeah, yeah, I did notice the container looked a bit different, however I kept on moving through the store) I thought that perhaps if I added extra, extra garlic it would block out the vanilla sweetness. NADA. I couldn’t serve it to my first time tziki guests and did try and eat some myself because I do so hate to waste anything. It was bad. I watered it down, pureed it up and used it as a bug spray on my cucumber beetles! It killed ’em dead! Sigh. Still craving tziki here….:)

  29. dimples_323 says:

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on pastry bags – you use a lot of them in your baking and decorating, what do you recommend I buy? I’d like to try making macarons but also be able to decorate cakes, etc. Thanks Jen!

  30. Cate says:

    These are beautiful! I have not been able to master macarons (ok, I’ve only tried once), and I don’t have any of the necessary equipment on hand right now, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for drooling over your beautiful pictures!

  31. Manggy says:

    Folks, I can attest to the fact that she is indeed head over heels over that buttercream. I believe “marry” was used to describe it ;) I believe I would be too– just the right flavor to cut through the fat and sugar! The macarons look so perfect, I’m jealous again!

    Confession: I thought “crampon” was something menstruation-related. Really really. Like a word combination of… Oh, shut up Mark? Okay! :)

  32. johanna says:

    wow these are just my taste! i have to try them although i have never seen passion fruit concentrate here, i’d have to make my own!

  33. Anda says:

    Matcha is one of my passions as well. I just love it. Haven’t tried it with passion fruit though – one more thing on the list.

  34. Annie says:

    Your macaroons always look SO GOOD!!! I keep trying to convince myself to try my hand at it one of these days, but I’m so absolutely terrified of it. That and the fact that I don’t have a scale yet and I feel like I should get one in order to attempt macaroons since measurements need to be so precise…

  35. isa says:

    Those sound delicious and look soo pretty!
    Loved the landscape pictures :)

  36. Su-yin says:

    This looks amazing! I love matcha too, I think it adds a whole new dimension to food and I always try to incorporate it into whatever I can. :P

  37. Hannah says:

    you made me drool all over my keyboard…

  38. Lisa says:

    These look incredible! I am a green tea addicts and I love the sound of the passionfruit buttercream so I better make sure there are friends around when I make these!

  39. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    Oh, it has been wayyy too long since I’ve been here. Those macarons sound sensational, although I say that cautiously as I feel the whole green tea flavour hasn’t caught on in the mainstream here in NZ and I’ve never seen matcha powder on the shelves. You make a compelling case for it though and I’m a freak for passionfruit and buttercream so… :) Your crampons look fierce btw. The white of the snow is almost blinding, looks like an incredible time.

  40. Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes) says:

    Your macarons look perfect!!!

    When you say the egg whites are ready when they don’t fall out, are you refrigerating them to get them to that stage? I’m confused!

  41. Caitlin says:

    Zow! Those are damned fine macarons! (totally better than stale Ikea furniture) I’ve had matcha flavored things, but never passionfruit. I should get on that one, shouldn’t I?

  42. cindy says:

    awesome and awesome are always great together. awesome.

  43. jenyu says:

    Tartelette – I didn’t know you could freeze them! Wow :) The things I learn from you! Jeremy thinks the French have too many letters for everything ;) And the “tourons”? They are EVERYWHERE!

    Allie – well, I am partial to green tea for some reason. More so than drinking the tea itself! Odd, eh? As for an easier recipe – I think this one is as easy as it gets. Tartelette (Helen) has not steered me wrong, ever.

    Pearl – thanks!

    Rosa – aww, thank you, dear.

    Joanne – ooooh, I am jealous. I love the colors and flavors I’ve seen from other bloggers who have gone to La Duree. Macs are so fun and delicious.

    Wendy – it’s a good goal for a baker!

    Kathy – thank you.

    Kristin – ha ha! Humidity is definitely an issue. Follow Helen’s blog for good tips as she has humidity in SC in spades.

    Aimee – ugh, I don’t like cliff bars :( I tried to like them for 5 years in CA, but gave up. Thanks!

    Patricia – ah yes, use the matcha! It’s caaaaaalling to you :) matcha and passion fruit are one of my fav. combinations!

    Melissa – ahhh, Hawaii – land of passion fruit (wahnnnnnn). Yes, aging egg whites means separated and out of shell and in fridge (although I think countertop, covered is also okay?).

    Lori – I’m certainly no expert! The expert is Helen ( who taught me everything I know about macs :)

    Valerie – aww, thanks!

