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autumn redemption + giveaway

Recipe: apple cider doughnuts

Autumn is when the nights drop below freezing and we throw the big flannel quilt over our bed. In the mornings, Kaweah is slower to stretch out because the cold makes her hind legs stiff. When I look south from our third floor loft, I can see fresh snow mantled over 13,294-foot James Peak turning pink as the sun breaks the horizon in the East. The changing season is invigorating and I find myself making mental notes of things I want to do now that the weather is cooling down.

our resident fox scouting the yard at dusk

the skeletons of summer’s glory

A modest little parcel found its way into my mailbox the day before I set off for San Francisco. Lara Ferroni’s new book Doughnuts had been sent to me by her publisher. I smiled because I would be having dinner with Lara in just over 24 hours. Travel, dining out, and cool temperatures conspire to make me long for cooking or baking after having avoided the stove and oven for most of summer. What better way to get reacquainted with the kitchen than making some doughnuts?

totally counterproductive to the ass reduction plan

Choices! Choices! The book offers all manner of doughs – raised, baked, fried, cake, gluten-free, vegan, and then some. You can pair those with various glazes, flavors, styles. If I weren’t obsessed with a specific kind of doughnut, I would have had an awful time deciding which recipe to try first. Malasadas: I had those in Hawai’i and nearly went BLIND eating them. Sopapillas – ubiquitous in New Mexico and a necessary ending to any proper New Mexican meal. Crème brûlée – because it’s so brilliant! Bavarian cream – my favorite. French crullers – my other favorite. But I had to try the apple cider doughnuts first because I have been plagued with the most frustrating failure from last fall when I attempted to make them from a different source and had to throw the entire endeavor in the trash.

add cinnamon

egg yolks taking a dive

The only deviation from Lara’s recipe was the apple cider. Instead of straight apple cider, I reduced mine to concentrate the flavor from one cup down to a quarter cup. Having never eaten an apple cider doughnut before, but always craving one at the very mention of it – I knew I wouldn’t regret that step.

pour in the apple cider (or in my case, the reduced apple cider)

stirring the dry ingredients in

My original plan was to bake the doughnuts because honestly, no one in this household needs to be eating anything fried. However, I completely struck out when I went into town looking for those cute doughnut pans. I stood in the aisle tapping my foot, hands on hips, brow furrowed and not seeing what I was looking for. “I guess I’ll have to fry them,” I muttered to myself. The woman next to me asked me what I was frying and I replied, “doughnuts.” She got this happy crazy look in her eyes. Certain words have that effect on people and I guess doughnuts is one of them.

after the dough has chilled

roll it out to 1/2-inch thickness

These doughnuts are forgiving. I know this because I rolled them out too thin at first, then had to re-roll them. I didn’t cut mine out in the traditional doughnut shape because 1) I don’t own a doughnut cutter and 2) I’m a bum. The biggest issue I have with doughnuts *is* the frying. You see, the last time I made apple cider doughnuts, I fried at the specified temperature and ended up with grease nuggets. Seriously inedible. If I fried them to golden, then the insides were raw. If I fried them long enough to cook the insides, they were soaked through with oil and disgusting. But a little research this time suggested heating the oil to: [TEMPERATURE – 3* (ELEVATION in ft/1000 ft)] which was about 25 degrees cooler. I tried it.

cutting out the doughnuts

frying them up

I still need to tweak the temperature, but it worked far better than the last fiasco. The first batch was a tad underdone in the middle, but the second batch was beautifully tender in the center with a crisp, brown outer layer. These doughnuts brown more than your average doughnut, so even if you think they’re burnt they probably aren’t. I was too lazy to glaze these so I opted for simple powdered sugar – but an apple cider glaze would have been an autumn extravaganza! The recipe was incredibly simple and easy to follow and the results were great. I’m still hoping to try out the baked version someday.



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And now to the giveaway! I have one copy of Doughnuts courtesy of Sasquatch Books to send to one of you good readers. Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite doughnut with me before midnight (12:00 am) Tuesday, October 26, 2010 MDT. That means the minute before the deadline is Monday night. We’ll let Kaweah select the winner in some random manner. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 27, 2010. So the rules:

1) one comment per person please (making me delete multiples merely pisses me off)
2) deadline is midnight (12:00 am) MDT, Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good luck!!

Full Disclosure: I received two free copies of Doughnuts from Sasquatch Books- one to review without any obligation to post and one to give away if I wanted to (I wanted to).

Apple Cider Doughnuts
[print recipe]
reproduced with permission from Doughnuts by Lara Ferroni

1 3/4 cups (240g) all-purpose flour
1/4 cup (30g) graham flour (I subbed all-purpose flour)
2 tsps cinnamon
2 tsps baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsps (1 oz) unsalted butter or vegetable shortening
1/2 cup (120 g) superfine sugar
2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup apple cider (I used 1 cup apple cider, simmered down to 1/4 cup apple cider concentrate)
1/4 cup buttermilk
vegetable oil for frying

Whisk together the flours, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Set aside. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sguar together. Add the egg yolks and beat until the mixture is fluffy and pale yellow. Use a wooden spoon to stir in the vanilla, cider, and buttermilk. Add the dry ingredients and stir just until the mixture comes together in a soft, slightly sticky dough. Cover and refrigerate for 15 to 20 minutes. Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to about 1/2-inch thick. Cut the doughnuts out with a 2 1/2 inch-diameter cutter. You can re-roll any scrap dough. Heat at least 2 inches of oil in a heavy-bottomed pot until a deep-fat thermometer registers 360°F (335°F @8500 ft.). With a metal spatula, carefully place the doughnuts in the oil. Fry in small batches, taking care not to overcrowd the pot. Cook until a rich golden brown, about 1 minute on each side (a little longer @8500 ft.). Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel. Let cool to the touch before glazing and eating. You can also bake these doughnuts in a doughnut pan in a 350°F oven for 5 to 10 minutes, but they won’t achieve the same rich golden color.

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  1. Paula says:

    looks so delicious! I looove donuts!

    Have a nice time!

  2. Thilwen says:

    I don’t eat doughnuts that much, but I think my favourite are the ones filled with apricot jam (as opposed to strawberry jam or some other kind of filling). Covered with powdered sugar… Now I want a doughnut!

  3. Ann says:

    I have a serious donut problem. I’m still deeply hurt that Krispy Kreme isn’t in my country.
    Can’t believe Winter is around the corner already…

  4. Wei-Wei says:

    I have never tried apple cider doughnuts before either, but now I have a craving for one. Jeez.

  5. Amy says:

    Wow, these doughnuts look amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book to cook up a batch at home! My all time favorite gotta be the plain ones with sugar glaze! :)

  6. Barbara says:

    Looks so delicious! I love the Berry-Filled Doughnuts, thanks for the chance!
    Have a nice time!

  7. Nan says:

    Ummm, Blueberry Cake… Blueberry cake? Yup, blueberry cake!

  8. bekah jones says:

    Ah, mine are plain glazed. I don’t think I’ve had one in years. I can still remember the sugar head-ache eating one produced, but they were worth it!

