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we are overdue for one of these

No recipe today, kids. I didn’t want to mix things up too much here, as there is a giveaway to announce! I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend?

We had a small group of people (and their assorted extensions) from Jeremy’s department up for a barbecue on Saturday. Our intention was to invite them oh… two years ago, but we got waylaid for well over a year with my treatments and randomly leaky appendix. Once that was mostly behind us, it was winter and we don’t invite the uninitiated up to our place in winter lest they never want to return again. So finally(!) we could feed the starving graduate students and the not-so-starving non-graduate students properly this past weekend. It was nice to meet the people behind the names.

the menu
crudités and spinach dip
chips, salsa, and guacamole
citrus, almond salad
german roasted potato salad (sans bacon)
honey wheat rolls
roasted pepper, goat cheese tart (sans prosciutto)
grilled marinated flank steak
barbecue chicken
vanilla bean, matcha green tea, chocolate, and coffee ice creams
chocolate stout cake

busy eating

That morning we purposely took Kaweah on a trail run so she would be a little too pooped out to shamelessly beg for food from guests. She still shamelessly begged, but at least it was more hopeful than shameless. J’s two young children kept themselves amused with Kaweah and then with our yard, bringing in giant bouquets of dandelions, gold banner, and bluebells they had picked. As we saw folks off that evening, I noticed that our yard had gone from gold- and blue-dotted to pure green. I should have known better than to leave the flowers in the house because my eyes were gummy and weepy the next morning what with all of the pollen from our yard concentrated in our living room. And I see the pine cones out my window are primed with the yellow powder of passionate pine tree sex. It begins. My arsenal of steroid nasal sprays, antihistamine drops, and pills are at the ready.

While it will be another month before wildflowers make their entrance in the high country, the wildflowers of our neighborhood trails are ramping up while the ones down on the flats (Boulder) are at or just past peak. For a flower-dork such as myself, this translates into wildflowers from April through September. Nice.

fo shiz on that, yo

Although it’s not technically summer, summer began for us when mud season ended. Mud season is nominally our spring. I like that the menacing and persistent winter winds shift northward leaving us with pleasant breezes to flow through the house for a few blissful months. Seasonal fruits and vegetables parade into the markets showing off their brilliant, juicy colors and the grill gets more attention than the oven. Our deck furniture comes out of hiding. Topo maps are scattered about the living room vying for the next backpack, hike, ride, or run. Fleece hats, gauntlets, neck gaiters, and goggles in the ski bin are traded out for sun hats, rain jackets, sunglasses, and a bag of dog treats.

the end of that rainbow: my house

Last summer, I had grand plans after my chemo had finished at the end of May. I had mileage goals and destination goals. I felt that I needed to take back my body, take back my life. Chemo in particular can rob you of feeling – human. Things didn’t quite work out the way I had planned. I did manage several of my favorite local hikes and a few backpacks in the Sierra Nevada, but not without issues and not without a lot of pain. There were troublesome lingering side-effects from chemo and surgery, and daily radiation treatments caught up with me after five weeks and knocked me on my ass. I wound up with fatigue and a burned boobie, not superpowers as I had hoped. And that undiagnosed smoldering appendix plagued me for three months until I landed in the ER (a second time) in need of an emergency appendectomy – the maximally invasive kind :( Gave a whole new meaning to Labor Day weekend. When I recovered from surgery, summer was over.

You could say my summer was a bust, but I wouldn’t call it so. Maybe I didn’t reach all of my goals, but they are what kept me going instead of festering away both physically and mentally. This summer we have more goals and I came to realize that we do this every summer. There are goals and we don’t always accomplish all of them, but it’s good to have things to look forward to, things to work toward. That’s how I roll.

***giveitaway giveitaway giveitaway now***

I’m overdue for a giveaway, but spring is here for 2 more weeks so this one gets in just under the wire! One lucky commenter will be selected at random to receive a $100 gift card to one of the following (winner’s choice*):

patagucci, apple, or b&h photo

No one is asking me to promote them, I stand behind products from Patagucci and Apple. B&H Photo is where I go for the majority of my photo equipment purchases. And as a bonus, two runners-up will be selected at random to receive:

a sexy patagucci carry y’all bag

The carry y’all bags come in different colors. I’ll do my best to accommodate the winners’ color choices depending on what the Boulder Patagonia store has in stock.

So how do you enter?
Just share with me a goal you have for this summer (or winter for southern hemispherers). Leave your answer in the comment section of *this post* through Friday, June 12, 2009. No novels, please. One entry per person. People who leave multiple comments will be disqualified from the drawing because it’s damned annoying. The winners will be announced on Monday, June 15, 2009.

* If you win the giveaway and reside outside the US or Canada, you won’t be able to choose the Apple card. Sorry!

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  1. Emmy says:

    I’ve been living in Portland, OR for half a year now, but I’ve always been too busy with work to enjoy this awesome city. So now that I’m stable enough to have dropped the second job, I want to use my new free time for more hikes and other fun stuff. And I’ve never been to Washington! It’s like a 20 minute drive…that’s really pathetic. So my goal is to go to WA at least once, and to generally explore the northwest during this gorgeous summer.

  2. Helen in CA says:

    My goals for the summer are to establish daily practice (walking as well as spiritual/meditative) and to finish this phase of our remodeling.

  3. Annie says:

    This sumer, I want to be able to save up enough money to be able to study abroad in my junior year of college [my freshman year is coming to a close as I type this]. I’m wanting to go to Italy =]
    So hopefully, I can get another job and begin making the money!

  4. Steph June says:

    One of my goals during the summer is to finally be able to bike 20 miles in one day. I’m still practicing!

  5. Anna says:

    My goal this year is to pick enough fruits and vegetables from my garden to have pickled/frozen/or otherwise preserved items that I have enough to last through next spring. It already looks like I will have enough currants for a huge jam making session and the tomatoes and sweet pepper plants are looking great.

  6. Nick says:

    I’m actually interested in learning some sign language so I can better communicate with one of my classmates.

  7. Stacy says:

    I have two goals. One is to crank out the guidelines/constitution for a new food magazine I’m starting at my university this coming semester. The other is to get my flabby butt into shape!

  8. Girl Gone Domestic says:

    My goal this summer is to relax, to not be so uptight, to drop my expectations a little, enjoy my kids, go new places, try new foods. It may sound strange, but I’m often so goal oriented, that I forget to enjoy the present.

  9. Beth says:

    My goal is to land this new job I’ve been interviewing for, but before taking it, go on a totally relaxing vacation to somewhere tropical and nearly deserted. I am *this close* to both. Fingers crossed!

  10. Louise @ Buddy Garden says:

    What a great idea. My goal this summer is to better tend my garden so I can share my harvest with my friends and coworkers.

  11. Jenncharina says:

    We just bought and moved into our first home and we have a few goals this summer:
    1 – Organize the office (sifting through 10 years of receipts and statements = close the door and pretend it never happened)
    2 – Throw a housewarming sometime this year
    3 – Start running again and do a 10K
    4 – Unpack all the boxes
    5 – Make at least 4 recipes I’ve dog-eared from the awesome From My Home To Yours cookbook (MS DG is the best)
    6 – Now that we have our own (teeny) yard, have a garden of veggies and herbs
    7 – Take more photos
    8 – Relax, breathe and enjoy our very first home

  12. Rebecca says:

    My summer goal is to not let work get to me and enjoy Southern California like I did when I was a little kid. No summer vacation, but I’m going to try to spend my weekends outdoors: hiking, biking, picnicing in the sunshine!

  13. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy says:

    Only two goals??? argh, this is torture for us list-lovers. I would say my two goals are getting another website out the door and work on my portrait photography :)

  14. Valerie says:

    My goal this summer is to avoid injury while properly training for two races I am running this fall – a 10-mile race and a half-marathon. I can do it!

  15. Elis says:

    I have two goals: to harvest both tomatoes and jalapenos from my little container garden (I’d include beans but the damn things won’t sprout); and to win a bike race. Just cracked the podium with 3rd place this weekend so I hope that second one is getting close!

    Beautiful rainbow.

  16. Katie says:

    This is gonna sound really lame but my summer goal is to be organized enough to get things done as well as do fun stuff with my kids.

  17. Lee says:

    I want to get some actual reading and cooking done! I have a big pile of books on my bedside table and a long list of recipes cued up in my RSS that need to be dealt with soon!

  18. dawn says:

    well, originally my goal was to work on my cookbook. but in this tough economy hubby just got laid off a mere a couple days ago. this was such a blow as we truly thought this would never happen to us. so, now my goal is to help hubby find another job. we are trying our best to stay positive.

  19. Jen C says:

    So sad to miss the wildflowers! Most definitly my favorite thing about the mountains!

  20. Katrina says:

    This summer I want to not be afraid of falling in love.

  21. Rosa says:

    My goal this summer is to exercize more and go out for walks on a regular basis. Otherwise, I also plan to relax and stop stressing about senseless things…



  22. Amy says:

    My goal? To run 2 marathons back to back in Montana in August… but shhhh… the second one is a surprise. Awesome giveaway. Thanks a lot!

  23. Lori says:

    My goal for the summer is to be healthy after a disastrous year, and to get outside more. Manhattan is so great for walking, my goal is to walk every day.

  24. Kimmie says:

    I’m going to continue my education this summer.

  25. Mittany says:

    By the end of summer (and the beginning of cotton harvest) I will have … all the major plot-points of my current WIP written – and an actual ORDER for the writings. So help me ….. ZITA!!! (patron saint of lost keys!)

  26. Gastronomer says:

    my goal this summer is to have the sweetest abs ever. and be able to plank for a whole minute for two sets. and to bake a layer cake. my goals seem to contradict one another ;-) oh well.

  27. Nekkutyttoe says:

    My goal is to find and enjoy the benefits of working only part-time: read more, learn to bake good bread, make packed lunch for my hubby, and start playing the guitar again.

  28. lindsay says:

    enjoy the sun…cook a lot..and get my website up and running

  29. cck says:

    Goals? I do not want to kill my herb garden. Seriously.
    Also, I want to laugh every single day. Every day.

  30. Diane says:

    My goal is to get into a regular bike riding routine and to build up my strength and stamina.

  31. carmen says:

    we just moved to a new state and bought a house, so my goal this summer is to get settled in and decorate our new digs to make it truly ours.

  32. April says:

    My goal this summer is to live simply, cook good food and spend time with the people that matter most to me.

  33. Brittany says:

    I want to get my amateur radio license. I’ve been studying for several months now and just keep putting off taking the test. I really need to get on top of that =)

  34. Amanda says:

    My goal is to lose 10 pounds. Guess I need to stop surfing for delicious looking desserts :)

  35. DeeDee says:

    garden, garden, garden. This is my most adventurous garden yet!
    Choreograph 13 songs for a performance in February.
    keep my house in some semblance of order…the usual

  36. words words words says:

    I just found your blog, and WOW, that menu is ambitious and sounds delicious. (I think I just rhymed.) My goal for this summer is to lose fifty pounds. I started on June 1 and I want to accomplish it by Thanksgiving. I’m changing my diet and exercising. So far, I feel great :)

  37. melanie says:

    my goals this summer are to do more trailriding with my horse and to try at least five new recipes.

  38. Julia c says:

    Main goal: meet some new people… social circle has gotten smaller over the last couple of months as people have moved and I definitely don’t want to replace them just add to my amazing group of friends!

  39. Matt says:

    My goal is to effectively use all my goodies from the CSA I signed up for. Ideally pre making meals to fill my new freezer. Oh and to get in shape for the century bike ride I signed up for at the end of the summer.

  40. Lauren says:

    This summer, I want to read all of the Harry Potter books. I just started the first one on Saturday, and it’s amazingly good!

  41. sarah says:

    my goal this summer is getting to the top of mt kilimanjaro- i’m leaving for africa in a little over a month! :)

  42. oranji says:

    setting up my container herb garden

  43. Julia says:

    This summer, I move to California to start my PhD program. So I guess my goals mostly involve being a good grad student, exploring CA, and losing 50 pounds by Christmas.

  44. Tartelette says:

    Wow! Talk about super generous Jen! Thank you!
    As Bill just got back from an interview (cross fingers), our goals are plainly to get back the quality of life we used to have and then some since we are learning so much about ourselves right now. On a lesser level, to finally have Bailey leash trained..ahahaha :)

  45. Isa says:

    My goals are: take good enough care of our fledgling fruit trees that maybe I’ll have fruit next year, finish designing and laying out our garden beds so that next year I can actually grow some food, and finally finish decorating/organizing our house (two years after we bought it).

  46. angie says:

    My goal is to start a food blog. I already have the love-to-cook part down and i’ve been contemplating taking up photography for a couple of months now. I was helped along by having my point-and-shoot stolen on vacation in march and i’ve been saving for a dslr since then. clearly, i’d go to B&H.

  47. Shanna says:

    My goals this summer are 1) to not waste any of the beautiful veggies coming from my CSA box and 2) to save $50/week.

  48. Lisa says:

    My goals this summer is to get out hiking more and to spend more time in the vegetable garden.

  49. Michelle in Chicago says:

    Enjoy the summer and being outdoors! That’s it. We moved the Chicago not too long ago and the winters here are way too cold and way too loooooooooong….

  50. Elisa says:

    My goal for the summer is to get myself healthy again. I am in a really toxic situation at work, which is spilling over into my personal life (and health). I’ve got a multitude of stress-related health issues and can’t exercise because (sigh) I completely screwed up my ankle (at work, no less). I have already started on the road to feeling human, getting the house clean enough to walk in (something it hadn’t been in a long time) and cooking for myself and my husband again (when we’d been eating out almost exclusively because I’d been feeling so horrible and working so much overtime… and yes, I have gained 20 pounds in the last year because of the poor eating habits and the stress), and going on a single job interview (sadly, I didn’t get the job… perhaps it was the desperation in my voice when I mentioned the number of hours I’m currently working?).
    My current “healthy” goals are to continue keeping the house clean and real food on the table, to look for and GET a new job (likenowplease!), and to finally plant the garden I’ve been saying I was going to plant for the last three months (since gardening keeps me sane, and the food is good). Oh yeah, and start walking again (I was up to 10 miles a week last year) once my foot heals. I also would like to start getting finances in order to look for a house.
    I’m not expecting to drop all the weight I’ve gained in one week or to find the most perfect job in all the world or to win a million dollars. But I’d love to feel more like the full-of-life human being I am somewhere inside and start LIVING again.

  51. Bridget says:

    The most important, and most boring, goal I have for this summer is to find a job (again). Goals that are more fun include perfecting croissants, improving my running pace, and redesigning my blog.

  52. Adrienne, too says:

    This summer, I want to do more with the url I purchased than simply redirect it to my domain. I also want to rescue my tomato plants from vicious squirrels and learn how to make jam. My obstacles include four weddings to attend (all of which include travel) and my first time at jury duty (!) but I think I can accomlish the website and jam goals…

  53. Katy says:

    To make (edible) baguette I can serve to my friends and family.

  54. Nicisme says:

    To try and do more in the garden and get the house tidy.

