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shaping up

First – for Ro:

This is the flourescent strip lighting we installed under our cupboards (3 in total). My biggest problem with these is that the glare is quite strong if you are a short person. I don’t consider myself to be too short at 5’5″, but my grandmother is probably less than five feet now, and standing at that level, I can see the bulb which is bright and annoying. We had to compromise between setting it further back (best for short person viewing) versus in the middle (best for overall lighting).It got so hot this afternoon, but we were mostly working on the two lower floors, which was a little more bearable. Still plenty of things to take care of, but at least now we feel like we live here. In the evening we took Kaweah for a walk around the circle and followed a spur trail up to and past the school. It was still warm for Ned standards, but it was delightful. Easy to see that the flowers are past peak.

Tonight, at Jeremy’s behest, we made some smores:

…and then proceeded to arrange the master bedroom rug and furniture. Then we shut off all the lights in the house and sat on the couch staring out our picture windows at the night sky, coming around to accepting that this is our home.

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