baked oats green chile chicken enchiladas chow mein bakery-style butter cookies

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more banquet food

lobster noodles being served

cold plate of appetizers including amazing seaweed salad

lotus and other vegetable stir fry

We ate at a shanghai style dim sum place (I realize dim sum is cantonese and hence, not shanghai – I guess it’s called tsao dien?) on Saturday morning. They specialize in the soup dumplings that Nicole S.D. and Laura rave about. The ones where you bite into a dumpling and the soup spills out? My dad said the way to eat them is to hold the whole dumpling in your chopsticks, then with the other hand, hold a chinese soup spoon under the dumpling. You bite it and let the soup spill into the spoon. Fascinating. Okay, but call me a heathen – I still prefer the cantonese style dim sum.

soup dumplings

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