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seattle’s so nice, i visited twice

I always start out with the best of intentions – to post when I’m away. Yet, I find that I have so many durned photos that I’m dozing off before I even get through the first twenty. Consider it your break from my incessant yammering. But here now. I have photos to share and not a lot of inclination to hang out on the blog tonight. It’s Jeremy’s birthday today and he’s recovering from an outpatient procedure so I think he deserves some pampering, don’t you?

Right! So I started my trip to Seattle last week by seating my bum on the south side of the plane because I like looking at landforms of the western US and because I love volcanoes.

hello mount adams, you are so lovely

My dear friends took me to the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market to grab a bite and peruse the produce stalls. It was there that I found shishito peppers AND padróns in a box side by side. Now I can tell you that shishito peppers and padróns are not the same (I was mistaken in my last post). Padróns are a tad larger in size and darker green in color. So there you have it. Oddly enough, I ran into a whole slew of Seattle bloggers at the market: Becky, Lorna, Jenifer, Julie, and Scott, who was giving a cooking demo.

colorful flower bouquets

i saw a cute bernese mountain dog puppy

crates full of peppers

seattle food geek workin’ the shallots

We started the next morning with a visit to Macrina bakery before my hosts left for work. I hadn’t planned on visiting with food bloggers on this trip, but the schedules panned out and I got to enjoy lunch and a walk along the neighborhood of houseboats with my sweet pal, Tea. She then handed me off to Shauna, Danny, and Lu who took me to go visit with Matt, Danika, and Drake and Lara! I think I’m in love with Seattle folk. Nicest. People. Ever.

choosing breakfast at macrina bakery

my noodle bowl lunch at nettletown



little lu

drake being coy

danny and lu

But the day wasn’t over. Shauna and family took me to visit with some dear friends of theirs before dropping me off at Mistral Kitchen where I joined my hosts at a cocktail birthday party. From there we went to Poppy for a most excellent dinner (came highly recommended by Becky too). They practically had to roll me to the car.

don’t pass up the eggplant fries

poppy’s interior

Before I left for Seattle, I saw rain in the forecast over the weekend. Instead, much to everyone’s delight, we had partly cloudy skies and sunshine. Perfect weather for a stroll around Discovery Park and random wild blackberry noshings.

i ate them

walking along the beach

yay! sedimentary deposits!!

playing around on the driftwood teeter totter

a late lunch from paseo’s: world’s best sandwich (cuban roast pork for me)

in the rose garden (of course, these are cone flowers)

The next morning we made the pilgrimage to Top Pot Doughnuts along with the rest of Seattle. Erin and Caroline wanted to pick up a dozen doughnuts with their women’s basketball team colors. They were going to watch the Seattle Storm beat Atlanta while I attended my other friends’ wedding in the afternoon. We dropped by their friends’ house for some pre-game sugar-loading.

mmm, the best doughnuts

little bendigo is mesmerized by the bubbles

love that this 3-year old knew the largest volcano in the solar system is on mars

At the wedding, I developed an itchy throat which has now bloomed into a cold. More on the wedding later. I don’t like weddings in general, but this one was very special. I cried. In the evening, Erin, Caroline, and I went to Boom Noodle where I got a hot bowl of their Tokyo Ramen to soothe my throat.

hot ramen noodles for me

Despite the cold, Seattle and her citizens were very good to me. I love it there. No wonder we almost moved to Washington (it was a close call between Colorado and Washington). Thanks for a great time, everyone! xo

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  1. Esther says:

    Everything looks so good, I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle :)

  2. Susan in Seattle says:

    You went to many of my favorite places. I am glad to see you blogging about our special city.

  3. eula says:

    Sounds like a lovely trip. I’ve only been to Seattle once for only a day but I loved it. Your photos really capture the beauty in life. Would it be weird if I wish I could hire you for my future (i’m not even engaged yet) wedding? =P

  4. RainyDaisy says:

    I just got back from Seattle! Isn’t it just foodie heaven? We have a whole list of restaurants that we have to go to every single time! but clearly that never happens.

    I am also partial to the donut-muncher in the Vermont shirt. I don’t know who he is, but clearly he’s my homie.

  5. Jackie Baisa says:

    Ahhhhh, great blog. Happy you got to come back for a second round! Just sorry that I didn’t get a chance to see you, but it looks like you saw everyone ELSE! ;-) Awesome! I love the QA Farmers Market!

    Come back again soon!

  6. PerfectingPru says:

    I hope your cold is getting better. Seattle looks wonderful and I could eat both the donuts and soup right now, and its only breakfast time! As always your photographs make me want to cook what you have cooked or visit where you have visited.

  7. Wei-Wei says:

    Oh, man, you take the best photos ever! Do you bring your camera everywhere with you? You’re amazing.