  55. kerry johnson says:

    this summer, i want to experiment with lots of baking projects that don’t necessarily suit the restaurants i work for: carbonated lemon curd, aerorated chocolate, licorice ice cream. some of those will be served when my sister comes to visit next month – which = goal #2: enjoying a happy, stress-free, ‘we’re adults now so why can’t we be friends?’ weekend with family members :-) and finally – i want to take good care of my garden this summer, and have some success with growing all the new things in it: radishes, lettuce, broccoli rabe. next year – even more vegetables!

  56. Maria says:

    Love your photos! Our goal is to beautify our yard this summer. Already have the sprinkler system in, now we are working on flowers and a garden! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Cindy says:

    my summer goal is to really study for and then take the GMAT so i can apply to business school!

  58. Beau says:

    I need to re-stock my liquor cabinet.

  59. Nate says:

    Our summer goal is to clean the house out and get rid of all the junk / unused items.

  60. Fuji Mama says:

    My goal is to make all of our bread this summer. NO MORE STOREBOUGHT BREAD!

  61. Amy says:

    This summer I’m starting my own cooking blog!! I am buying my first house, so I will finally have a permanent kitchen to explore and photograph in! As another bonus, I will also have my own yard and my wonderful boyfriend (who will double as my photographer) has volunteered to build me raised vegetable beds. Yay for summer!

  62. marcie says:

    to find a house and go to the gym more!

  63. Katherine says:

    Get an A in my government class, land the internship with Edible Austin, learn to make bagels, find a house for next semester and tie some flies so my Da can go fishing with them…oooh and save up for that little pink kayak at Austin Canoe and Kayak.

  64. Inna says:

    Just to get ready for my baby’s arrival.

  65. Laura says:

    I just graduated from grad school with my Ph.D. in Chemistry. And in 5 weeks, I’m getting married! Its going to be an excellent summer!

  66. christies1968 says:

    My goal for summer is to spend time as a family without going postal on my offspring. Enjoy my garden and it’s contents before the critters do. Try and get some color despite my office job. Enjoy every moment that I have with my 91 year old grandmother because I need her wisdom, grace and perspective and time is not on her side.

  67. bima says:

    My goal is to continue learning to cook! I am 40 years old and just started a few months ago, so far so good! This goal also includes learning some of my Mom’s Peruvian Soul Food Recipes by heart, she is an amazing cook! I am also hosting my neice (19 years old) and my nephew (16 years old) for summer vacay (I don’t have kids so this is the closest I’ll ever get). The goal is to “rediscover Los Angeles”, I have lived here all my life and I really want to see through “young eyes” again!

  68. Spike says:

    To recover from a leg injury so that I can be back to running/triathlon for an early fall race!

  69. Taylor says:

    My summer goal is to become an expert on making your rocky road brownies because they look so delisious, to convince my parents to let me start my own blog and last but not least play some rockin beach volleyball!! ;)

  70. Cookin Canuck says:

    I’m finally back to running after a long hiatus and it feels SO good. I would like to be able to do a 10-mile run by the end of the summer.

  71. Amy says:

    This summer my goal is to work my way up to running 3 miles (from zero).

  72. Alison Reynolds says:

    I will be defending my dissertation at long last and then will be able to get into the garden to grow my own vegetables!

  73. Temperance says:

    lots of fun with my icecream maker and a slimmer figure, not mutualy exclusive I assure you.

  74. Lizzy says:

    My goal this summer is to recharge my brain with plenty of time playing outside before starting a PhD program this fall (I’m graduating from Caltech in FOUR DAYS!!!)

  75. maria says:

    to sleep in my sleeping bag more

  76. Sharon says:

    My goal for this summer is to discover all the cool spots in North Carolina. I just moved here for school from California, and haven’t had the time until now to really enjoy this state. I think it’s going to be really, really amazing.

  77. TheKitchenWitch says:

    My goal this summer is to learn how to take a freaking picture that doesn’t look like it was taken by my 7 year old. :)

    Love the rainbow. And glad you are well.

  78. sally says:

    My goal is to get myself into a consistent exercising routine. I’ve been on and off for the longest time, so I just want to figure out a way to be regular. I also wanna find an internship/job cause I just graduated. Class of 2009. w00t!!!!

  79. heather says:

    successfully move from Wisconsin to Corpus Christi, TX, find an apartment and a job, not melt in the heat and humidity, escape impending hurricanes, and learn how to properly slow-smoke a brisket!

    enjoy your piece of heaven at the end of the rainbow this summer!



  80. sara says:

    My goal for this summer is to start jogging again. I got out of it due to a busy semester and bad weather outside, but I would love to get back into it because it definitely made me feel great. The Bay Area also has great summer weather for jogging because it’s actually cool enough to do so outside without dying of heat/humidity, especially in the mornings/evenings.

  81. Danielle says:

    This summer, I hope to make a lot of new friends and take full advantage of being in a foreign country (China). Also, and most pertinently, be able to communicate with locals in Chinese!

  82. Jennifer says:

    I want to *really* get comfortable on water skis and fall just a little bit less!

  83. Amanda H says:

    I want to bake a decent loaf of bread and run 5 miles regularly (I’ve done it once two weeks ago). This will require figuring out why gives me stomach cramps and avoid that as well as building up my feet and knees to take the pounding. 10K here I come!

  84. Chloe says:

    Hi Jen,

    Like you, I’ve been plagued with some health problems for the past year. This year (finally feeling better!) my goal is to add some more mountain peaks to my list.

    Chloe M.

  85. Shelby says:

    My goal this summer is to hike 2 new peaks in Hawaii!

  86. emily says:

    my goal this summer is to plant my first vegetable garden. i just moved into a new (well new to me) house from an apartment complex. i’ve got a gorgeous little plot of land that gets plenty of sunshine. i love to cook, but to be able to say that i grew what was on the dinner plate, that would be the absolute best!

  87. Rebecca says:

    My goal is to make new friends by finding a new hobby or venturing out with one i already enjoy, ie: take a cooking class, or join a running group.

  88. Ronine says:

    You got me thinking there, Jen! I (now) have a goal of professional and one of more personal nature (inter-related but such is life): my professional goal is to do so well in my new job that I’ll get an extension when it’s up for review in the autumn and the private goal is to spend one week by a lake in a Swedish forest just relaxing, cooking, reading novels, hiking and looking out for moose :D

  89. Katelin says:

    Summer Goal: Swim 50 miles in 100 days. Time to work off that butter… :)

  90. Tasha says:

    I want to start training for the Philly marathon. Actually, the half marathon is enough for me, so the Philly half-marathon

  91. Leanna says:

    I am working on improving my 5K time. The next race is in August.

  92. Jenny says:

    Wow, that looks very cool! I guess my goal for this summer is to become a totally kickass cake decorator. I’ve got a wedding coming up on the 4th july that I’m making a cake and cupcakes for, and I’ll be starting as an unpaid intern at a bakery that makes cakes for the local hotels. Lets home I’m up to the challenge!!

    Have a great summer, you deserve it! But I hope you actually have time to sit down and smell the flowers too.

  93. Gillian says:

    My goals for this summer are to get a job, apply to graduate schools for spring term, clean and organzie my room, read the thick book i purchased fr amazon, and spend time with my family and our dog, lillie.

  94. Heather says:

    Ride my horses and hopefully grow a stinkin tomato…I am the world’s worst gardener but I LOVE homegrown tomatos

  95. Hilary says:

    My goal for the summer is to enjoy as much time with my newborn son as possible. He was born May 19, 2009 and my husband and I love him so much we can’t imagine life without him.

  96. Ben says:

    This summer I have a couple of projects that I need to get done in the house. First sand and refinish the floors and second, put new ceiling and paint the spare room. I think I’ll have enough time to do both I need to make my house look pretty, hehe.

  97. jen says:

    My goal is to make the most out of my (possible) last summer in DC. While saving some dough for my summer vacation next month in Vietnam!

  98. Brianne says:

    I’m getting married in July, so my goal is to finish my spring cleaning and organize our new apartment before then! I’m hoping to give away a lot of old things and simplify my life a little!

  99. erin says:

    my summer goals are to run my first half-marathon and bake something at least once a week

  100. clermont says:

    To plan (and take) a perfect two week vacation at the end of August in Oregon and Washington.

  101. Nikki C. says:

    Hello! I haven’t been reading very long, but I love your recipes are great, and so are the photos! My goal is to get outside more, both for exercise and fun. I just got married on Saturday, and we moved into a house with a yard (finally), and we got a German Shepard for a wedding present. So at least I have to get out more, and I’m very excited to be able to garden again!

  102. Tiffany says:

    Complete my first triathlon!

  103. Lily says:

    This summer I turn 40. So my goal is that I get started and set in a daily and weekly regimen to help me lose the excess weight I gained from my two kids (the younger is now 5 years old) and never lost. For my health and for my family, I need to change the way I eat, make more time for myself for exercise and reflection, and ultimately teach my 7 and 5 year old how to eat right for a healthier life.

  104. Quynh says:

    My goal this summer is to get more organized with everything in my life, start studying for my GREs, and try more recipes such as macarons!

  105. jacquie says:

    what is my for goal the summer?? that is scary to think about and even scarier to voice those thoughts. to get healthier and stronger both mentally and spritually. and physically since i would imagine the path for the former will entail some physical activity/pushing. i had strong spiritual upheaval a couple of years ago and have been battling my way back while at the same time dealing with a home situation that has become increasingly toxic. so at the end of the summer i would like to be just a little bit more settled inside and feeling as though there is a little ground under my feet.

    and of course some time w/ my 4-footed friends :)

  106. knitopia says:

    Our goal is to make some minor improvements to the house and yard.

  107. Melissa says:

    Save enough money to buy a laptop and put a down payment on a car for Steve. Financial goals. Boring, but needed.

    I adore the photo of the rainbow. I am lucky enough to have gotten a few awesome rainbow shots in my life. Outstanding.

  108. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary says:

    My goal is to master the art of hyperfufa. Hyper what you say? LOL So your lovely readers don’t have to look it up: Hypertufa: is an anthropic rock made from various aggregates bonded together using Portland cement. In other words…cool looking cement containers for your garden, that are actually much lighter than cement. I’m also into leaf casting too. It’s going to be a very messy summer. Thanks for the chance.

  109. Sarah says:

    Cook more!!!

  110. Karen says:

    My goal for the summer is to finally start remodeling my kitchen.

  111. Alissa H says:

    My big goal for the summer is to head back to the last geographic area I lived in, visit friends, and see my parents. There are some side goals, but that would make this a novel :)

  112. Christy says:

    Physical: Be able to do a chin-up (getting there, but slowly).
    Recreational: See EVERYTHING at the State Fair this year.
    Home: Get my house into good repair, and ready for winter (replace siding, patch roof leak, repair sink)

  113. Megan says:

    My goal is to pass the CA bar! I should be studying as I type this, but everyone needs a break. I also plan to harvest my beautiful garden, put up some canned goods and not lose my mind, or the mind of my loved ones, while I do it.

  114. MJ says:

    My family has a little FSA going on (Family supported agriculture:) It’s my job to raise all the seeds since I’m the only one who doesn’t own land. My goal is to use all of the produce that I get and not waste it. This includes lots of canning, freezing and cooking. Wish me luck.

  115. bekah jones says:

    My goal is to use the contents of my CSA vegetable box each week before the next one arrives.

  116. betsy says:

    my goal is to do a chin up. 7 weeks to go in the 10 week plan!

  117. Lisa says:

    My plan is to spend time with my family. We are raising our first garden and in addition to working that we have some R&R planned with a beach trip. All in all we plan on spending lots of time outdoors.

  118. Samantha says:

    Our summer goals are simple…soak it up! My husband will be deployed for several more months, and we are fairly new to our home (Guam…moved in Dec). Thus far we’ve jumped right into snorkeling and boonie stomping (and other island activities like fiestas). I want to share the summer with my two boys (ages 3 and 6) enjoying as much of the outdoors as we can…hiking, surfing, and enjoying some Vit D!

  119. Kris L. says:

    My goal is to buy a bed! We are newlyweds and have been sleeping on my old full-sized mattress on the floor for the past 6-months with our 500-count sheets that we received from our wedding.

  120. Dayna says:

    Not much. I just want to depend on “The Man” a little less.
    This spring I’ve started a urban garden and I would like to see my former front lawn feed my family.
    I’d like to have my kids learn what real dirt tastes like, grow heirloom tomatoes from seed and spot a praying mantis.

  121. Ivanka says:

    My goal? To find a new job! (Lost my old one in February.)

  122. Whitney says:

    To pass the IL Bar without gaining back the 8 lbs that I have lost in the past year!!

  123. Nga says:

    Steven Chu said during our commencement last week that we should go out there and change the world.

    Well… I’m not sure about the second part, but this summer, I’m certainly “going out there”. I’ll be traveling around Asia.

    My goal is to visit a country that I have never been before (probably Malaysia), and also to figure out what I want to do next.

  124. EY says:


  125. Karen says:

    I am hoping to finally get my life organized… I want to get back to a regular and fun work out schedule/lifestyle while still working full time and going to school. It’s been a bit hectic thus far!

  126. Rachel says:

    I hope to become a better baker like you!

  127. Dianne says:

    My goal for the summer is to get fit, live life to the fullest and take pleasure in life’s simple things. It has been a rough few years for me, but the dark clouds are finally lifting!

  128. Maggie says:

    I am looking to get a job…or take advantage of being unemployed and go on some fabulous trip!

  129. Raecheal says:

    My goal is to help more ladies at our local shelter!!

  130. Lindsey says:

    Goal 1: Sort through the final eight boxes of stuff I moved out of my parents’ house. Decide what’s really keep worthy, and trash the rest!
    Goal 2: Revamp my blog, now that I know a little bit of what I’m doing.
    Goal 3: Take a photography class so that I don’t just have to rely on getting lucky when taking photos!

    Your photos and writing here are such good inspiration! Keep up the good work.

  131. Maggie says:

    Since I’ve got a mildly successful first garden going, I’m going to teach myself to can/preserve/jam/jelly!

  132. Carole says:

    My goal for the summer is to spend as much time as possible with my family and train for a half-marathon.

  133. Lindsay says:

    I hope to finally get my freelance business to a point where it is my only form of financial support.

  134. Emma says:

    I want to make my first quilt! I’ve been knitting more than sewing lately and I need to get back to my craft roots.

  135. Caroline H. says:

    I had surgery on my ankle 2 months ago – and my goal this summer is to be able to run with my cross country girls at our camp at the end of July. I don’t know if it will happen, but I’m doing everything I can. Another goal that I’m already working on is to make one new dessert every week. My husband and I have dinner with about 15 friends every Monday night and our tradition is to take dessert. Off to a good start already!

  136. Tanya says:

    My goals are to get more productive and self-motivated with work and (on the fun side) conquer my fear of biking in traffic and use my new bike as much as possible. (And reduce use of my car.)

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos and recipes, etc… Your blog is a pleasure to read.

  137. Devon says:

    I have two goals – one is to be able to run at least 15 miles (going for a marathon next April) and two is to buy a KitchenAid stand mixer!

  138. Molly Riley says:

    Summer goal: Run five miles. Without stopping. Eat a homemade berry pie, hand-picked berries, to celebrate. :)

  139. Roxane G. says:

    My goal is to complete my half marathon training despite the southern heat so I can run a half with a wonderful group of friends in Atlanta in the fall.

  140. Justopia says:

    One way or the other I am going to get a better job!

  141. Amanda says:

    I hope to get fledgling cupcake business off the ground!

