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So we’re filling out the pre-approval loan application just now, and we come across our FICO scores, which we hadn’t ever looked at before. Guess who’s over 800?!?! wooohooo!!! Jeremy’s right up there too, just a few points behind me. High five!! whoot! We’re still looking for Kaweah’s score, but I’ll bet it’s pretty low…

Everything’s coming together – now if only we could find a house. We just have to wait until we return next week to check out the “very interesting” and the “curious” lists. I’m not going to waste my time on the “meh” and “are you on crack?” lists. Actually, I could live in most of the houses we’re looking at and be pretty happy. For some reason, there is this compulsion to get the best house for your money. I certainly don’t want to pay too much, but seeing as this is our first house – you have to weigh What You Want with What the Next Buyer Wants to some degree.

Let’s look at some kitchens, shall we?

I don’t care for microwaves over the range, but that’s nothing a little demolition couldn’t fix. I think the first two have kitchen nooks which I shall conveniently turn into MORE KITCHEN SPACE. Parties invariably end up hanging out in the kitchen – so it’s good to have a large kitchen if you like to entertain (which I do).

My in-laws will drive out to Boulder when we go out in a week. They’re excited about seeing the houses and since Jeremy’s dad is a Law Talkin’ Guy, he will check all legal docs for us too. Very nice perk. They’ll also be able to advise on things to look out for since they’ve recently had three (count ’em THREE) houses change hands in the last 6 months. His mom loves house shopping, which makes one of us :)

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