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archive for July 2007

seattle revisited in photos

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

On Saturday, I did something odd and decided to ditch kayaking in favor of exploring Seattle. I don’t typically enjoy urban exploration, but when you’re in a lovely setting with great character and even better hosts, then it is hard to pass up. Erin and Caroline are the perfect tour guides, much like Jerad and Kell of Sydney. Here’s my tour of Seattle in pictures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture everything we did!

blueberries growing in erin and caroline’s yard

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the reward

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

We left Whistler (finally) and headed for dim sum in Vancouver. Dim sum was very good, although I think my parents ordered too much (they kept saying they weren’t hungry, but then they ordered so much food!). Unfortunately, we had to wait a half hour to be seated, and by the time we headed for the US, we were behind schedule. That was quite unfortunate because the border crossing (a different one, as we thought we’d be smarter) took 3 hours. It boggles the mind how people and systems can be so poorly implemented, but it happens on a daily basis. So all you can do is creep along in the very slow line (400 meters in 2 hours).

After the border crossing, we dropped my parents off at their friend’s house in a woodsy Seattle suburb where they were spending the weekend. Then Jeremy got us to downtown Seattle where life and the city were hopping on a Friday night. We managed to park the car at the one spot that opened up and changed in the front seat from our grubby clothes into something more presentable for our reservation. Cascadia was just around the corner and an absolutely beautiful restaurant inside. We felt so hungry and thirsty! We agreed to order a really nice meal and just *breath out slowly* relax – or rather rejoice. The food here was fantastic. Caroline said Kerry Sear is one of the best chefs in Seattle. Oh man…

cascadia: ahi tuna appetizer with passion soy (!!)

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whistler’s end

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

With the trails on the upper mountain closed due to snow (sheesh), we could have attempted another steep trail this morning, except I was tired of the frenetic pace of waking early to hike hard and fast only to return to the timeshare to entertain my parents for the rest of the day. This morning I took my parents to Brandywine Falls, a nearby short hike to what turned out to be the best waterfall I’ve seen in the area.

brandywine falls – a spectacular display

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