  142. Kim says:

    My main summer goal is to take a college class to renew my teaching certificate. I have to take 2 classes before next June and I want to knock one out over the summer so I can give more time to volunteering with Girl Scouts in the fall. :) I also want to get my kids in swimming classes and lose the 8 pounds I gained on my trip to Europe with my soon to be 16 year old daughter last month. (It was an early birthday present for her, not that I enjoyed it or anything.) ;)

  143. jenny kim says:

    my goal is to reach 100 sales by the end of the year!

  144. Ashley says:

    My biggest goal is to finish a research paper on the changing nature of American civil religion as manifested by the landscape of the Washington Mall. Just the topic is terrifying.

  145. michelle says:

    my goal this summer is to try to make a beef wellington (from scratch)

  146. Rus says:

    My goal this summer is to start a bread baking business with my kids… working on the website now:

    link deleted by Jen – please no advertising in the comments

    It will local delivery only though. Sorry.

  147. kris says:

    lose 60 lbs…start…it probably won’t come off entirely until the end of the year.. :)

  148. Carson says:

    My goal this summer is to find a job! I just graduated from college and have had no luck so far… if I don’t have a job by August, I have to move back in with the ‘rents :(

  149. Jacqueline says:

    I need to write and defend my qualifying exam, optimize conditions for some final experiments for a paper and have my first committee meeting this summer. My goal is to stay sane through it all!
    (Brings back good memories of your grad school days, doesn’t it?)

  150. soopling says:

    To write at least twenty annotated bibliographies for my thesis before the summer ends…

  151. Kalpana says:

    Goal is to stay positive, take back the control of my life and improve the quality of living.. :) Thank you.. Love the rainbow shot..

  152. Joyce says:

    my goal this summer is to have fun!

  153. Amy says:

    My goal is to do something outside my comfort zone, e.g. eat alone at a restaurant, talk to 5 strangers, etc.

  154. Jane M says:

    My goal is to paint my bedroom – if I could only choose a color!

  155. Jessica says:

    My goal is to learn how to use my camera so I can stop taking poor quality photos of my son.

  156. Taylor says:

    My goal is to train for my 4th marathon while in summer classes full time!

  157. Huy says:

    My goal for the summer is to make it through my entire summer reading list of (currently) 20 plus books.

  158. Melissa says:

    My goal this summer is to enjoy the sun, take more photos, make good food and to run a marathon.

  159. Melanie Thurber says:

    My goal is to try to spend some time relaxing. Oh, and get a good grade on my Math class. Oh, and can my vegetables. Should I stop now?

  160. lizykat says:

    my goal this summer is to get my studio finally organized, my basement cleared of un-necessary items, my yard finished: top contenders off the LIST. We have been in a remodel/redo/facelift of sorts in many parts of the house, and time is now that we are finished with ALL of it!! We are sick of the clutter!

    thanks so much for the giveaway offer, I have been enjoying your pictures and blog for some time.


  161. Gretl says:

    Recently, I’ve started to use my face book status to ask my friends what their favorite dessert/baked goodie/odd meal is. My goal is to choose one dessert each month to bake from the posted items and deliver it to my friend as a surprise!

  162. Chris B says:

    My goal is to not take work so seriously and take more vacations (I don’t want to wait for retirement), so this summer’s goal is to bike cross country. My boyfriend and I leave at the beginning of July and we have a little over 10 weeks off to complete this adventure. We’re following the trans American route and will be taking a little detour to visit Boulder on our way by!

  163. Leslie says:

    i’m trying to learn how to eat right

  164. Jen says:

    This summer, I’d like to be more active – I’ve used my bout with cancer (Hodgkin’s) as a crutch for faaaar too long, and I definitely need to get my heart into better shape! Cooking more healthfully wouldn’t be so bad either, so I’ll toss that in there as a bonus. :)

  165. Jamie says:

    A pretty simple goal for the summer – earn the PADI certification for open water diver

  166. rose says:

    To hike the John Muir Trail from Yosemite to Mount Whitney 211 miles!!

    Also, to keep cooking, baking, laughing and loving more than ever each day =)

  167. Alli says:

    Spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors, B-R-E-A-T-H… and enjoy the beautiful things in life that God has given us :-) Life is good!

  168. Michelle says:

    Well I will be studying abroad for the first time EVER to Chile & Argentina and I am excited beyond my wits. So my plan for this summer is to live it up (and study hard too)!!!! Yayyyy!

  169. Isabel says:

    This year, I graduated from college. As a present, I received an ice cream maker from my mother. My goal, then, is to invent an original flavor, using my nine-year-old brother as taste tester.

  170. Anne Borresen says:

    My goal this summer is to slw down and enjoy the little things and grow a kick ass garden!

  171. Marie says:

    My goal for the summer is to learn the last 1000 characters so I can read and write in Japanese for when I go to study abroad this fall! All my classes will be in Japanese so it would be good if I could read the textbooks…I also want to re-learn how to play flute and make sure I’m spending plenty of time with friends while working FT…

  172. Katie C says:

    I have several goals but most important among them is to find an externship (to finish my degree in Patisserie and Baking) and maybe decide where I will move after school and start my career in pastry.

  173. Christina says:

    My goal this summer is to try to play tennis every weekend to stay in shape.

  174. Y says:

    I don’t think I ever set myself any specific goals for a season. My goal is the same every year – to live a full life and enjoy what I do, as much as possible.

  175. Ceity says:

    My goal this summer is to remodel two bathrooms in my hopefully-almost-sold-to-me-by-short-sale house. Just waiting on the second approval (same bank owns both liens).

  176. Tracy Reynolds says:

    My goal is to potty train my oldest and not kill her.

  177. Uyen says:

    One of my summer goals is to finally learn how to surf! Born and raised in San Diego – I’ve taken the beach for granted. =)

  178. Amy says:

    My goal is to be more active this summer.

  179. Emily says:

    To go camping in the Adirondacks again. I live oh-so-close and have only been there once!

  180. Melissa says:

    My goal this summer to to work less, entertain more and get a tan.

  181. susan in FL says:

    My goals for this summer are to pay off my credit cards and buy a saddle (Not on credit)

  182. Tanya says:

    A goal I have this summer is to get outside more. I see your beautiful pictures on here, and crave the outdoors.

  183. Madeline says:

    My goal for this summer is to run a 5K (and in the process get in shape) as well as getting rid of stuff in preparation for moving overseas!

  184. Andrea says:

    To enjoy what New England has to offer since it may be my last one here. I started last weekend with a trip to see the Red Sox at Fenway, next weekend to a farm in upstate New York and in a couple weeks Cape Cod.

  185. Lauren says:

    I’m living in NYC for a summer internship. My goal is to go somewhere new everyday, exploring the city block by block.

  186. Jayme says:

    my goal this summer is to get out and do more! I’m such a homebody. I like it, but also I know I need to get out more.

  187. haya (living and learning) says:

    my goal for the summer is to enjoy every moment of it! we kicked off with a trip to colorado (including a day in boulder!) and it was the perfect start to a beautiful season. that’s a beautiful state you live in.

  188. Jenn says:

    My goal is to do stuff I couldn’t do while I was immersed in my MA Program: cook ridiculously complex desserts, lay around all day and watch movies, go hiking/camping/swimming throughout the summer, and bike. Just to name a few–I have a big summer planned :)

  189. Dragana says:

    Excercise more and declutter the house!

  190. Courtney says:

    My goals for the summer are to stop working so much and enjoy the pool, as well as make weekly get togethers with friends.

  191. Jen says:

    My goal this summer is to spend as much time outside as possible – more running, camping, hiking. I kicked things of with a weekend in Steamboat Springs to run the half marathon this weekend.

  192. kat says:

    My goal is to cook at least one new recipe per week.

  193. charlane says:

    my main goal is to find a job after being laid off

  194. Michelle says:

    my goal this summer is to FINALLY read Infinite Jest. It’s been with me for 5 years and 4 apartments…!

  195. Krys says:

    I’ll be moving to Boston from CA for grad school come fall, so one of my summer goals is to give away/sell as many of my belongings as I can.

    Oh, and if there’s time I want to lose 10 pounds – typical girl answer!

  196. jen! says:

    I too live in a fantastic city (Austin– thought it’s probably too hot here for you!) but for years and years have dreamed of living in NYC. A couple weeks ago I came back of my NYC pilgrimages and it finally struck me that while the big city is great and all, Austin is where I belong. This summer is the summer I will stop dreaming of living somewhere else and embrace this city, humid summer heat and all, as my own.

    Also I have stepped up the ol’ workout plan, so I WILL be losing some lbs!

  197. Allie says:

    My main goal for the summer is to get over the fact that Cornell kicked my grades’ ass this past semester (first “C” in a long time, but I should have worked harder!!), to continue studying for next semester, where I can and will not be defeated! :) , and to enjoy the insanely different beauty of the West before returning to the East.

  198. Angie says:

    my goals for this summer are fun ones, since work/research isn’t going so well right now. 1) learn how to take nice nature/landscape photos and 2) do yoga a couple times a week.

  199. Ashley says:

    My goal this summer is to honestly believe that I do not need to lose 30 pounds to be confident and beautiful – but to lose the weight anyway, just to feel better and healthy.

  200. sheauen says:

    My goal is to finish the two books (The Street of a Thousand Blossoms and another one of which i can’t remember the name) that have been sitting on the edge of my bookshelf for the last 6 months.

  201. Jen says:

    My goal is to stay in shape (oh, who am I kidding…first, I need to GET in shape) by exploring every nook and cranny of the SF Bay Area with my kids and husband.

  202. Holly says:

    My goal for the summer is to purchase a new camera. I have always had a point and shoot, but am ready to graduate to a DSLR. Any suggestions?

  203. Kim says:

    This summer, instead of lurking and saying nothing when I read a really good food blog, I am actually going to leave nice comment.

  204. Bebe says:

    My goal for the summer:
    To set out on a new path. After 15 years of teaching middle school, my craving for “something else” (took me a long time to figure out what that “something else is”) is finally going to be satisfied. I will be starting out on my new career path as a gardener. Wooooo Hoooooo! Winters will be free for skiing!!!!!!

  205. Joann says:

    My goal:

    Get in shape and relax more.

  206. Kate @Savour Fare says:

    I want to work less (which sadly, may include dialing down my blogging too) and spend more time playing. I have a kid, and she’s not going to be nearly two ever again. She wants nothing more than to have me play with her and talk to her and pay attention to her (OK, she’d pick her dad over me), and I have so many other things to do. I always have this vision in my mind of long languishing summer evenings with a cold beer and twilight conversation, and I want that to be a reality, instead of rush rush rushing all the time.

  207. peabody says:

    My goal this Summer is to always come home to a clean house. It sounds so simple and yet the clutter monsters are always coming out while I am gone. :)

  208. Megan says:

    It’s also time for me to get my ass off the couch and to get in shape! Daniel and I have decided to train for a half marathon (running it in the fall), and my goal is to be able to run 10-minute miles the whole way. So I guess the summer goal is to work up to running 13 10-min miles!

  209. Sarah says:

    My goal is to learn another aspect of my new camera and to start a log cabin quilt. Love your photos!!

  210. Adam says:

    My goal is to replace my tired old hardtail mountain bike that I use for touring and commuting with a snazzy new to me cyclocross bike and to do at least one 4 night road trip up the coast of Beautiful British Columbia and a few more weekend trips that are already in the works. Simple and easy!

  211. Memoria says:

    This summer, my goal is to finish writing my dissertation proposal and to teach my students successfully.

    I would love the B&H Photo Card! Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks!

  212. Salena says:

    I need to finish my master’s thesis once and for all so I can graduate in August. Then I will do everything I would rather be doing. :)

  213. JS says:

    My goal is to learn how to take good photos of my food. I just bought a camera and developed my first recipe. I’m eager to get started and so very excited about this new journey.

  214. Lily says:

    My goal for this summer is to finally read some classic literature! (all the way through, too!)

  215. Karen says:

    Finish my physics course!!! And then I’ll try to get out and enjoy the summer, my friends, and my family.

  216. Rupa says:

    I have two goals : To eat healthy and to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. Second to buy a house Sydney :)

  217. Wendy says:

    My goal this summer is to enjoy myself during work experience at a biochemistry lab and overcome my phobia of mice because I will be working with them for two weeks! And to finish my IB extended essay.

  218. Kathy says:

    My goal is to spend at least one hour a day gardening. I always end up feeling so good when I get out in the dirt, but forget when TV or other things beckon.

  219. Taryn says:

    I’m running my first 5k later this summer, to celebrate having lost about 70 pounds. I hope to train solidly and finish with a time that makes me proud. (Even though I’ll be happy just to finish.)

  220. JEP says:

    Goal for this summer:
    After a year of medical treatments, I want to feel physically strong enough to enjoy my first vacation ever…to Colorado!

  221. Kimberly says:

    This is my first summer in Boulder, so my goal this summer is to get out and explore the beautiful mountains in the area. Lots of hiking, mountain biking, camping and backpacking… whoooo-hooooo!

  222. Lisa says:

    being able to run again after a bad knee injury.

  223. Nicole Herbold says:

    This summer, I hope to finally finish up with a degree, cook more for my husband, start running again, and hit the beach a little more. We recently moved to Florida and have had a rough time adjusting, so running and cooking has been put on hold until now. Summer is a great time for goals!

  224. Hannah says:

    My goal for the summer is to get outside more, and actually use my dusty old bike a bit.

  225. Annalese says:

    I have just bought my first unit so my goal is to pay off as much of my mortgage as humanly possible in the next 6 months. So that the following six I can save my butt off to finally be able to go trekking in Africa. I am sorely overdue for an adventure holiday :(

  226. Ciaochowlinda says:

    First of all, I had no idea you had been enduring all those health problems. It makes your blog, which I already loved, even more special knowing what you’ve been through. (I used and posted your candied orange peel recipe a while back.) My goal for this summer – to collect and scan a lot of old photos of my mom (who died in 1986) and make a lot of her recipes, then put everything together in a cookbook for my brothers and sisters. Best of luck to you and I hope you have a great summer.

  227. Diana Banana says:

    My goal for the summer is to get started on the track to take my architecture licensing exams. It’s ironic, because it has nothing to do with being out and enjoying the weather, but rather to get myself to sit down with some really dry books for a year’s worth of exams!

    I think I’ve mentioned before, but my mom works for Patagucci, sewing prototypes of awesome jackets and such. They’re a really great company and they treat their employees excessively well. A few months ago I met up with her on her lunch break, and we hiked up this hill that overlooked a valley of orange groves on one side, and the Pacific ocean on the other. It was better than any lunch hour I’ve ever had!

  228. Liz says:

    My goals for this summer are to be both harder on myself (push myself physically and mentally), and better to myself (some pampering, healthy foods, etc). I don’t do nearly enough of either!

  229. Rachael says:

    My goal is a solo backcountry trip in Glacier NP. I have all of the tools, I just need the “umph” to go into the wilderness alone.

  230. April in CT says:

    Get out and ride our bikes more. I can’t WAIT.

  231. Deb says:

    I WILL wear my bathing suit at least once this summer !

  232. Katie says:

    My goal is to run a half-marathon at the end of the summer

  233. lindsey says:

    My goal is to shop at my local farmer’s market every week.

