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i do déclair

Recipe: chocolate éclairs

Around this time of year, I’m usually too busy cleaning my house and cooking traditional dishes for the Lunar New Year to take notice of Valentine’s Day. That and the fact that I am not romantic AT ALL. Honestly, Valentine’s Day would not have been on my radar this year if it weren’t for my client’s product shoot last month. Since several of you inquired about the chocolates from this post, I thought I’d share some Robin Chocolates with you.

say hi to the valentine’s day chocolate truffle lineup (each is a different flavor)

Robin Chocolates is a local chocolatier based in Longmont, Colorado (just outside of Boulder). The confections and pastries that come out of that store are simply gorgeous, matched in beauty by the incredible quality of these award winning chocolates (rose caramel, salt caramel, raspberry, irish cream, molé, pomegranate, lavender, orange blossom, key lime pie… to name a few). I love working with Robin, the chocolatier and owner, in part because her candies are such a pleasure to photograph. The other reason is because Robin is badass. She is this petite, smart, no-nonsense, hard-working, talented, passionate, funny woman who is on her third successful career and loving it (first was Navy, then tech). BADASS, I say.

meet robin

Each chocolate is a work of art – elegantly decorated and lovingly hand-crafted. Whenever I pick up product to photograph, Robin leads me around the back and fills a bag of “rejects” for me to give to Jeremy (because I don’t really eat chocolate and yes, she thinks I’m crazy). I mentioned the Valentine’s shoot to my mom a few weeks ago. Mom likes chocolate. She asked if I could send her the truffles when I’m done photographing them. I explained that I didn’t think they were suitable to send to her since they are heavily handled and kept around for almost a month until we are sure there are no reshoots. I could detect the disappointment in her voice even though she said it was okay. So I ordered a box of the Valentine’s truffles just for Mom.

12 of hearts: now that’s a pretty gift

And because I like you guys, I asked Robin if I could give away two boxes of her VERY AMAZING Valentine’s Day chocolate truffles. Robin does not screw around, kids. She uses Valrhona chocolate and magically weaves flavors and textures together into a most decadent and sublime masterpiece. You want a box, or at the very least, you want to send a box to someone you love… I mean someone you REALLY love. This is coming from me, the person who doesn’t really dig on chocolate, but who won’t shut up about Robin Chocolates.

THE DEALIO: It’s a giveaway! Win one of two 12 of Hearts boxes (heart-shaped chocolate truffles) shipped anywhere in the United States. That means if you live outside the US but want to ship the chocolates to someone or someplace in the States, you can enter.

1) Leave a comment on this post sharing who your favorite Valentine is.
2) One comment per person, please.
3) Comments must be received by 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time, Thursday, February 7, 2013.
4) The chocolates can only ship within the United States (winner’s recipient must have a US mailing address).
5) Two winners will be selected at random by Jeremy (Kaweah has retired).
6) The two winners will be announced on Friday, February 8, 2013.

Good luck!

kaweah can’t eat the chocolates, but she’ll taste the props

We’re not done with chocolate, not by a long shot. Back in the day, when I was a member of the Daring Bakers and our ranks numbered in the hundreds, one of our monthly challenges was éclairs. I was excited because éclairs had been on my “learn to make” list for a while. But the week before the reveal date, I went into the ER with a leaky appendix (unbeknownst to us, it had been leaking for months) and left a few days later without my appendix. I had missed the August 2008 challenge, but the éclairs remained on my to do list for four and a half years. I finally crossed it off the list this weekend. The recipe has multiple parts mixed and matched from two different sources, so I’ll present them to you in the order I made them. First: chocolate pastry cream.

milk, egg yolks, cornstarch, sugar, butter, chocolate

heat the milk in one pan

stir the yolks, cornstarch, and sugar together in another pan

temper the egg yolk mixture with the hot milk

If I were eating the éclairs, I would have made regular pastry cream. But I made these for Jeremy (and my neighbors) and I knew that a chocolate pastry cream would appeal to him. This chocolate pastry cream comes from the Daring Bakers challenge which follows Pierre Hermé’s recipe. It’s probably the nicest and most well-behaved pastry cream I’ve ever made – thick and smooth with terrific flavor. I think as long as you use good quality chocolate (I used Valrhona 66%) and other ingredients, it can’t go wrong.

add chocolate to the pastry cream

finish with butter

rich, silky, smooth

I started the pastry cream first because it would take the longest to cool. It stores in the refrigerator for 2-3 days in case you want or need to do this over a couple of sessions. For the cream puff dough, I followed a recipe on Serious Eats sourced from Miette’s cookbook. There is an omission in the recipe which someone addresses in the comments, but if you decide to follow that recipe it is missing 4 eggs which is kinda critical to the pastry. It’s a pretty standard pâte à choux.

water, milk, eggs, salt, sugar, butter, flour

parchment-lined baking sheet and pastry bag fitted with pastry tip

place the salt, sugar, butter, water, and milk in a saucepan

stir the flour in at once when the liquid boils

The recipe moves the dough to a stand mixer, but I’ve also made pâte a choux by hand. It’s a lot easier to beat the eggs into the dough with a stand mixer than to stir like crazy to incorporate the eggs. Once the dough is made, you want to pipe it while it is still warm. I can only bake one sheet at a time, but my second sheet of éclairs turned out just fine even with 40 minutes of waiting around on my counter before going into the oven.

place dough in stand mixer with paddle attachment

add eggs one at a time

piping the éclairs onto the parchment

brush with egg wash

make grooves along the tops

When the éclairs were done, I poked a hole in the end of each one to let steam escape and to also create an opening for piping the pastry cream into the puff. I found a chopstick worked well. I swiped it side to side to clear out any thin walls within the pastry. Once the pastries were completely cooled, I filled them with the chocolate pastry cream (use a 1/4-inch plain tip or smaller). You really have to gauge this carefully so that you don’t overfill (which can lead to breakage) or underfill (which is just setting someone up for disappointment) the pastry. When you near capacity, the pastry will start to bulge a little. If you keep forcing pastry cream into the pastry, it will spring a leak. Another way to estimate the capacity is to eyeball the amount of pastry cream you squeeze out of the pastry bag and the relative volume of the pastry in your hand.


poke a hole in one end

fill with chocolate pastry cream

The chocolate ganache glaze is also from Miette’s recipe. I made this after having filled the éclairs so I could be sure to dip them before the ganache cooled and hardened. It’s quick to whip up. I didn’t quite follow the instructions and it still turned out great.

dark chocolate, butter, eggs (yolks), powdered sugar, cream

stirring the confectioner’s sugar into melted chocolate

add the hot cream

temper the egg yolks with the hot chocolate ganache

stir in the butter

I made sure to finish the ganache in a wide bowl so that I wouldn’t have any trouble dipping the éclairs. Turn the éclairs upside down and dunk them into the glaze. The glaze is quite thick, so make sure you get a decent grip on the base of the pastry without crushing it between your fingers. Let the excess glaze drip back into the bowl and then set the éclairs on the rack to cool.

dip the éclair into the glaze

let the glaze set up

Of course, we couldn’t resist biting into one of the éclairs before the glaze had hardened. They were good, but I actually thought they were better the next day after having spent the night in the refrigerator in an airtight container. I think the flavors and textures were better developed on the second day and Jeremy agrees. My neighbors gave the éclairs the thumbs up too. This recipe makes 18, but I swear they go pretty quickly!

i did this for love

Chocolate Éclairs
[print recipe]
from Miette via Serious Eats (but there is an error in the Serious Eats version) and Dessert First

cream puff dough
1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 cup water
3.5 oz. unsalted butter (1/4 cup + 3 tbsps)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp kosher salt
1 1/2 cups (7 oz.) all-purpose flour
4 eggs
1 egg whisked + 2 tbsps water (this is the egg wash)

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Fit a pastry bag with a 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch plain tip. Preheat oven to 425°F. Combine the milk, water, butter, sugar, and salt in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Quickly stir the flour in all at once with a wooden spoon and keep stirring vigorously until the dough pulls away from the sides (this dries some of the moisture from the dough too, which is good). Remove from heat. Place the dough in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Beat the dough on medium speed for a minute. Start adding the four eggs, one at a time, allowing the mixer to incorporate each egg completely before adding the next one. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as necessary. After you beat the last egg into the dough, beat on high for a minute.

