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i didn’t go anywhere

Hi folks. After that flurry of posts I went dreadfully silent. Sorry. I have been really ill with a capital P for Pain. You don’t know weight loss until you’ve been on this program. I blame that Saturday afternoon buffet…

I’ll get to your emails in due time. I shall reply to all comments as well. Meanwhile, Kaweah is sad that no one has taken her for a crazy hike lately, but seems rather content to snuggle with the sicko (me).

how could you not feel better with a cuddly pup like this around?

My wisdom to you: stay away from Asian buffets with smudgy sneeze guards in small mountain towns.

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  1. Mrs Ergul says:

    Oh gosh Jen! What happened all of a sudden? Now, please have some rest! Take care please

  2. zoe / puku says:

    oh noes, the bain-marie of doom strikes again! hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Melinda B says:

    EEEEEUW. You don’t need to paint any clearer picture than that. You poor thing.

  4. bee says:

    hugs to you, sweetie. there’s something (two things, actually) waiting for you at jugalbandi. congratulations!!!

  5. Mrs Ergul says:

    in case this brings a smile to you, i’ve passed an award to you!

  6. matthew says:

    poor thing- last year over 60 people in sydney fell ill with salmonella poisioning all from a very popular vietnamese bakery and pork roll vendor with bad handwahing practices ( that is to say none) ( i was one of them) Be careful where you eat :P

  7. peabody says:

    How can you not get better quickly with your cute pup by your side.

  8. joanne at frutto della passione says:

    I have always had serious issues with buffets, so sorry to hear you aren’t well. Hang in there and at least you have your pup to snuggle!

  9. Rosa says:

    I’m sorry to hear that.. I hope you’ll soon feel better!



  10. Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Your dog is the cutest and I’m sure it’s good to have him arround to cuddle while you try to forget the buffet.

  11. Ann says:

    Feel better soon… and give that sweet pup a hug for looking so sweetly worried.

  12. Mollie says:

    Poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. That is the worst worst worst

    And good girl Kaweah for taking care of everybody! It’s an important job.

  13. Susan at Stickygooeycreamychewy says:

    You poor thing! I recently went through the same thing. Ugh! Not pleasant! That was how I dislocated my elbow!

    Mr. SGCC got food poisoning once at one of those sneezy (but wildly popular) Asian buffets too. It’s been about 4 years and we’ve never been back. I’ve never been a fan of those types of “gutbuster” places. What’s the point of “all you can eat” when the food is not very good?

    Take care of yourself and get better soon. Stay hydrated and try not to smash into any door frames! ;)

    P.S. That shot of Kaweah is priceless!

  14. robin says:

    What an image you’ve made in that last sentence!

    Someone recently recommended a sushi buffet on some random highway next to a farm. Sushi buffets can never be good.

    Feel better!

  15. jennywenny says:

    Get well soon, glad you’ve got a furry friend to make you feel better, they are the best for comforting you. Well mine is until she bites me!

  16. Astrid says:

    I hope you are better asap! The photo of your dog is precious though, it makes me feel better too!

  17. manggy says:

    I’m not the pet-loving kind but I could give Kaweah a massive hug– she’s so worried about you… As am I. (Well, she could also be missing her hike, but let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt.) I’m glad you’re well enough to at least post, but I hope you’re fully recovered soon. xxoo (<– Ooh, manly! lol.)
    I’m actually glad I no longer have the stomach/ appetite for buffets– the last one I ate was just to appease my mom (and to be polite to the host).

  18. Chez US says:

    Rest. Drink liquid. And get better soon, so we can enjoy your sassy writings again!!

  19. White On Rice Couple says:

    You’ve got the best medicine laying on your lap right there Jen. During my chronic back pain episode, Sierra was by my side all night to make me feel better, as with a glass of whiskey to numb the pain. A cuddling dog and some serious Jack Daniels is better than any vicodin.
    Hope you heal quickly!

  20. Judy (Judy's Gross Eats) says:

    Hope you’re starting to feel better. A lot of canine concern is always comforting. I’ll give my dog a hug for you, so you can have a little extra vibe.

  21. Maya says:

    God Jen – hope you have a good rest…buffets can be scary at times. LOVELY pic of the Kaweah – what a darling.

  22. Patricia Scarpin says:

    Huge, warm hugs being sent all the way from Brazil. I wish you get better soon.

  23. Ashley says:

    I love the photos of your dogs. Hope you feel better soon!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I love Asian food but Asian buffets… you brave, brave woman.
    Baby wipes and electrolytes [sorry if that was too direct]

    Get better soon!

  25. Madam Chow says:

    Well said. My Chinese husband refuses to eat at Chinese buffets.

    I would expand it a bit further: stay away from similar restaurants anywhere in Asia or southeast Asia. I caught something at a buffet in India, and endured 2 weeks of explosive GI activity. From both ends. To this day, I have a hard time eating curry.

  26. Lisa says:

    Aww, she’s sad because you’re not feeling well. Dogs are great “medication”. I hope you feel better soon.

  27. Alyson says:

    Not good! We stay away from buffets unless there are no other choices. Sorry you got sick! Love the puppy picture!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  28. jenyu says:

    Mrs E – oh, just some damn buffet ripping my insides out ;) Thanks hon.

    Zoe – hee hee, yup, I’m better now – thank you!

    Melinda – :)

    Bee – thanks for the hugs and thanks for the wins. You are just too sweet.

    Mrs. E – I’m not worthy, my dear ;) Thanks!

    Matthew – oh my goodness, you poor thing!! You aren’t joking about being careful where you eat… such misery to suffer for such a small thing ;)

    Peabody – that’s what she’s wondering!

    Joanne – I suppose I too will have serious issues with buffets from now on :) Thank you!

    Rosa – thank you, dear.

    CC – thanks, I am much better now (that it finally passed through me)!

    Ann – she gets lots of hugs :) Thanks.

    Mollie – ha ha, you make Kaweah feel VERY important :) She sends you lots of wags :)

    Susan – I have to totally agree with you on the buffets. They aren’t very good, but… you just don’t expect them to kill you is all ;) I’ll try to steer clear of door frames. You poor thing! xxoo

    Robin – thanks lady, you crack me up!

    Jennywenny – ouch! I hope she doesn’t bite you often! Mine isn’t a biter, but she likes to lick your face if you let her (I don’t).

    Astrid – hee hee.

    Mark – you have faith in the pup – more than I do! :) yes, I shall avoid buffets from now on (until the next time – h ah aha).

    Chez Us – you’re so sweet, thanks love.

    WoRC – awwww, Sierra is such a LOVE! I would have done the whiskey too, except I think it would have caused more pain. I hate GI problems…

    Judy – thanks! That’s so sweet and cute.

    Maya – you’re very kind. I rested (much to my dismay) and I think I finally kicked that damn thing. xxoo

    Patricia – thanks, the hug was greatly appreciated :)

    Ashley – thank you!

    Elizabeth – not brave, probably more like stupid stupid woman ;) We should have known better… I’m still acting like I’m invincible and my immune system ain’t what it used to be. Thanks :)

    Madam Chow – your Chinese hubby is smart. Oh lordie, your illness was waaay worse than mine. I’m so sorry :(

    Lisa – they are, aren’t they :) thanks!

    Alyson – thanks!

  29. Diane says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Thinking of you….

  30. jenyu says:

    Diane – thank you, you’re very sweet. I am definitely better now! :)

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