  234. Yun says:

    My goal for the summer is to go jogging every week and finally get fit! Your gorgeous nature pictures always make me want to go outdoors and enjoy the crisp breeze but I haven’t really had time until now, when summer finally rolls around.

  235. Lan says:

    My goal’s to get around to making all the various recipies I’ve collected over the winter for my family.

  236. Dee says:

    The simple: Successfully bake a yeast bread (they hate me). The complex: Master a new skill set that will hopefully let me pursue a different career.

  237. Kristin says:

    First I have to say that if those grad students focus as well on their work as they do on your food, Jeremy is fortunate.

    Goal: get my running to be such an important part of my life again that I don’t slack off when winter comes.

  238. Margaret says:

    I recently moved into a fixer-upper and my goal for this summer is to get it fixed-up so that I can invite friends over for a bbq or dinner party. =)

  239. sammyw says:

    one of my many goals this summer is to read my bible more :)

  240. Marie says:

    Goal 1: Clean my very messy house.
    Goal 2: Keep it clean.

    I’m a slob. =)

  241. amylouwho says:

    I want to survive the summer with 2 small kids and a husband who is deployed to afghanistan. Today almost did me in.

    And I want to enter our local photography show.

  242. Panya says:

    My goal is to ride my bike more.

  243. Guillaume says:

    My goal for the summer is to grow as many vegetables in my garden as I can.

  244. Anne B. says:

    My goal is to continue to relearn how to cook gluten and dairy free. Lots of changes!

  245. Amy says:

    Take advantage of Seattle to the fullest extent possible before I move to Columbus, Ohio this fall. This includes hiking, concerts, friends, and the aquarium.

  246. Anna says:

    Vague goals are always the best, so my goal for this summer is to be a better person overall. I feel that I can be drastically more environmentally friendly by vehemently composting. I can be nicer to my aging parents who only nag me because they care about me. I can try harder to nurture existing friendships and make an effort to befriend and understand people I haven’t in the past. Most importantly I want to improve the balance in my life. Excess of anything is practically gluttony for me these days and I want to live a balanced life. I will also cook much more this summer with all this great summer produce (asparagus anyone?!) that’s available.

  247. SassyB says:

    As a New Yorker, I’m looking forward to all the free concerts in the city! It’s my favorite time of the year here, the city is just so alive.

  248. Leah says:

    I’m moving 2000 miles to Seattle for graduate school this August. I’m moving back in with my mom to spend as much time with her as I can before I go–her health isn’t the best right now. My goal is just to get in as much quality time in as I can since my ability to see her for the next few years is going to be so limited.

  249. Chu says:

    My main goal is to hang out with all my friends and reconnect!

  250. Kathy says:


  251. Amelia L. says:

    1. Lose some weight for the multiple weddings coming up
    2. Bake & cook more
    3. Finally open up my Etsy shop and make moneys

  252. Renee says:

    Main goal is to get my house ready to sell, retire (after 31 years) and move to Texas to be near my youngest daughter.


  253. Lily says:

    To look awesome in a swimsuit! That means dieting and exercising lots.

  254. Rosa says:

    to finish the 30-day shred, and to blog more; or perhaps that should be to blog better.

  255. ruthie says:

    This summer I am going to amass a total of at least 300 hours of veterinary experience and score >700 on the math & verbal sections of the GREs! (and then write the most kick-ass vet school application EVAR)

  256. deb says:

    Finish the kitchen floor. It took months to do the cabinets.

  257. Abbie says:

    I want to cook my way through all the recipes I’ve torn out of magazines through the years.

  258. Mich says:

    Shop locally and cook with everything I buy instead of letting it languish on the kitchen counter!!

  259. Meg says:

    Two goals: 1) eat more protein rich foods and 2) Excercise at least a half hour 5 times a week

  260. Hannah says:

    my goal for this summer is to get off my butt and do community service…oh, and learning to temper chocolate is up there too

  261. Maddy says:

    To not call my ex-bf until the end of August..I need to get over him first.

  262. Marian says:

    A goal I have for this summer is to prepare myself for the GRE exam.

  263. Cindy says:

    My goal this summer is to teach my 12yr boy to cook for himself and make good food choices. This way he will work on losing his 10-20lb and increase his self esteem.

  264. Emily says:

    to be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend to the people I love the most

  265. Tina says:

    “Man would rather spend himself for a cause than live idly in prosperity”. My goal this summer is to incorporate my love of traveling and volunteering for a cause that is fulfilling and will benefit others. Off to Indonesia I go!!

  266. Emma says:

    I have a few but I want to get through this grueling new contract job so I can use the money to travel to scotland and hike with my best friend in the Highlands.

    I also want to make him love me again by being happy and content with what life throws at me.

  267. Karen says:

    My goal for this summer is to decide whether or not I need/want to do this PhD thing and plan a new set of goals accordingly…

  268. Dianne says:

    My goqal is to get my head together & enjoy myself! Too much stress this past year, so it’s time to enjoy life. Because no matter what happens, I will be okay…

  269. Jessica says:

    My goal this summer is to get in shape. I’ve slowly been sliding downwards from my peak back in my last semester of high school. I also want to start not only eating healthier but cooking at home more.

  270. Arjun says:

    My goal is to make up for the lost time and give beautiful moments to my wife forever, starting this summer..! :)

  271. holly says:

    This summer, my goal is to restart my life in Wyoming, two thousand miles from “home.” I’m looking forward to it.

  272. Martyna says:

    I want to learn to make pierogis. grandma style

  273. Nikki says:

    My goal is to eat less refined sugar and get outside more. I am looking forward to gradually becoming a better me!

  274. Maggie says:

    i am trying to start sewing! i hope i can make myself a nice collection of homemade dresses!

  275. Mrs Ergül says:

    Putting some thoughts into this conjured up a few points.

    1. make my husband put up the shelves in his work room.
    2. find myself a new job, preferably in the f&b or industrial/consumer kitchenware
    3. start exercising 3 times a week – brisk walking early in the morning while the air is still fresh
    4. start planning our wedding…
    5. enjoy life with my hubby!

    That’s about it! You take care Jen! xxoo

  276. Sophia W says:

    My goal is to move into my new apartment and make your Chinese Scallion Pancakes! My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

  277. Jess says:

    I haven’t been camping since I was 5, and up here in washington we’ve been having decent sunny weather, so I want to go out camping again sometime soon!

  278. heather says:

    i’m taking your advice and living up “staycations”…checking out as many corners of my big beautiful “backyard” in minnesota.

  279. Peter says:

    I’ve been living in Tokyo for the past year and spend the majority of my time trapped in an office building, so this summer I’d like to get out of the city for a bit. Goal #1: Climb Mt. Fuji

    My second goal is a bit more long term, but will mostly take place over the summer. My little sister’s favorite Japanese food is shrimp tempura and since I’ve come all the way over here (from Michigan), I figured I should learn how to make it as authentically as possible so that I can whip some up for her when I go home for the first time at Christmas. Goal #2: Learn how to making some rockin’ shrimp tempura.

  280. Sherry says:

    Ah, my goal for the summer is to finally tackle writing that novel that I’ve had knocking around my brain for the last year. I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve hashed out all the characters and the important scenes so much and so often that it should be a simple write but life keeps getting int he way of actually starting it. I’m not trying to be too ambitious — just starting the darn thing would be enough and making some progress but it would be nice if I could finish it this summer as well…

  281. Carla says:

    I’m working with special needs children this summer, a first-time experience. My goal is to grow as a person while making a difference to these children.

  282. Piee says:

    My goal this summer is getting a job/internship since I just graduated this past may.

  283. Sarah (Coffee Beans and Curry Leaves) says:

    My goal for the summer is to keep at least some of my vegetable plants alive! It’s my first time trying to garden but I’m having a lot of fun!

  284. Marty J. says:

    I have three major goals this summer: get back into shape, find a job, pursue my photography hobby further. I hurt my knee in March, and it finally feels okay to work out on, so I need to get back to the gym, and while I’m looking for a job, I figure I can also get back in shape by walking around my hood and trying out my new Diana and vintage canon. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  285. Ria says:

    My goal for this summer is to drink more water and stay hydrated! I dunno y but I just cannot drink more than 750 ml a day! :D

  286. audra says:

    I’m not very goal-oriented, but practice makes perfect! I think that’s how it works anyway….
    – enjoy my first “grown up” vacation to CO with my boyfriend (in TWO days!!!) and not let anything, the altitude and my lack of conditioning or any other setbacks, bother me
    – start this new job with an open mind even though i am opposed to so many parts of it and it’s not what i want
    – because it’s not what i want, i will work harder at being the best dog trainer i can be and step outside my comfort zone and market myself better rather than rely on word of mouth, so that i can do what i love full time
    – move out of my parents’ house —> get a place where i can have a second dog, and nurture some plants (also known as: try my damndest not to kill them)
    – in general: strive to be better balanced in mind, health, and love

    Thanks for the contest, it was thought provoking!

  287. Debbe says:

    One of my more creative goals this summer (and I have lots) is a deal I made with my friends to visit each and every drive-in in the city that we can find. I’ve made a list, both virtual and physical, and now we’re slowing knocking them down and having a great time! Drive-in food is almost the same price as any fast-food restaurant, but it always tastes better and I’m sure that it’s a lot less processed!

  288. chris says:

    My main goal is to get through my last round of chemo and my last stem cell transplant so I can get back in the kitchen and start baking again!

  289. Allison says:

    I’m going to run every day this summer (weather, etc. permitting) and build up my speed + endurance. And cook more! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  290. Jess says:
    ^ THIS is my goal. We’re going to Nicaragua this summer and I want to make it up the active Concepcion volcano without, y’know, passing out halfway and sliding the rest of the way down. As I am wont to do.

    Lucky grad students!

  291. Manda says:

    My goals for the summer are to 1) run a 5K and 2) to do one pull-up. I’m really close to the pull-up goal but not quite there yet. I still dislike running but it’s a challenge for me so I do it. :)

    You’re so generous with the giveaway!

  292. cindy says:

    Jeez–you are more popular than I thought. Impressed here. My goal is to haul my ass out of my exercise comfort zone, which, I’ve discovered, means leaving the gym and getting outside–on my feet, on my bike, on the trails. Harder, faster, longer. I’m considering everything leading up to next winter my training to justify the Squaw season pass I bought.

  293. bruleeblog says:

    My goal this summer is to stop eating out so much and to cook at home more. This also gives me the side benefit of saving money so that I can go on a trip to Spain and Morocco, and/or Vancouver, B.C.

  294. Nikki says:

    I want to travel more!

  295. Ellen says:

    my goal for the summer is to learn to relax, discover myself, regain my health and get closer to the people that really matter in my life.

    also, i want to get my hands dirty and grow some of my own food, learn italian, run a 5k, and read a lot of books :)

  296. Eunice says:

    I want to finally enjoy my spare time, I’ve spent the last year slaving over med school applications and have missed out on the wonderful California seasons. Now that it’s summer I want to be able to be outdoors and enjoy what precious free time I have left.

  297. daisylover97501 says:

    Among the many goals for this summer, the most important one is to rid myself of the clutter in my life – it’s dragging me down and taking up space that I need for new experiences!

  298. Julie L. says:

    My goal is to finally quit talking about it and start a blog–a cooking blog, one which I update frequently. I already cook all the time and obsessively photograph my results, so what is keeping me from taking the plunge?

  299. Jenny says:

    My goal is to declutter — I started the process and have to keep it going.

  300. Anda says:

    I want to relax and enjoy my holiday as much as I can.

  301. Jennifer S. Chapman says:

    My first goal is to read forty books. I love to read but summer is the only time I get to seriously read.
    My second goal is to revamp the Honors Freshman Biology class I teach. I want the class to reflect the 21st century more.

  302. Dianne says:

    My goal for the summer is to start and follow a water exercise program. I also want to get in the habit of eating more fruits and veggies, which should not be difficult with all the summer bounty.

  303. Tish Brindle says:

    Try one new recipe a week – there are so many great recipes out there. Doing well this week, made Fillet Of Beef With Quinoa, Roasted Pumpkin & Salsa Verde for dinner on Saturday night, and made Glutinous Rice Parcels or Sticky rice last night with my seven and four year old sons for dinner last night. Both voted a success by all and the stick rice is destined to become a standard.

  304. CheeCheng K says:

    My goals for this summer is… First, to bake macaroons and cupcakes with my friends who are coming back from abroad (studying). Then, we hope to work out on selling them outside the primary school nearby our housing area, if our baking works out ! (its for side-income). Besides, i’ll pray daily hoping that i did well for my final sem1 examination and my effort if well paid off :Dhaha

  305. Amy says:

    My goals for this summer are to read at least 50 books and to learn to make awesome pizza at home.

  306. Lianne says:

    I live in Sydney, so my goal this winter is to return to my hometown Hong Kong and basically have a blast with wonderful friends I haven’t seen for months. Maybe not so “out there” as goals go, but hey, I love my friends and we’re long overdue for some girl talk. :)

  307. Nicola says:

    My goal for the whole year is to keep my equilibrium, so hard won over the past six years after being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, and having been an anxious, blustery, fearful person for most of my life. I am in a place in my life and head and heart that I’ve never been before, with greater tranquility than I ever would have thought possible. I still have cranky moments and times when the little things get me down, but mostly, I’m just so damned happy to be alive and to be in a very well phase. So, that’s the thing I want to keep most, and grow most. On a more prosaic note, I want to make and sell more art this winter, if people start buying it again as confidence returns to economic systems. But that’s very minor compared to the “maintain the equilibrium” goal.

  308. Julie says:

    My goal for this summer is to recover financially from the earlier part of the year as well as spend a lot more weekends camping and hiking in the Gorge and Mt. Hood.

  309. chef sheree says:

    My initial goal this summer is to make it through my daughter’s high school graduation and grad party, then we will relax the rest of the summer at the cottage and camping on Lake Michigan.

  310. Hilary says:

    One of my goals for the summer is to start taking yoga classes! I run a lot and am worried about getting injured again–time for some stretching and strengthening..

  311. Renea K. says:

    My goal for the summer is to complete all the paper work and classes required for our adoption “Home Study”. It is way more work than I ever imagined, but I know the ultimate results will be so worth the effort.

  312. Stacy says:

    I’m going to go back to school. :)

  313. Paula says:

    My goal is to get my almost 2year old son to a zoo so he can see the animals whose sounds he makes so well.

  314. Pinar says:

    Two goals for the summer:
    – Get a scuba diving license
    – Learn how to do wind-surfing

  315. Cindi says:

    My goal this summer is to run a 9 min mile. Love the rainbow.

  316. Caramelsutra says:

    My goal is to finish writing and PASS my qualifying exam…hopefully by the end of summer I will be a doctoral candidate in Tumor Virology!

  317. Janet says:

    We are recently empty-nesters so my goal for the summer is to reclaim the last vacated bedroom. Our home lacks the closet space I require so having another set of closets all to myself is pretty exciting! Not to mention that this bedroom has the best view of all the bedrooms so I’m working on twisting my husband’s arm to help me move my desk into that room – facing the window, of course!

    Enjoy your Summer (and thanks for sharing via your beautiful blog!)

    Wishing you perfect health always,


  318. Amy says:

    My goal is to get my 2 year old to sleep past 5 am.

  319. Tori says:

    My goal for the summer is to grow a great garden and feed myself. Simple but gratifying.