    Phoo-D – yes yes! Try them, I’m sure you’ll master them.

    Susan – good on ya, babe!

    Amy – ohhh, sad coffee :( I like making sweets for the challenge and artistry, but I don’t like eating them so much – thank goodness! Can you imagine?!? ;)

    Meaghan – thanks!

    Ashley – thank you :)

    Sharon – thanks and I hope you had a great hike.

    Sarah – I believe they are aged a day to dry them out a little. You CAN age them longer. I’ve successfully used white that were in the fridge for a week and everything was fine.

    Anna – thanks!

    Lori – GOOD move!! I’m jealous of your passion fruit excursion.

    Melissa – ha ha ha! You’re so cute ;)

    Aran – oh, thank you, hon. High praise coming from a pastry chef!! :)

    Justine – thank you.

    Randi – yes! Buttercream can keep in the fridge for up to a week (okay, I’ve been known to store them longer) in a sealed container. I think up to a few months in the freezer. When you want to use it again, let it come to room temperature and re-whip it a little to get it back to a smooth consistency before using.

    Farmerpam – oh dear…

    Dimples – well, there are two kinds that I use. I have the reusable bag that is a type of laminated cloth. You can find those at cook stores or craft stores in various capacities (sizes). I also have a pack of 100+ disposable pastry bags which are just clear plastic. You clip off the bottom according to the size of piping tip that you want to insert (some are big, some are small for decorations). These plastic ones are uber handy and I tend to use them for things that are especially smelly (stuff with garlic or shrimp paste) or things that are very oily like buttercream b/c those are harder to wash off the reusable bags. Hope that was helpful.

    Cate – oh, I’m sure you’ll get it down soon!

    Mark – ha ha! You heard my tweet, eh? ;) Crampons are climbing devices, my dear. But you are not the first to do a double take ;)

    Johanna – oh, lucky you if you can get your hands on real passion fruit!

    Anda – :)

    Annie – a scale will definitely help. It’s just a good device to have in the kitchen in general if you’re at all serious about baking.

    Isa – thanks!

    Su-yin – ha ha!

    Hanna – uh oh! Food blog readers need tarps for keyboards, eh?

    Lisa – they’re a nice delicate flavor. You’ll love these.

    Laura – really?! I’m surprised! Matcha isn’t so readily available here in the states either. I have to hunt around for it at specialty shops. But green tea is quite a popular flavor, to be sure. Those crampons are very sharp – I LOVE them!!

    Avanika – oh, it means when you whip the egg whites, you should turn the bowl upsidedown to see if they slide or if they stay. If the whites stay put, they are ready for the macaronage stage. But you don’t want to overwhip the whites, so it’s important to get them RIGHT as they go from sliding to sticking and not beyond.

    Caitlin – ha ha, yup :) Hate to eat stale furniture ;)

    Cindy – couldn’t agree more!!

  44. dimples_323 says:

    Thanks Jen – very helpful… now off to buy!

  45. Mrs Ergül says:

    I hate the rancid taste of nuts gone bad! Maybe I just hate anything that taste a tad too acidic! I will never have thought of such a combination! Looking at your gorgeous photos now I realized I had missed out on so much during my trip! Now I’m back catching up!

  46. jenyu says:

    Mrs. E – ugh, me too. Hope you had a good trip :)

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  50. sammie says:

    I tried making the macaron, but for some reasons after folding in the flour and etc…and begin to pipe, the mixture don’t stay on the paper as a ball, but rather, they start sliding and expanding. as a result all my macarons look more like flat biscuit than a little dome. any idea? I made sure everything’s super dried and not extra water. the egg white I whipped it for at least 5 mins (using a had mixer) and make sure I can put the bowl upside down and they won’t fall. I did put 1/2 spoon of sugar less, is that the problem?

    any info would be great appreciated!

  51. jenyu says:

    sammie – mine didn’t stay as a ball on the paper either (did you look at the picture? they’re discs). If yours didn’t rise during baking then you either 1) didn’t let it dry long enough before baking to form a shell or 2) over folded your whites so they lost too much air in the batter. how much is 1/2 spoon of sugar? the measurements are fairly precise for a reason.

  52. Kaitlin says:

    Thank you so much for your recipe! I used this recipe for my second macaron attempt and the macarons actually turned out pretty well. I love the green tea flavor! However, I couldn’t get the buttercream frosting to turn out. I couldn’t get the egg white/ sugar mixture to become stiff and the end product was kind of a marshmallow-like mess. I think the problem may have been that the sugar didn’t fully dissolve into the egg whites, because the frosting had a grainy texture. I have an electric candy thermometer and I got the mixture to 140F. Any advice? Should I let the mixture heat until the sugar is dissolved even if this requires going past 140F? Thanks!