  8. The Italian Dish says:

    Great post. We are so in love with Seattle. We keep peeking at real estate out there. I know exactly what you mean.

  9. Rosa says:

    A great trip! I’d love to visit Seattle and eat there.



  10. Rachel says:

    ….makes me look forward to our trip to Seattle (first one for either of us!) next month…

  11. Kristin says:

    Love Swiss Berner Hunds! Looks like a fun trip.

  12. Kath says:

    There are a lot of places that I love to visit, but I love living in Seattle! Thanks for the great post! (And the reminder that I must try Paseo and Poppy! (My daughter has asked me to try to figure out how to make Paseo’s beans.)

  13. Kristina says:

    Your trip looked like a blast! Glad you had fun. I’m starting my drive to move there today…just a stone’s throw from Paseo’s. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on one of those sandwiches…you’re not the first person I’ve heard from who has recommended them!

  14. cd_mcg says:

    I thought you might like this article about the nation’s top food cities

  15. Ruth Ann says:

    These photos are truly exceptional. It is hard to pick favorites but I love bendigo with bubbles and the blackberries best.
    Hope you feel better soon. Seems like a lot of people are getting fall colds.

  16. Nichole says:

    welcome home, little ladybug! wow. i am missing you so much and hope to see you very soon. so glad that you had such a fabulous trip and a good steep in your northwest friends. from our recent trip to colombia, i brought home a recipe for ajiaco soup and black clay olla to serve it up in — i can’t want to share it with you.

  17. teacherlady says:

    Loved your photos of Seattle. I intend to get there one day, as it is a mecca for foodies.

  18. Phoo-D says:

    Seattle is really a special place. I’m so glad you were able to visit twice in one summer! Happy Birthday to Jeremy and hope that you kick the cold soon.

  19. Carrie says:

    Isn’t Seattle magical? I keep trying to convince people that haven’t been here but it never works. It looks like you were in good hands, because those are all places I would takes guests myself.

    P.S. That puppy is *adorable*!

  20. Asianmommy says:

    Wow–eggplant fries! I must try this.

  21. manisha says:

    I’m so glad Colorado won.

  22. Dave Bacon says:

    If you’ve got to live in a city, Seattle’s a pretty nice one to live in…but ssshh don’t tell everyone! Next time your in town check out “How to Cook a Wolf” on Queen Anne. Also your post about choosing between Washington and Colorado reminded me of the days when I was making similar decisions

  23. Erina says:

    As a Seattle food blogger I loved stumbling across this post! Sounds like you’ve come and gone, but next time you visit, here are a few Seattle restaurants that I highly recommend you check out.

    Also…fantastic blog!

  24. Alisha says:

    Gorgeous photos! Actually, I believe that’s Mount Rainier. We can see Mount Adams from my mom’s house in Vancouver, WA.

  25. katie g. says:

    “Jen with the camera around her neck?”
    Thanks for catching my kids so beautifully. It was wonderful to meet you and I love all the food blogs you just introduced me to! Seattle is great but as soon-to-be-Portlanders…well, you just need to visit it and find out.
    Hope you have a powder-ful winter. – katie, john, angus, & bendigo

  26. Stephane says:

    Your photos aren’t just beautiful, they entreat the observer to jump right into the frame and explore. . . They are so appealing!

  27. jenyu says:

    eula – when you’re looking for a photographer, feel free to contact me for a quote :)

    RainyDaisy – little Angus is definitely one of the coolest kids around. He’s smart and funny and yeah – he’s your homie!

    Jackie – girlfriend, we are going to hang out eventually, yo. None of this “hi” “bye” stuff at conferences ;)

    PerfectingPru – you’re incredibly sweet. Thanks xo

    Wei-Wei – ummmm, yes. It’s more like a mental illness than anything else.

    Rachel – I hope you guys have a GREAT time!!

    Kristina – lots of great places to visit. You’ll have no shortage for your graduate school years :)

    cd_mcg – thanks!!

    Nichole – *love you*

    Manisha – awww, me too :) I love Seattle, but I do like our little mountain hamlet (and all the gal pals I can stuff into it for SNB!)

    Dave – ha ha, I would have guessed your were atmospheric science since Seattle and Boulder are the two main places for many of my friends to get jobs. Good choice.

    Erina – thank you! Good to know for the next trip!

    Alisha – nope, it’s Adams because Mt. St. Helens was far in the background (I have another photo of both of them). I was still a good ten minutes from Seattle by plane.

    katie – thanks for inviting me into your home to meet your wonderful family. best of luck on the move. keep in touch!

    Stephane – you’re very kind. xo

  28. Nadiah says:

    Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog a couple of weeks ago and I’m so glad to read this post! This entry made me teary, as I left Seattle last year after living there for five years. It’s such a special city and I miss it so. You picked all the good places to eat! … I’m feeling all nostalgic now :)

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