  320. Laura says:

    Wow I was going to be impressed if running Kaweah kept her from begging. No amount of butt-whupping ever kept my dogs from begging! :)

    All of my goals this summer are focused around our new house–you know, more unpacking, planting more stuff, finding shade trees I want, hanging paintings, etc.

  321. Kate says:

    My goal is to hoe out, sort and can… and I am talking about my house not my garden!!! Great giveaway ;)

  322. Lisa says:

    My goal is to be more consistent with exercise.

  323. Jennifer says:

    My goal this summer is to exercise more, bake more (hence the exercise more), and read a ton of great books. Oh and paint the living room.

  324. kristina says:

    my goal is to go blueberry and cherry picking for the first time this summer.

  325. Amy says:

    This summer I want to develop better eating/exercising habits and I want to save money so I can spend it on working towards my private pilot license. Silly planes cost too much to rent.

  326. Katharina says:

    My goal is to finish my thesis, so I can hop on a plane to Australia in september!

  327. Lori @ RecipeGirl says:

    My goal for this summer: Maintain a fitness schedule amidst happy hours at the beach!!

  328. Rhoda says:

    My goal this summer is to develop a photography project and deadline, sticking to my part-time photography twice per week (since I have a full-time job in horticulture). I need to start earning a little extra money to pay for much needed equipment.

  329. Alpa says:

    Goal is to do fun stuff with my son .. hiking ,biking beach . Learn how to bake and frost cakes . Learn how to bake bread .. yeast and all . Quite intimidated by yeast …

  330. inmomniac says:

    I want to try to build a patio out back this summer. I love eating outside, grilling outside and chilling while my kids play in the yard. Every summer I set to do this, but every summer something else has come in the way. NOT ANYMORE!

  331. Margaret in NJ says:

    My goal is to become healthy and fit in time for my August 29th wedding and October 30th HS reunion. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, my goal is to find peace with my 19y/o daughter when she returns from Army Boot camp in early August.

  332. Jan Barnes says:

    My goal for the summer is to push myself to make new dishes at least twice a week instead of falling back on the old ones we love so much. I have a huge collection of recipes from various blogs to give me inspiration.

  333. Rachel says:

    My goal this summer is to do it all. I want to say yes to every single invitation, yes to every party, yes to every weekend at the beach and every afternoon on a boat. I usually exhaust myself beyond recognition when I opt for that kind of goal, but I have a feeling it will once again all be worth it.

  334. Anna says:

    My goal for the summer is to learn to cook simply for myself, as I will be doing that for the first time come fall, and to participate in a triathlon in August!

  335. Janet says:

    Wow, your pictures are spectacular! I was just diagnosed with a cancerous polyp in my colon, so my goal for this summer is to come through surgery for it’s removal with flying colors and for the biopsy to show that the cancer was contained within the polyp!

  336. JMc says:

    Backpacking Backpacking Backpacking. Spring through Fall, one trip down and 7 more weekends scheduled between now and Mid-october. Seeing that nothing interferes is my goal.

  337. Liana says:

    My goal for this summer is to eat healthy and keep up with my exercise routine.

  338. Melissa Chitwood says:

    Digging out from cancer is like being buried under a rock pile, poking your head into the sunshine.Ready to take stock of your neglected garden, home, life and anything else that drifted off in those months out to sea. That’s what we’ll be doing.

  339. Monique says:

    I live in the PNW and love all of the outdoor opportunities that exist here. I am an avid hiker and spend most weekends in mountains doing what I love. I am approaching mid-life (okay, 50 isn’t really midlife but who knows, I might make it to 100!). Late summer, I intend to climb Mt. Baker which stands pretty at 10,778 feet. I have been up close from many different sides many times but this year, I want to stand on the summit. Who knows, this year Mt. Baker, next year…?

  340. Patricia Scarpin says:

    Jen, I wish could have been part of such delicious dinner. ;)

    My goal for this winter is to eat in healthier way – I’ve started already, including more veggies in my food, but that is just the beginning, since I also intend to make the hubby a healthier person. :)

  341. Caanan says:

    This summer I’d like to exercise regularly and skip eating out so much.

  342. Dan O says:

    Publish my first journal articles and take a few more trips to the Boundary waters!

  343. TheGirlCantHelpKnit says:

    My goal’s for this summer are to knit some lace, I have a hank of beautiful yarn waiting for an inspiring pattern, and to make some Macarons as I’ve been drooling over the ones that crop up over on Tartelette’s blog.

  344. annie says:

    My goal is simple…shoot 5 rolls of film with my 35 mm camera. I’m so excited to step back from digital.

  345. Bri says:

    My goal is to gut and rebuild my kitchen. You know, just a quick weekend project! :)

  346. Christina says:

    My goal this summer is to get back on track with my weight loss. I need to get myself more active in either a gym or just by doing more activities that don’t involve food/alcohol! Those last 40 pounds (after losing 160!) are mine to lose!

  347. Becky from MN says:

    I have two goals – One is to have a succesful garden that produces enough to feed us throughout the winter. The second is to actually get the barn cleaned and organized: cages power washed, and new plastic lining up on the walls, and a whole list of things that goes with a major cleanup/reorganizing job ;)

  348. amy says:

    Two goals – lose 10 pounds, & cook 3 recipes from each of my cookbooks. With the size of my library, that just might take the whole summer… :)

  349. Jessica says:

    My goal for this summer is to improve my Japanese and get back in shape.

  350. Steve says:

    Main goal:
    Try to find more ways to show Mary that I love her.

    Other goals:
    1. Start training with Lorna to be a therapy dog
    2. Take more photos and get them uploaded online
    3. Get out to some local farmer’s markets and cook more!

  351. Kristine says:

    I have a few goals.. The biggest goal is to go 5 different European countries I haven’t yet been to.. The second one is to learn how to cook creative dishes from scratch. I’m hoping goal #1 will help goal #2 (with the inspiration thing).

    BTW. so jealous of your environment.. Living there looks so much more exciting then over here where it’s as flat as a pancake.

    Thanks for bringing the fantastic pictures of Kaweah, the mountains and definitely your food!

  352. Stephanie D. says:

    I need to get serious about eating healthy and losing weight.

  353. Kolby says:

    I have 2 major goals – one work related and one personal. I plan on getting my ass in gear and getting my store website off the ground (own a kids store already – moving into cyberspace). The other is to get my back yard in hang-out order. Since my husband hates yard work, it’s pretty much just me and my 4 year old digging and chopping. On a selfish note – I do like it when my son tells everybody his Mommy is the one who cuts the trees down, not Daddy.

  354. Elizabeth says:

    My goal for this summer is to take time off to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully find a new job.

  355. Yvonne says:

    I have 2 goals:

    Since graduating College a few years ago, I never had time to relax and enjoy “what life has to offer”.
    Instead, I jumped on the early band wagon and started to work straight to pay off my student loans. (I didn’t want my parents to be shouldering this burden) so saving up on the side: My first goal is to travel.

    My second Goal is to spend more time learning how to cook from my Dad who was a chef (one of my biggest role models). Life is too short, got to spend it with family and friends who matter.

  356. Danielle says:

    My goal for this summer is to find a job! I was unexpectedly laid off a couple weeks ago, but since then have been filling my time with cooking a lot and laying out by the pool. And although that has been awesome, I need a job so I can feel like a legitimate member of society again!!!

  357. Alexis Ellis says:

    Hoping to run a sprint triathalon in August!!

  358. Laura says:

    The boy and I bought each other whitewater kayaks for our back-to-back birthdays, and our goal is to use them as much as possible this summer! (yeah, that’s a pretty vague goal, i know) I also need to go to the farmer’s market more and start cooking from my saved recipes and cookbooks again! I’ve been improvising a lot lately (which is not to say a bad thing…)

  359. Fiona says:

    I need to finish the book this summer. Between our trip to the UK, the month in DC on a research junket, and the fact that school starts the third week of August, my goal is ambitious. But I need to get it done. Seriously.

  360. karen b. says:

    My goal is turn my typically pessimistic and skeptical self into a slightly more optimistic self. And I only have to undo 41 years of behavior – easy enough, right? I’d also like to learn some form of illustration. I’m a painter and trying to find ways to switch careers while still staying a little creative. And maybe learn to make a tart crust. Ok – maybe I’ll start with that one.

  361. Hugo says:

    My goal for the summer is to finish the content of the article I need to publish in order to complete the requirements for my masters in engineering. I am doing a masters by article so it will be the building block of my thesis. :-)

  362. Anna says:

    Since having to go gluten-free 3 years ago my love of food has blossomed. I think it’s because knocking out all that fast-food and bread forced me to embrace the wonderful world of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and meat. It also made me more aware of how food affects my health so I’m all-in-all a much more healthy eater. But in my core I am a dessert person and I long to be able to make all the fruit tarts and cakes and pies that I see on all my favorite food blogs. So my goal this summer is to learn to bake gluten-free. This will include the mysterious and expensive Xanthan Gum. I’m excited!!

  363. Kim Wolfe says:

    To sit in this chair for hours on end in order to remove all the photos that shouldn’t have been kept on my iMac, and back up the keepers. It didn’t happen in 2008, but I vow to do it in 2009!

  364. kari says:

    my goal…participate in a duathalon at the end of it. so training, training, training….all summer long! i’m looking forward to the reward of saying…i did it! :)

  365. Leigh says:

    After 30 years, I am finally going to learn how to ride a bike this summer. Mini-goal: To be able to ride to the farmers market!

  366. Sare says:

    I’m going to take up sailing this summer.

  367. Maressa says:

    My goal for this summer is to try and start a family, very exciting!

  368. Bethany says:

    Honestly? I am starting a new job, getting married, moving, and…… well, I thought I’d start a food blog!

    When it rains, it pours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  369. Laura says:

    My summer goals are: workout minimum 3x a week, every week. And to attempt one of your beautiful Chinese recipes, now if I could choose one…

  370. Cindy says:

    My goal for the summer is to finish our house renovations (inside and out) so we can have a life! We’re doing most of the work ourselves, so when you come home after work and then start laying hardwood or tiling a bathroom or framing basement walls, you can get burned out easily. We’ve been doing renos for the past two years. Enough already!

  371. Celia says:

    My goal(s) for this summer are all tied to the garden, food/diet and being healthy… seems like I have the same goals every year but I take that to mean that it’s a lifelong journey, not a destination!
    1) as a fun experiment, I am tracking the actual value of all eggs and produce collected from the garden to see if there is actually any monetary advantage to growing your own food. I’ll always grow it anyway because I love it and it’s great for my sanity, but like I said, just for fun…
    2) start eating better and not just thinking about it, not that I don’t eat what I grow, but I need to eliminate more refined sugar and white flour and all that goop. No cancer here yet but my risk is 40% and the family is rife with the history of it. Got to be armed and ready and ice cream is not the answer. Bring on the chard!

  372. BostonSarah says:

    My Goal for this summer is to do my very first triathalon ! I’m training hard but could use some new gear at Patagonia ;o)

  373. Lily says:

    My goal for this summer is to train hard for a personal record in the half-marathon. Sure, it may not be as exciting as the full marathon but let me tell you that it’s pretty damn hard for someone like me (unathletic as they come) to bust my hump off running. Besides, everyone knows that if you train hard, you reward yourself with all the good food afterwards. ;)

  374. Tiffany says:

    I want to complete my sequential art pieces. I have two more to go and the only thing stopping me is myself! Come on motivation!!!!

  375. Lan says:

    my goal this summer: to go to more outdoor concerts and festivals. i’ve been in a rut for a few years, being anti-social and cooking/baking as i have been for the last year is not helping. i’d like to go out more and talk to actual people, rather than other bloggers. :)

  376. Susan/Wild Yeast says:

    My goal is to stick to my training schedule with Team in Training so I can walk the Nike Women’s marathon on October 18.

  377. rachel says:

    Um, maybe I should work on this but my only goal so far is to finally buy a new couch. It’s been a few years since college so it’s about time…

  378. Cass says:

    I have a lot of goals this summer, none of which actually include the dissertation goals my advisor made me set. I want to have a successful garden, run a 5k, learn to roller skate so I can play roller derby, and read the giant stack of novels that I’ve collected but haven’t touched because they don’t have anything to do with research ;)

    Happy Summer!

  379. Amy says:

    Aw, Jen, you’re so awesome with these giveaways. :)

    One of my summer goals: complete at least one craft project. I have a backlog of ideas and somehow never get around to doing them. I’m newly inspired now that we’re in the process of building our house, so I want to get at least one of the art ideas done so that I can use it in our new home. Need to keep myself on track. :)

  380. Meaghan says:

    This summer I have two goals. They are: 1. Start running, for real. For more than 10mins at a stretch, I mean. 2. Fill my mason jars and kitchen with as much preserved summer bounty as possible, before Montreal’s formidable winter returns!

  381. Jackie says:

    My summer goal is to finally have some time with my boyfriend – after a long year of on-call surgery assisting, I am looking forward to a nice vacation on the beach with my honey :) (And then grad school, dun dun dun…)

  382. Chris says:

    This summer I would like to be living in the same city as the man I love. He’s in Chicago, I am in NH. We are in the planning stages now, and I just can’t wait!

  383. Chrissie says:

    My goal is to move across the country without going completely insane.

  384. Kitty says:

    This summer, I’m going to adjust my wardrobe and actually look like a girl. I’m rather bored of looking like a dude. Can’t say much about the personality though ;D

  385. Michael Rice says:

    My goal: finish up my time with NASA and begin teaching English…and become a better father, husband, and Christian.

  386. Elaine says:

    My goal is to officially start my catering company; on a small scale, this summer, it’s going to consist of a selection of homemade sausages, mustards, and pickles. (An addendum would be to get over my queasiness at handling the unbelievably odd texture of hog casings while making the aforementioned sausages.)

  387. Stefanie says:

    hi – my goal is to get rid of all of the excess junk lying around my house and garage!

  388. Amy says:

    Last summer I had the grand idea of cooking/trying 101 different things. Only made it through 1/3 of the list before school started. Maybe this summer I’ll start working on that again, but no guarantees about finishing it. :)

  389. Manggy says:

    I can see why they’re concentrating so hard– what with that menu!
    This is already at 390 comments, so I’ll be brief. Get some freaky damn work experience (in this economy? yay) or observership experience.

  390. Kathy O. says:

    Getting out and doing/seeing as much as I can before I start grad school at the end of August.

  391. Cassee says:

    My goal this summer is to get married to the man of my dreams in lake tahoe and love every minute of it.

  392. Paula says:

    My goal for the summer is to move back to Vancouver and get settled into a great home where I want to be for many years … sick of being bored in this small town. Also, I want to finish some quilting projects – but that is always a goal! Great prizes! Thank you!

  393. Lynn says:

    My goal is to get out and do some white water rafting this summer, hopefully on the Rogue River, with margaritas during the cocktail hour and great food in camp.

  394. Andrea says:

    Roadtrip down the 1 in CA, make it to at least 10 state parks in NorCal before the Governator closes them and generally enjoy my summer as a fresh college graduate and try not to worry too much about the future!

  395. Joanne says:

    My goal for summer is to complete the next series of “beach boot camp” and to be able to actually run as much as they ask us to run (right now, I’m walking/trotting due to a hurt knee and general out-of-shapeness). It would be nice to not be the last person once… just once.. at this point in time…

  396. Esther says:

    Because I saw this on foodgawker, I’ll post a food related goal.

