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i was just here two days ago

I’m writing from my motel room and well, I was in this same motel just two nights ago. This time, however, I’m with Jeremy and Kaweah who are joining me for a weekend of shooting, hiking, and hopefully, decent fall colors. Kaweah couldn’t care less about the colors – she’s all about finding Dead Things. This year’s colors are substantially diminished compared to last year. That early season snow storm on the last day of summer and the subsequent wind storms haven’t helped either. In the north, the stands are dull and stripped bare. I think tomorrow might be the last good day of the season before another storm comes barreling through. As with life, as with everything – make the most of it.

aspens aren’t the only color in colorado

This is actually the first time in about three weeks that I get to spend quality time with Jeremy because we’ve both been traveling and very busy. Already, the 5+ hour drive was spent talking and catching up with one another. I love that kind of QT. Kaweah is snoring – she has one queen bed ALL TO HER FURRY SELF! Well, this post is a short one because the wireless in the motel is utter crap, we’re all nodding off, and NaBloWriMo will inevitably involve short, pointless (okay, I guess all of my posts are pointless) ramblings.

Have a great weekend. See you here tomorrow :)

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  1. Manggy says:

    Oh, hush now, your posts are not pointless :) I suppose I should be glad we get a lot of butter this month! See you tomorrow!
    I am loving the red-white combination in nature- that is a rare thing indeed! (well, at least where I’m from.)

  2. haya says:

    that picture is seriously beautiful.
    how nice to spend autumn time with the ones we love. stay warm!

  3. Collette says:

    Beautiful photo! Have a wonderful weekend. I know those busy times–when I feel like I should have a bullet pointed list to talk to my husband so I get it all in. Enjoy the QT.

  4. Mrs Ergul says:

    Hehe while NaBloWriMo will be a little taxing for you – our writer, it is a total treat for us – your readers! QT all the way!! Cheers and take care Jen!!

  5. Carolyn Parker says:

    Short, but sweet– and gorgeous!

  6. Kim, Rambling Family Manager says:

    Never pointless! :) What I love about your blog is the glimpse into another way of life so very different from my own. You live in a different area of the country and have a totally different lifestyle. I’m in the SE (with the emphasis on the S), I have 3 kids, a cat, and don’t get a salary for my work. I don’t cook the way you do either, but I do cook. I love good food, it just has to be quick to prepare and at least semi-appealing to my kids. (But no RR or Sandra Lee style recipes; shudder.) I rarely get to bake, although I enjoy it when I get the chance. Plus, of course, your breathtaking photography that makes me feel I’m there with you. It’s all good, and, like the other commenters, I’m looking forward to the daily dose of Butter this month, too!

  7. Charlotte says:

    I could have basically written Kim’s comment. 3 kids, cat and all. Your travels remind me of the time pre-marriage that my husband and I took a 2 month cross-country road trip. Good times!

  8. Miriam/The Winter Guest says:

    Really wonderful fall bokeh… Ree at Pioneer Woman would love it.

  9. Rispa Frances says:

    This is my first visit to your site. I just love the name! Anybody who does not use real butter, or real anything for that matter, should be ….! OK, I won’t go there. Lovely site, so glad I stumbled across it!

  10. Kitt says:

    What a pretty picture that is! So glad you’re getting to spend a little quality time with your beloveds.

  11. jenyu says:

    Thanks everyone! I am glad a handful of folks aren’t bored to tears with the daily posts ;) And for everyone who lives a very different way of life from me (ummm, just about all of you!) I think it’d be BORING if we just read blogs that reflected our own lives, right? So yay for variety and yay for the diversity of readers who come together! xxoo

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