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may your days be filled with light

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Recipe: lychee grapefruit martini

I hope everyone is having a great holiday, whatever it is that you do or don’t do! Today is the last day to bid on some really amazing Menu for Hope items. Pim has a very nifty and easy donation form set up on her site and I encourage you to have a look and bid! If you want to see what I and a couple of great Boulder businesses are offering, check out the bid item descriptions.

Jeremy and I have been keeping things low key because I had the flu and shared it with him. Thursday was the first time we both felt well enough to get out and enjoy some of the recent snow.

a little windy, a little chilly, but definitely some fun

While single digit temperatures are tolerable, negative wind chills and ground blizzards can be a bit much on the mountain. In the afternoon we took Kaweah for a walk in the woods where we could seek a little refuge from the winds.

a shower of snow rains down from the trees

We went to Boulder for a few errands and then walked around Pearl Street to enjoy the lights. Because it was Christmas Eve, the streets were pretty empty as Pearl Street goes.

i love little lights

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clawing my way back

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Recipe: roasted beet, chèvre, hazelnut salad with blood oranges

I’ve been horizontal for the past two days with a blasted flu (not H1N1 as everyone seems to assume). I came down with it during my trip to California last week when we were taking care of stuff for my grandma. Sigh. No good deed goes unpunished. Today, I can finally sit upright for more than a few minutes at a time without passing out.

So I think some of you might be wondering who won the CHEFS gift card? Jeremy and Kaweah had a lot of fun picking the winner yesterday. I was in and out of consciousness while Jeremy was hard at work in the kitchen. He finally presented me with a handful of dog treats etched with a number 0-9 on each one… in binary. Somehow this was more exciting to Jeremy. As long as he’s happy… Kaweah followed him around like a little black shadow, anxious to do her part (that is, to eat the treats).

your nibbly kibbly chances of winning

our dedicated employee

Per the usual routine, we set out all ten digits and recorded the first number she ate. Jeremy is quite practiced at preventing Kaweah from mowing through all ten at once (she’s a quick one, that dog). We replaced the devoured digit with a new one and reshuffled the biscuits. Binary, hexidecimal – they’re all delicious to Kaweah. 3… 0…

there goes the 5

Congratulations to Wend! You were comment #305 and you win the $100 CHEFS gift card! I’ll be emailing you to get your snail mail address so CHEFS can ship it to you right away.

But wait, there’s more! I have a $25 CHEFS gift card from the BlogHer Food conference back in September that I never used. A $25 card means only one thing – I’m going to spend way more than $25… I’d rather give that card to one of you. So Jeremy took the winning number 305 as a seed for a random number selection (Kaweah had eaten plenty for the day) and we have #33 – Paula! Congratulations to Paula! I’ll contact you shortly to get your mailing address too.

So this here flu has played havoc with my holiday schedule and I’m left digging around in the archives for something to share. I can only handle thinking about holiday fare for a day or two and then my brain revolts. The cookies, the sweets, the large cooked animals, the cream, the starches, the fat – they make me so sleepy. I find greens and citrus to be light and refreshing. Salads leave me feeling recharged and ready to spring to action!

some golden beets

a few blood oranges

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last minute visit

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Recipe: espresso chocolate sorbet

kaweah’s big giveaway
I am loving all of the responses to the Kaweah Birthday Giveaway! It looks like the majority of entrants are thinking: Dutch oven, knife, KitchenAid stand mixer, food processor, or baking equipment. Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes! You have no idea how many wags and butt wiggles Kaweah would be sending you if she could comprehend anything outside of the Here and Now :)

menu for hope 6
Please take a look at the Menu for Hope 6 post! I definitely encourage you to check out the master list of bid items, but if you are a local in the Denver-Boulder area or plan on a trip out to our beautiful part of the country then please consider placing a few raffle tickets toward two of the terrific items I’m hosting from two amazing local businesses: 1) a $100 gift certificate to The Culinary School of the Rockies (UW24) and 2) a $100 gift certificate to SALT the Bistro (UW25). Thank you for supporting this great campaign!

where are i now?
I find it incredibly cute and entertaining when Californians are bundled up in scarves and hats and it’s 50°F out. Our car rental lady said, “Keep warm!” when she handed us our paperwork. Jeremy and I laughed. We are in the bay area taking care of some matters for my grandma while having a pleasant visit with her. California is so different from where we live. They still have leaves on their trees – some green, some brilliant reds and yellows! We’ve been relishing the array of ethnicities walking about town, the sound of so many languages. We practically cry tears of joy at the countless Mexican, Thai, Viet, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian restaurants. When we lived in Southern California we used to take year-round flowers for granted. This morning I squealed with delight at the sight of some weeds blooming on the side of the road. To think just a couple of days ago we were telling one another how warm it was on the slopes.

21°f is positively balmy

Don’t get me started about more Trader Joes than you can shake a stick at. And booze – it’s EVERYWHERE. Not that I’m a big time boozer (you could hardly call me a small time boozer), but it makes me realize how much I truly loathe Colorado’s antiquated liquor laws. Anyhow, let me shut up already and get on with the recipe because I have to get up early…

coffee and chocolate – an alluring combination with dusky charms

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