  9. Emily Vigue says:

    Our family has a camp near Baxter State Park in Northern Maine and our time honored tradition is doughnut making in the mornings. We have fishermen that come every 4th of July to fish Harrington Lake so that they can score just a few of those delicious cider doughnuts! It is my job to mix the dough, let it rest overnight and in the morning cut them out. My husband cooks the doughnuts outside in a dutch oven. It’s one of the best things about eating at camp. My fave is pumpkin doughnuts coated with cinnamon sugar, but my husband and the kids stand true for Cider doughunts!

  10. barefoot rooster says:

    those look incredible. and i might have eaten many (um, 6?) apple cider doughnuts on an excursion to a local orchard. filing this away to try soon! thanks!

  11. Alison says:

    We are huge fans of apple cider doughnuts–so much so that we served them at our wedding for guests to nibble on while they waited for the ceremony to begin! I’ve been wanting to make them, but like you struck out on the pan for baking them. Maybe I’ll get brave and try frying. I want to see if I can work little chunks of apple into the batter for even more apple goodness.

  12. Megan says:

    The doughnuts look delicious. I’ve never tried making them at home before…this book might be a nice inspiration to do so.

  13. Mina says:

    So, is there a recipe for baked donuts?

  14. sunny says:

    i love donuts! and autumn! and your website! :)

  15. Ginny says:

    yum! yum! My favorite doughnuts… mmm… always hard… I like jelly, chocolate cake and straight up glaze! :)

  16. Linda says:

    peanut butter and jelly donuts. mmmm :)
    yours look delicious too! i love fall flavors

  17. Megan says:

    My favourite doughnut is cinnamon, but they absolutely must be both fresh, and hot. I love other flavours, but when I was a child, a cafe near the supermarket where my mum did her weekly shopping had a doughnut machine, and we children would watch, mesmerised, as little pieces of unappetizing dough rolled through a bath of hot oil and into a waiting tray of cinnamon sugar. They were heavenly.
    The cafe closed many years ago now, but I’ve never had a more satisfying doughnut.

  18. Megan L says:

    A nice, hot plain doughnut is always the best – though your apple cider doughnuts may become my new favorite. Keep up with the good work Jen!

  19. Sarah D says:

    If you use a shot glass to poke out the middle hole it will help with getting your insides to be cooked through by the time your doughnut is golden. I did the same thing you did once where I fried them whole and it didn’t work out as well. For some reason the hole makes a difference.

  20. Beccs says:

    Actually, I’m an apple cider donut fan too! Or chocolate coconut…

  21. Rose says:

    A glazed chocolate cake doughnut is the only one for me.

  22. jessica says:

    I love a good chocolate cake donut hole, but I also have a soft spot for the Greek donuts (loukamades) topped with cinnamon and honey!

  23. Asha@FSK says:

    Am so glad you are hosting a giveaway of the book! Coz, I would love to win it and see that book in my collection!! :))

  24. Melanie T says:

    Definitely apple cider. We get them at the Orchard down the road far too often. Except, I would love to leave them un-holed like yours and fill them with fresh apple filling…mmm.

  25. Kel says:

    I prefer a yeast raised donut – just glazed is ok with me. I also love warm apple cider donuts – but have never tried to make them. The recipe above looks great!

  26. Laura says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had a doughnut, but I do love them. My favorite is the glazed old-fashioned cake doughnut.

  27. Laura says:

    I love apple cider, chocolate cake, and yeasted with jelly filling! Yum! Fingers crossed.

  28. Hilary says:

    Doughnuts are my weakness, these look particularly yummy!

  29. nora says:

    I really love cinnamon sugar doughnuts!!!

  30. Jen Merschel says:

    Not sure if this is really a donut, but a warm apple fritter, straight out of the fryer is pretty fricken amazing. Also, I’m a sucker for Lamar’s Chocolate Raised.

  31. Cheryl says:

    Everytime I eat a doughnut, I feel soooo terribly guilty afterwards :/ But that doesn’t stop me from indulging once in a while! My favourite doughnuts are blueberry jam doughnuts and white chocolate cinnamon doughnuts! *salivates*

    But I don’t live in USA, does that mean I’m disqualified from the giveaway?

  32. David k says:

    Sopapillas…they just are true Mexican. Most doughnuts I think, hey, I’m eating a doughnut, but those, not so much. A little honey and cinnamon….

  33. Richard says:

    I love the malassadas from the Portuguese Bakery in P-town.

  34. Jenni says:

    I love a good raised glazed doughnut.

  35. Valérie says:

    Apple cider doughnuts, that’s intriguing! I have a personal fondness for Belgian croustillons – they’re made with beer, and served hot with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Yum!

  36. Twila M says:

    Favorite doughnut?? All doughnuts! Okay, seriously, when I go to the store I like to eat plain glazed, I love cinnamon and sugar donuts, and when I visit NY I always hope that it’s fall and I can eat sugared apple doughnuts all day long.

  37. Kimberly says:

    By far an away, my favorite doughnut was from this small stand in Cork, Ireland, where I did my study abroad. Fresh, hot, and cheap they were amazing!!

  38. Lisa Ann says:

    I have only made two types of doughnuts. One (this is sad I know) fried biscuit dough that comes in the cardboard tubes. The other is Zeppoli (since my cooking skills have improved). I love doughnuts. I have been married 9 years today and I need to get some graham flour and cider. Hot doughnuts in bed… OH YEAH he will know I still love him.

  39. Jessica says:

    I have never had an apple cider donut but I want one every time I read about one. I will have to try this recipe before cider is gone from the store!

  40. Annie says:

    These look great! My favorite doughnut is just the classic cinnamon-sugar twist. And the twist shape is important, for some reason :)

  41. Carol N says:

    Before I knew of doughnuts existence, my Mom would make fried bread dough into the most awesome shapes! In high school, I worked at the local bakery to make L O Ts of doughnuts. My boss, told me to eat all I wanted…after two weeks, the craving was low but the enjoyment of making bears claws, bismarks, twists, and standard doughnuts had gone to the moon!! Was recently given a recipe, that is great baked and frozen for later heating- but I prefer to freeze right after cutting and fry up fresh. King Arthur Flours has the baked doughnut pans btw. Oh, and the desire to sink my teeth into a great doughnut — returned. :)

  42. Jeannie says:

    I’d have to say a fresh out of the oven, simple, glazed doughnut is one of my favorites. But, Boston Kreme is pretty up there too…

  43. JelliDonut says:

    When we visit family in Vermont, there’s a cider mill that’s always our last stop before heading to the airport and home. Why? Apple Cider Donuts!

  44. Lorane McCaleb says:

    My favorite donut is the old fashioned cake donut with no glaze or topping of any sort.

  45. Andi says:

    I haven’t been able to try many donuts but my go-to is fresh-out-the-oven regular glazed Krispy Kreme.

  46. Estie says:

    Boston Cream-no question!

  47. Leeann says:

    My favorite is just the plain Jane raised doughnuts. My mom would make these at Halloween. Now I make them for my family. Traditions are wonderful!

  48. Sandy says:

    We don’t need anything fried in our household either, but fresh, yummy hot doughnuts? I’d love to have the book to give it a try.

  49. Tiffany says:

    Cinnamon sugar twist, always and forever!

  50. Kat says:

    Cider doughnuts are probably my most favorite! I think it’s because they always bring back good memories of the East Coast for me. Yum!

