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mindless drivel

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

I read that I should be planting garlic this month. Hmmmm. Maybe I should ask Jeremy to swing by the farmer’s market tomorrow on his way to the bus station and buy a few good looking bulbs of garlic? But he doesn’t really know what to shop for in garlic and I don’t think he’s comfortable asking the vendor about garlic flavor… I guess I should go and clear out the random weeds growing on the plot and cordon off the composting area. I have too much green composting and not enough brown composting.

For dinnah, we had turkey burgers. I can get ground turkey meat at the Wild Oats counter in either breast meat or thigh meat. Ground breast meat tends to be most common, but I personally think the flavor (and cost!) of thigh meat is far better. Especially for burgers, the ground thigh meat results in a more juicy burger. It’s lean because it’s organic and if I can’t find organic, at least “natural” (minimally processed) is better than those national brands with “added flavorings”.

ground turkey, minced onion, minced parsley, garlic powder, pepper, salt

great with a slice of swiss at the end of grilling

good chocolovin’

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

more serious research
This week, our two additional research subjects are Lindt Swiss Bittersweet (cocoa content percentage unknown) and Chocolove Rich Dark Chocolate (65%).

Chocolove is hands down the best one we’ve tasted so far (at least for tasting). It is very smooth, slightly sweet, dark, good texture and long smooth finish, slight vanilla. The Lindt is also a good tasting chocolate, but very different from the Chocolove. It is better suited for eating straight. It is much sweeter, more caramel in flavor, smooth, good finish on caramel. Jeremy loves Chocolove. I heard from Joan on our hike yesterday that Chocolove was one of the best (and she and Fiona are chocolate fiends). Chocolove is $12.45/lb. for a 3.2 oz bar. Lindt is $10.47/lb. for a 3.5 oz bar. I got both of these from Ideal Market (Wild Oats).

the rumble of distant stomachs

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

Jeremy should be arriving home any minute now. I last saw him at 5:30 this morning on his way to do his astronomer thing. I bet he is hungry because I only sent him with a smidgen of brekkie and some lunch and three fun size butterfingers. I have dinner on the stove as I type… and then it’s off to bed because we are getting up even earlier tomorrow to summit (twice) before the storms roll in. They did their boom boom today and finally delivered rain around 6. At that time I was preparing sour cream coffee cake:

ready for the oven

ready for the tummy

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