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restaurant reviews

What? You thought I stayed home, cooking and baking all day? As much as I love to make my own food, I also love dining out if there is good fare to be had. It just so happens that we live near enough to a town that boasts some excellent restaurants (although there is a glaring lack of decent Chinese food). My restaurant reviews involve two diners (Jeremy and myself) and we try to order a good selection off the menu. Listed below are the prices for each meal (including tax, but not including tip) as well as a relative ranking based on our collective dining experiences.

L’Atelier: Boulder, Colorado
French, Bistro, Seafood, $133, 99 (A+), November 2008

Akiyama: Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $65, 65 (D), July 2008

Kasa: Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $71, 85 (B), July 2008

Amu (Izakaya Amu): Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $58, 93 (A), June 2008

Ai Sushi and Steak: Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $91, 86 (B), June 2008

Sushi Tora: Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $64, 97 (A+), June 2008

Seven: Boulder, Colorado
Latin/Asian Fusion, $130, 96 (A), August 2007

Frasca: Boulder, Colorado
Italian, $166, 95 (A), June 2007

John’s Restaurant: Boulder, Colorado
French, Italian, Spanish, American, Fusion, $146, 98 (A+), December 2006

Orchid Pavilion: Boulder, Colorado
Chinese, $55, 75 (C), September 2006

Chez Thuy: Boulder, Colorado
Vietnamese, Asian, $58, 86 (B), August 2006

The Med: Boulder, Colorado
Mediterranean, Tapas, $84, 83 (B), July 2006

Japango: Boulder, Colorado
Sushi, $87, 83 (B), June 2006

The Flagstaff House Restaurant: Boulder, Colorado
French, American, Asian, $162, 99 (A+), May 2006

Laudisio: Boulder, Colorado
Italian, $106, 94 (A), April 2006

(formerly) Full Moon Grill (now Alba): Boulder, Colorado
Northern Italian, $99, 88 (B+), March 2006

Zolo Grill: Boulder, Colorado
New Southwestern Fusion, $59, 75 (C), February 2006

The Kitchen: Boulder, Colorado
French, $101, 98 (A+), January 2006

L’Absinthe: Boulder, Colorado
French, $122, 86 (B), December 2005
Now Closed

Jax Fish House: Boulder, Colorado
Seafood, $75, 95 (A), December 2005

restaurants visited

Restaurant reviews require a lot of work. That, and they usually cost more. We dine out frequently enough that there are many more awesome places we’ve sampled and enjoyed than just the reviewed establishments listed above. Here are a few other restaurants worth reading about.

Radda Trattoria (Boulder, Colroado)
Jax Fish House (another dinner) (Boulder, Colorado)
The Kitchen (lunch with bloggers) (Boulder, Colorado)
Treppedda’s (Niwot, Colorado)
Pan Tao (Cupertino, California)
Whoa Nellie Deli (Lee Vining, California)
Zen Whistler (Whistler, BC Canada)
The Kitchen (yet another Comm Night – they rock) (Boulder, Colorado)
Brasserie 1010 (Boulder, Colorado)
Proto’s Pizza (Boulder, Colorado)
Sushi Tora (more awesome food) (Boulder, Colorado)
Pair (Seattle, Washington)
Cascadia (Seattle, Washington)
Kisaku (Seattle, Washington)
Fat Canary (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Restaurant Balzac (Randwick, NSW Austrlia)
Manta (Woolloomooloo, NSW Australia)
Hanuman’s (Alice Springs, NT Australia)
Flagstaff House (degustation) (Boulder, Colorado)
Sushi Yoshi (Superior, Colorado)
Fairmont Hotel Tea (San Jose, California)
Umi Sushi (San Jose, California)
The Kitchen (more Comm Night) (Boulder, Colorado)
Zengo (Denver, Colorado)
Sushi Zanmai (Boulder, Colorado)
Lucile’s (Boulder, Colorado)

an informal list of good eats I maintain on my website

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