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Krispy Kreme
Jeremy and I took Grandma to the airport this morning. After seeing her off at Burbank, we decided to take a detour to Krispy Kreme and I picked up a dozen glazed for work and a few goodies for us. I walked up to the counter and the woman handed each of us a hot glazed doughnut and my mind went blank. It pretty much melted along with that golden nugget of fatty goodness…

Dim Sum
My parents wanted to go to dim sum yesterday, so we took them to NBC Seafood in Monterey Park. I explained that we needed to get there by 11 am, or else we’d have to wait about an hour to eat. I tell this to EVERYONE who wants to eat dim sum. Why? Because when you get there at 11, you wait 5 minutes to be seated. When you get there at 11:15 (or 11:20 like we did this time), you wait 50 minutes to be seated. That’s 50 minutes of my life I’d rather spend doing something other than standing among hordes of Chinese people whose personal boundaries are 5 times smaller than mine. I hate wasting money, but even more than that, I hate wasting time. It’s not like we were spending QT together either. Mom and Dad were inside, reading the paper. Grandma was outside reading the paper. I was standing with Grandma to make sure some rude Chinese person didn’t try to take her seat. Jeremy was standing next to me, probably wondering why he married into this family…

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