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a wee favor por favor?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Things were not right with the world yesterday. It was too warm – like 60s in Boulder! And I got a flat tire in the canyon where there is no cell reception.

Just as I began to loosen the first lug nut, a nice gentleman in a huge truck came and changed my tire for me in ONE MINUTE. I tried to get his info so I could send him a bottle of wine or booze or a cake and he said, “M’am, I do this everyday, you don’t need to thank me.” Well, I did thank him verbally. I only noticed the AAA on his door as he pulled onto the road. Huh, I guess that makes sense since most people don’t carry pneumatic drills in their vehicles. But I might start to because I *love* it.

This morning… we have snow. Good. Good and Bad. Good, because I love snow and the local slopes were starting to show a little gardening (i.e. vegetation) on the black runs, which is uncool.

okay, okay… i feel better now

Bad? Well, bad, because Subie is at the service center in Boulder waiting for four new shiny tires and I have to go to Denver today… in Roo. Should be alright, me thinks, as long as the roads don’t get socked in (which I doubt they will).

Yup. So most things that were not right are now being set straight. Except for one.

Remember those chocolate macarons from yesterday? That post would not exist without the help of the one, the only Tartelette. She’s so popular, she was nominated in TWO categories for the Well Fed Network’s Best Food Blog awards. She is currently in second place in the Chef category. She is within striking distance! I am asking every damn one of you (damn in a good way, not the bad way – I’m cussing because I love you) to please get over there and vote your brains out for Tartelette before January 24, 8 pm EST. That’s tomorrow, kids!

I don’t know who Book the Cook is. Dude seems nice enough. But he is goin’ up against my girl and he has got *nothing* on Tartelette. He doesn’t have a French accent, probably doesn’t have her sexy legs, pics can’t hold a candle to hers, apparently doesn’t have a bad puppy who chews holes in the closet walls, and can we talk about artistry? Have you SEEN her blog? I mean, COME ON! Go – go now! Vote for Tartelette! Vote your ever lovin’ brains out for our girl!!! PLEASE!

I’m done shouting. Thank you.

it was nice while it lasted

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Recipe: chocolate macarons

My overhauled website is up! The gallery is not up. That will probably have to wait until after Chinese New Year because I am a paranoid Good Chinese Daughter. If you happen to find errors or broken links, please let me know via email. I got tired of proof-reading it after several hours. Sometimes I think I should just shut up.

I looked across to the Continental Divide this morning when I let Kaweah out into the yard. Cooler weather is coming back. There is a formidable bank of dark, angry clouds sitting over the mountains, screaming past overhead. The winds are up. They sound and feel violent. I love weather.

Just yesterday I was skiing in a short-sleeve shirt and a thin, hard-shell jacket, gliding down the mountain with my ladies in the sunshine. It was 50°F. Too hot for goggles, I pulled out my sunnies. Felt like spring. But anytime is a good time to offer your friends a box of chocolate macarons. Nothing works up your appetite like a morning of tele, and these betties earned it.

i am in love with dutch-process cocoa

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what a day

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Recipe: artichoke dip

you know what’s coming
We have a new president. A shiny, new, intelligent, thoughtful, gracious, handsome president. I was in good spirits this morning listening to my public radio feed flood the kitchen and great room with coverage of the inauguration. As I whipped meringue and ground almonds, I listened to Mr. Obama take the oath of office. And suddenly I stopped, stood there, and wept into my apron. Tears of joy. It means so many different things to so many people. I can’t even begin to list what it means to me. As tired as it may sound, I have hope. Not sure what hope may mean to you, but for me, hope coupled with realism and determination gets me through life. Well, I suppose I should say they helped me wade through the emotional and physical mess of cancer. I don’t get through life, I live it whole hog. But now I’m living it with a big ass smile on my face.

are you shittin’ me?
So I’m scanning my blog feeds this morning and I see that Susan of Wild Yeast is a finalist for the Well Fed Network Food Blog Awards in the Best Food Blog – Theme category. How awesome! I clicked on the link to see what other favorite blogs of mine made it to the finals. I always hope my favorites plaster the awards. I saw Jaden and Helen and Bea and Aran and Michelle and whoa! Use Real Butter?!?! In the Best Food Blog – Overall category?!

***Are you shittin’ me?!***

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