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archive for September 2008

good hunting

Monday, September 29th, 2008

“I went shooting this weekend,” I mentioned casually.

Shooting…” my oncologist dragged the word out waiting for me to elaborate.

“With my camera,” I smiled. He smiled back, seemingly relieved that I didn’t say I was popping off bears with a high-powered rifle from a helicopter because how chickenshit would THAT be?

On the long drive home Jeremy had asked me if it was a good trip. Before I could answer he corrected himself, “Was it a worthwhile trip?” Well, I think it was. I wouldn’t know for sure until I got home and looked through my 500 photos. Good and fun are not words I use to describe these crazy marathon shoots. We (he) drove 1000 miles this weekend. Colorado is a big state. We covered the equivalent area of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut combined – but mountainous.

heading for independence pass

outside of aspen

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drive-by shootings

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Recipe: vanilla ice cream

Daring Bakers: My darling DBers, I had to punt this month’s challenge. Between surgery, recovery, several visitors, and the fall shoot, I completely blanked on the lavash. See you next month, kids!


Yes, drive-by shootings, but I am talking about the good kind. We have been logging several hundred miles, getting out of and back into the car, clambering up steep slopes, hiking, lodging all manner of thorns and seeds in our hair and clothes, and walking narrow road shoulders along cliffs to see and capture the glorious fall in Colorado. We aren’t getting much sleep and I can’t process the really stunning images properly on the laptop – so all of that will have to wait until we get back home. In the meantime, I will share a few photos from the past two days.

favorite road sign

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to the dogs

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Recipe: espresso chocolate chip shortbread

What new views through the lens? I went leaf hunting today and found…

tall trees

leftover snow on the mountains

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