  51. marissa says:

    Mmm! Your Apple Cider Doughnuts look delicious! My hands-down favorite is Blueberry Cake. So very good!

  52. Debbie Cunningham says:

    Love the finished picture with the gourds and such. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

    My favorite kind of doughnut is plain with chocolate icing.

  53. kristen says:

    glazed jelly… or boston creme… i cant decide

  54. Sharla says:

    My favorite doughnut is maple glazed! I’m so glad your doughnuts turned out this time :) I love your website and check it daily. I’m a fan!

  55. Laura B. says:

    I’m a simple cream-filled girl. But definitely the yeast kind over the cake kind!

  56. Randi says:

    at first, i’m always all pissed off at fall. its swoops in and suddenly it feels cold all the time and you need a coat at night and you can’t wear your flip flops everywhere without everyone noticing. but then a few weeks passes, and i notice butternut and acorn squash proliferating, apple cider everywhere (and apple cider donuts!), and that i probably look better in clothes that cover more of me rather than less.

    my favorite donut is probably sour cream. but if i’m in the mood i’ll hit the vanilla creme or raspberry jelly filled. i once eat 1-2 donuts every day for 2 weeks. i will not do that again.. i will not do that again… i will not do that again…

  57. Bobbi says:

    That is a beautiful fox friend you have there! My favorite doughnut is pumpkin cake, second favorite is apple:)

  58. My Kitchen in the Rockies says:

    Mine are Jelly doughnuts, fresh and warm. There is nothing better. Biting in one reminds me of childhood. My aunt used to make them. Hers are the best.

  59. Shannon says:

    yummy! the thought of making doughnuts always intimidated me, mostly because I don’t have a deep frier… maybe I’ll have to get one!

  60. Ann says:

    CAKE doughnuts, pure and simple, for me all the way! Love ’em.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway =)

  61. Leah says:

    Right now it’s apple cider donuts that are my favorite, dusted with cinnamon and sugar…
    Other contenders: pumpkin, and boston creme.

  62. Nicole says:

    Chocolate cake doughnut witha glass of cold milk! ^_^

  63. Stephanie Schamban says:


  64. Katrina says:

    raspberry jelly donuts for sure. anything that squirts jelly in my mouth is my friend.

  65. Valerie says:

    Good old fashioned glazed cake doughnuts are my favorite!

  66. Nichole says:

    Ohhh…who wouldn’t love a doughnut book ! I think my favorite would have to be a fresh, hot, honey-dipped…we get them at the shore at a place where people line up on the boardwalk for an hour to wait for these puppies…they are soooo worth the wait too.

  67. jon says:

    good old raspberry jelly filled doughnut always makes my day!

  68. Jennifer says:

    Oh Jen, its so hard to choose! But if I must… Boston Creme filled with a Chocolate glaze is my fave!

  69. Rena says:

    I love raspberry jelly donuts. Especially when they are fresh!

  70. Kate says:

    I’m pretty simple – I love a good, plain, glazed doughnut. There’s a place in Lexington that makes doughnuts fresh daily (Spalding’s). It’s one of those places that you mention the name and people go “oooooooohhhhmmm.” Yes. That good.

  71. Emmy says:

    The apple fritter is my all-time favorite donut-like fried thing. It may not be round, but it is delicious!

  72. Judy says:

    Sopaipillas with honey butter, followed by maple bars. Think I’ll head to the kitchen. . . .

  73. alexa says:

    I must visit a local farmers market 4x a month when fall arrives because they make the most delicious apple cider doughnuts. I cant get enough of them.

  74. Jen says:

    My favorite is simply a chocolate, glazed donut. Yum. Yum.

  75. Cristine says:

    Oh! I would LOVE this book! See, if I park it on my coffee table my husband will insist I make some. Whereas, if I just say, hmm I’d like to make doughnuts, he’ll only think of calories and fat, and say, ‘no don’t make doughnuts, make something healthy – think of the size of my butt!’.
    My favourite would be an apple fritter – perfect for this season!

  76. Nicole Merrill says:

    i love yeast doughnuts.. my favorite is a simple glazed doughnut with marble frosting.

  77. Erin says:

    I had this lemon chiffon crueller doughnut at Voodoo doughnuts in Portland last summer. It was pretty amazing. But mostly, I’m a chocolate cake doughnut kind of girl. :)

  78. Lena says:

    Apple cider doughnuts ? Never tried, but it seems to become my favorite ones…

  79. sefali says:

    My favorite is the cinnamon sugar doughnuts at the Lone Maple Farm. We ride the wagon up the hill to pick our apples on a brilliant hill and we can see all the lovely foliage below. We are sipping cold freshly pressed cider and nibbling on warm doughnuts perfumed with nutmeg. This is the best expereince of fall.

  80. Rocky Mountain Woman says:

    I have never been very good at making donuts/doughnuts. I think I can make these though and I’m going to try. My family will probably be grateful.

    I did a Donut post a week or so ago, but mine was baked.

    These look amazing!

  81. Megan G says:

    I cannot wait to get this cookbook!

  82. Karen Albro says:

    Yum! Just had some Apple donuts up in Oak Glen, Riverside County, Ca! Will make these!

  83. jess says:

    I wouldn’t mind trying those and popping out the center before frying for some apple cider donut holes.

    Because I am away from my homeland of Hawaii, I would have to say that malasadas are my favorite donut right now because I don’t have access to them. Especially ones filled with azuki beans…

  84. clo says:

    These look like something that I’ll have to try very soon! My favorite donut is a yeast donut with strawberry frosting and rainbow sprinkles – it just takes me right back to my childhood!

  85. zarpandit says:

    i love chocolate glazed ! yumm :)

  86. Paula says:

    Those look yummy! My husband would think he had died and gone to heaven if I made him homemade doughnuts – like his grandmom’s! Thank you for the giveaway!

  87. DJ says:

    Yummy! I like cake donuts but can’t say no to a lemon-filled yeast donut.

  88. Megan says:

    a maple bar from DONUT MAN is the best donut EVER. the tiger tail comes in an awfully close second. :)

  89. jacquie says:

    apple cider doughnuts at the orchard after picking up some apples. definetely one of things to look forward to in the fall.

  90. Kim says:

    I’m not really a donut person but I recently went to The Donut Plant in NYC and I fell in love with their cakey pumpkin donut and their PB&J donut…all I can say is “Holy Wow”, so unbelievably delicious and possibly the best donuts I’ve ever eaten.

  91. Tracy says:

    How to choose? Custard Bismarcks with chocolate icing? Raised glazed? Simple cake doughnuts (no sprinkles)? Crullers? Maple? Off to run 10K now….

  92. Suzanna says:

    Oh please, oh please! I’ve never made donuts, they intimidate me incredibly!

  93. Christina says:

    I always loved donuts but never really thought I could make them at home! I’d love a great cookbook :)

  94. Kate @ Savour Fare says:

    I haven’t had an apple cider doughnut since I moved away from New York! However, California offers the consolation of my favorite doughnut — the apple fritter.

  95. Wiosanna says:

    O wow, whole book about doughnuts must be wonderful

  96. Iman says:

    After seeing your post, I may have to reconsider my favourite. However, I love the simple chocolate dip doughnut!