    I see such amazing recipes posted everyday that it has really sparked a cooking monster inside of me, but my love of carbs is hindered by my fear/hatred of yeast. I’ve failed many a time at activating yeast so it’s almost a masochistic relationship, looking at the site and not being able to make what I want. Therefore, my goal is to successfully make rising bread! I’m afraid! The potential of failure is enormous! But technically, I’ve already failed a million times over, so I can only go up, right?

  397. Amy says:

    I live in Chapel Hill (Chapel Thrill, anyone??) and I am just discovering all these beautiful trails / conservation areas around here. This summer my goal is to go on one trail run a week and at least discover a new trail every other week. I think if I said I would go on a new one every week, I would run out of spots!! haha. Anyway, the best part of trail running is the balance between old and new – exploring new areas but also getting to see the changes on the areas you already *think* you know so well.

  398. Eileen says:

    My goal for this summer is to simply do more. Make the effort. Go when people invite me climbing. Ride my bike to work more. Mtn bike more. Oh and weed the garden more often…

  399. Crystal says:

    Settle into the new place and get back to balancing life: working out, boundaries with work, devo time, more cooking and dating with my hubby, having friends over, etc. :)

  400. Leah says:

    My goal is to get a chicken coop/tractor built and 3 chickens in our backyard. I’d like to use scrap we already have and resist the temptation of buying a spendy Eglu.

  401. emily says:

    My goal this summer is make at least one new recipe a week. This could be a main dish, a side, a dessert etc. I have amassed such a huge collection of recipes over the years that it seems that I spend more time organizing them than actually making them! Summer seems to be the best time to accomplish this goal because the likely time for this goal to be achieved would be on the weekend and weekends in the winter are devoted to skiing and thus expend all energy.

  402. kim s. says:

    my goal is to truly find some inner peace. it’s been a trying 6 months to say the least, and i am looking forward to having these few hot humid months to get on top of at least some of it.

  403. Caleb says:

    By the end of August: Walk, on average, 7500 steps per day.

  404. Johanna says:

    My goal is to make and assemble a really fancy, Parisian-style dessert (multiple layers, etc). I love to cook and bake but have never taken on a really ambitious presentation. I have some time off this summer before starting graduate school, and I think this would be a satisfying project for me!

  405. Sharon H. says:

    Lose weight!

  406. Maggie says:

    One of my goals for the summer is to make and surpass my 1000th skydive.

  407. Connie K says:

    my goal, is to become healthier. after coming back from college for summer break, i need to find a food balance in my life, as well as exercise more! i have already started by walking for 2 hours in my neighborhood with friends, and cutting out late night snacks. seeing results so far!! :D

  408. Hee-Sun says:

    This summer I’m going to be studying abroad in Japan for 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this comes at the heels of my new found passion for baking (esp. bread and cakes), which will not be possible in Japan given the lack of ovens there. So my goal for this summer is to either learn to bake without an oven (using steamers and such) or find a new food-related passion. I want to come back to the States as a semi-expert on a kitchen-related skill (i.e. cooking a variety of dishes with a rice cooker, etc).

  409. Marcella says:

    To make time to watercolor!

  410. Paula K says:

    This winter I am looking forward to getting on the ski slopes at least a couple of times to get some overdue snowboarding in. :)

  411. Erin says:

    This is my first summer in Colorado in four years and though I want to make the most of it, the real goal is to slow down and enjoy it. And take more pictures. I really need to take more pictures

  412. Trang Nguyen says:

    I plan to bake a beautiful and delicious strawberry chiffon cake for my daughter’s birthday. Thank you.

  413. Katharine says:

    I’ve been talking about it for over a year; it’s time to get my basic German properly learned.

  414. nico says:

    Nice giveaway!!! thanks. My goal for this summer is to swim 2.5 km in less than 60 min.

  415. Beth says:

    I have two: finally make decent granola myself (I have an attention issue that has led to about two dozen burnt batches) and to bike from Gloucester to Boston. Without wanting to kill myself in the process. Or running into anything.

  416. Diane says:

    My goal is to get a normal result from my mammogram this time. Please, please, please…….

  417. Georgia says:

    Weee! A giveaway! I have a long list of things I want to do this summer, but my favorite is my plan to go down a waterslide at some point. It’s been way to long since that’s happened.

  418. Manisha says:

    Goal #1: meet up with you more often. Hee!
    Goal #2: Run more and say bye-bye to fasciitis and some love handles.
    Goal #3: Join the local Art Association and rock their exhibitions.
    Goal #4: Self-promotion work-wise – learn to blow my own trumpet.
    Do you need more?

    Hugs to ya, girlie!

  419. Tana says:

    Having just relocated to AK (again), my one goal this summer is to conquer O’Malley Peak.

  420. Alison says:

    I want to become a runner this summer… and thus give myself permission to bake more!

  421. Maja says:

    Summer goal or rather a wish is to get the job that i want and start work in september so that i can actually enjoy a guilt-free vacation now that the thesis is finally behind me. :)

  422. minh says:

    my goal is to not only survive the summer living with my mother again for the first time since 2003 but to….well i guess surviving is already aiming high, yeah?

    happy summer!

  423. Cassie says:

    My goal is to make it back to beautiful Boulder sometime this summer. I migrated away two years ago and even though I’ve come to love the desert where I live now, I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss Boulder. Your photographs of the surrounding mountains have made me incredibly homesick, in an oddly wonderful way.

  424. wing@foodarts says:

    Summer goal? Move from my studio, to my garden, and to my kitchen over and over and over again. These three places keep me centered after a full year of teaching art to elementary kiddos (700 kiddos..don’t ask how). These three spaces form my mandala, my trilogy.

  425. payal says:

    My goal for this summer is to get as much sun, walking, and reading as I can before I set into my 3rd trimester. Parenthood is right around the corner so must get in all the things I enjoy doing alone.

  426. Chaitali says:

    My summer goal to get rid of my procrastination and to start writing my thesis

  427. Jamie says:

    hey Jen,
    thanks for the chance at another giveaway !
    here’s my entry:
    1 – figure out what i’m doing after the postdoc stint
    2 – go camping
    3 – begin to learn yoga
    4 – aim to be active 5-6 days a week

  428. maya says:

    I plan to start taking photos again. I have a Nikon FM2. I haven’t used it since my photography classes decades ago. I live in southern Cali, so there is much to capture here. My goal is to get good again.

  429. Abi says:

    We moved to Boston in 8/2007. With a 2.5 month old baby. 8/2008, I gave birth to baby #2. It has been a hectic 2 years. My goals for the summer are 1) not get preggers :) and 2) finally explore the city of Boston and while we’re at it, the rest of New England. The babies are bigger now and tolerate being in the car so it shouldn’t be too hard, right?

  430. Adrienne says:

    my goal for the summer is to study for the GMAT, apply to MBA programs, and try at least one new recipe a week!

  431. Helen says:

    Start running to run a marathon. That’s ambitious. I’ll say, maybe a 5K or 10K road race. I’ve gotta start running first though.

  432. marce says:

    My goal for the summer is to complete the revision of my upcoming young adult novel, The Cake Princess, while baking at least a cake each week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  433. phil says:

    it would be easy to say my goal is to start a vegetable garden on the flat roof of my new apartment, but that is too easy. my goal is to SUCCESSFULLY MAINTAIN the vegetable garden i AM going to start on my roof!

    love your blog. i’ve been reading it for months!

  434. Angela says:

    I’m going to try and relax while I travel through Europe and be okay with not planning out everything. And I want to learn to surf!

  435. Abby says:

    My goal is to find a used plant stand (of sorts), buy several pots and paint them fun colors and plant an herb “garden.” I’m good with plants but not with goals. We’ll see how it goes!

  436. Sandy says:

    My goal(s) this summer:

    – Finish a scrapbook for our Europe vacation taken two years ago (I just started it)
    – Start my daughter’s elementary school scrapbook (she’s going to middle school this fall so I have six years of pages to do).

    The easy goal will be to enjoy our vacation in Hawaii!

  437. Fiona says:

    This summer, my goal is to experience one perfect tomato from my garden. This is the 3rd year that I have attempted to grow heirloom tomatoes and I have yet to reap a bounty of good tomatoes.

  438. Twila Moon says:

    My goal for the summer is to go on a fastpacking trip. It’s been on my hubby and my list for a couple years, but this time we might finally get there. It is so fun – light pack, more miles. You should try it – from all your outdoors I bet you’d like it!

  439. noknok says:

    I broke two vertabrae last December, and I’ve been on a tear ever since to get back mobility.
    This summer my goal is to celebrate the shedding of crutches and braces by enjoying the fresh air and teaching my little boy how to swim & ride a bike. And to get back to doing all the moves in kickboxing class again. Have a great summer!

  440. Donna says:

    This summer I plan on harvesting a ginormous crop of blueberries from my back yard. I promise to share!

  441. Gloria says:

    This summer I am determined to master the outdoor charcoal grill. Set me in front of a stove and I can cook french cuisine. Set me in front of a grill, you get Jamaican Jerk Chicken, minus the Jamaican and seasonings! =(

  442. Beau says:

    My goal this summer is too work enough to take as much pressure off my parents as possible. Both of my parents work extremely hard to provide for my sisters and me. I know it will be a lot of hard work and it is a long way away, but I cannot wait for the day when I can not only support myself and a family, but also generously pay back my parents for all that they have provided and put up with over the years.

  443. Sophia says:

    My goal is to get spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared for college!

  444. Steph F. says:

    I want to surf in at least three cities this summer :)

  445. JessW says:

    My goals for the summer include taking my son camping, fishing, swimming, berry-picking, and horseback riding. I want to preserve some of each of the fresh crops in my area and have a full freezer and pantry come autumn. Lastly, I want to finish my hunters education so I can finally get a hunting license!

  446. Angelique says:

    I will not only GO on a trip to the Western Slope, I will actually PLAN ONE! Woo hoo, city girl gets some fresh air!

  447. Kristi says:

    My goals this summer are to soak up as much of Colorado and as much of my family as I can before returning to Texas, to run and bike some great trails, and for me and my kiddos to survive my husband/best friend’s prolonged absence for work. The summer will be over before we know it! Enjoy, everyone!

  448. dimples_323 says:

    My goal is to go on a hike with my husband and my dog at least once every two weeks. None of those wimpy round the lake hikes either, but a real, scrambling up hills and rocks kind of hike. I did one last week and it took 6 hours. Maybe I should’ve started with a shorter hike.

  449. Andrea says:

    You are so generous girl! This summer I would like to bike to work 10 times instead of driving, finish a twin bed sized quilt, build a woodshed, and keep my rhubarb patch going until strawberry season. Bring on the summer!! Love your writing & pics, keep up the wonderful work!

  450. sybil says:

    find a job!

  451. ED says:

    goal for summer: just got a new grill so trying out new yummy bbq recipes and having people over to share

  452. susan says:

    Wow, 447 and counting…you sure have a following! Thanks for always making it fun!
    My goal this summer, is to sneak off and play “hookie” with my kids as much as I can, that is until I land myself a job, whilst I close my “never-quite-made-it start-up business”. These will be precious days as they’ll be hard to come by once when I am officially employed.

  453. Allen says:

    ‘sans bacon’? really? makes allen sad :-(

  454. Mandy says:

    This summer i want to do so much. I want to bake something every week, i want to lose weight, and i want to not spend too much money :D

  455. Amanda says:

    Lose weight while eating lots of cheese?

  456. Carolyn says:

    Get a full time job!

  457. Elizabeth says:

    Learn how to use my camera. More book reading and more yoga.

  458. Patricia says:

    I’ve been lurking here for a while, but well, I have never been able to leave a comment…though I’ve tried ;)
    For this summer, I just would love to finish my term paper-which in Mexico is a far more challenging enterprise, not to speak of the subject I chose-. I would love to bake more bread, to be able to prepare more great meals, to entertain my family-both, the consanguineal and the in-laws-more, and to enjoy life in a more organized, and of course, less chaotic way. To just be able to sit and watch a TV or a sports match without worrying because the job has to be done and it is not, to spend a whole day planning our meals and making them without the feeling that I am being left behind in writing my term paper.-which, by the way, I would like to submit to a prize for the next year-..and, of course, to blog more often and finally, open my English version blog, taking the time to take decent pictures and taking the time to process and upload them properly. Have a great summer, Jen!

  459. caroline says:

    I am teaching a couple of summer school classes, but I plan to still make time for my kids and do fun “summer” things with them. That was the original reason I went into teaching – supposedly to have summers off with the kids! So I’ll need to do the usual kid trips to the zoo, beach, parks, etc.

  460. Laura says:

    My goal is to exercise and eat healthy.

  461. Patricia B says:

    Being a teacher, well, I should have a lot of time on my hands to finish my goals, right? I plan on cleaning out the closets! Fun, huh?

  462. sharon says:

    What a great giveaway! My goal for the summer is to place in the top 10 of my age group / gender in a half marathon….before my birthday when I’ll be bumped up to the next age group!!

  463. Mary says:

    My goal this summer is to pass a pre-clinic exam so I can start my internship as an acupuncturist. Also, I am growing some herbs, tomatoes and jalapenos on my patio in containers. In addition, my other goal is to evacuate extra clutter from my home.

  464. Marie says:

    I have tons of goals! But I really want to finish putting my website together with a little store and sell my photography.

  465. Elle says:

    The time has definitely come for me to purchase my very own Canon DSLR – all the photos that I see around the blogosphere (including yours) have been extremely inspiring, and hopefully I will have a nice collection of memories to show for this summer. Can’t wait!

  466. Win says:

    What I really hope to do is have the time to study for AP Physics for the upcoming year. I’m taking chemistry over the summer, and I hope to do well in the two months I am taking that class. :]

  467. SimplePleasure says:

    Our summer is now officially over! I live in Manila, Philippines are we are now experiencing frequent rain showers.

    This past summer, I did a lot more baking than I used to, I want to have my own bakery someday so I have to practice practice. I ate many many pints of strawberries! I absolutely love strawberries. We only get that during summer. and during summer, we went to the beach! we have gorgeous beaches here in the Philippines! If you have the opportunity to come and visit Asia, do drop by Philipppines and go to Boracay!

    Come to think I didn’t read much this summer. It’s just too beautiful outside!

  468. Tracy says:

    I moved abroad 5 years ago and I promised myself that every summer I would visit a new region of this beautiful country. So, as tourists flood the Eternal City I think this year I will take a few days to discover the Umbrian side of the Apennines. I can’t wait to see the breathtaking view!

  469. Christine says:

    I sort of missed out on last summer and all of it’s goals, so this summer I am determined to truly experience all of the things I love about the season. This means being outside as much as possible, frequenting my local Farmer’s Market, sitting on the deck to read the paper and enjoy the flowers and sounds of the season, go on spontaneous day trips wherever the road takes us, etc.

  470. Josee. says:

    One of my goals this summer is to kayak in Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine… Seems soooo beautiful! Would also like to hike more, but living in Montreal makes it that much harder to get to mountains! Looove your blog, love the area you live in!

  471. Kaitlin says:

    Thanks so much for doing this! It’s so nice of you!