Transfer the dough to the pastry bag and pipe fingers about 1-inch wide by 5-inches long and 3/4-inch high. Space each one about 2 inches apart (they will spread). When done piping, brush egg wash over each pastry, then gently run the back of a fork along the tops to create lengthwise grooves to promote even baking. Bake for 15 minutes, then turn the oven off and leave for 20-25 minutes until the pastries are golden brown and hollow (tap them, they will sound hollow). Remove from the oven and pierce each pastry at one end to release steam. Cool completely on cooling racks.

chocolate pastry cream
from Pierre Hermé via Dessert First
2 cups whole milk
4 egg yolks
6 tbsps (75 g) sugar
3 tbsps cornstarch, sifted
7 oz. bittersweet chocolate, melted
2 1/2 tbsps unsalted butter, room temperature

Boil the milk in a small saucepan. Whisk the yolks, sugar, and cornstarch together in a medium saucepan. Temper the yolks by whisking a ladle of the hot milk into the yolk mixture (this prevents the egg from cooking by incrementally increasing the temperature). Whisk in a little more of the hot milk. Whisk in the rest of the hot milk. Strain the liquid back into the saucepan (to remove any cooked egg bits). Set the saucepan over medium heat and whisk vigorously until the pastry cream comes to a boil. Continue to whisk over medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Stir in the melted chocolate and remove from heat. Place the pastry cream in a bowl and set the bowl over an ice bath. Keep stirring the pastry cream to keep it smooth. When the temperature reaches 140°F, stir in the butter. Stir to cool the pastry cream completely, or do what I did and cover it with plastic (make sure the plastic touches the entire surface to prevent skin from forming) and pop it in the refrigerator. Can be made 2-3 days ahead of time.

chocolate glaze
10 oz. dark chocolate, chopped
2/3 cup (2.5 oz.) powdered sugar, sifted
3/4 cup + 1 tbsp heavy cream
2 large egg yolks
3 tbsps unsalted butter

Melt the chocolate and powdered sugar together over a double boiler (or microwave the chocolate on half-power 30 seconds at a time until almost melted and stir the confectioners sugar in). Heat the cream in a small saucepan over medium heat until it just starts to boil. Pour the cream over the chocolate and stir until incorporated. Place the egg yolks in a medium bowl. Whisk a little chocolate mixture into the egg yolks to temper them. Whisk in a little more chocolate mixture. Whisk the rest of the chocolate into the egg yolks. Add the butter and stir until smooth. Pour the chocolate ganache through a sieve.

Assemble the éclairs: Fill a pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch tip (or smaller) with the chocolate pastry cream. Fill each éclair with pastry cream taking care not to overfill (it will seep out) or underfill (it won’t taste as good). Make sure the chocolate glaze is warm and fluid in a wide bowl. Dip the top of each éclair into the glaze allowing any excess to drip off. Set each éclair on a cooling rack to dry. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Makes 18 éclairs.

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    My valentine is my sweet husband, married 4 years but together for more than 14 years now. He’ll be out of town visiting his parents on Valentine’s Day so I would probably eat these myself…

  88. Clohee says:

    Right now its a toss up between hubby and our newborn baby girl :)

  89. Molly-Iris says:

    I love to make pate choux!! It’s by far one of my favorite pastry applications.

    My favorite valentine? Hmmmm. My partner A takes the cake for sure, but I’m spending valentine’s this year with my dear friend before she moves across the country — to Colorado, in fact! We’ve been friends for years and have always lived near by. I think she’s my valentine this year : )

  90. Pamela says:

    My valentine is my darlin’ husband. Each day with him is sweet ~ with or without chocolate ;-)

  91. Cynthia says:

    My mother, who has done so much for me and taught me the definition of selflessness and compassion.

  92. Jan says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Both I and my partner, M, are chocolate fiends and the chocolate would go to M :)

  93. Tim says:

    My valentine is my girlfriend! These chocolates would definitely help me out during that time of the month.

  94. Hristina says:

    My Valentine’s is my husband of 9 years.

  95. Marisa says:

    I love the eclair photos- that chocolate filling looks decadent!! My Valentine is my long distance boyfriend who lives in Golden, Colorado- I am currently living in Washington DC. He has a huge sweet tooth and would appreciate the gift!

  96. Pamela L. says:

    My favorite valentine is my niece Lil, who always acts as my sous chef.

  97. Sheryl says:

    Husband Dave, but that doesn’t mean I will share with him!

  98. Savannagh Kacey says:

    My beloved partner of 28 years has just retired and is in the process of reinventing herself as a “person who can do whatever she damn well pleases”. I think the reinvention would go more smoothly if she were eating sweet, fragrant, lovingly-made chocolates. It might help steer her away from roller derby and toward something more like flower arranging.

  99. Emma says:

    My Valentine this year is myself! For the first time in a long time I’m single and planning to focus on me this year.

  100. Marin says:

    I have no Valentine, which is just sad enough I should be in the running anyway. I’d probably share with a guy at the bus stop or the night janitor at work.

  101. Madoka says:

    The chocolates are beautiful and I can’t wait to try to make the eclairs! My favorite valentine is my boyfriend; we will be celebrating our first anniversary on Valentine’s Day this year. :)

  102. Jackie L. says:

    Those eclairs look incredible! My Valentine this year is my mother, who has helped me out so much!

  103. aimee @ like mother like daughter says:

    mmmm these look seriously amazing! chocolate in the middle. so yum! does the dough cook hollow so you only need to make one little hole and then fill? i really want to try these!

  104. Nina, Brittany says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your eclairs and the photo of Kaweah licking the rose! My ‘forever’ Valentine is my husband and we are celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend … perhaps with some chocolate truffles on the menu?! Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year to you and yours !! xx

  105. Cindy Tilley-Johnson says:

    I must say again, “Those eclairs look amazingly delicious!” I can only assume those chocolate truffles are the same! AND each a different flavor! Oh my gosh. I think I’m going to faint! Chocolate is my downfall!

  106. Tanya says:

    Jen, those eclairs look amazing! can’t wait to try the recipe. and my valentine is my partner, of course.

  107. Juliet says:

    My valentine is my grandfather (Pépère), an consummate chocolate-lover and the sweetest gentleman I know.

  108. spacemonkey1138 says:

    My wonderful husband! Thanks for the chance at some chocolate!

  109. Jamie says:

    My valentine is my sweetheart, darling, Bill.

    And speaking of love, I do love your blog and so happy I found you.
    You are one heck of a kick-ass gal, Jen. Your pup is so cute…and your recipes and photos are divine!
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share that with you….