  97. Nichole Nurenberg-Miller says:

    Look how excited everyone is about these doughnuts! And who can blame them? I’ve never met a doughnut that I didn’t like, but my favorites are cinnamon-dusted ciders and chocolate cakes.

  98. Stefanie says:

    chocolate dough with chocolate frosting and maybe peanuts – thanks!

  99. Alicia says:

    I love cake doughnuts or anything with coconut and chocolate. YUMM!

  100. Ellen says:

    The hot donuts, tossed through granulated sugar that one can find in little breakfast shops on Taiwan’s streets where you can watch them fry the dough up in giant vats of oil.

    So simple, so good.

  101. Darla G says:

    I love me a good French Kruller! Though Apple Cider…mmmmm….

  102. Sue says:

    I love right-out-of-the-oven doughnut holes. I just love the small size so I can pop ’em in my mouth. But this tends to be dangerous too. ;)

  103. Andrea says:

    did they turn on their own or did you have to hover? they look tasty regardless.

  104. Ysabet says:

    My favorite easily-accessible donut is probably a glazed chocolate cake donut, but the one I remember most fondly is the malasada I once had in the Hilo market.

  105. Ravenous Rowie says:

    My favorite donut is a vanilla glazed raised donut! I know it’s super “vanilla” (haha, bad joke), but if it’s done right it is THE best! A true test of donut talent! YUM!

  106. Libbi says:

    my favorite doughnut tends toward the chocolate frosted or a simple glazed doughnut. though as a child i would inhale the cinnamon sugar ones my mom made.

  107. sara says:

    These look awesome! It’s hard to pick my favorite doughnut, but I think I would have to go with jelly doughnuts (with red jelly!)

  108. carmen says:

    the only donut i’ve had in the past 15 years was a tres leches donut from doughnut plant in new york city. :)

  109. Ashlie says:

    Apple fritters are my fav – though I love the ones with vanilla cream in the middle too!

  110. Jennifer says:

    I think my most favorite doughnut would have to be just plain glazed doughnuts! Now, if they’re glazed with chocolate, that’s a different story :-)

  111. Shop Eats says:

    I’m a big fan of krullers! Does she have a recipe for those?

  112. Marie says:

    Is it “doughnut” or “donut?” I’ve always wondered this.

    Anywho, my favorite do(ugh)nut is by far the unglazed chocolate cake donut. Amazing!

    And by the way, I love the picture of the fox. Reminds me of all the deer and wild turkey we see venturing out of the woods and into our backyard.

  113. Joy says:

    Ohhhhh my favorite donut has got to be blueberry cake donut. I love this recipe.

  114. Pamela D. says:

    I have this cookbook and the donut pan on my wish list! I’ve been eating apple cider donuts all summer. Every week when we pick up our CSA at Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury MA I buy some. The scent of the donuts is irresistible….

  115. Karen G says:

    I remember making donuts with my mom and sisters when I was a little girl! I really should bake them with my boys…

    Apple cider donuts are simply the best! Just sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar! That is the ultimate treat when I go to fall festivals… fresh, hot cider donuts – YUM!

  116. April in CT says:

    Maybe it’s just this magical time of year, but I’ve been tearing up on some pumpkin spice doughnuts lately. I’ve always wanted one of those doughnut pans so I can bake them!

  117. Bug says:

    These doughnuts look very tasty! My personal favourites are the old fashioned kind with a maple glaze on top.

  118. Margie says:

    Miss K., my favorite doughnut is cake (white), white icing and topped with oodles of coconut. If that can’t be found, I’ll opt for those colored sprinkles.

    Miss K., pick me! pick me! Plz., pick me! ;)

  119. Laurie says:

    Apple Cider doughnuts are actually my favorite (warm especially). I had them in Ocean City, NJ once & my favorite ever since! I’m so excited to make them now!

  120. Meg says:

    My favorite donut is yeast raised and glazed… I would love to try to make a chocolate version!

  121. Aliza says:

    In high school I worked at an apple orchard. My job was in the a farmstand and one of the things we sold there was fresh apple cider doughnuts. We had a big doughnut fryer that plopped rings of the batter into the oil and the we scooped them up with a big wire scoop. The doughnuts had chunks of apple in them, too, and were delicious! Haven’t had apple cider doughnuts since, but they’re still my favorite and always remind me of crisp falls day when I was a teenager in apple country :)

  122. Andrew says:

    OMG! I haven’t seen apple cider donuts in so long. When we used to go apple picking in North Georgia, there was a little farm that sold these delicious mini donuts. I would stand in front of the window watching the machine plop a few at a time, them flip them on a donut-deep-fryer-ferris-wheel contraption. BEST DONUTS EVER. (and yes, those are my favorite :P)

  123. Liana says:

    These apple cider donuts look wonderful. What a perfect treat for the fall season! My favorites are plain yeasts, krullers and sour cream…..maybe because I never had an apple cider donut!

  124. Nancy says:

    I might as well be Homer Simpson when it comes to donuts! And Apple Cider Donuts….well that just about says Autumn as far as I’m concerned!!

  125. eula says:

    The almond donut from Donut Plant in NYC. I have no idea how they make it but it’s soo good. It’s glazed and has a terrific almond flavor. Probably had real almonds on top too but I ate it too fast to remember!

  126. Jess says:

    I am a fan of the plain & simple chocolate donut….I have been on a recent donut kick & can’t wait to try this recipe!!!

  127. Erica says:

    I’d probably have to say that my favorite donut is apple cider :) a food truck near my school last fall was making them fresh one day and they were amazing. I haven’t seen an apple cider doughnut since; I’m super excited about this recipe :)

  128. Sheila says:

    My favorite doughnut is a zeppoli – hot out of the fryer and dusted with sugar. Yum

  129. Karen says:

    This is a really hard question! I am a fan of doughnuts generally. I guess when presented with options, I tend to gravitate toward something with sprinkles. Your apple cider doughnut pictures are giving me cravings! (Even sans sprinkles.)

  130. KarenLana says:

    Wow, where have I been? Never heard of an apple cider donut before but it sounds like a must try!! My fave is plain glazed but any donut is pretty much a winner in my book. =D

  131. rachel tsunami says:

    Looks like a “gotta have” book.

  132. Adriana says:

    I’ve never been much of a doughnut fan – until I started making them myself! My favorite doughnuts are simple, plain glazed cake or yeast ones.

  133. Danielle says:

    My favorite doughnut is a plain old glazed doughnut. I also really enjoyed doughnuts my mom used to make for me from biscuit dough and cinnamon-sugar topping :)

  134. LimeCake says:

    i’ve never tried baked doughnuts. fried ones are the only kind i know, and ever want to know.

  135. Jane L says:

    I love sopaipillas, and churros, but I was never able to make them myself.

  136. Carole says:

    I love the plain glazed ones. Your recipe looks great though and I will give it a try soon. Thanks for posting!

  137. Allison says:

    Holy cow, those look incredible. I don’t make doughnuts often because 1. we have a doughnut shop right outside our back door (it’s seriously dangerous to our waistlines… especially when we can smell doughnuts frying at 3am!), 2. I’m still a little weary about frying things, even though I do it enough that I shouldn’t be so scared of it, and 3. Son and I *really* don’t need to go through an entire batch of doughnuts between the two of us. Really. Because we definitely will, given the right motivation (like an entire batch staring us in the face…)

    But I might make an exception for these, they look so good!