  53. jenyu says:

    Kaitlin – Yeah, you definitely need the sugar to dissolve in the egg whites (just stir them around over the water bath until it’s mostly incorporated before starting to whisk it). If you didn’t achieve the meringue stage, it could be because there may have been some fat present (any oil, grease, tiny bit of egg yolk will prevent it from whipping up properly). Good luck!

  54. Kaitlin says:

    Thanks Jen! The buttercream turned out great the second time. I really tried to make sure the sugar fully dissolved this time and everything went fine.

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  56. RECIPE: matcha macaron - elle marie says:

    […] Sift together. (the powder), ground almonds icing sugar. (Macaroons will easily crack in the surface material containing starch and used). 30g egg white that weighed exactly. Use of room-temperature eggs, although this is not 100% necessary if you use egg white powder.  Beat the egg whites gradually add the granulated sugar to the egg white as they  begin to bubble/foam.  I usually apply this recipe for the banking, etc. […]

  57. suu says:

    hi. what do you do with the excess egg yolk?
    cause you use 4oz of egg whites which is quite a lot of eggs

  58. jenyu says:

    suu – extra egg yolks are usually reserved for making custards, ice cream, or other egg yolky desserts.

  59. vanessa says:

    Heyy jenyu,

    I was just wondering what kind of matcha do you usually use and where can you get them? I love matcha powder but it seems like they’re extremely difficult to find here.

  60. jenyu says:

    Vanessa – try Whole Foods or good Asian grocery stores.

  61. Ruby says:

    He Jen, where can I find the passion fruit concentrate (I live in Toronto).


  62. jenyu says:

    Ruby – I got mine at Draeger’s in California. It’s called Perfect Purée and I think you can find it online.

  63. LZ says:


  64. Grace says:

    Jen, I notice that all your baking recipes use weights instead of volume. I’m dying to make these Matcha Macarons. I’ve been on a Macaron kick all summer/fall, and want to try this recipe. What food scale do you use?

  65. jenyu says:

    Grace – Don’t use my food scale… It sucks (it constantly shuts off in the middle of a measure – soooo annoying, and I’ve replaced the battery many times and it still does it). The brand is Salter. I think Polder might make a good one and I know my friend really likes her OXO scale (from like a kitchen supply store). Good luck!

  66. DeeDee Bryans says:

    Hello, okay, I’m ready to venture out into the unknown. I want to try making the green tea macs. I found the matcha. But I cannot locate the passionfruit concentrate, only at amazon with a $70 shipping fee…yes 7 0. What other filling would be tasty with the green tea macs??? Thanks for the help!!!!

  67. jenyu says:

    DeeDee – You can try to get passionfruit concentrate at Draeger’s stores in California or Latin markets (the frozen section) if you have any nearby. Otherwise, try something else like strawberry, mango, or chocolate ganache.

  68. DeeDee Bryans says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I just wanted something different…you seemed to really love that filling. I live in Prescott…not too many options here! So look for a concentrate like oj in the frozen foods and use the concentrate and don’t mix it with water???? For the chocolate ganache, dark or white? Thanks so much!!!!

  69. jenyu says:

    DeeDee – use the concentrate as is – add to taste. For the ganache, you’re just going to have to choose which one you like better.

  70. DeeDee Bryans says:

    Hello Jenyu, I am so sorry to bother you yet again. I made the green tea macarons this past weekend. I wanted them a little greener, so I added some green gel food coloring (it came out in a big blob). They looked pretty good and then when they were ready to come out the top fell and the feet just looked really squished. They still tasted good….but I know they could look better. Any ideas? Do you think that the food coloring can add problems. The week before I made the meyer lemon ones and the cookie was a little fragile. The best ones so far have been the chocolate ones and I have read that they usually come out best. I sure hope you have suggestions because you are the only person I have found that lives at a higher altitude baking macarons successfully! I noticed that you had lowered the temperature for the lemon and the green tea from the temp used on the chocolate. I gather every recipe isn’t successful at the same temps? Thanks so much for listening. I look forward to your reply! DeeDee

  71. jenyu says:

    DeeDee – I answered your similar comment on the other post. As for temperature, you’re going to have to tweak to see what works best for you. Your elevation is pretty different from mine, so even our macs won’t behave the same.

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