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i can roll with it

Recipe: beef sushi roll

There is just over a day left to enter the drawing for the Kyocera ceramic knife. I’m impressed with the turnout – so many people who love to flirt with danger! Nice.

Yesterday was my last day of tele class. I’m happy to get my time back, but also a little sad because it was so much more than just improving my tele skills. The good thing is that we have plans beyond class. Alpha chicks rule.

our group minus two

By the time we were done on the mountain, the snow was coming down fast in large fluffy flakes. It was a great day, but it wasn’t over. We all met up afterward for drinks and appetizers and to see Bode, our instructor’s 8 month old border collie. Bode (named for Bode Miller) is already a superstar and he is going to take the agility competitions by storm. It’s quite amazing to be around such an intelligent dog (and then later I went home to Kaweah, Dog of Simple Brain).

let’s play tug

après ski: drinks

Now that we are safely beyond that 2-week period of Chinese New Year celebrations, I can put the house back in order. Even though cleaning the house isn’t my favorite activity, I do love a clean home free of dog hair tumbleweeds. In addition to cleaning our house, I’m doing a little housekeeping here. A couple of months ago I made beef tenderloin wraps and said you could take the tenderloin scraps and eat them, feed them to puppy, or save them for a recipe I would be posting shortly. Shortly got away from me, but here we are at last!

leftover filet mignon strips and avocado

Every time I have had a sushi roll made with beef, it has been fantastic. I think part of that reason is because the chefs brushed eel sauce on the roll. Eel sauce is not a sauce made of eels, but the sweet, dark, syrupy sauce they brush on bbq eel or other deliciousnesses at the sushi bar. It was not until recently when I learned to make that beloved sauce myself. Once that hurdle was overcome, I knew it was time for a beef roll.

simmering the mushroom slices

I sliced up a few Chinese black mushrooms and simmered them in some soy sauce and sugar. I think what I would have preferred was some pickled gourd shavings, but I have yet to track those down around these parts. Mushrooms go well with beef and EVERYTHING goes well with avocado.

sweet and savory

I let the mushrooms simmer down until the liquid was syrupy. I would typically roll this with the rice inside, but Jeremy likes to roll maki with the rice on the outside and since I was behind the camera, he got to call the shots.

you know the routine – load up the roll

Despite the completely terrestrial nature of this role (except for the nori), I completely love it. We seldom make it because we don’t eat beef that often and it’s usually easier to toss scraps of beef to the pup (one for me, one for youuuuuuu) than to plan sushi around the scraps. However, if you are squeamish about the fish aspect of sushi (which in my mind, is the whole point of sushi – hello?), you can attempt a gentle introduction with some beef. In fact, this was how I managed to get my sister turned on to sushi years ago – and that brings back a lot of good memories.

we are not beef-ist in this house

Beef Roll Sushi
[print recipe]

4 cups cooked, seasoned sushi rice
2 cups beef, cooked rare to medium rare cut in strips
1 avocado, sliced
seasoned black mushrooms
1 package of sheet nori
eel sauce
toasted sesame seeds
soy sauce
gari (pickled ginger)

seasoned black mushrooms
4 dried Chinese black mushrooms
1 cup soak water from mushrooms
2 tbsps sugar
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce

Soak dried mushrooms in boiling hot water until soft (about 15 minutes or more). Reserve a cup of the soaking water taking care not to let in any sand of particles. Rinse the mushrooms and slice. Place mushrooms, soak water, sugar, and soy sauce in a small saucepan and simmer until almost completely reduced. Allow to cool.

Assembly: On a sheet of plastic wrap, set down one sheet of nori. With wet hands, grab a handful of sushi rice and evenly spread across the top 3/5 of the nori sheet, pressing the rice down to ensure it sticks to the seaweed. Flip the nori over so that the rice faces down onto the plastic wrap. At the non-rice end of the nori, lay out beef, avocado, and mushrooms, leaving a little room on either end. Take care not to overfill the roll. Roll the fillings up from the non-rice end of the nori (like a carpet) and continue to roll tightly, but not too tightly until the rice encompasses the entire outer part of the roll. Use the plastic wrap to help maintain shape without letting the roll stick to you. Use the bamboo mat to firm up the shape and compact the roll. Remove the bamboo mat. Slice through the plastic wrap with a very sharp knife dipped in water, to get 8 even pieces. Brush eel sauce on top of the pieces and garnish with sesame seeds. Serve with wasabi, gari (pickled ginger), and soy sauce. This should yield about 4 cut rolls.