  138. jenny says:

    I have a doughnut obsession…. I just love them all!

  139. Sooah Barbieri says:

    seriously missing American doughnuts … could eat a dozen on my own right now after having read your post

  140. Science Teacher Mommy says:

    I made donuts last year with mashed potatoes in the dough. Delicious batter; hideous to look at. Maybe “Doughnuts” will be my redemption. However, my favorite part of this post was “skeletons of summer’s glory.” How apt.

  141. recipejoe says:

    I don’t eat to many donuts but if these could be filled with whip cream, I would eat the
    hell out of them. A ricotta filling would be enjoyable also.

  142. Heather says:

    I admit to being a sucker for those custard filled Boston Creams… not the fake ones they fill with chalky whipped cream! :p

  143. Sherry Gustafson says:

    I love the cake donuts best like the buttermilk glazed.

  144. Linda says:

    Oh, dear! I’ve never heard of Apple Cider doughnuts, and now I’ve developed a potential addiction.

    I avoid doughnuts whenever I have the strength, because I live in Krispy Kreme country. Worthy causes with kids sell boxes of a dozen for fundraisers. They are so light, that before you know it you have inhaled 3. One time I was focused on working and didn’t realize that I had eaten SIX!!! I ended up in a fetal position on the floor moaning. Now when my husband buys a fundraiser box, I make him keep it in his truck.

  145. Jean says:

    I absolutely LOVE doughnuts. I’m going to be making these soon! Maybe for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning…yum!

  146. Chris M. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love doughnuts especially this time of year.

  147. Dawn says:

    I love all donuts but think my favorite would have to be lemon filled ones.

  148. Debbie says:

    My favorite doughnut is a simple chocolate glazed one with multi colored sprinkles! It has to have the colored sprinkles!

  149. Kristi says:

    Maple old-fashioned, warm. Served with mulled wine. Mmmmmmmmm…

  150. ASRickard says:

    Yumm! Been following your blog for ages but these look particularly delicious!

  151. Catharine says:

    I love eating apple cider doughnuts after apple picking! I’d love to see what other doughnut recipes I can make!

  152. Jill says:

    Lovely blog, Jen….

    I would come home from grade school and my grandmother would be sitting in the kitchen stirring up a batch of “pummelkins”, her word I guess for doughnut holes. I remember the big bowl nestled snugly in her lap and the waggle of her upper arms as she beat in the eggs. Gently she would deep fry the balls of dough, then roll them in sugar. They were the lightest, lovely-ist, after school treat. I always wished I could have a good “cup coffee” with them, as she did.

  153. Sarah E. Welch says:

    Glazed crullers dipped with the tops dipped in chocolate or old fashioned sour cream donuts, dusted in powder sugar w/a drizzle of chocolate. Seriously, how can you have one fave type? :) I’ve never actually had apple cider donuts, but I have a feeling, they might push that up to three faves!

  154. Tania says:

    WoW, I discovered your blog via Cannele et Vanille and I am happy I clicked the link.
    We just pressed the apples two weeks ago and the cider is perfect right now. I have to try this recipe.

  155. Gale Reeves says:

    cream filled and chocolate iced donuts – ahhhh
    thanks for the cookbook give-away

  156. Tracy says:

    I just love your blog…
    Mmmm Doughnuts….
    Sour Cream Glazed….

  157. Ela says:

    I love Polish rose-filled paczki donuts! Yum!

  158. Lauren says:

    These look gorgeous! It was such a treat to meet both you and Lara. I think my favourite doughnuts would be the mini ones, fresh from the oil and coated in cinnamon sugar which we always would get at the Stampede. It was one of the highlights of that event before going gluten-free.

  159. Deb in Indiana says:

    Did you know you can purchase reduced apple cider? I used to buy it from a local orchard, but I curretly have a jar from Wonderful stuff!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. schlachtplatte says:

    I loove double chocolate doughnuts. Not because I eat them myself, but because I can make my sister happy with them when I buy one in the US right before I board the plane, and then give it to her when she picks me up from the airport in Germany!

  161. Michael H says:

    This looks VERY good…

    Any doughnut is good, but there’s nothing like a freshly fried, then glazed, plain doughnut. They melt in the mouth!

  162. Allison says:

    What a coincidence, my favorite kind of doughnut is apple cider! (and I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe..)

  163. Jennifer E says:

    I love a simple fried doughnut with a light sugar coating. My mom used to make them for us when we were little.

  164. Cookin Canuck says:

    Oh my, what a glorious batch of doughnuts! We have made homemade doughnuts a few times and my kids go crazy for them every time. I would love to have an entire book of ideas to bribe them into good behavior (yeah, just kidding…sort of).

  165. Joy a KY girl in FL says:

    OooHhh MY!!! Apple cider donuts! These look completely AMaZiNg!!! Your post has inspired me! I think I’ll set up a fryer on my front porch next weekend and pass out these fantastic Fall ‘treats’ instead of candy! (We have a small neighborhood.) My favorite?? Always a tie between a good ole’ plain glazed and a chocolate devil’s food! =)

  166. Joanne at Frutto della Passione says:

    I just recently started making donuts because my son enjoys them so much whenever get back to Canada. His favourites are maple dipped, mine are chocolate glazed (like the holes you did here sometime back).

  167. Janet says:

    French crullers! Choux paste fried and glazed. They look like tractor tires:))

  168. Knitopia says:

    I love doughnuts and this book could be dangerous! I think a glazed chocolate cake doughnut is my favorite, but these apple cider ones sound great.

  169. fooddreamer says:

    Gorgeous doughnuts and gorgeous book! Consider me in for the giveaway!

  170. Karen says:

    My favorite doughnut shop doughnut is the apple fritter!

  171. Suzanne says:

    I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where there is a traditional doughnut called a ‘Faschtnacht’. I live in New England now, but when I have a craving for homemade doughnuts, I get out my Oma’s recipe…mmmmmm…

  172. Sharlene says:

    French crullers are classically my favorite go-to doughnut!

  173. Magdalena says:

    I moved to the US from Poland two years ago and my favorite doughnuts are the Polish pączki, or filled raised doughnuts. They are made from yeasted dough and filled with cherry, plum or other fruit jam, or with rose petal preserve for a really fancy version. They can be rolled in powdered sugar or glazed with a simple sugar glaze, sometimes with little bits of candied orange peel on top. The homemade ones are almost always rolled in powdered sugar. Both my grandmothers used to make them, but I find them really tricky to make (plus the recipe calls for 1-2 Tbs 70% alcohol, which isn’t sold here, and lard for frying, which is also hard to find). Every bakery in Poland sells pączki, but some make them better than others. My favorite in the US are raised jelly doughnuts from the Henion bakery in Amherst, Mass.

  174. christina says:

    i love crispy creme custard doughnuts!

  175. Marissa says:

    Bear claw! How could it get better? A doughnut filled with apples and cinnamon– but wait– it’s shaped like a bear’s claw!! YUM.

  176. Diane says:

    I like all kinds of donuts but my favorite is the classic sugar donut.

