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the kind of stuff that makes your day

Jeremy and I went out for dinner this evening. When we got home, there were flourescent squares on our door. Imagine my delight when I opened the envelopes and found these:

the best report card i could have wished for

Those kids are so great. We realized that because I had told Brita that the pastries we took to them were part of my homework for my class, she decided to grade me. Really cute.

With the almond cream tortes in the freezer, I set about making some “quick” decorations. I hate white chocolate. It is a total pain to work with when it is warm. I don’t even like the taste of it. So I ditched those 2 ounces and worked with some Callebaut bitter-sweet instead. Much easier, although chocolate in general is so finicky about temperature. I could not touch a thing with my hands without having it melt instantly. Eventually, we came to a resolution, the chocolate and I.

almond florentine crust

almond cream torte: i won the battle with the chocolate pencils

I managed to only squeeze out two 6-inch tortes from the 9-inch recipe. I also substituted dark chocolate for white chocolate in the torte because… I loathe white chocolate. This cake is rich and definitely recommends itself to a strong dark cuppa.

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