    Happy New Year!

  110. Pearl says:

    Those look incredible, Jen! My valentine is currently my dog, Toby, who (I hope) will love me even if I refuse to share a bite of that chocolate eclair!

  111. Vballer says:

    Omg! That’s looks amazing. I’m gonna have to make it once I get a break from college midterms!!!

  112. nikki says:

    These look absolutely amazing. My favorite valentine would have to be my boyfriend!

  113. Terri says:

    The Salt Caramel Lollipops look awesome. Big M (my Mom) is my favorite valentine! She rocks!

  114. jacquie says:

    i’m sorry to say no valentine’s at this point in my life. at least the 2-legged type – can pups count as valentine’s? if so, then scout and bella.

  115. Jillian says:

    My valentine is my lovely husband! It’s our first valentine’s day together since the wedding, and I’m looking forward to so many more.

  116. Julia says:

    I was just thinking yesterday that Valentine’s Day no longer has an emotional component for me when I thought of my gal pals, Wendy and Eve. They are my valentines. Casa Bonita forever!

  117. Manda says:

    My Valentine is my boyfriend Jon, the chocoholic. He’s the chocolate monster in the relationship.

  118. Jennifer says:

    My valentine is my husband of 19 years!

  119. Jess Z says:

    My Valentine is my hubby Jon. We’re expecting our first child, and he’s taken such great care of me the first half of this pregnancy which has been pretty tough on both of us. I have been on bed rest for three months and craving donuts, so he’ll swing by a local shop throughout the week to bring me some before going to the office. I think he’ll enjoy trying this recipe. :)

  120. Jenny says:

    Those do look incredible. My husband is my Valentine and adores chocolate.

  121. Jil Anderson says:

    My husband of course but if I win the chocolates I’ll be sending them to my cute sister.

  122. Susan says:

    My husband and my girls are my Valentines. I don’t think I have time to make these, but might attempt cream puffs next week. I used to make them with my grandmother all the time and haven’t in quite a while. I’m sure they would be a welcome treat at my house.

  123. Melissa says:

    Those eclairs look delicious, as do the chocolates. What a delicious Valentine treat! My valentine is my husband, he is the sweetest and I adore him.

  124. Chrystie says:

    Although I do have a lovely man to call my own, I think a girl’s best Valentine is always her father :) And this girl has her mother’s sweet tooth.

    Your gorgeous photos might actually inspire me to give these a go!

  125. Rhonda says:

    My favorite Valentine is my wonderful Son… he is my heart, my joy!! From one of my favorite quotes: “Making the decision to have a child its momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” This expresses perfectly my feelings and love for my Son, my only child.

  126. Vicky says:

    The Husband would be the valentine! Gorgeous eclair pictures!!!! I usually got lazy and filled them with chocolate ice cream in the past!

  127. Sruti says:

    Thanks for the giveaway; Robin chocolates sound & look delicious (bet taste too).
    My valentine is my best friend from childhood, who stuck with me all these years.

  128. Alex says:

    My valentine is my wonderful husband (also named Alex) who finds time to cook lovely food and fix everything around the house on top of a full time job!

  129. Shungerford says:

    Mmmmmmmmm. I just started a diet today. I am so making these eclairs when I’m done with this diet! My valentine is my boyfriend. After a rough marriage and a broken engagement I deserve a guy who is warm, loving, smart, funny, cute, a great dad and loves me. Somehow I found him. Now I just have to let the puppy know she can’t have him as her boyfriend too.

  130. Carly says:


  131. brenda s 'okie in colorado' says:

    My husband is my favorite valentine! Our wedding anniversary is February 14 and this will be our 14th year. We dated in California from 1980 to 1987. We started seeing each other again in 1998 and married in 1999.
    The eclairs look so good. I have made cream puffs, so I will attempt your recipe soon. <3

  132. Karyn says:

    My valentine is my sweetie, Zandr. He’ll be away on business travel all month so I suppose this year my valentine is me :) Regardless, I have tons of time to contemplate actually trying to make these when he gets home. I *love* eclairs but this recipe might be too much for my meager cooking skills.

    Love your blog, your beautiful photos, and your lovely family. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  133. Linda | The Urban Mrs says:

    I’ll definitely share this chocholate with my mom. She’s a chocoholic – that means she eats chocolate every day! She even hides the chocolate from us so she can enjoy them later. So, having this will definitely put a smile on her face.

  134. Shannon says:

    O M G these look U MAY ZZZZZZING!

    My sweetheart (s) are my kids and of course my honey Jesse

  135. Kimberly says:

    My Valentine is my wonderful fiance, David! Such lovely looking chocolates, and photography, of course.

  136. debbie says:

    My valentine is my husband… as far the chocolate goes I would LOVE to win this. They look so delicious! Just like those eclairs do! Oh do I want to win this!!!

  137. Stephus says:

    What a beautiful, decadent labor of love! Jeremy is a very lucky man to have you in his life and I also feel so lucky to have your beautiful photos to guide me through your recipes. Taking photos while making pastry creme can’t be easy. And your photos of Kaweah melt my heart. :)

    My valentine this year (and for the past 6) is my boyfriend and partner, Michael.

    Happy February!

  138. Amanda says:

    Oooh maybe eclairs would be doable after all… you make them look easy!

    My Valentine is my husband, Jim, who also loves your recipes.

  139. fran says:

    my husband!

  140. Ashley Ryan says:

    My valentine is my husband of 16 years. He is my best friend. We’ve been inseparable since we were 19 years old.

  141. Kath the Cook says:

    No current boyfriend, so I guess it’s me! These sound amazing.

  142. Christina says:

    My #1 Valentine this year is my daughter. She’s scheduled to come just before Valentine’s day. What a perfect gift (= these eclairs look amazing! I can’t wait to try them.

  143. Teresa says:

    My valentine is (as always) my husband, but that doesn’t mean my dog-children don’t get a non-chocolate treat on Valentine’s Day too!

  144. zosia says:

    My favourite valentine…my nephew :)

  145. Jen C says:

    My boys, all three of them :)

  146. Erin says:

    My Valentine is my boyfriend, of course, but I think those pretty chocolates would brighten my sweet mama’s day! She’s a chocoholic, and I certainly inherited the trait from her.

  147. Sarah says:

    They look amazing…now I have to go to the grocery store for ingredients. And my husband of course.

  148. Caitlyn says:

    My Valentine is my husband, couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

  149. LZ says:

    Gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My valentine is my mother.

  150. Kate says:

    My favorite valentine would probably be my mom…she appreciates fine chocolate nearly as much as I do!!!

  151. Molly says:

    My valentine is my ’90 Blacker Hovse Mole, who will surely not remember Valentine’s Day. :)

  152. Geneva says:

    My fiance! Who shares my love of chocolates.

  153. Ashley Jean says:

    I’ve never really had a valentine but this year I do. It’s this really nice boy that I’ve been talking to. He makes me feel special and calls me beautiful. I love how he tells me that he cares about me very much. Thank you for your time :)

  154. Anna says:

    My Valentine is my wonderful boyfriend, who is a perfect complement to me, and who is fantastically thoughtful and handsome!
    Also these photos are beautiful :)

  155. Megan K says:

    My valentine is my husband!

  156. Lisa says:

    I had Robin’s Chocolates last summer when we visited her store in Longmont. We bought some and shared them with our good friends, Joan and Paul from Santa Barbara, visited us in Boulder. We all loved them. As for these Valentine’s Chocolate Truffles, they are truely something special. I really love them. THANKS Jen!!