    My goal this summer is to make the best out of the few months I have left living at home before I move off to college in the fall. Kind of obscure, but true!

  472. Mia says:

    My goals: reinvest more time in cooking/blogging/writing, and start seriously planning for an eventual cross-country move…

  473. Viola says:

    my goal this winter (down under here in Australia) is to start doing things i enjoy once again..
    like learning a new language, catering a decent meal for a party and taking lots of photos..

    (as opposed to having my medical degree overtaking my life…*sigh*)

    btw, i love your pictures :)
    i live nearby some mountains and nice hiking tracts but everytime i take photos, my camera doesnt do the scenary justice..
    so another goal at the moment is to save up for a better camera..

  474. Shannon says:

    My goal is to declutter and try to live more simply. I’m going to try to be more creative with the things I already have. Repurpose, reuse, reinvent old things into new.

  475. Dona says:

    I joined a gym and my goal is to lose weight and get healthy. I participated in a cancer drug trial, I got the booby prize! The one that makes you gain weight. So…time to lose that.

  476. SallyBR says:

    My goal for this Summer is to finish the P90X fitness program I started a week ago.

    Continue baking bread weekly.

    Maybe start my own blog (I am NOT setting that as a goal)

  477. Ceili says:

    My goal is to scrape together the cash for my housing and mealplan check in the fall… Three part time jobs @ 25h/week each, and it will be close…

  478. MelissaD says:

    I need to get into better shape – I dropped my gym membership when my company cut everyone’s pay – so I need to start walking more – the dogs and I will enjoy it.

    I hope to find some time relax and enjoy the last summer at home with my daughter who just graduated from high school. She is off to college in the fall to study photography and I know I will miss her.

    Also would like to try some new recipes for all the produce in my garden – and share the excess with the local food bank.

  479. The Flying Quiche says:

    Spend as much time as I can either enjoying NYC or leaving it to spend time with my parents (visiting from China!), my sister (from Florida), my brother and friends (from Virgina).

  480. Patty Limjap says:

    i want to write more and to cook more this summer. preferably, i’d like to write about cooking more.

  481. ailo says:

    Don’t enter me in the contest! One win is plenty – but I wanted to share anyway.

    One big goal this summer is to get my ropes and helmets and harnesses and initiate some of my friends into some hardcore tree climbing! I need some passionate companions, for while hanging high up in a tree and reading a book and eating lunch is lovely alone, it’s so much more fun with company. I’m excited at the prospect of more time in the air this summer, now that I have more free weekends (fewer working holidays!).

    Thanks for reminding me to take advantage of everything each season has to offer with your stories and photos.

  482. Nicole says:

    My goal? Build three houses for Habitat! It helps that I work there so I get to dedicate ALL my time to it! (Except time for photos, hiking and eating of course!)

  483. Kristen says:

    One of my goals is to take a trip to Zion National Park in Utah. I’ve only driven through it and have been wanting to go back ever since. It is so beautiful there! The trip will be my reward for getting through my summer college classes.

  484. Huyen says:

    My goal is to overcome my fear of heights so I can do the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb when I visit Australia!

  485. Mark G says:

    My goal is to lose 40 lbs by the end of the year. It’s long overdue. I made a decent attempt last summer and lost about 15 lbs before the end of summer, but then gained most of it back by the beginning of this year. I plan on achieving my goal by bicycling at least 40 miles a week and doing strength training at least 2 days a week.

  486. farmerpam says:

    Goal or goals? So hard to list only one for those of us with OCD……My goal is to finish all the projects i’ve started BEFORE starting any new ones. (That would mean finish building the treehouse, the wood fired oven, peeling the tipi poles, putting up the tipi and laying the stones for the garden pathway.) I’m sooo close to having everything done, then……i have agazillion more projects that I can’t wait to get started. Bye Jen, came here for a recipe, must say I always use your recipes when I want to WOW them, never fails!

  487. raka says:

    what an awesome giveaway! first time i’m commenting, but i really enjoy your blog and am continually impressed by your cooking and photography prowess! my goal for this summer is to travel, see friends, move to another city, and get ready to leave the country for about half a year before jumping back into the working world.

  488. betty says:

    I have several goals this summer, many of which I have set thanks to this wonderful blog. Among them, I can say my primary goal this summer is to master the macaron – I find it to be a formidable task, yet you make it look so easy!

  489. Diana says:

    Hi Jen!
    I’m from Boulder and I just loveeee your blog.
    My summer goal is to put in more voluntary hours.

  490. nicole says:

    woah, this is a good way to poll who is reading the blog eh?

    have a great summer and don’t cook too much! the mountains are calling…

  491. Collette says:

    My goal for the summer is to really try and savor it. To take the time to be in the moment, take advantage of all the things Chicago has to offer in the summer (especially all the free things like concerts in the park), to enjoy the little things like leaving the house without a coat (which also means not bundling up the toddler which is a huge win) and being able to leave the windows wide, wide open to let the lake breezes in. It sounds so simple when I write it out. :-)

  492. Ng says:

    Well, first get a job and then having a great time with my friends before leaving to the army…

  493. Kristin says:

    My goal for the summer is to get outside a lot more, do more backpacking, and run a 5K.

  494. Wend says:

    This summer I am moving in with my partner of nearly three years (he’s a Ph.D candidate in computer science). Up until now, except for brief respites, we have had either a 3.5 hour drive or the Atlantic ocean between us. I will graduate from college and start my first “real” job as an engineer within the week. My goals for this summer are to make a good home with my guy and have a good time working in a (hopefully) awesome company. I want to be able to relax a little, with school behind me, and I hope I remember to take the time to hike, swim, run, cook, garden, read, live my yoga and enjoy the summer.

  495. JLO says:

    My goal for the summer is to train my new Sheltie puppy to roll over, beg and shake my hand.

  496. Tina says:

    my goal for this summer is to revamp my apartment to make it a nice living space.

  497. Laura says:

    This summer we’re looking to preserve the produce we get from our garden so we can enjoy it year round.

  498. Ada says:

    My goal is to redo the landscaping in front of my porch. This includes digging up all the dirt, laying down a proper foundation with the requisite slabs of stone and flagstones and armour stone and create a pretty garden. And the best part is that I get to work a Bobcat! :)

  499. Pia says:

    Eat al fresco as much as possible!

  500. Lori says:

    My goal is to enjoy every flipping moment of summer and not worry about things like I normally do.
    Also, give my kids a wonderful, experience filled summer.

  501. NaKesha says:

    One of my summer goals is to finish reading New Moon before the movie comes out.

  502. Lily says:

    My goals for this summer are to successfully grow my first garden. I’m also hoping to climb a few peaks and go on at least 5 backpacking trips.

  503. Natasha says:

    I am uncluttering this summer! My goal is to have a beautiful apartment by the time fall rolls around… if not sooner!

  504. Lizzie says:

    My goal is to start a business that lets “clients” bring/send me a gently used garment that I will hand paint (freehand, so no two alike) thus giving my creativity an outlet and my “clients” a gorgeous “new” garment.

  505. Julia says:

    My goal this summer is to watch at least a movie a week, documentaries, drama, comedy, anything!

  506. Bonnie says:

    My goal is to get a “family” picture ~ my 3 children (all grown), their spouses and 5 Grandchildren. My husband and I are actually flying the Pennsylvania family to Boulder next week to visit the Colorado part of our family. We will then get our picture because we will all be together. Maybe we can summon you to do the honors! ; )

  507. Janet says:

    My goal this summer is to step up my golf game to be consistently in the mid 90’s. Or, stop throwing clubs and just enjoy being outside with friends! I could just go fishing.

  508. Maire says:

    My goal this summer is to be happier. I’ve been so stressed out over work, and other things that are out of my control. I need to just concentrate on the things I can change – reading more, baking more and climbing more trees. I want to have a good summer, that will turn into a good autumn, and so on…

  509. Marisol says:

    My goal is to learn as much as I can in my internship while I can and to prepare myself for a wildly successful senior year in college. I want to further develop my martial arts practice and learn to just ‘be cool’ and live happy. I also want to learn to bake the *near-perfect* birthday cake.

  510. Allison Day says:

    My goal for the summer is to finish this project I’ve been working on for the past year, and stay in shape! And maybe get a tan… my (very tan) siblings tell me I’m unhealthily white.

  511. Rachel says:

    My goal for the summer is to make enough money to pay for my junior year of college so I don’t have to spend another year worrying about my finances.

  512. Mani says:

    I love your blog and your writing style.For summer,my goal is to get more physical excercise and be more fit…….I want to go learn dancing especially salsa.

  513. Aaron K says:

    My goal: get my HDR algorithm implementation to be good and fast enough that I can make practical use of it.

  514. Christy says:

    Goals are definitely something we try to set up for ourselves at my house. Most usually get put on the next list of “to do’s” but with three small children we are lucky to get to some of them.

    Summer goals would be to keep the garden weeded.
    Get outside to enjoy all the sunshine more, despite allergies!
    Finally clean out 2 of the 3 sheds and have a large yard sale!
    Take the kids to see Nanny and swim at her pool more often than last year.
    Try as many new recipes as I can and fatten up all my friends before winter sets in!!!

  515. Kat says:

    A couple of my goals this summer: get outside and grill more on our lovely underused deck, ride my bicycle to run errands vs. taking the bus so much, get to the weekly Farmer’s Market more often, oh, and make more ice cream…I don’t use my ice cream maker very much and that makes me sad.

  516. Lizzie says:

    Start running again.

  517. The Kitchenette says:

    My goal this summer is to get to a farmer’s market every single weekend. So far, the markets opened on the first weekend in May here in Denver and I’ve been to one every weekend except last weekend (I was at a wedding in Baltimore MD, and helping the bride get ready).

  518. Dee says:

    My goal is to go skydiving with my awesome husband, best friends, and family in August for my birthday!

  519. Sarah says:

    I’m going vegetarian for the summer but am determined to still eat well. It’s been fun so far – any excuse for new cookbooks.

  520. Laura says:

    With taking care of a family and doing as much volunteer work as I can, I have left very little time for myself, and I’m getting grumpy! Rather than making everyone else continue to suffer my bad moods, I plan to relax more and take some time for myself this summer by practicing yoga and starting up my running again.

  521. Shannon says:

    This summer I’ll be working a lot, but I’m hoping to do some camping involving SCUBA, since I’ve been certified a while but never dived out of class. Lake Powell, Sand Hollow, Flaming Gorge…who knows where else!
    I love summer. And your blog ;)

  522. Abbey says:

    My goal for this summer is to actually enjoy the summer! It’s the first summer that I haven’t had to work multiple jobs to pay university. I’m going to a local music festival, and I generally just plan to spend some time learning things I’ve put off learning to do, like knitting and baking gluten-free.

  523. t_do says:

    My goal is to be as productive as possible: finish writing my prospective, take oral exams in fall.

  524. Angel S. says:

    My goal is to drink more water and walk more – along with my 7 year old. Wish me luck! Thanks for the giveaway – love your site. I was drawn for the recipes, fell in love with the pictures and moved by the writing.

  525. cindy says:

    i hope you check off a gang-load of your goals this summer!

    i hope to be less of a wuss and actually get out into the wilderness with my boyfriend and our dogs…i’m intimidated of hiking and outdoorsy things and i think that i need to get over myself and do it. i felt that way about baking before and i am currently working on my bug-phobia with some gardening ventures.

  526. clancy says:

    Don’t laugh, but my goal for this summer is to learn how to ride a bike.

  527. Alice says:

    My goal for this summer is to establish a daily meditation practice. I’ve been on and off again for quite some time and would like to see my practice become steadier.

  528. Christa says:

    My goal for this summer is to get a job!

  529. J. says:

    My main goal is to gain a little weight. I’m sure this seems odd in this day and age, but I’ve suffered from eating disorders more or less my whole life and I’ve been in the midst of a rather vicious relapse for about a year. Gaining weight sounds a bit like a nightmare to my disorder-brain, but I think that’s just proof that I really, really need to do it.

    This means that I’ll be doing even more of my own cooking (because foods I cook are safer — I know exactly what goes in them and I also expended the energy to make it and so I can’t really refuse it) so I should probably start up my rather fledgling cooking blog again.

    Beyond that, I’d like to be a little cleaner, I’d like to be employed, and I’d like to have my college applications all sorted out.

  530. Cara D says:

    I hope to get outside more, & go backpacking at least once!! I need to get outside & enjoy some more of this wonderful BOULDER atmosphere with my dog!! :)

  531. julia says:

    my summer goal is to make time for writing (and then actually sit down and do it!)

  532. Rachael says:

    I live in Tokyo, Japan, but am home for the summer (in CO right now actually). So, this summer my goal is to spend time with my family and my dog Callie while working toward my master’s degree in elementary education. Of course, I will also be trying to keep up with blogging. Mainly, I just want to appreciate the time I have to spend with the people I care about.

  533. jo says:

    My goal this summer would be to sign up for a long overdue pilates class. I need to stretch these “old bones” of mine before I really get too old and can’t do any bends any more.

  534. Carmen says:

    My goal this summer is to learn to knit.

  535. Karrie says:

    My goals for this summer are to start and finish our kitchen remodel!

  536. Ashley says:

    My goal this summer is to get through my AP assignments, college applications, and volunteer work and still have time for my friends before my senior year of high school. =) I adore your blog, by the way! One of my everyday reads.

  537. Aila D. says:

    My goal is only to pick my classes for fall. I know that sounds silly, but I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to go into for over two years. I think I finally have it pinned down… woohoo!

  538. Melissa says:

    My goal for the summer is to start yoga classes and save more money each month!

  539. Lorna says:

    Wow, lots of comments for this! I’ve been working my ass off lately, and really neglecting my health, so my goal is to focus more on my well-being and stick with it! :)

  540. yael says:

    We are just finishing up the school year this week and I have lots of plans for the summer. I have made a conscious decision to try and take my baking to the next level. So , this summer, my goal is to design a business card and a flyer to distribute locally, come up with a basic repetoire of items to sell and perfect them. Hopefully when the school year begins in mid- August, I will be ready to take orders on a small basis. Wish me luck!

  541. Jamie says:

    Wow Jen. Have you read all of these? Who knew you had so many readers! You’re so POPULAR! *wink, wink*

    I guess I’ll join in…

    My goals:
    Since I am pregnant for the first time in my life and I will be spending the entire summer being preggo, that kind of leaves out training for triathlons like many people are aiming for. Heeheehee.

    And then there are the typical goals that I always have, gardening, writing, cooking/baking…

    But I guess I can keep my summer goals simple:
    1. Along with my daily walks, I want to get my butt in the pool every day and do several laps (at least 20) of breast stroke just to keep healthy and fit so that I can endure labor with confidence. And I would like to keep up my yoga and breathing practice to stay familiar with how to stay focused and centered… this too hopefully will help during labor. (as you can see… I’m a bit freaked about my abilities to endure labor)

    2. I want to prepare my house completely for the incoming baby… I was ambitious and went to the fabric store. I am undertaking sewing my baby’s crib bedding and accessories. This will be the first time I have really sewed something since junior high home ec. I am hoping it will all come back to me when I take out my sewing machine! Ha! We’ll see!

    Thanks for the contest Jen!


