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life up high

We went down to Boulder and checked out an asian market, a middle eastern market, Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck), and Safeway (because I refused to pay a million dollars for apple juice at Whole Foods). Fiona was right, the asian market is disappointing. I’ll have to try Denver. The produce at Whole Foods was pretty mediocre for such outrageous prices (and half aren’t even organic, they’re conventionally grown!). Grumble grumble grumble. But our hopes for Trader Joe’s to arrive here (they’re already in Santa Fe) are dashed because the state of Colorado has crap ass legislation that requires only ONE flagship store to have a liquor license. For that reason, apparently, TJs doesn’t play. For that reason, we will pay out the ass for groceries of lesser quality.

tortilla chips at 8400: how high to go before it busts?

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