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oatmeal without a spoon

Let’s see here. I brought oatmeal for brekkie and I find that I’ve thoroughly emptied all of my crap from my desk so that I am eating my oatmeal with my fingers. At least my hands are clean…

It’s my last day at work – yay!
I’m feeling much better about leaving now because I got some news recently that sets my mind at ease. I had worried about leaving things in such a state as to make life very difficult for someone else here. However, that person has found an opportunity which frees them from these problems – and we are both very happy about that.

Our sellers are the coolest people ever. I wish every person could be so reasonable and have a sense of humor.

The packing and especially the cleaning has been freaking poor Kaweah out. When Jeremy shut off the vacuum last night she came out from her hiding spot and wagged at him. But then he had to resume vacuuming and she got sad again. Not much longer pup.

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