  542. Michelle says:

    1. Make at least two different kinds of jams using fruit purchased from my local farmers market.

    2. Finally go on that hike to the hidden lake and go fishing with my Dad – we go camping in the Eastern Sierras every summer and he has been talking about hiking to this lake for the last ten years. I think this is the year to do it!!!

  543. Dan says:

    My goal is to build community. The Internet is awesome, revolutionary even but, I feel I know people half way around the world better than my neighbors. A main building block will be food. I’ve noticed that when you want to find common ground or passion just bring up food as a topic, or better yet, serve it up.

    So I will be building some community thru neighborhood picnics and potlucks. Secret weapon: my pulled pork recipe.

    Think, eat, and change – locally !



  544. Audrey says:

    We live in this house that we bought before we got married and just moved to the NW. We now have a 5 year old boy who is the rock of our lives. This house comes ready with huge decks, decks allover our backyard. It’s now been 9 years and my hubby and I have been off and on remodeling the interior and still have plenty to tackle since hubby is the one-man handyman, contractor, hauler etc…you name it.

    Our biggest Summer project: POWER WASH, SAND DOWN, RE-NAIL the tired looking, cracked surface decks. (My son has been catching splinter on his feet…ouch). We are hopeful that we can safe the decks from deteriorating. We want to avoid dumping household material and try to repurpose everything we have in the house. I’ve begun my “tiny” project on our masking tape glue infested sticky goop coffee table that hubby taped on all corners, above and under the table when our baby was born (you guessed it, overly protective parents). It’s been a labor intensive scraping, sanding, wiping off goop with nail polish, back breaking task, BUT I’m content. I’ll be smoothing out the surface and giving it a chocolate/mocha coat of paint very soon. Soon it will be a nice piece of “new” furniture.

    Thank you very much!

  545. Andrew says:

    My goal this summer is to be outside as much as possible. I want to be out hiking, biking with friends and return home to hang out by the fire. possibly start a bbq…

  546. Eve says:

    Hi Jen! Love your blog. I’ve been trying to learn to cook more chinese food and your blog has helped in that department greatly. My mom is always saying “ai yah, Eefu-ah this is so easy, you should know.” Then she proceeds to email me receipes from chinese websites and expects me to read it when my chinese is equivalent of a 2nd grader’s.
    And today, you’re doing a giveaway. So here are my goals for the summer: Finishing up the nursery for my 6month old (yeah I know, I’m a lil behind, she’s just been sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room) and setting up the backyard and preparing it for the summer.

  547. Karen B says:

    How fun, and what an inspiring compilation of goals – yes, I just read all of them!

    I did my first sprint-triathlon on Sunday, a huge accomplishment for me (I enjoy walking and hiking, but have never attempted anything like this before). I’m working toward a second one in September, and my goals are:
    1. Swim with my head IN the water this time
    2. Figure out how to transition faster (I think I got the longest time in that department)
    3. Run the whole distance, not just when I think my kids can see me
    4. Have fun training with my college roommates – 15 years after graduation!

  548. Kelly says:

    Find a job!
    In the mean time, finish renovations on our sun room.

  549. The Gourmet Foodie says:

    I would have to say my goal this summer is to enjoy more time with family and friends around some great food!

  550. Elizabeth says:

    My goals for the summer is to get outside more and enjoy the weather, to do ‘Spring cleaning’ and get rid of a lot of clutter in my house, and try to cook at least one meal every day!

  551. Sarah says:

    My goals are to finish my second novel and to get out into the mountains more. I live in Estes Park, and somehow I spend much more time looking at the mountains of RMNP than hiking in them.

    Love your blog!

  552. Rachel says:

    My goal for this summer is to spend more time walking and meditating, and to actually relax. I am just finishing up a grueling year of graduate school, and I want to be able to enter my next year in a better state.
    I love the pictures on your blog!

  553. Amy says:

    After blowing out my knee in October just weeks before I was supposed to be competing in the NYC Marathon, for which I had raised over $12,000 wtih my charity team to benefit pediatric cancer, I had ACL and meniscus surgery, missed the whole ski season and spent 7 months in PT. I am trying to become a runner again. My goal is do a half-marathon before Columbus Day. And fit back into my pants. :)

  554. Caitlyn says:

    Complete my first triathlon! Yahoo!

  555. Phoo-D says:

    It cracks me up that you call it “Patagucci”- haven’t seen that one before! My goal for this summer is to go rock climbing a few times and finally get back into shape.

  556. Diana Merrell says:

    My goals this summer are to teach my 10 year old son how to cook (he does some already) and harvest our summer garden. Lifes simple pleasures!

  557. skimmy says:

    to learn to make macarons at home!!

  558. Beth says:

    My goal is to spend less money on frivolous things.

  559. Laura says:

    My goal is to get in shape to do two duathlons by the beginning of the fall!

  560. kari says:

    learn to surf

  561. Rivka says:

    One of my goals is to master macarons.

  562. Marsha says:

    I want to become more organized in this little 3 bedroom house. Is it to much to wish that everything should have its own place?

    Since I am a kindergarten teacher, me and my family will have a staycation summer as well.

  563. Leeann says:

    My summer goal is to spend some of my free time off from school volunteering, instead of being lazy 24/7!

  564. Magdalena says:

    My plan for this summer is to slow down… I will connect with the nature by volunteering at the CSA ( and cook their wonderful produce to as many people as I can (… will come my way).

  565. Lisa says:

    My goal is to not let the little things get to me.

  566. Iman says:

    My summer goal is to finish building our solar car and race it in Australia for the World Solar Challenge.

    Unfortunately, our encapsulation company managed to break 288 of our cells… a whopping 48% of what we sent them, when we needed at least 60% to be functional. So we’ll see how my goal goes.

  567. Sarah says:

    My goal for the summer is to reconnect with old friends and distant family. A lovely 3-week road trip to see grandparents & relatives already has me on my way.

  568. Kathy says:

    I am leaving my job and looking forward to the freedom from so much responsibility!!
    Renovating the kitchen (then cooking new recipes…some from you!!), exercise and relaxing with my famiy are big goals.

  569. Steph says:

    My goal this summer is to figure out what I’m going to do now that I just graduated. I can’t believe that after 4 years of undergrad, I’m still as lost as ever. Other goals: exercise more!

  570. Michelle says:

    My goal this summer is to finish my master’s thesis! Eeeek!

  571. jennifer says:

    to try to remember what it is like to be a kid again…

  572. Nina says:

    After reading this blog? To cook more! And discover more local farms and farmers’ markets.

  573. Keya says:

    My number one goal this summer…is to pass my Nurse Practitioner licensing exam!

  574. Jie says:

    my summer goal? finish summer school and then..relax…relax….relax…

  575. Jason says:

    My goal is to make it to the beach and finally get a tan!

  576. Traci says:

    My goal for the summer is to get in better shape and lose some baby weight.

  577. Anne Hoffman says:

    My goal for this summer is to enjoy the summer and not worry about things I can’t control. The economy. My job. My husband finding a job. I’m going to take each day as it comes and welcome it with open arms.

  578. Yann says:

    My goal for the summer is to get a job and save up to fix my mac’s crappy logicboard…and add more RAM :)

  579. Marcia Morse says:

    To continue paring down and simplifying my life and to be out in nature as much as possible, and also to be in gratitude everyday.
    Thank you!

  580. Lizzie says:

    My new goal has switched from me to my dear Dad. My 89 3/4 year old Dad fell yesterday and fractured his left hip. So my new goal is to be able to have him celebrate his 90th birthday at our cottage at the lake with all our friends and family this summer

  581. ehme says:

    To actually get out and enjoy my world, instead of hiding in my house.

  582. Amy5rose says:

    My goal for this summer is to spend as much time as possible either outside or hanging out with my friends. My second goal for the summer is to run in three 5 Kilometer races.

  583. Jennie says:

    As usual I couldn’t come up with just one goal. And in unusual form I am going to check these little beggars off my list. I’m a horrible procrastinator, but these are fun and I will feel great as I’m checking them off my list.
    Here is my summer 09 goal list!
    1. Make a dinner from my garden or at least a really kick-ass salad
    2. Finally follow a consistent training program so I can show the cyclocross scene what I can really give.
    3. Pay of the debt from college.
    4 Explore the Uinta’s with dog Kai and Boyfriend Joel
    I’m on it!

  584. Jenn says:

    My goal this summer is to spend more of my time outside with my son and continue to lose weight and get back in shape!

  585. Heather S says:

    My goal is to slow down, read all the books I’ve been blessed to have won recently + spend more time in the hammock with my kiddos! Yay for summer!

  586. Erin says:

    Love your blog so so so much. Thanks for this fun giveaway opportunity – I needed even the *hope* of winning something after the week I’ve just had (the week I just had is also the reason I am just now commenting). Sheesh.

    I have 2 goals this summer. 1. Teach my 2-year old how to swim (or some approximation of it, anyway), and 2. Get through 2 700+ page books (Pillars of the Earth and Story of Edgar Sawtelle), and blog reviews of them!

  587. Radka says:

    Thank you, Jen, for such a generous gift. My goal is to advance in Spanish so I feel more at ease living in the DR.

  588. Meagan says:

    My boyfriend has been trying to convince me to do a triathlon for some time now. Though I am fairly active and enjoy hiking, biking and the occasional run, I am nowhere near his level of training (He qualified for Duathlon Worlds in Italy this past fall). We’re currently living in Boston, trying to find nursing jobs. Unfortunately, due to the current state of the economy we are having to relocate back to our hometown; Richmond, Va. To “celebrate” our return to the great state, we will be participating in the Patriots Series in Williamsburg, he in the Half Ironman and myself in the Sprint Triathlon. After nearly drowning in my first open water swim (tip for beginning tri trainers: pool first), I am well on my way!

    Wish me luck!

  589. shaun says:

    I would like to complete a triathlon this summer.

  590. Maggi says:

    My goal this summer is to R.E.L.A.X. I’m getting laid off (it’s good, I promise!) so I’m going to:

    a) travel – a trip to Vancouver with my mom, a trip to Portland with one of my best friends, and a roadtrip/photography workshop in Monument Valley with my husband;
    b) start my own business – consulting in my field of expertise;
    c) cook everything all the time. It’s going to be GREAT.

  591. Christin says:

    My goal is to enjoy my kids more . . . seriously. I think I would enjoy life much more if I could do that. Just relax, deep breaths, do fun things together, and don’t sweat the small stuff, er, the small broken stuff.

  592. amber says:

    My goals for this summer is to delve through and finish my TBR pile which is threatening to overtake a room in my house, and just try and relax a little after a very stressful first half of a year.

  593. Lisa says:

    My Goal this summer is to get cracking and work my butt off to start and finish a portfolio to get accepted into art school. I need all the time in the world for this!

  594. Lana S. says:

    This summer’s goals include more training with the doggie! She needs it! Also, baking for the troops.

  595. Ashley says:

    Two goals for my vacation to Colorado in August: my big goal is to conquer my phobia of heights and do a zipline tour and goal #2 is to keep up with my adventurous husband on a hike in Crested Butte. He’s doing the Leadville 100 and is in really good shape, so it would be rad if I could kick his butt on our hiking trip.

  596. Cess says:

    My goal for this summer is to stick to my work outs with my trainer and take care of myself…I turn 30 in November!!

  597. Shari Miller says:

    I want to lose the 15 lbs I put on during the winter……I know it’s almost summer but hope springs eternal

    Love your pics

  598. Sara says:

    My goals for this summer: get my paper published, be more honest with myself, make more of your amazing desserts to share with friends!

  599. Ryan says:

    I want to hike more this summer with my new pup…and hopefully along the way lose a couple pounds. It is hard to do both, though, with all the delicious desserts you keep posting!

  600. Erin says:

    My goal this summer is to train for the half marathon that I am running in October! I also want to do some more hiking with my husband.

  601. cindy says:

    i’m hoping to do lots of traveling this summer- some by plane, some by car, some by foot. the other goal is to make it so that my heirloom tomato garden bears lots and lots of fruit come the end of august!

  602. marybelle says:

    My goal for the summer is to move back to Colorado – that involves a few steps, but seeing your beautiful pictures is helping to motivate me! I can’t wait to get back to the mountains!

  603. Marc says:

    My goal is to work less and enjoy my family and friends more. Oh yeah, climb a couple of 14teeners with my twin daughters (turning 15 this summer), who have yet to do so!

  604. Alex says:

    This summer I want to embrace the freedom I have to cook slowly, go to yoga, spend time in the vegetable garden, and cycle around the city now that I have graduated from college. And I want to conquer a piece of brightwork on the boat. And make bagels.

  605. Kath says:

    My main goal is to decided should I stay (re-fi my house and deal with a lengthy commute to a job I ADORE) or try to sell my house so I can move closer to work and rent a room until I decide what/where I want to buy.

    Somehow, I can’t seem to make this decision.

    Thanks for asking :-)

    (here by way of Andrew Hyde)

  606. Jen says:

    My goal this summer is to learn how to communicate my ideas, thoughts, and emotions to others, to not be afraid of expression, to not fear exposure of my mind and heart.

  607. Jenifer says:

    Goals for the summer :
    1. Try and lose a bit of weight
    2. Finish remodeling the inside of our house
    3. Discover new foods, recipes and techniques ( I think you help out a lot in that department ;D )

  608. Katie says:

    My goal is to get a new job. Pronto. One that has a creative outlet of some kind, at least 25%, if not half or more. I don’t know how I ended up in the financial world, but I’ve got to get out. It’s time. Not a great time, especially in this economy, but I’m determined to find a way so that I don’t lose my mind amongst the endless spreadsheets!

  609. Amanda says:

    My goal is to make my living space clean, well-organized, and super comfy and homey. Not being a neat person by nature, this is quite the feat – but being a homebody, it’s super satisfying making the progress towards that!

  610. Wei-Jean says:

    My goal this summer is to do well in my 4 classes and save up enough from work for a voluntary trip to India next summer.

  611. Joseph says:

    Goals for summer:
    1. Get a full time job doing what i love (animation)
    2. Get a car
    3. Take my wife on a trip
    4. Be more active and eat healthier

  612. Josie says:

    I want to move to Connecticut and buy chickens. Seriously. :)

  613. Dot says:

    Laughing at Josie…I live in CT and would love to move west and buy chickens! ;-) But…my real goal is to make it through this school year (6/24 end here) and work on my photography this summer. I have my first exhibit beginning on July 11th, and a few invitations to get my work out there. Just need the time and courage to do it!

  614. Michele says:

    I have a ton of organizing to do about the house. I plan on becoming a grown up about paper filing. To do so, I will build in an alcove that once had a bar, into a closet for important papers. Then I will put the important papers into it and continue to do so for all time. I will not revert to my childish and irresponsible paper ways. :)

  615. Jules C. says:

    To survive the 92 days of summer vacation with all four of my children at home, and still have my sanity!!!:) Actually, I hope we get to head up to Copper this summer in time for the kids to see the wildflowers on the hiking trails that my DH and I used to hike before we had kids. I want my kids to experience the amazing peace and beauty that I always feel in the mountains in the summer.

  616. Kristen M. says:

    My goal is to spend as much time outdoors this summer. Last summer was busy with a cross-country move. This spring I finally took up running again and I feel I have found my groove again. I’m looking forward to a summer of running, hiking and playing on the beach with my kids.

  617. Henry says:

    My goal for the summer is to backpack around New Zealand and take lots of pictures.