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  1. Manggy says:

    Yeah, and the beef has no, uh, beef (heh) about being pink either ;) I love it, Jen. Love unagi sauce too. I was thinking we should really have a sushi party, but you guys don’t have our vastly superior mangoes! Ha ha ha. (Do I sound too much like a mango salesman? It is one of my nicknames, after all! I just saw a huge pile of them at the market– imported from *not the Philippines!* and I was like, “feh.”) I’ll find a way to bring some if I can ever make my way to you ;)
    I love a beef roll with cream cheese too. I am so baaad!
    Well now, you think we can convert Graeme to sushi someday?

  2. Pearl says:

    i wish i were your friend IRL. LOL

  3. Eat. Travel. Eat! says:

    The sushi looks delicious, even if it isn’t fish! I sometimes like doing sushi with different ingredients other than fish. Sometimes, I would add even ham, or chinese sausage to make some sushi! The filet mingon looks very yummy, and the sauce poured on top creates a great effect to the roll.

  4. charlane says:

    I wish I like sushi, even when it is cooked. I know – I’m very weird. But….the steak looks yummy.

  5. Culinarywannabe says:

    Awww – Bode is so cute! Thanks for posting the beef sushi. My husband’s grandma makes all sorts of sushi at home and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it. This might be a good starting point!

  6. peabody says:

    My house is forever filled with dog hair tumbleweeds. Sigh.
    Yay for sushi I can eat!

  7. Mollie says:

    That looks amazing – and you know me and the moo! Tho I swear, I never ate near as much of it as I do now that I know you… so I laugh when you say you don’t eat much beef – apparently we’re eating it for you! and I love eel sauce…. mmmm

    K may be of simple brain, but will she be picking the knife winner???


  8. Tartelette says:

    We (well Bill as you know) vacuum evey other day and there is still dog tumbleweeds everywhere. This might be the ticket to introduce my parents to sushi when they come!

  9. Caitlin says:

    Oh eel sauce, it’s seriously the best thing ever. It actually took me a while to get over the texture of sushi – the fish was a little too slippery for me. But with some perseverance, it’s now one of my favorite things :) I miss having dog hair tumbleweeds – stupid apartment with a no pet policy…

  10. Mrs Ergül says:

    This is such a savory sushi roll! I know the usual salmon and seafood is also savory but this is SO SO SO savoury! Am I making any sense here?

    I’m glad you had a great tele class! It looks like it is so much fun!

  11. Margie says:

    This looks fantastic! I think I can taste it from here. :)

    I had to laugh at the puppy dog tumbleweeds. 2cute!

  12. Rosa says:

    What delightful sushis! They look incredibly flavorful!

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


  13. jain says:

    fabulous shots, food and fun~

    my first dog was a border collie, she used to ride the chairlift and ski with me. BRILLIANT dogs~ says she sadly looking down at her dimwit abandoned stray giant black dog… next dog comes with brains!

    your food look fantastic~

  14. diva says:

    your beef sushi looks so beautiful and tasty i think i died a little bit inside. what great way to use up leftover steak! x

  15. nina says:

    Wow, you do have a way with “leftovers”. A stunning meal indeed!

  16. sugarlens says:

    This is my first comment, but I have been following you for about a month now. Just want to say HI!

    Your photos and food are equally awesome. I wish I can take cooking lessons or photography lessons from you! :)

  17. Bridget says:

    Man, if I hadn’t already eaten too much beef this week, I would be all over this for dinner tonight.

  18. Courtney says:


  19. Asian Food Gallery says:

    OMG… the sushi look so delicious and my wife going to love this.