  177. Colette says:

    One of the best things about being in Waikiki for a holiday is being able to eat the fresh malasadas- you line up and wait for them to fry them and be cool enough to put in a box and eat. Lovely custard that makes you want to have loads and loads of them. I have to remind myself that since we are at the beach, I will be wearing a bathing suit- and that makes me stop at one- but I like to smell the rest of them in the box and get pleasure from watching my husband eat the rest.

  178. tanya says:

    I didn’t grow up eating doughnuts ever, but when I discovered them found I liked chocolate old fashioned the best. Also have a memory of tiny warm doughnuts from a tiny bakery on Nantucket years ago – no idea what kind they were. The warm, fresh doughnuts at Pike Place Market in Seattle are also amazing. I’d love to experiment with making doughnuts at home.

  179. Kate says:

    (I bought her book a week and a half ago, but I just have to comment on this one) I never thought I could or should make doughnuts but Lara’s recipe that didn’t make the book changed that. And I’m finishing the last of the doughnuts I made for a gathering last night, Lara’s Huckleberry Cheesecake with spiced pumpkin instead of berries and cinnamon glaze. I’ve fried some of the recipes and baked some of the ones that are supposed to be fried, brushed the doughnuts with oil before putting in the oven. Lara is just wicked….in a very good way! I’ll be buying more copies to give as gifts. Her doughnuts put Crispy Creme to shame.

  180. kelly says:

    icing filled – yum!

  181. Bibi says:

    Doughnuts ? We don’t have doughnuts in Europe ! I want to learn how to make them ! :D (I have some taster to try out my “talents”)

  182. Alyson @ Dates & Quinces says:

    Who doesn’t love doughnuts? I’ve never made them myself, but I’d love to try it! Are they always fried?

  183. farmerpam says:

    Lately, it’s been pumpkin doughnuts. And, in an effort to model healthy eating habits in front of the kids, i’ve been waiting till all is quiet and the bus has whisked them away for the day. Cold morning, hot coffee and a pumpkin doughnut. Sooo bad for the ass reduction plan. :)

  184. Sarah says:

    I love the amazing things that can come out of a home kitchen as I would have never thought to make real doughnuts. I can’t wait to try my hand at some light, airy, eggy cruellers!

  185. Caterina B says:

    Holy smokes! Did you know that doughnuts would generate so many comments? I think we all love doughnuts but don’t routinely eat them for obvious reasons. Yesterday I sought the help of the “baker” in our local not so super market because right before Halloween I have to have a PUMPKIN doughnut! She, like me, could not tell for sure which ones were pumpkin and which ones were applesauce. She very graciously let me break one open and it was not pumpkin. She said she would just throw it away. The next one was kind of orange/ginger inside it was my long awaited pumpkin doughnut! We talked about how everything is sent in frozen and they just bake it nowadays and lamented the true made from scratch “bakery.” She had worked in that store for 35 years and gradually had to go from homemade products to frozen. We don’t like what is happening to our food in the US. Hmmmm….Soon I will make my own doughnuts! This recipe doesn’t look difficult, thanks for it.

  186. Rebecca says:

    I think anybody would fall in love with deep friend dough. The book looks and sounds wonderful. I’ve never tried making doughnuts, but this book would definitely give me motivation to do so!

  187. Shoshanna says:

    The apple cider doughnut recipe seems delicious. Do you think you can add some fresh apples before you fry it up?

    Would love to try this recipe and other recipes from Lara’s book!

  188. Theresa Felts says:

    Apple Cider Doughnuts for the win! There is just nothing else like them. I can’t wait to try this recipe, and you definitely made the right call by reducing the cider. They looked yum.

  189. Debbie Smith says:

    My mom used to make doughnuts and they were so good. We loved the “fry cake”, which is a basic doughnut.

  190. Ivonne says:

    I seriously wanted to make these but didn’t have apple cider. They look so delicious, Jen!!!

  191. Lori says:

    At 75 cents per donut these are great for making at home. My kids love donuts- a very special treat. Thank you for posting it.

  192. burkie says:

    i really shouldn’t be trying to win a donut book, but those look great!

  193. axncatsma says:

    OK, this is going to sound awful, especially when posted on such a decadent site — but my favorite donut is one we made as kids. The kind made by opening a can of “whop!” biscuits and poking a hole in them with your finger, then frying them up in the Fry Daddy (three at a time, ’cause there were three of us) and then rolling them in cinnamon sugar. Loved the brittle crunch of the sugar and the delicate crispy crunch of the “donuts” still wicked hot from the fryer. Makes me miss my little brothers…

  194. Heather says:

    I worked at a bakery for five years and, sadly, we did not bake my favorite doughnut — a plain cake doughnut with maple icing. Though I’m also in heaven with a hot-from-the-fryer plain cake doughnut, too. I feel a bit like Homer Simpson right now …. I thank you for that. Enjoy the flannel!



  195. Brendan says:

    Those doughnuts look amazing! Growing up in Michigan near a lot of the orchards, it was a tradition to goto the cider mills. I’d love to try making my own!

  196. Frankie says:

    buttermilk donuts!! YUM so scrumptious!!

  197. Hettar7 says:

    oh gosh. when I was a kid my favorite donut were the long ones with the white cream filling. Now….. anything topped with candy. oreos, recees, you name it. yumm. Though I did have a really nice fresh strawberry and cream one from sublime donuts in Atlanta, Ga.

  198. Krystal R. says:

    Mmm… these look fantastic! My favorite pumpkin doughnuts may have some competition.

  199. tiptup says:

    simple yeast donut fresh out of the fryer, sprinkle of sugar!

  200. icecream says:

    I like a simple chocolate glazed donut :)

  201. Leitha says:

    Gallbladder surgery this week prevents from trying these, but after I’m feeling better, I’ll make a batch for the whole family!

  202. Aggie says:

    Ohhh those look divine… I personally love a good apple cider donut with a glass of warm apple cider in the fall, but a fresh krispy kreme at one of their stores (especially when it’s free) is also quite lovely.

  203. natalie says:

    pick me! :)

  204. Jen says:

    fresh krispy kreme glazed…or blueberry cake…it’s a toss up.

  205. Sophie says:

    Raspberry-filled from Banbury Cross in SLC, Utah.

  206. Arlynn says:

    I’ve been considering those pans for baking donuts. King Arthur has them, as does I’ll seriously have to consider getting this book! Krispy Kreme Glazed rock!

  207. Jie Li says:

    hmmmm….i liked the donuts they have in china, it’s a yeast kind but very crunch on the outside..plain yeast donuts is one of my favorites too

  208. Dee L says:

    OOOOh donuts!! YUMMMM! I’ve conquered cookies, cupcakes and macaroons. I can’t wait to attempt donuts! My favorite donut is just a plain sour cream cake donut.

  209. Andrea says:

    I have been wanting to make donuts for a few years, but the frying part has scared me away. I think I need to give this book a good read & donuts a try!

  210. Brian says:

    Simple is best. Traditional plain doughnut with a maple syrup glaze. Light, with subtle sweetness. Heaven. No complications from the world outside your forest. Could have been made 400 years ago in New France. Clean, slightly elastic texture… second wave of a little sweet. Perfect with a very good strong coffee or espresso.

  211. Julia says:

    Apple cider doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar. Yum!