  157. Anna says:

    My boyfriend Keith is my Valentine!

  158. kelly @ kellybakes says:

    These look absolutely gorgeous!! My favorite valentine is my friend Kim; she was going through a tough breakup a few years ago so I made her homemade marshmallows and heart shaped sugar cookies and mailed them to her so she would know that she was still loved! I still bake her something every year, even when she has a boyfriend, but because of that first year, I’ve also taken to baking and mailing things for my single friends so they don’t get sad on Valentine’s Day!

  159. Alexa B says:

    My Valentine is my husband. Another Superbowl spent hiking instead of watching the game reminds me of why he is perfect for me.

  160. EY says:

    My hubby. :-)

  161. Natalie says:

    My mum is my Valentine!

  162. Laura B says:

    My husband is my Valentine even though I’ll be spending the 14th traveling for work.

  163. Leigh says:

    My puppy is my valentine

  164. Ellen M says:

    I can’t pick a favorite Valentine as I always have several: my family members!

  165. Rachel says:

    Those chocolates look beautiful! My valentines are my husband and daughter.

  166. Deb says:

    My hubby Rick is my favorite valentine, then my kids, Chrissey & Josh. I am very blessed!

  167. Sharla says:

    Awww, what a beautiful giveaway!
    My valentine, my FAVORITE valentine is my fiancee David <3 We have been together about 5 years now and we are getting married April 13, 2013!

  168. Abbe@This is How I Cook says:

    First I must say that I’m with

    First I must say that I’m with Jeremy on an eclair’s filling. Those look fabulous. And as for my valentine-on most days it would be my husband. We’ll see what happens this year.
    And congratulations Shana!

  169. Sandy says:

    My valentine is my husband, who conveniently doesn’t like chocolate!

  170. Marilyn says:

    My valentine appears to be a guy I have been friends with since grade school. Over the years, I have been absolutely clueless to the fact that he likes me. Coincidentally he loves chocolate

  171. Lori J says:

    Valentine’s day will be with my husband and our two Labradors, Sami and Jessi.

  172. Gini Freemyer says:

    My favorite valentine? Really valentines…my dearest, Wayne, and my beautiful daughter, Sarah, who both adore chocolate. But Gromit, our 14 yo lab, would eat them if he could get to them!

  173. Jasmine says:

    It has to be my dog – Benjy. He’s better than chocolates :)

  174. Annie says:

    My grandma is my valentine.

  175. Melissa says:

    They look amazing! You make it look so easy!!
    My valentine is my boyfriend Michael.
    (And my dog, but he can’t have chocolate…)

  176. Linda says:

    Those eclairs look soooo yummy. I usually save your recipes, but I’m letting this one go because it is just too tempting for this diabetic! Kaweah is adorable, as usual, but I’m sorry to hear she has retired from picking winners.

    I would have to say that my favorite Valentine is my grandson Logan in Missouri. He is 8 years old and takes his library books down the street to read them to the 2 and 4 year olds who live there. He calls it “story time.” How can he not be my valentine? 8-)

  177. Amy says:

    My 2 girls are my valentines tat I’ve dreamed about my whoe life! And, i’ve recently been telling them about eclairs, so I hope to make them for them soon.

  178. Terry Mayfield says:

    Great Post. Yum. The Chocolates look beautiful. Since my puppy can’t eat chocolate I would have to choose my incredible daughter Marieke, who left her husband and little girls for two months to go to L.A. with me for two months when I had my heart transplant. She took care of me every day. She had to watch her littlest daughter walk on Skyp for the first time. She is my hero.

  179. Bug says:

    My favorite Valentine is my mother. I will always make sure that she receives a special gift from me every year no matter how far away I may be, because she is the most important woman in my life.

  180. nancy says:

    It is always a joy to read your blog. You give me inspiration as I embark on a new journey toward graduate school and a new career.

    My Valentine is my precious Pomeranian Stella. She is always smiling and full of love.

  181. Dani H says:

    My valentine’s name is Ainsley and we just celebrated our second anniversary of admitting we were (had) falling in love {we knew each other for about a year before that.} I was 59 when he first said “I love you” ~ the moral being that it’s never too late!

    My late mother made cream puffs with vanilla cream filling, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. When she gave me the recipe, she told me I had to beat the dough by hand ~ I found out later that she had been using a mixer for years. {smile}

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New Year!

  182. Tuti Tran says:

    My valentine’s would be my boyfriend!

    I love you R <3

  183. Irene says:

    I’m a total disaster when it comes to baking and making sweets, but how I wish I wasn’t because I love éclairs and those look amazing.
    My valentine is my husband, who’s always been there for me when I most needed someone, I feel blessed to have him in my life!

  184. Pamela Senduy says:

    My Valentine is my husband who I
    will be married to 25 years on Apri” 24.

  185. mary s. says:

    now those chocolates of Robin’s are exquisitely gorgeous!
    perfect for my husband and best valentine! since he
    is a cameraman he will definitely appreciate their stunning colors!
    thanks for sharing with us Jen :)) Happy Valentines Day!

  186. Becca Blair says:

    My beloved valentine is Ali, who I’ve waited for all my life. Thank goodness he finally showed up, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  187. Nan says:

    I made eclairs a couple of years ago for valentine’s day (vanilla pastry cream) and my valentine (hubby) loved them. They are a strangely satisfying pastry to make, at least the puff pastry is strangely satisfying. Maybe it’s the way the eggs become incorporated and then the pastry puffs up and hollows out as it bakes. Very fun to make…

  188. Carla says:

    My wonderful husband of 41 years is my Valentine every day!!
    Thank you for the fun contest!!!!

  189. Maggie says:

    I have a whole family of Valentines!

  190. Kurt Jacobson says:

    My wife is my favorite valentine!

  191. Kathy B says:

    My eleven year old daughter Anne is my Valentine. I am a single mom working three part time job. Several times a week Anne arrives home from school hours before I get home from work. She does her homework and cooks dinner. We love your blog and have tried some of the easier recipes. The step-by-step photographs are very helpful. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a meal waiting for me after a long day! She is truly my Valentine.

  192. Lisa says:

    These look amazing. I have always wanted to try them but thought they would be “too difficult”. Now I am going to try them…maybe this weekend! Thanks for the great recipes and beautiful photos. I dig chocolates and my special valentine is Johan. Maybe the chocolate hearts will let him know if I win.


  193. Jenn says:

    My Valentine used to always be my mom–because her birthday is on Valentine’s Day! I felt lucky because I never associated anything negative with Valentine’s Day (as I was apparently supposed to when I was single) because we celebrated her birthday. My dad and I and my brothers would scheme, and we would bake her heart-shaped treats and pamper her (because, let’s face it, she’s a hard-working mom and deserved it). It was always fun for everybody.

    When I started dating my now-husband, he didn’t mind sharing the day, so now I have two Valentines. L and I developed some awesome traditions for Valentine’s (he’ll cook me dinner, and I buy him a bottle of something delicious), and it just makes Valentine’s doubly awesome.

  194. Kathy says:

    My special Valentine is my husband. It would be wonderful to give sweets to my sweetie!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I always enjoy your photography, the different places of interest you share, and, of course, your recipes. Thanks.

  195. Susan LP says:

    My special Valentine is my husband, who shares my love for all things sweet, and is always my willing guinea pig to taste test the things I bake.