    Let me prepare one for her as she is sushi lover. Thanks.

    btw.. I am Jon Looi

  20. Lori says:

    I do love the fish in my sushi but I wouldnt pass these up!

  21. Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks) says:

    Now THAT is a sushi roll!

  22. Hillary says:

    This is funny timing for me to read this post – I’m making sushi with my boyfriend this weekend. I have to be honest though – I don’t know that I can do steak sushi. Something about it just seems wrong. I could see where it would be good though!

  23. mary says:

    I’m a vegetarian, have been for 2 or 3 years (I can’t remember which) and that beef looks AWESOME to me. Usually when I see beef I think, “bleh” just because I’m not used to it, but man, I could eat that stuff right this moment. Little strips of awesome. Would need zero seasoning, too. Just pure goodness.

  24. mycookinghut says:

    yum yum.. looks so good!

  25. Passionate Eater says:

    I love how you made leftover kitchen filet mignon scraps (which would never exist in my house, because I eat those up) into a Japanese delicacy.

  26. Sadao says:

    This is what I call “Sushi Made in USA.”

  27. Angela says:

    After hearing about Jeremy Piven’s high mercury levels from eating to much sushi. This will be a great alternative to satisfy my sushi cravings.

  28. Steph says:

    ahhhhhh freakin’ beautiful! Eel sauce makes everything better, even already amazing beef and avocado.

  29. Abby says:

    I’ve never seen sushi with beef! But MAN would I love a bite. Or 2. Or 3.

  30. Jamie says:

    Wow I think your blog could quickly become a favorite! This sushi looks delicious!

  31. jenyu says:

    Mark – I have never put mangoes in sushi before. Sounds intriguing. Jeremy would balk though – he doesn’t like mangoes. I guess you can give him the lychees and he can give you the mangoes :) Feh? That’s great :) I can’t stand cream cheese in my sushi – blegh! I think we could get Graeme on board with beef though!

    Pearl – :)

    ETE – thanks!

    Charlane – it’s okay, not everyone likes everything :)

    Culinarywannabe – yeah, it’s quite easy to get your hands on the ingredients.

    Peabody – yay!!!!

    Mollie – moooo! It’s all my fault, I’m sure of it ;) xxoo Yup – Kaweah picked the winner. Talk about random…

    Tartelette – I want to borrow Bill, please!

    Caitlin – I love it too – in the most not healthy way ;) I was so happy to finally move to a place that allowed pets and that was when we got Kaweah. Now, I can’t imagine living in an apartment anymore just because of the pet policy.

    Mrs. E – yes, you make sense, my dear :) The class was awesome!

    Margie – it’s embarrassing when she really gets shedding in the summer.

    Rosa – thanks!

    Jain – omg, your dog was sooo good. Kaweah would get spooked, I’m sure of it. She used to attack our crosscountry ski tips all the time.

    Diva – ha ha!

    Nina – I hate wasting food – hate it :)

    Sugarlens – thanks and hi! I’m just a noodler. Feel free to email me any questions you might have.

    Bridget – okay, next week ;)

    Courtney – :)

    AFG – thanks John! Hope she liked it!

    Lori – yeah, I am all about the fish, but beef sushi is pretty spanking.

    Brittany – mmmmm!

    Hillary – well, you never know til you try it. I thought the same thing about cream cheese (and tried it, and hated it) – so it could go either way :)

    Mary – ooops! sorry about that!

    MCH – thanks.

    PE – I admit that Kaweah did get a few pieces of the filet!

    Sadao – better yet, sushi made in Colorado.

    Angela – true true. There are also tons of other non-mercury sushi fixes like inari and tamago :)

    Steph – thanks! I love the eel sauce. It is the stuff of dreams (my dreams).

    Abby – :)

    Jamie – thank you!

  32. Kevin says:

    Those beef sushi rolls look so tasty!

  33. jenyu says:

    Kevin – thanks!

  34. Turtle66 says:


  35. jess says:

    just letting you know, eel sauce is made with eel extract, so it does involve actual eel

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