  212. 1pretzelgirl says:

    Next time you’re in town, please try my current FAVE donut – the maple-glazed bacon donut from Dynamo on 24th Street in San Francisco! To die for!

  213. SiSi says:

    Boston Creme Doughnuts all the way…from anywhere!!but preferrably from good ol canadian Tim Horton’s!aka Timmys…=)krispy kreme of canada

  214. Gali says:

    Yum! Doughnuts! They’re not all that popular here but my years in Boston have left me with fond memories of Boston cream goodness… I used to be able to eat two in one sitting, these days I can’t even finish one! I’m getting old.

  215. Amy says:

    Bavarian Cream!

  216. Cream Puffs In Venice - Doughnuts: The Blog Tour says:

    […] The tour started at It then headed over to Wasabi Prime before making it’s way to The Sophisticated Gourmet. From there Lara’s book meandered on over to Cannelle et Vanille before finding a home at Use Real Butter. […]

  217. Christine says:

    My favourite doughnut is still the good old fashion plain cinnamon sugar ones. Especially when it’s warm and soft. Hmm… I can eat like 3 in one sitting and that’s curbing myself to eat more ! Very Dangerous to be near a plate of doughnuts! haha

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  218. Deb says:

    jam-filled and dusted with icing sugar :) craving one right now!

  219. Laura says:

    Thanks for posting the recipe! I made them too this weekend (my first frying at home experience) and they were delicious! Now I’ve caught the “doughnut bug” and have been eyeing Lara’s book….

  220. my little expat kitchen says:

    Lovely doughnuts. My favorite kind though is the Greek doughnut, airy, light and topped with rich honey!

  221. PerfectingPru says:

    I made brioche donuts with apple compote inside the other week, but these look wonderful. I found that by cooking them at a much lower heat made them crisp and cooked all the way through – but I figure you know all this already!

  222. Linda says:

    I love donuts, and this looks amazing!

    My favorite – maple bars!

  223. Abby C. says:

    My favorite are the simple cinnamon twists. No glaze, just a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

  224. sunny says:

    hm, usually when I eat donuts, it’s the powdered sugar kind. clearly, it’s time to expand my horizons! thanks for hosting this drawing!

  225. Angela R says:

    I love old fashioned chocolate cake doughnuts. I wish I had one now.

  226. Katya says:

    oh, those malassadas. I get them in provincetown…

  227. kate says:

    wow i’ve been hearing a lot about this book, i must say i need to get it soon. those doughnuts look so yummy!

  228. Chantile M says:

    I am fairly particular about doughnuts. I often find myself craving a crispy creme. But I am more than excited to try the apple cider doughnuts! I LOVE anything baked with fall flavors. Thank you!

  229. heather says:

    favie is plain cake with chocolate frosting & colored sprinkles…but fall has given me the craving for apple cider ones.

  230. Kate says:

    My favorite doughnut is a glazed, marshmallow cream filled. It’s over the top, but so worth it.

  231. Trolleira says:

    great! I love doughnuts – don`t say nobody needs to eat fried things – sometimes you have just to do some things unhealthy ;-)

  232. Leanna says:

    I love glazed yeast doughnuts.

  233. licorous says:

    I love a traditional maple bar!

  234. Rochelle says:

    I love all kinds of donuts, but I have a tendency to go for the glazed donuts. Chocolate glazed with sprinkles and a coffee make me happy.

  235. Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker says:

    These look fabulous! I have always wanted to make homemade doughnuts. Hope I win, if not I’ll definitely be buying the book!

  236. Amy I. says:

    My all-time favorite is the peanut butter-oreo concocotion from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. But I like them all, really! I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Lara’s book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Bonnie Schueler says:

    My family looves apple donuts. Every fall we spend our weekends apple orchard touring looking for the ultimate apple donut! Someone has to do it. ;D

  238. Harrison says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and this is the second recipe I’ve tried out (the last one was the thai coconut chicken soup). Anyway, just wanted to share my, and my friend’s gratitude, for this recipe. They came out delicious with a subtle apple flavor. I’d like to get a stronger flavor next time but these were definitely good as is.

    my favorite donut is probably a plain krispy kreme glazed donut hot out of the fryer (if you get there when the Hot Fresh Donuts sign is on) or after it’s been in the microwave for a few seconds.

  239. Joanna from Colorado says:

    How funny – I just added this book to my Amazon wishlist…

    My favorite is a custard-filled long john. I like the chocolate-frosted ones. My dad used to get doughnuts every Sunday morning when I was little, and even though I couldn’t eat the whole thing, I think I preferred them because they were the biggest ones, and then my brother couldn’t have it (HA-HA). :)

    Now that I bake, I give my treats (most of them) away as gifts, and I have to work out a lot more. I hate getting older. I have much more self-control (or at least I tell myself that). Hehe. I still love them, though. It is a mixture of taste AND memories, I think. :)

  240. Miriam McIvor says:

    I haven’t had my favourite doughnuts since I was about 10 years old. We had family friends who, on special occasions (like when my family visited) would serve doughnuts for dinner! They were amazing – kinda cakey but crispy and light and smothered in jam and cream… Oh man, doughtnuts for dinner…

  241. Laura says:

    I also avoid donuts bc of frying, but you make me want to try!

  242. Jason, Jason, Jason says:

    I apologize for all I offend with the following comment.

    To me donuts are like _____. I like ’em all, especially when they’re hot.

  243. Ana says:

    While I am not a huge fan of a doughnut, I do make them every once in a while. Sharing a fresh homemade doughnut makes me happy… and the recipient giddy! My favorite doughnut is a plain glazed, still warm, on the counter next to all the other ones waiting to go in to a hot oil bath!

  244. Mary says:

    My all-time fave is a French cruller, but I am dying to see the recipe for the creme brulee doughnut. Funny, I made jam-filled cardamom doughnuts for brunch yesterday.

  245. Kellen says:

    Seeing as I’ve never had an apple cider doughnut, I’ll definitely have to try this out…
    As of right now, however, I’d take a plain old fashioned with a latte to dunk it in!

  246. Sarah says:

    Just found this blog–great photos! And I’ve been hearing so much about Lara’s book! It sounds great!

  247. jen says:

    Yummy donuts. I hope you post more! Thanks

  248. Eunice says:

    Those look amazing and super tasty! I’d love to see what else is in the book…

  249. audra says:

    who doesn’t love doughnuts? ;) at the moment, i would have to say the cider doughnuts from a particular pick-your-own farm in New Jersey. they. are. amazing. they don’t always have them though, so there is always a huge build up of anticipation when we go there. every farm, pick your own, and bakery has them at this time of the year around here (NJ), but those are the best. in fact, i haven’t had them in at least 2 years– time to go hunting for some! thanks for the contest!

  250. Christine says:

    Yum! I <3 doughnuts, but have always been afraid of trying to fry them – maybe I'll do these baked. :D

  251. Christine A. says:

    We love all kind of donuts although they don’t cooperate with our waistline. I think that I like vanilla creme filled donuts best. Thanks and have fun baking more donuts.

  252. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon) says:

    I just had a donut yesterday that has to be my new favorite. It was just a donut hole, covered in cinnamon and sugar, but the inside was so light and fluffy, like air! Nothing like the usual cakey donut. I liked that the outside had the usual sweetness of a donut, but the inside was a bit more savory than usual. It was a beautiful balance.