  196. Kate says:

    My husband is my Valentine!

  197. Erin says:

    The chocolates and the elcairs both look incredible!

    My husband and my puppy are my valentines this year, but one’s diabetic and one’s canine, so neither one will be getting a box of chocolates. Honestly, one of my good friends is going through a really rough breakup, and so if I won I’d have the chocolates to go her – prettiest pick-me-up ever!

  198. Jacqueline L. says:

    My family’s my valentines this year. Robin’s chocolates are really incredible pieces of art!

  199. Becky says:

    My husband of 37 yrs, of course.

  200. Renee @BeyondRiceandTofu says:

    My Valentine is my hubby. He loves chocolate too!

  201. Alison says:

    My valentine is my lovely husband, Jim, who sadly has to be on the road for Valentine’s Day this year.

  202. Michelle says:

    I would have to say my favorite valentine is my mom…she has always been there for me when I didn’t have a valentine and she loves chocolate as much as i do. I would love to send her a box of Robin Chocolates!!!

  203. daph says:

    my boyfriend firstly and my airedale is the jr. valentine!

  204. Kelly S says:

    My valentine is my husband Dan, who loves chocolate and me!

  205. Liz Tsuji says:

    Love this eclair recipe and will try it. I pin your recipes very regularly,;your technique, photos, both food, dog, and Colorado, are amazing.

    My favorite Valentine is my newest granddaughter who is about to turn one. We did Facetime last night and she recognized me and waved and clapped her hands. She and I were both pretty excited at this new level of communication. Not quite the same as cuddling with her but still very heart-warming!

  206. Melora says:

    My valentine is my husband Eric, with my daughter Margaret a very close second. We all love chocolates – especially the good stuff!

  207. angelitacarmelita says:

    My 1st valentine, and my current valentine – My mom.

  208. Twila M. says:

    Mr. Moon is my always and forever valentine, but the furry kids get a shout out :)

  209. Adriane C says:

    You make this look easy! My Valentine is my husband, who always has sweet and encouraging words for me.

  210. M. K. says:

    Woa ~ BIG interest in the chocolate. Since Dakini-the-Cat walked across the keyboard as I was reading the recipe, I believe she was telling me to be sure to say that she is my #1 Valentine!

  211. Inna K says:

    What an inspiring website! Thank you for all your hard work and tasty recipies! My favorite V this year is my granddaughter Anya! She is a sweetie- it is going to be her first V-day ever! ;)

  212. Melanie Evans says:

    Always love your photos. I’m also NOT much of a chocolate fan. Hadn’t heard of Robins chocolates before. My valentines are my family and friends and of course all our pets. Hugs to sweet Kaweah!

  213. Rachel says:

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes PLEASE! I have three pint sized valentine’s this year, three little girls all in a row. The biggest of which, has tried Robin’s magnificent chocolates and will proudly declare “They are the BEST grown up candies EVER!”

  214. jill says:

    You know…TPH.

  215. Kimberly says:

    My dear, sweet husband!

  216. Kathy says:

    My wonderful husband!!

  217. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary says:

    I’m not going to say hubby cause we don’t celebrate V day, I pick my Dad!

  218. Becca says:

    Those chocolates look divine!!! My Valentine is my husband… the hardworking, driven soul in my life!

  219. Amanda says:

    Oh my. Thank you for the beautiful recipe! Just the colors of the wrappers of those chocolates are enough to make me drool. My valentine is the love of my life, my ever challenging and tough guy boyfriend, who has the sweetest, softest heart if you are allowed close enough to see it.

  220. Cindy B says:

    Oh, my. Look at all those entries. Please add mine, too!!!
    I’ll give them — tentatively — to my partner Steve, as long as he promises to share!

    PS – If I don’t win, you can just ship me some of those incredibly decadent eclairs.

  221. Kristen says:

    Oh, so sad Kaweah has retired! (though I’m sure Jeremy is quite up to the job… will he also pick out dog toys? :) Such gorgeous photos of the truffles. I can almost taste them through the screen! My husband is my valentine.

  222. Angie says:

    This recipe looks great! My valentine is my husband, Mike.

  223. laura h says:

    It all looks great!
    Antonin Artud is my valentine.

  224. Megan says:

    My dear, sweet, hard working husband is my valentine! And my two little babes are my mini-valentines.

  225. Karla says:

    Since I have 5 children I can’t narrow it down to just one Valentine. They are all my Valentines!

  226. Anne says:

    Even though we have never done the V-day thing, my husband. But a very close second it my pup – Homer.

  227. Beth says:

    chocolate! oh wait you mean a person? my husband..*smooches and slurps to him*

  228. Victoria says:

    My 2.5 year daughter is my #1 Valentine. She’s the love of my life.

  229. Rob P. says:

    My favorite valentine is Amanda – with whom I’d love to share these chocolates.

  230. Debra says:

    Beautiful recipe and lovely eclairs. I do not have a special valentine at this time so I would have to share the chocolates with all my special friends – and I’m sure they would love that.

  231. Lynn says:

    I <3 Tom, my favorite Valentine.

  232. Riki says:

    My husband is my favorite valentine of course! He loooooves chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so funny, I have known him since we were fifteen (yikes, 27 years ago) and even then you could always tell when he had eaten chocolate because he would get some on his shirt. He still does it and now our kids think it is hysterical that Daddy is messy then they are when he eats chocolate. Thank goodness for shout! :-)

  233. Carol says:

    I have two tiny men that have totally stolen my heart in a very short time….my two grandsons, born last year. They are my favorite valentines this year.

  234. Erin says:

    Can Kaweah be my valentine? If not, I’ll have to go with my parents. We like each other a lot. Miss you! xoxo

  235. Jo says:

    My favorite Valentine is my fiance! This is our first Valentine’s Day since getting engaged — it’s extra-special!

  236. Dian says:

    My valentine is my chocolate loving grandson.

  237. Kathy - Panini Happy says:

    My husband has been my valentine for almost 13 years. :-)

  238. Betsy says:

    My valentines are my two sons Jason & Lucas!

  239. Brynnie says:

    Beautiful eclairs!

    My Valentine is my husband Tim, but my grandson Ethan has a piece of my heart that only grandsons can access. <3

  240. debbie says:

    Looks delicious!
    My valentines are my guys: 2 boys & husband of course!

  241. Leona Cone says:

    My husband…he is my strength…my only love…and the one who loves me unconditionally. Married for 35 years with an 18 year old; our only child. Life’s path is never easy and definately uncertain how the road ends. I choose him as my valentine….I love you Chuck!…Wife #2

  242. Stephen Stroud says:

    My wife, Lelia, is my valentine, for the last 40 years, and forever more. She is a chocaholic and deserves to be indulged even more this year since she is managing the healthcare for an aging mother and a critically ill brother in addition to attending to her wifely and mothering duties.

  243. Jennifer says:

    I love your blog. I’m sorry it took a free giveaway to let you know.
    My Valentine is God.

  244. Rebecca says:

    My favorite valentine this year is my good friend, who has supported me through a tough year.

  245. kim s says:

    The love of my life, my husband… he is most certainly my valentine!

  246. thisoldbroad says:

    My favorite Valentine will always be my daughter – 36 years & counting! We both love great chocolate, so even if we don’t win your giveaway I’ll be shopping your friend’s website for nummies!

  247. Angelia says:

    My husband, Jay, is my valentine followed very closely by my 3 little loves. I have been wanting to try Robins for a while now. I hope I win!

