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archive for May 2008

el diablo for me

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Recipe: chicken diablo sandwich

I feel like I’m in pole position, revving my engine, ready to bolt across the starting line. I began to sense a slight increase in energy this afternoon and endeavored to take a short 2-mile jaunt on one of our backyard hikes. The smells of pine forests and damp earth (the snow is melting out in earnest) trigger the urge to run for me. I like the soft feel of the pine litter under my feet as my eyes search for what is around the next turn. That’s the beauty of trail running for me – I don’t get bored. But my body wasn’t ready for that today, so we hiked and had time to spy the very earliest of our local high-elevation wildflowers like the lavender-colored pasque, violet astragalus, and pretty white draba. I have a hard time running with my camera (unless I want to take out several ribs in the process), so it was just as well :)

who wants a treat?

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play date

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Jeremy has been busting ass more than usual for the past 8 days on work stuff. That and he was simultaneously taking care of me after my last chemo. Poor guy was feeling stressed out, exhausted. So I asked him if he’d like to catch a movie today. Jeremy loves to go to the movies. Just loves it. I could go either way and my tolerance for crappy movies is far far lower than his. He worked from home in the morning and drove me into Boulder to catch Iron Man – because we are both comic book adaptation whores. [I not so secretly covet Dark Phoenix’s telekinetic and psychic powers.] Thoroughly entertaining movie.

After the flick, we stopped at Chez Thuy for a delicious lunch of soft shell crab, pan-fried noodles, and crispy duck.

i had a craving for crunchy

seriously good flavor

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my quest continues

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Recipe: chocolate raspberry cake

I live in a snowglobe! It’s snowing beautiful, white flakes outside right now and for once – for once it’s falling vertically instead of flying past on its way to Kansas. Lovely. Really lovely.

looking up valley this morning

Folks may be sick of seeing pictures of the weather around here, but for me, weather is an integral part of nature and I love it – love to read it, study it, feel it. Weather is beautiful to me. If you don’t understand and respect the weather, you really have no business climbing in the mountains.

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