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yes, i still cook

I’ve never bought tamarind juice concentrate before. I picked up a jar of this while I was getting shouted at by the asian store owner in Boulder. I mean, if you’ve got her attention to look for preserved salted turnips, why not ask for the tamarind concentrate too? She never showed me where it was, she just began yelling to herself in her dialect (I don’t know what she is, to be honest – but she ain’t chinese) and then emerged from one dangerously crowded aisle with “LASJAR!” She meant the last jar.

to make thom kha kai (chicken coconut soup)

serve hot!

I don’t use galangal because I am lazy and replace it with sliced ginger. I am also a retard because I forgot to buy cilantro. And my pad thai is like a bad chemistry experiment – I can never reproduce the same results. This batch was good, but a tad different from all of the previous attempts. I do think they are converging though.

fresh ingredients

pad thai served my way

I don’t cook the egg into the noodles like some places. I actually cook the noodles first, then remove them from the pan. Meanwhile, I make an egg sheet and when it is half cooked I toss the noodles on top and fold them over in an egg blanket. Remove from heat. Then I separately lightly sauté the sprouts and green onions and top the noodles with those and the other half of the ground peanuts.

There’s about 6 new inches of snow on the ground and we’re waiting to hear if Erin wants to meet up for brunch. Ski or hike?

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