  248. Liz Blunt says:

    My Valentine is my wonderful husband, Richard.

  249. Robin Z says:

    My valentine is my husband, Steve. He is always supportive and ready to lend an ear or a hand when I need it! Thanks for sharing the eclairs. I haven’t made them in such a long time and they always remind me of my Mom.

  250. Jim C says:

    My Valentine is my wife but for the purpose of this drawing it has to be our 3 year old Grandson Elias in Boulder He and our daughter-in-law love chocolate.

  251. Christine says:

    My dog is my favorite! I suppose my boyfriend after that, but this is our first 2/14 together. We’ll see how THAT goes! Sad to hear Kaweah has retired, we’ll miss her!

  252. Sharryn says:

    My husband is the chocoholic and also the romantic so these would be perfect. Forty seven years my valentine!

  253. Lanette says:

    Andy is my valentine.

  254. christina says:

    my valentine is my boyfriend, andrew.

  255. Sarah O. says:

    My Valentine is my boyfriend. Neither of us are romantic at all, so V-Day for us usually consists of playing video games and working out together, then realizing it’s Valentine’s Day at 9:00pm and ordering celebratory Chinese food.

  256. Greta says:

    These truffles are so unique! This year my significant other and I will celebrate our first valentine’s day together. I hope we can celebrate by munching on some of these!

  257. Emily says:

    Once again I can’t wait to make those eclairs! And the chocolates look fantastic (and if I don’t win the contest I will definitely buy some from Robin’s website).

    My Valentine is the one man who’s said he truly loves me–Todd, my boyfriend.

  258. Andrea says:

    My Valentines are my sons :) I love my husband but the little ones take the title :)

  259. Tina Degenhardt says:

    My Valentine is Love of life for 40 years- husband .PS Valentine’s day is over rated. Love every day and eat Chocolate.Thanks for the giveaway. Love your recipes.

  260. Erin says:

    My valentine is my husband, we just got married last month. It’s the first time, I can actually say he is my valentine forever.

  261. Kelsey says:

    I don’t think I have a valentine this year – unless you count the dogs (1 grown and 1 puppy!). They can’t have the chocolate, though, so I guess if I could pick I’d share it with my chocolate-fiend girlfriend!

    That photo of Kaweah with the rose is so sweet…

  262. Julia says:

    My valentine would be my husband who puts up with so much from me. I made your chicken stir-fry with vegetables tonight and it was delicious. My three boys loved it and they ate lots of veggies which made me happy. I love your blog and am looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  263. Dianne says:

    My husband…for 32 years <3

  264. farmerpam says:

    That would be my husband. We don’t usually do Valentines stuff, I do use it as an excuse to bake something way, way off the ass reduction plan though. And, wow, those eclairs might be the ticket this year.

  265. Katya says:

    My favorite Valentine is my little sister :)

  266. Chani says:

    My totally platonic valentine is my lab manager. As a neurosci grad student, I count on her to help me with my orders & trainings, and she always keeping the flow cytometer up and running! I couldn’t do my work without her or her meticulous protocols.

  267. Maggie says:

    My valentine is my sweet husband!

  268. Tiffy Lam says:

    Those eclairs look and sound too good! :9

    Hmm~ My valentine is my dear boyfriend :) I can’t imagine how he’s put up with me for so long! haha

  269. Jenn says:

    My favorite Valentine is my 16 year old son. I’m so proud of him! He loves my cooking and eats as much as I can make! He won’t hold my hand in public….but I’m sure that will happen eventually!

  270. Jessica says:

    My friend from college, she and I have been each others Valentine for ten years now!

  271. Holly says:

    I would love to try this recipe to serve for dessert at our restaurant. My favorite valentine is my husband, but my son is a close second.

  272. Michelle says:

    My Valentine is my husband…for 7 years now.
    I’d love to win the chocolates, but I wouldn’t mind getting some eclairs sent to me either. They look delicious.

  273. Jennifer says:

    My valentine is my husband-

    These eclairs look so delicious, you have inspired me to make them this weekend-

    Thank you for the giveaway-

  274. ieatsigrins says:

    My favorite valentine is the man who surprises me every morning with his good humor and dear greetings. I am surprised because he does not look like someone who has a ready smile that spouts forth a stupid pun at the crack of dawn. He is 6’5″ with a scruffy beard and wild grey hair. He moves very efficiently from the moment he rises to the moment he skates out the door, as he allows no time on any given morning to ease into the day. Yet, he quips and skips and flips a smile before he goes. Gosh, I love that guy. P.S. That valentine? He’s my husband of 30 years.

  275. Suzanne says:

    I’d have to go with Superdawg, because she’s always home for Valentine’s Day! Spouses are less reliable…

  276. Justine says:

    My valentine is sitting across from me! (Our desks face each other.)

  277. Kim says:

    My favorite valentine is my Mama!

  278. Emily R. says:

    My valentine is my husband of nearly 6 months, Bryan. :)

  279. Amy S says:

    My favorite valentine is my boyfriend.

  280. Sherry says:

    I’m not quite sure how to respond to the favorite Valentine question… It’s not really a holiday I celebrate or am around people who celebrate it so it hasn’t really come up. I guess if I had to pick someone, I would pick my mother or my sister.

  281. McKellen says:

    For the past three years, I have been lucky enough to have my incredible, loving boyfriend as my Valentine, but what he doesn’t know is that my father has been my favorite Valentine for the past 22 years. XO

  282. Marcelo says:

    These look amazing! I’m going to try to make them for my favorite valentine, who would have to be my wonderful girlfriend! (She likes chocolate, just a tad more than I do)

  283. Nicole says:

    My favorite Valentine is my darling husband! : )

  284. Alissa says:

    Everything in this post looks awesome. We’re not big Valentine’s Day fans either, but I still like consuming some of the confections associated with the day!

  285. Marsha says:

    My Valentine’s are my husband and our granddaughter, Cameron. ALL of us love chocolate, and Cameron and I will be trying out this recipe soon.

  286. Nicole says:

    I have a hard time choosing between my 2 cats and my fiancé, but I guess my fiancé would win as my favorite.

  287. Leslie says:

    My Valentine is Rachel, who is clever and elegant and marvelous.

  288. wend says:

    My favorite valentines are my Mom and my Fiancé. Both love chocolate, but Fiancé is the connoisseur so he would probably get the package. I won’t be able to see either of them on Valentine’s day, but we do pretty well expressing our love the rest of the year.

  289. Rachel says:

    These look so gooooood!!!! My valentine is my sister!

  290. Allison says:

    My valentine this year is my boyfriend… who loves chocolate, and would love this giveaway!

  291. Maggie says:

    My sweet dog Sunday is my valentine – she makes every day a better one!

  292. Leah says:

    My favourite valentines are my darling niece and nephews! I can’t pick just one. They are (some of) the loves of my life :) Thank you for all your amazing cooking, writing, and work! I have never posted but I use your site all the time (and real butter).

  293. Diana says:

    My husband.

  294. Miranda says:

    My valentine this year is Kitty, my dearest friend and writing partner. She’s supported me through all kinds of disasters from halfway across the country, and I couldn’t have finished college without her.

  295. Summer says:

    My favorite valentine is my husband of course. Although I’ll be spending the day with the little man in my belly I haven’t met yet….

  296. Katherine says:

    my favorite valentine is my fiance, Nick. but he’s my valentine all year round, not just on february 14th :D

  297. Alice says:

    dc is!

