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what i learned

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Recipe: chinese pork rib soup

Today is a special day. It’s my birthday. But that’s not why the day is special. It’s because two of my good friends share the same birthday with me… and Amy’s twin brother – so make that three!

colorful understory

I received in my email yesterday the best birthday message ever:

Greetings from the future, where it’s already your birthday. The dawning of your birthday in the antipodes was ushered in with the beating of drums, ceremonial dance and breakfast sashimi. Australia has been given a public holiday to mark the occasion, but it is strongly suggested that we either take to the grassy slopes of a nearby park for some mock telemark skiing, or join with other groups at the harbour foreshore for the Grand Crab Boil. At dusk, many Australians will gather with friends, lay down mats facing towards Nederland, Colorado and chant JEN, JEN, JEN…whilst prostrating themselves.

Then we will probably watch some TV.

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ready for it

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Recipe: spiced apple cider

Alas, Alack. Today, the last day of summer, is near an end. Such a bummer, eh? Maybe for you… I think the majority of the people I know will name summer as their favorite season. Not this girl. No way. I’m sure most folks would peg me for a winter lover, but my favorite season is autumn. Honestly. Truly.

it has begun

I quite enjoy all of the seasons, but autumn has always been my favorite. It’s not just the fall colors, the cooler temperatures, and that softer light. It meant the start of the academic year, women’s volleyball season, September birthdays, Halloween, apple picking, chili cook offs. Now it means switching to flannel sheets, getting in those final hikes before the big snow storms, tuning my tele skis, gearing up for the fall shoot (camera, not rifle), hearing elk bugle in the morning mist, Kaweah’s thicker winter coat, more baking, dusting off the crock pot, watching Orion rising earlier and earlier in the East.

mingling of seasons

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eating or making?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Recipe: chocolate espresso fudge cake

When we first moved in together, Jeremy used to complain about how much time was spent preparing meals. He really liked the idea of bachelor chow, sort of like Kaweah’s dry kibbles – same thing every meal. No hassle, no fuss, no mystery. He still talks about it like some concept that would free up a few hours a day, that is until I mention sushi, or pan-seared scallops, or crab, or chocolate or… I can see the appeal of chow, to get more hours in the day. But the problem for me is that I would miss the prep more than the eating. I didn’t used to think so, but after spending months cooking and baking things I couldn’t eat during chemo, I realized that for as much as I love to eat the food, I love the making of it even more. I wonder among foodies if they love the cooking or the eating more?

Case in point. Today I made Jeremy’s (belated) birthday cake. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while, but between the heat of summer, health issues, and getting stuff done in between health issues – I haven’t had a chance. Today we had rain (and snow in the high country!) with temps flirting with the 30s. Nice.

melting unsweetened chocolate

whipping eggs, butter, and sugar into the fluffiest of batters

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