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archive for May 2006

cold and cold

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

We’re less than a month from summer and our heat has kicked on in the past two nights. We’re dipping into the 20s and we shall do so again tonight. I rather like the cold. Makes me less cranky, more snuggy. I planned the menu a little stupidly this week though. Today we had Chinese Cold Noodles for dinner. That’s supposed to be a summer dish *sigh*

fresh, cool, peanutty

pour, toss, and serve

foul mood

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Nothing quite puts me in a foul mood the way Candymaking does. White chocolate is so damned finicky – argggggg.

My (stupid) goal was to make a homemade treat for my friend’s birthday, which is today, but since I was the only person at work – I made them for tomorrow. Reasoning went as follows: something bite-sized, easy to share or not share, has chocolate, is elegant, easy for me to transport on bus. I (stupidly) came up with chocolate-dipped strawberries. How hard could it be?

Confections and I have an interesting history. I think of making them, I look up recipes, I make them and nearly ruin half of my candy making equipment, I vow never to do it again – ten years later I repeat the same steps.

start with organic strawberries, washed, and patted completely dry

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flagstaff house

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

When Jeremy was short-listed with CU Boulder, I told him if he got an offer, we would go to the Flagstaff House for dinner. Right after I told him this, I realized I shouldn’t have said anything because if he didn’t get an offer, I wouldn’t feel we could ever go there for fear of any lingering guilt on his part. Good thing he got an offer!

flagstaff house

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