  298. Amanda B. says:

    Yummy-looking eclairs! I love so much how you do the step-by-step photos of your recipes. I get some of the enjoyment of cooking even while reading this from my office. My one-and-only valentine is the one who first smooched me 11 years ago today, but I would send these chocolates to a dear friend of mine whose upcoming wedding I will miss due to the birth of my child this spring!

  299. chouette22 says:

    My valentine will be my husband, but my daughter would get a truffle as well (her favorite type of chocolate).

  300. Bernadette @ Now Stir It Up says:

    My faaaavorite Valentine is my partner Taylor. A close second would have to be my nana. The both of them would love the chocolate on chocolate eclairs.

  301. Corey H. says:

    I favorite Valentine is my boyfriend of 8 years! I might even share chocolates with him!

  302. Mollie says:

    My favorite Valentine is my boyfriend who works very hard everyday at being a Navy Seal. Somehow he manages to make me smile and feel close to him everyday, even though we are thousands of miles apart. He has the hardest job, but gets it done, while still making me feel like a princess! I have plans to see him in March, since we wont be together on Valentines day, and would love to take some truffles with me, when I visit, to share with him. :-)

  303. Trinh says:

    My valentine will be husband and close second are my two boys.

  304. Sarah L says:

    My husband is my Valentine.

  305. Stephen Andrew says:

    My valentine is my new Border Collie/Lab mix puppy, Barbie :) how gorgeous those chocolates are! I’m adding it to my list for when I visit my aunts. Since I can get there in the near future, should I win, please send them to someone else. That’s my Valentine’s good deed haha

  306. Donna says:

    My husband faces some serious competition from the new granddaughter!

  307. vaishali says:

    My wonderful husband!!

  308. Ed G - NM xpat says:

    My Valentine is, but of course, my wife!

  309. Laura says:

    My valentine has to my mom (sorry hubs). Valentine’s Day is her birthday so it has also felt like a very special day to me.

  310. melissa@IWasBornToCook says:

    Tie between my hubby and my daughter!

  311. An says:

    My Valentine is my sister. Or my friends.

  312. dale bartlett says:

    thanks look so good. My Valentine & sweet-heart is my husband. The best in all the world. been together 34 yrs

  313. Rocky Mountain Woman says:

    I would say my little grandkids. They make me smile!

  314. Kathryn says:

    My valentine is my boyfriend and I may share a few with my friend/roommate.

  315. Dan says:

    My beautiful wife loves chocolates almost as much as I love her. Winning would be a win-win-win.

  316. Anna says:

    I’ve always wanted to make a pate a choux recipe but too scared too try. Thanks for these instructions! :)

    My Valentine are my parents :)

  317. Josette says:

    My favorite valentine is my daughter, who is away at college finishing up her Junior Year. I just got a call from her today and she is hitching a ride home for the President’s day holiday, which will also include Valentine’s Day! So it will be extra special this year, I think we’ll make these yummy looking eclairs!! Can’t Wait!
    Great Blog, Amazing photos!!

  318. Jamie says:

    Everything on this post looks divine! And I hope my valentine is Rob! :)

  319. Eliza says:

    Gorgeous eclairs! My mouth is watering. My valentine is my funny, fabulous husband. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  320. Jeanne says:

    These look so beautiful in your photo. My favorite Valentine is my dad these days, age 92!

  321. Molly Clark says:

    My husband, Alex, is my number 1. I’ll never forget our first V-Day together. It was 7 years ago and I made these peanut butter brownies and shaped them into hearts. And as I was headed over to his house to deliver them I heard a really funny noise come from the top of my car. Wasn’t a minute later that I realized I left the plate of brownies on the top of my car and the noise was the plate sliding off :)

  322. Anne says:

    I guess my wonderful friends (not that they’d be getting any of that chocolate!).

  323. Jen A says:

    My kiddos are my bestest valentines :). How I wish I had know about this shop before I visited Denver :)

  324. Jenni L says:

    Those look delicious, my husband is my valentine

  325. thu says:

    my little puppy!

  326. cecilia kwan says:

    They look delis :) <3

  327. Christine says:

    They look great! My valentines would be my friends who have stuck by my side through the worst and the best of times.

  328. Yoojin says:

    I have to try these eclairs out!! and my valentine will be my mum :D some might say that’s sad but she’s the first love of my life!

  329. Jessi says:

    My Mr. would be my valentine.
    He’s pretty great:)
    Your eclairs look delightful!
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us, the blog reader world!

  330. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato) says:

    You always have such lovely photos! I really enjoy your blog. :)

    My favorite valentine is my fiancee, Paula. We just got engaged a month ago!

  331. Leah says:

    Those look absolutely gorgeous. I’m pretty into my boyfriend, but I think this year my sister is my favorite valentine!

  332. Rin Matcha says:

    Thank you for the recipe! I will try this out after Valentine because I have already prepared a special one for him ;) of course, my lovely husband!

  333. Salena says:

    My husband and baby are my favorite valentines!

  334. Elena Vo says:

    My favorite Valentine is my cousin Melissa because she’s always so sweet!

  335. Angela says:

    My favorite valentine is my sweet boyfriend!

  336. Megan F. says:

    My two sweet valentines… hubby and son!

  337. April was in CTnowCA says:

    My favorite Valentines are my husband and dog. Yep, I can have two!

  338. Elizabeth says:

    My valentine? must be my two kiddos. I think they’ll get a special 2/14 dinner. fondue, maybe? oh, and my husband can come too because he’s pretty cool (and generally hungry).

  339. Florence says:

    It would be my husband of course.

  340. Mestebla says:

    My favorite valentine is, of course my husband. What a great give away! :)

  341. Bernie Buttke says:

    My valentine is my Mom (d. 2010) …. who along with my dogger has been an example of and taught me what unconditional love is all about. Thanks for the lovliness you pour into URB.

  342. Stephanie R says:

    My valentine is Jared. Thanks!

  343. Payal says:

    My Valentine’s are my husband and my 2 little babies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  344. Kimberly P. says:

    My Valentines are my husband of 16 years and our beautiful daughter! Thanks for the opportunity to win some divine chocolate!

  345. Danielle says:

    My very best Valentine is my dear husby. Our two sweet girls come in a very close second.

  346. angelina says:

    My valentines are my lovely wife Vicki and our incredible 2-year-old daughter Brennan. I am the luckiest woman alive! The chocolates are gorgeous (as is your blog!!)

  347. Tina says:

    My favorite Valentines are my boys Nick and Nate.

  348. Tiffany says:

    My chocoholic husband!!!

  349. Susan says:

    My favorite valentine that would most certainly be my family. And short of winning those lovely chocolates – I’ll be making your wonderful e lairs. Thanks for all your recipes and blog entries.

  350. TJ says:

    This reminds me of the time I had to bake these in a class, lot of work but the end result is always worth the effort! :) My favorite Valentines would have to be my sister and my 10-year-old niece who recently moved to Kona to live. Both of their birthdays are in February, so if chosen, it will be a pleasant surprise for them. :)

    Like always, I get so inspired reading your posts! thank you Jen!

  351. Jean says:

    My favorite valentines are the men in my life: my husband, my father, and my three year old grandson. They would love these chocolates!

  352. Anna Durmus says:

    Thank you for posting the eclairs recipe! they look fantastic!

    My husband Onder is my Valentine but, most probably, our two boys would eat the chocolates!