  253. Lily says:

    Your doughnuts look delish!!!!

  254. Jenna says:

    Ok, I have to admit – there are too many different kinds of delicious doughnuts to name just one favorite. Instead, my top three: apple cider doughnuts when I want to taste hearty autumn warmth; sugar glazed doughnuts for when I want simple, clean, unadulterated deliciousness; chocolate glazed doughnuts for when I want to indulge and feel like a kid. Yum!

  255. Tara says:

    I used to love those Boston Creme doughnuts – you know, the ones filled with vanilla creme and topped with chocolate glaze – but these days, I find I appreciate a simple, glazed doughnut, preferably still warm. Mmm…..

  256. Charlene says:

    These look so yummy! My favorite donut is definitely a simple old fashioned donut. The kind that’s thick, deep fried and crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

  257. Sherry says:

    I like plain doughnuts generally…just glazed… I’m also partial to chocolate glazed doughtnuts and apple fritters (though I’m not sure that’s really a doughnut)… Simple flavors are the best!

  258. Susan says:

    Favorite doughnut is Bavarian cream, and I hate when I get tricked into the whipped cream filling instead of the pudding cream.

  259. Amanda says:

    I love doughnuts! And those look delicious!

  260. Hope says:

    I’ve never had a cider doughnut, but my favorite fall treat is a plain yeast doughnut with a mug of hot spiced apple cider.

  261. April says:

    These look delicious! I love doughnuts and my favorite are fresh-baked raised glazed. YUM.

  262. Brittani says:

    Fresh from the oil, all delicately dropped in a paper sack, and tossed in a shower of cinnamon and sugar :D
    You’ve never known happiness until you’ve popped one of those little heavenly angel bits in your mouth.. YUM.

  263. Becky says:

    I just love the plain old glazed doughnuts. When I was growing up, our church would have doughnuts after Mass and my parents let us get some once a month. Yum!

  264. VickiT says:

    This looks like a wonderful book for my huge collection of cookbooks I’ve collected over the years. An entire cookbook of doughnut recipes sounds like so much fun to work through, one by one. YUM! In my hometown the Methodist Church had a donut sale once a month. Those women made and sold the old fashioned fried donuts all day long and I’m sure made tons of money for the church each month. My Mom always went there and bought them and we always rushed home from school that day knowing Mom never failed us and they’d be waiting.

  265. Fung Lee says:

    When I was little I remember after school going to Chock Full O Nuts and getting my favorite donuts a whole wheat (before it’s time). It was so crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I hadn’t had one in ages. Then recently Chock Full O Nuts opened a shop in my area. I went in to see if they still had my favorite. YES!, I was in heaven. Exactly as I remembered.

  266. marla {family fresh cooking} says:

    Looks like I missed the giveaway deadline, but dang I loved reading about your doughnut experience. I am so in the mood to try some {baked} doughnuts as I have been seeing them around the web. Don’t have one of those pans either -but I am determined to find one. Glad to read this batch of cider munchies worked out ;)

  267. amy says:

    I love plain glazed doighnuts! Yum!!

  268. Sheena says:

    I saw that book in a cute little boutique store in Renton, WA and wanted to buy it immediately!! Fundage is low though… I can’t wait to try and make these doughnuts today though! I just watched the travel channels doughnut show with Voodoo and Top Pot and all the great northwest doughnut places! I had some cider and figured I’d see if anyone had a recipe!! Missed the deadline, but oh well.

  269. Carmen says:

    I like raised donuts the best – simple with glazed icing or with custard filling and chocolate icing (not too much!). Cake donuts are good too if they have powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar coatings.

  270. Kimiko says:

    My favorite type of doughnut is the glazed one filled with raspberry jam. Those are A-MAZING; I think I could eat a dozen of them by myself!

  271. fran says:

    Boston Cream. Did you know some DD stores have Boston Cream munchkins!?

  272. sheauen says:

    my favorite store bought doughnut is a krispy kreme doughnut, but only when the hot doughnut sign is on.

    my favorite homemade doughnut is made using the recipe from the little house cookbook. my doughnuts don’t flip over by themselves like Almanzo’s mother’s doughnuts from “Farmer Boy” but they’re pretty darn good glazed or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

  273. Tiffany says:

    Hi Jen!
    I adore experimenting and making pumpkin doughnuts with a cream cheese maple glaze. It is one of my favourites next to homey, but delicious, airy plain glazed doughnut.
    Either way, I can inhale doughnuts like nobody’s business.haha

    Cheers and happy eating,

  274. Jocelyn says:

    French Cruellers….they’re so light and airy and seem to melt in your mouth. DELICIOUS!

  275. Mathew says:

    Was planning on making some oven baked apple donuts, buth then I saw this. Such a better choice =)

  276. Lindsay says:

    Warm apple cider donuts from Apple Hill here in Nor Cal…the best!!!

  277. Sandy says:

    My Mother made the best doughnuts in the world. I remember as a child, she would get up early Halloween morning and make a thick buttermilk batter and then she would let it rest until late afternoon. She would drop large spoonfuls of batter into an electric fryer and the doughnuts would puff up and get brown. She drained them on brown paper bags and I would sprinkle some with powder sugar, some with cinnamon sugar mixture, and she would ice some with orange glaze. Then when the kids came trick or treating they would get a fresh doughnut and apple cider. I miss those doughnuts!!!

  278. jenyu says:

    Thanks for all of your entries! The giveaway is over now, but I hope you will all enjoy some homemade doughnuts :) xo

    Mina – it’s in the recipe.

    Cheryl – it was open to international as well :)

    Andrea – I turned them.

    Shop Eats – yes!! On my list to try :)

    Marie – I’ve seen it both ways.

    Deb in Indiana – I did not know this, wow!

    Alyson – no, they can be baked.

    Shoshanna – certainly, those are called apple fritters.

    Jason, Jason, Jason – PRATER!!!!

    fran – that sounds amazing, but I have to boycott DD now that I know their politcal contributions :(

  279. » Trick or Treat: Dirty Snow Doughnuts || Lara Ferroni (Food Photographer & Writer, Seattle, Washington) says:

    […] Baked Maple Buns The Sophisticated Gourmet’s Raised Glazed Use Real Butter’s Apple Cider Doughnuts for High Altitude Baking! Cannelle et Vanille’s Gluten Free Maple Glazed Cream Puffs in Venice’s Birthday Creme […]

  280. The Baker’s Dozen « Cook My Book says:

    […] but quite elusive on the Pacific. Recipe after recipe suggested baking them, until I found this one. The blog’s name is […]

  281. bakergirlmd says:

    Got a copy of the book a couple of months ago, drooling over the idea that I could make apple cider doughnuts in September! Well, I tried them for the first time today. The batter was easy enough. Frying was another story. as one minute on each side was not enough. I got cooked outer edges and gooey centers. Increased time to about 1 1/2 minutes each side, which seemed to help, in addition to looking for the “craters” that seemed to form on the surface of the doughnuts. I tried the finished product with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar. These weren’t an overtly apple cider taste, but satisfactory enough. I will make them again soon!

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