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I read that I should be planting garlic this month. Hmmmm. Maybe I should ask Jeremy to swing by the farmer’s market tomorrow on his way to the bus station and buy a few good looking bulbs of garlic? But he doesn’t really know what to shop for in garlic and I don’t think he’s comfortable asking the vendor about garlic flavor… I guess I should go and clear out the random weeds growing on the plot and cordon off the composting area. I have too much green composting and not enough brown composting.

For dinnah, we had turkey burgers. I can get ground turkey meat at the Wild Oats counter in either breast meat or thigh meat. Ground breast meat tends to be most common, but I personally think the flavor (and cost!) of thigh meat is far better. Especially for burgers, the ground thigh meat results in a more juicy burger. It’s lean because it’s organic and if I can’t find organic, at least “natural” (minimally processed) is better than those national brands with “added flavorings”.

ground turkey, minced onion, minced parsley, garlic powder, pepper, salt

great with a slice of swiss at the end of grilling

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