  353. Paula W says:

    My hubby is my Valentine. Celebrating our 20th year together this year and it still seems like it was just yesterday when we met at work sharing an office.

  354. annette says:


  355. Natalie says:

    My husband is my valentine! We were engaged last Valentine’s Day, so this one is our first as a married couple.
    Also, I would probably send half the chocolates to my mom, my other Valentine!

  356. April says:

    Delicious – I could almost eat the page. My valentine is my boyfriend, Matt. I didn’t know what to get him for valentine’s day until now, but I think even if I don’t win I just might be getting him these!

  357. Breanna says:

    My valentine this year and every year is my wonderful long time boyfriend. We have been together almost 9 years. I know he would love those chocolates because he has an incredible sweet tooth!

  358. Rebekah Raz says:

    I love reading your blog. Don’t believe I’ve ever made a comment, but I’m hooked!
    My Valentines are my kids and my hubby. I am one very lucky gal! Happy love day to you and yours!

  359. Eileen says:

    I must make these eclairs! They are beautiful. This year my dear valentine would be my youngest son, who just got back to the states after being in the middle east. The poor boy missed the holidays and his brother’s wedding.

  360. Lei says:

    This is my first time commenting. I’ve been secretly reading and admiring your blog for a few months. I love your recipes and beautiful photography! So far I’ve tried the sesame tofu and kale salad recipes and they came out amazing!
    My valentines are my husband and my 6-year-old son. Having come to this country in my 20s, they’re the only family I have here. I’ve shown some of the photos on your blog to my husband and he loves them too. My son is a big fan of chocolate even dark chocolate with a low sugar content. I’m sure he’ll love Robin’s chocolates. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! And Happy Chinese New Year!

  361. Caren says:

    My favorite valentine is my beautiful daughter. Her birthday is coming up and all she wants is “family love”. That says a lot from a soon to be 10 year old!

  362. Sandra says:

    I love your pup! My favorite valentine would have to be ALL my pets!! Your photography is beautiful.

  363. Ronda says:

    Those look so good. My favorite valentine this year is my niece who just started blowing kisses. I love that girl.

  364. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful site! My valentine is the father of my two boys and my husband, Paul, because he is truly a partner in life. I cannot imagine this world without him.

  365. Ailsa says:

    My valentine is my red KitchenAid stand mixer. It is always there for me, day after day, ready to give me some quick cookie dough or fresh whipped cream. It never lets me down and can power through any problem.

    But seriously, my valentine is my amazing boyfriend, who gave me the amazing stand mixer.

  366. Anita says:

    what a beautiful giveaway!

    My valentine is my 10 month old baby boy who has endless smiles and laughs – makes me so proud to be a mom.

  367. GwenO says:

    My sweet husband Steve for 33 years now.

  368. EmilyM says:

    Those chocolates do look incredibly gorgeous! I’d say my favorite valentine would be my mother.

  369. Ruth T says:

    My valentine is my husband of 15 years…… we don’t celebrate it because I work at a flowershop and beyond exausted is an understatement….. so this would be an awesome surprise for him, and he would share with me! half of each heart, cause together our hearts beat as one! Thank you for the opportunity.

  370. lm says:

    I don’t have a Valentine this year…there is always hope for next time though :) but i do send notes to my loved ones, any chance to tell them how much they mean is a good occasion. thank you!

  371. Elizabeth says:

    I have two valentines this year, and I could never pick between them. My amazing mom, who is there for me no matter what, through everything. And my baby, who will be born this spring…I already love the little one SO much!

  372. Suzan Bond says:

    My favorite Valentines are my two nieces: Sophia and Frankie. Still under the age of 10, they love the silly, sappy sentiments that often accompany this holiday. I also love sending them Hello Kitty stuff or even a whoopee cushion because it makes them giggle. They’re pretty much the loves of my life. I’m a lucky aunt.

  373. Lori Budnik says:

    Art is my Valentine for 12 years!

  374. Jan P says:

    I want to say our dog, but I guess I should say my fiancee…we’ve been dating for 8 years now and will be married in 3.5 months! :)

    Thanks Jen!

  375. DJ says:

    These eclairs look delicious. My valentine is my hubby.

  376. sara says:

    my valentine is my husband but i wish it was YOU, considering how fabulous these eclairs look LOL

  377. Erin says:

    my valentine is my husband though, like jan, i am tempted to say my valentine is my loving golden retriever sienna, only because my husband doesn’t believe in “hallmark holidays”. he says our anniversary is more important. i suppose i understand. but i still want chocolates! :)

  378. Doreen says:

    You are sooooo right… I need those chocolates! they are stunningly beautiful and I’m certain that they taste just as fabulous … your eclairs look dang good too!

    If I win the chocolates I’d share them with my single girlfriends since we’ll be getting together for dinner on Valentine’s Day

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive those gorgeous chocolates!

  379. Amanda Thompson says:

    My husband is my favorite Valentine, of course!

  380. Claire says:

    Normally my Valentines are my husband and my three 4-legged children, but this year we’re fostering a pit bull, so I get an extra Valentine! If I win the chocolates, I will share them with my husband, but not the other Valentines!

  381. Nichole says:

    My mom. She was my first valentine and still my #1 valentine.

  382. Penny in CO says:

    The eclairs look fab!!!! My valentine is my beautiful daughter, Savannah :) Thanks for the contest Jen!!

  383. Alice Zou says:

    My favorite valentine is my mom! She’s always there to support me, no matter what.

  384. Dorothea says:

    Beautiful photography, beautiful dog, beautiful eclairs!

    My favorite valentine(s) are my two grandchildren – they’re the best!

  385. Joan says:

    My favorite valentine is Teddy. He is my best friend and travel companion.

  386. Susan says:

    By favorite valentine is my husband of 45 years.

  387. Grace says:

    My sweet, sweet valentine is my h-word who is willing to change, try his best & loves his family so much!

  388. Alicia S says:

    My favorite Valentine is my husband of 7 years – David. He is amazing and a wonderful father to our two children.

  389. Christina D says:

    My favorite Valentine is my amazing husband!

  390. JenMarie says:

    my husband (who saw me through breast cancer with tons of love, plenty of humor, and just the right amount of bad movies).

  391. Laura reed says:

    My fave valentine: my niece Mackenzie

  392. Charlie says:

    My valentine is my husband of thirty-eight years, Ray. Together we have two daughters, one son-in-law and two grandchildren. He still makes me ‘melt’ like only a good quality chocolate candy can do!!

  393. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite valentines are my husband whom I have known for 53 years and have been married to almost 48 years and Sophie, our loving Maltese.

  394. Hannah says:

    Can’t wait to celebrate this valentine’s with my wonderful boyfriend Robert!

  395. Cindy says:

    My Valentine is my husband, Dale. Love your blog, and these eclairs look absolutely wonderful. Thanks for doing the giveaway! We love chocolate here!

  396. Danielle says:

    My favorite valentine(s) is my boyfriend of 6 years and my best friends since grade school :)

  397. Karen says:

    My favorite valentine is my sweet toddler who tells me daily “Ollie loves mama!” over and over again. A close second is his wonderful daddy, Celso.

    BTW, I your blog is my go-to place for inspiration of all kinds. Thanks!

  398. Vicky says:

    My favorite Valentine would be my pet cat, Picasso. He’s always the first to come over and meow, and I always have to rub my face in his fur, even though he hates it. I love my cat. Love you, Pica. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  399. Deborah says:

    My favorite valentine is my husband, who would love to share some chocolates with me.